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Theme in lakhbirchauhan

Posted by Boca Aug 17, 2017

The theme is the skeleton you hang the entire story around. Every word, sentence, paragraph and page should feed the theme. Remember, all the bad novels are bad primarily because they don't have any idea of what the theme is. And that is the main reason you lose interest into the first page.

Actually finding out why a book of fiction is bad is very enlightening. Look for the theme and it's the absence  most likely makes the book unreadable.


The battle in the novel is for the theme and there will be a protagnist rooting for it with all her life and an antagonist and several other characters countering her  with all their strength. The fiercer the fight the spicier is the outcome and the resolution. Don't be afraid to throw obstacles in the path of your favorite hero. If it doesn't kill him (her), it would make him (her) stronger. And all for the best. Be ruthless. Kill your darlings (as threy say). Here are some simple examples of the most basic themes:

Love will win ultimately.

Loyalty is the ultimate virtue.

Truth must prevail.

Brutality leads to more brutality.

Social injustice is evil.

Life is precious.

Friendships are for life.

In general, themes with a positive message work better, because these align with the human nature. You can invent hundreds of themes and write as many books as you want.

Just be aware of the THEME.

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Character revelation in lakhbirchauhan

Posted by Boca Aug 16, 2017

A fictional character's innerself is revealed best by moral  obstructions against the deeply held beliefs, motives, ideologies, insecurities, hopes, dreams, ideals and aspirations.

Take the character's viewpoint and dismentle it bit by bit and find her squirm and let him find ways to crawl out of the moral dillemas. It is the gradual transformation of the character under duress that make the character deeply interesting and authentic.

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It's 2017, and it turns out social media wasn't a fad. It's going to be around for a while.  That being the case, we probably should have a refresher course on social media best practices. It's a short list, and it's easy to follow.

1. Be prolific: To paraphrase David Mamet, always be posting. It's all about staying active and generating a lot of content. The more your friends and followers see your name pop up in their feed the more they will be reminded that you're their author-friend. 

2. Engage: Don't miss an opportunity to engage with a friend and follower. When they take the time to comment on one of your posts, "like" their comment or respond to their comment. Let them know you appreciate their contribution. I will give one word of caution. Don't "like" inappropriate comments. You don't want to be seen as someone who supports offensive material. I've even deleted inappropriate comments posted by fans, and I sent them a private message explaining why I did it, and to be frank, in one case the commenter did not take it well, but it was the right decision.


3. Be light: Yes, there is a time to make serious comments on social media, but don't let that be your sole persona online. Don't be that person. Be the type of person who entertains and enlightens. Be opinionated. Be bold. Be kind. Be funny. People should look forward to seeing your posts every day.

That's it. It doesn't get more complicated than that. Now, go forth and post, engage, and entertain.

-Richard Contributors/RidleyHeadshot_blog.jpg

Richard Ridley is an award winning author and paid CreateSpace contributor.

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FREE BOOK!! Starts today. OFFER ENDS 8/18/2017.


Get your free copy of "Lost: Children of the River" (The Raving Press, 2016).

Want the paperback version?

Use code D3PPENCT for 50% off when you buy at our E-store:


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Emotion in lakhbirchauhan

Posted by Boca Aug 15, 2017

In writing, strongest emotion is expressed by the extreme contrast: A moment of love in pervasive hatred; A moment of bravery in a decisive rout.

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When  Sarah is sacked from her  accountancy firm, despite being told she's not being sacked, merely  being given the "golden opportunity" to explore new avenues - she  doesn't think her life could get much worse - then her sister announces  she's getting married. It's not that she's jealous she just wishes that  she wasn't getting married to the brother of the one person ultimately  responsible for her unemployment!

Now she finds herself appointed  as Maid of Honour and forced to work alongside the man who is currently -  and very firmly - on her black list.


Available to pre-order:



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One function of adverbs is to modify adjectives, in other words to describe something that already describes something. That alone should give you an idea of how necessary?or unnecessary?they are when used for this purpose.

For example:

  • He drives really fast.
  • She is very happy.
  • We are super glad to be here.

While the above sentences are fine in conversation, in written form they come across as uncreative, maybe even bland. Astute readers view using adverbs as lazy writing, so it's good to avoid them as best you can.

When I catch myself using an adverb to describe an adjective because the adjective doesn't sound right by itself, I try to come up with a more descriptive adjective or an analogy.

For example:


Instead of:

  • He drives really fast.

Change to:

  • He drives as if he were on the Autobahn.

Instead of:

  • She is very happy.

Change to::

  • She is ecstatic.

Instead of:

  • We are super glad to be here.

Change to:

  • We are thrilled to be here.

Another way to get around using adverbs is to include a beat (description of an action) that shows the reader what the adverb was meant to convey.

For example:

Instead of:

  • "Do we have to go in there?" Gloria asked nervously.

Change to:

  • Tiny beads of sweat broke out on Gloria's forehead. "Do we have to go in there?" she asked.

Instead of:

  • "It looks like we didn't get the contract," David said glumly.

Change to:

  • David's face fell. "It looks we didn't get the contract."

