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I have uploaded my book's interior PDF and have reviewed the result which looks fine. I am looking forward to see it in print.


I am using cover creator in the Hawthorne format and am generally satisfied with the end result but my submitted text has been forced to all caps which I don't like and would prefer normal sentence case.


Additionally, I would like to place a photo above the text but don't see a way to do it.


Can either of these be done within the constraints of the creator conventions?

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Hello! in Share Your Work

Posted by EsmeB May 26, 2017

Please share with interested groups for me? I am a poet- Poet-Ess if you like! I would love you to help me to get my work published in various papers, magazines and specialist journals. It would be great to sell more books.

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Recently,  for the first time ever,  a Black man acknowledged to me that black culture is wrong because it is constitutional rights instead.   I thought I would never live to hear that from a black person's mouth.   Women told me that there are no individual rights,  however,  but would not say where they learned this fallacy.   Read A Black Feminine Mystique for more,  plus supporting books like my memoirs,  The Little Black Book of Child Sex Slavery,  and Are Whites and Blacks the Same?  A general philosophy of thought that is not about race is Homogeneous v Heterogeneous ideas.


Iris Cooke.

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I have been using 'Insert/Shape' and the 'Draw' tab in Word to create six simple diagrams (arrows, text labels, simple matrix with 4 quadrants) in my book. I group the drawings and wrap 'square' in the text. Looks perfect!  I save the file as PDF but find on CS digital reviewer that some of the drawings are corrupted - lines and arrows broken or blurred or with ghost lines lurking where there should be (are) none.


Using latest Windows. Warnings about 'flattening' on review.


How can I correct please . . .  Should I go through a different PDF process?  Correct, somehow the flattening problem?


Everything ready to go - so really need to sort this! Many thanks

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Publishing Poems in Dr_Jack1948's Blog

Posted by Dr_Jack1948 May 25, 2017

Hi: My name is Dr. Arthur J Jackson, I'm a PHD, PSY.D, from Dallas Tx. Just moved to North Carolina. I have written 65 poems Titled:

Intimate Forever" (IF) it's copy written and I want to reach a maxium amout of people in the shortest period of time. I also have a logo

to put on the cover of the Book or Booket. I want to market the poems as a book with a logo cover. I need all the advice I can get. I don't

have a lot of money but I believe it will sale. Title the story of "Intimate Forever". I'll be waiting to hear from someone with atlease where

I can start. Thanks Dr. A J Jackson. 

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Sexual Rights in Independent Female

Posted by IrisJeanette May 24, 2017

I do not owe men sex,  and do not owe women my hair and body to use for their ideas or physical and emotional comfort,  not for lesbianism.   Women in hospitals and doctors' offices have no right to use their job as a nurse to pursue any of this,  and pastors,  counselors,  clerks in the store,  and others are required to do their job without pursuing me either.   Men obviously do not care about my orgasm because forcing is a turn-off, and so is sodomy and chauvinism, as well as sex for money.   I do not need to make a single change for sex,  which is also a turn-off.  So are swingers and children,  and people who demand sex in front of others.   Sex is my choice--not my duty.   Read more about my views on life in America in A Black Feminine Mystique,  Homogeneous v  Heterogeneous Ideas,  and Are Blacks and Whites the Same?  Iris Cooke.

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Here is a rule of branding that isn't discussed enough. Don't turn on a dime.


Simple enough? Okay, see you next blog post...


What? You need more context? That's fair.


You can change your author brand, as long as you don't change it too quickly. A brand, after all, is built on consistency. You present the same style, the same tone, the same voice over and over again, creating a trust between yourself and your community. You become a source of stability in their lives, something they can rely on and take comfort in.


The problem is that an author brand is a personal brand in a commercial setting. Your brand is tied to...well, you. You are going to go through changes in life. Trust me, I am not the same person I was in my 20s. I see things very differently. Had I had access to social media back then (meaning, if it existed), I would have a hard time reconciling what I believe now with what I believed then.


To change a brand--personal or corporate--you must allow it to go through a transition period. A gradual change brings your community along with you. A sudden change leaves you, in most cases, having to start anew. Don't resist change. Embrace it, and let it come slowly. Except in the case of unexpected tragedies, that's usually how change works anyway.


The takeaway here is to not change for the sake of change. Don't hop on a trend that is in opposition to your current brand profile because you think it will help grow your community. Just keep consistently being you, even if being you means you change along the way.


-Richard Contributors/RidleyHeadshot_blog.jpg

Richard Ridley is an award winning author and paid CreateSpace contributor.

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When my novels come out I usually have one launch party where I live (New York City) and one in my hometown in California. The parties typically include a no-host bar, with me at a table signing books and chatting with a mix of friends, family, and fans--low-key but good fun. For my latest novel, a super fan of mine, Veronica, who lives in Texas, asked if I'd be doing a "virtual party" as well. I told her I had zero idea what that was, so she offered to plan one for me on Facebook. Curious as to how that would work, I said yes!

Here's what happened next:

  • Veronica created an event on Facebook just like any other event, then invited me along with all her friends.
  • She made sure the event was marked as "public" so invitees could invite their friends, I could invite my friends, fans, etc. (In other words, anyone who had a Facebook account could attend.)
  • She created multiple "games" related to my books for attendees to play during the party. Each game was a fun question that Veronica would post, and attendees would answer in the comments section.
  • To add a visual touch, she made a cute meme to go with each question.
  • Veronica put all of the above into a detailed itinerary for the party, which was to last for three hours so people could pop in and out. It included a "roll call," in which everyone in attendance stated their location (and a greeting if they wanted) in the comments section.
  • Interspersed with the trivia questions were giveaways of signed copies of my individual books--plus a grand prize of signed copies of them all!

I know that I was fortunate to have a fan organizing this party for me, but it's now evident that it's something I could have done on my own--which means you can too!

-Maria Contributors/MurnaneHeadshot.jpg

Maria Murnane is a paid CreateSpace contributor and the best-selling author of the Waverly Bryson series, Cassidy Lane, Katwalk, and Wait for the Rain. She also provides consulting services on book publishing and marketing. Have questions for Maria? You can find her at

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How to Connect with Your Readers

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Publish in Arabic in Formatting

Posted by johadyka May 23, 2017

Can I publish a book in Arabic Language? What about the Cover Page? Why Arabic Title is rejected?

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Some of my paperbacks are now in the match program where you get the Kindle at a 75% discount when you buy the paperback.   See Homogeneous v Heterogenous Ideas for summer reading for college,  and short books like Classic Mississippi and Cary and Keri as well.   Iris Cooke.

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Character traps in Resources

Posted by CreateSpaceBlogger May 22, 2017

Writing fiction, if you do enough of it, presents itself with traps that can get authors in trouble. Here are three character traps to avoid as you pen your next masterpiece.

  1. Know-it-all: One thing that drives me crazy when I read a mystery novel is when one character, many times a crack detective, has all the answers. What kind of poison was used to kill the victim? Well, it just so happens that our protagonist got a degree in chemistry. Figuring out the poison used is really no problem. Also, if you have questions about the victim's last meal, the type of watch he wore, the kind of razor he shaved with, etc., it just so happens the protagonist has read and committed to memory dozens of books on these topics and more. When a "know-it-all" takes over a story I'm reading, I lose interest because it's just too convenient.
  2. All-bad: When a villain is nothing but bad, I don't really get invested in him or her as much as I should. I want there to be something likable about the villain--some redeeming quality. In a way, it makes him or her more sinister if I fall into a false sense of security that the villain will do the right thing. When he or she doesn't, it's even more shocking.
  3. All-good: This is the inverse trap to the previous one. All-good protagonists are, in a word, boring. Flaws give a character depth and relatability. I can't identify with a character who has never done anything wrong and doesn't have doubts sometimes about whether he or she is making the right choice.

Take some time to examine your characters and make sure they're not falling into these traps. If they are, try rewriting to make them more complex.

-Richard Contributors/RidleyHeadshot_blog.jpg

Richard Ridley is an award winning author and paid CreateSpace contributor.

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The Basic Elements of a Character Arc

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Hello everybody in Llife and literature

Posted by Rhpositive May 22, 2017

My idea is about Don Quijote and the currently corruption.

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PURGATORY in Share Your Work

Posted by Scianna May 21, 2017



This is the continuation from Book One: PANDORA'S BOX, of Short stories Volumes One and Two. In Volume Two: PURGATORY, is the short stories





What if you were stranded on a new world and come

to find castles stood high on a desert floor. Is this a

place of Paradise or a planet of terror?





Come with Missy and get a membership into the

best Sorority House on Campus. No big deal if

the gateway might lead to **** itself.




People have disappeared and Annaber is afraid it

might be the Rapture that was spoken would happen,

according to the New Testament Bible. She further

investigates by finding a Bible which are now


But despite her roommate's advice to never read it,

the truth plunges both girls into a nightmare world of

the supernatural kind.




An expedition journeys to the center of earth. Two

people must find why the world has cracked in two.

One side will have no hope.



All Sciantel Crista's stories and formats:

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My book is written in a right to left language. It is required by the specifications that the interior PDF should be created with the last page appearing as the first PDF page. Additionally, the cover pdf must be formatted with the front cover placed to the left of the spine and the back cover to the right.


Can anybody help me to make the interior pdf  and the cover as requested please?



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