Do you see the difference? It's not that using adverbs is grammatically wrong, rather that writing that doesn't include a ton of them is more original and engaging. And if your readers find your writing original and engaging, you are doing something right.

-Maria Contributors/MurnaneHeadshot.jpg

Maria Murnane is a paid CreateSpace contributor and the best-selling author of the Waverly Bryson series, Cassidy Lane, Katwalk, and Wait for the Rain. She also provides consulting services on book publishing and marketing. Have questions for Maria? You can find her at

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Analysis in lakhbirchauhan

Posted by Boca Aug 14, 2017

Review every word, sentence, paragraph and page of the writing for direction, impact and emotion.

Direction is the theme of the book, where you want to end when the book is finished.

Impact is the result you want to create in the reader's mind.

Emotion is the life-blood of all fiction.

Happy writing!

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THINK PINK! in PinkNezzy's Blog

Posted by PinkNezzy Aug 14, 2017

I love all that is PINK...but I do write about other things. I've been writing (seriously) from the 90's before I retired from Dell Computers. Forgive me if I go off on other subjects my mind tends to run away (Fibro Fog, for those with Fibromyalgia like myself, you'll understand) but I'll try to stay on subject. I'll get into "Fibro" more as I blog...I'm new at this so I'll probably ask for forgiveness a lot. Grin. And, yes, I'll go into writing WITH Fibro, that in itself is a challenge that I do not wish upon anyone, ever.


I'll try to give y'all tips and how I started, mistakes I made pursuing traditional publishing oppose to self-publishing.

I've recently had the most AWESOME experience with Amazon & CreateSpace self-publishing a book I wrote years ago by the title: Sourpuss Longbottom (Children's Book).


I welcome any feedback, comments, or just to say "Hi!" I always think of myself as a work in progress, never assume to be perfect in anything I do, but I'm always open to learning new things. I feel when I write and if I'm not sure about it I'll go learn it, or try to anyway. I wrote a Contemporary Adult Fiction years ago (I'll publish that too in the near future) about a Librarian, (I work in a library, well, since I was in Middle School and I'm 50!), and the Mob...yes, I had seen Godfather several times, but I wanted my book to be authentic and since I already knew about libraries, well, I had fun researching the different levels of the Mob, Italian words, etc.

As they say, "Write what you know," and what I say, "If you don't know it, learn it, if you don't want to learn it, then maybe don't write about it...yet."


Thanks y'all, pinknezzy ^..^



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I received this message on a single page in multiple uploads of my docx file:

"We've removed non-printable mark-up from your document. Examine these pages visually to confirm there is no impact to your intended design."

The error occurs for the single page that contains a Table of Contents and List of Photos. The message intimates there is something on the edges of this page by drawing a green frame around the edges of the page.

I have tried making the margins larger, but nothing seems to fix the issue.



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Local and online in Resources

Posted by CreateSpaceBlogger Aug 14, 2017

The Internet is an amazing thing. It can connect individuals who live a world apart. It can put fans in touch with their favorite celebrities. And, yes, it can put readers face-to-virtual-face with their favorite authors, but it can do far more than breakdown barriers of distance. It can bring local individuals and entities together, too.


Most local businesses in communities of all sizes have a social media presence, and more than anything they want to connect with the locals in their area and alert them of specials, sales, events, etc. So, joining their social media circle won't be terribly difficult, but as an author, you want to take it a step further. You want to be an influencer for their brand. Why? Because you will be rewarded handsomely as your relationship builds, and they are going to be more amenable to a cooperative affiliation. Have a book release coming up? Contact the local business you've been touting to all your friends and followers and see if they'll let their customers know about your new book. Maybe they'll even post a congratulations on their page.

You are going to want to choose your local businesses carefully. Make sure you don't connect with an organization that may tarnish your brand. Do your homework. If you have a personal relationship with an employee or owner, all the better. You have an in, and you'll have the inside scoop on the company. 

Reach out and connect with a local business online and start building a relationship that could be an invaluable tool to help you spread the word about your books.

-Richard Contributors/RidleyHeadshot_blog.jpg

Richard Ridley is an award winning author and paid CreateSpace contributor.

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New poetry book in Online Marketing

Posted by Writer2016 Aug 11, 2017

Check out The Power if Words and Emotionally Challenged.  Great poetry books. Available on kindle, barnes and, and here createspace.  Very deep poems. I speak from experience only and will have you wanting more.

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Here it is, Book 4 of the Chilling Spine series, divided into 2 books actually...


Story One: 

Find  out just what happened to Levi John Talon (Spine) and how he became the  most feared demon of ****. The book will keep you glued to your seat!


Story Two:

Back to the present, after SCI-FIED! HOM 3,

Meet  Annabri, a youth who has just been kicked out of the orphanage to fend  for herself, and then a special minister she meets. He is more than  meets the eye. Packed with twists and turns, and a surprise ending.



Book 2: HOUSE OF MAZES 2 - The House Of Death


Book 4: HOUSE OF MAZES 4 - Chronicles Of The Deceased


Also  in this series the same Angelic characters can be found in another  series of mine called: The Angels Of The Lord Chronicles, which is a 6  book set. On sale now where published.





For all books available:

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