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My LOVE Talk with GOD

Posted by LaNeraMAdonna Sep 5, 2017

People have all kinds of experiences in life that help form who they are and what they become. Most are logical and explicable. But when it's supernatural and considered "otherworldly" people may think it strange. For example, most people say they believe in God. But if you tell them God spoke to you, they think it odd. However, that is exactly what happened to me.


I had asked a few questions early in my life. Twenty years later, I got my answers directly from the LORD. The answers came in abundance. As it turns out, God likes a well formed question.


It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter. Proverbs 25:2


I remembered the questions because they helped determine my faith. However, it wasn't until I stopped associating with certain people God calls "stumbling blocks" as it pertains to maintaining good character did God begin speaking to me consistently.


Do not be deceived: "Bad company corrupts good character." 1 Corinthians 15:33


You are probably wondering what questions I asked. I would. They were simple questions but pivotal and very impactful.


I wanted to know why God dressed Adam and Eve three times in the Book of Genesis. I wondered how the devil could deceive God's perfect man, Adam, and how he even got there. I wondered about the "burning bush" that spoke to Moses. And I wondered about the Tree of Life in the Book of Revelation whose leaves would heal the nations in the latter days. I wondered if it was real.


I got all my questions answered and lots more. I share it all in my recent book, My Love is One: What I Learned from the Messiah about Love, Family, Climate Change, and the Second Coming. It's now also available on Amazon. Be sure to share these important book links with your family, friends and network on Facebook and Twitter!


LeTicia Lee

Author/ Entrepreneur /Guest Speaker



"And I will betroth thee unto me for ever; yea, I will betroth thee unto me in righteousness, and in judgment, and in lovingkindness, and in mercies. 20 I will even betroth thee unto me in faithfulness: and thou shalt know the Lord. 21 And it shall come to pass in that day, I will hear, saith the Lord, I will hear the heavens, and they shall hear the earth;" HOSEA 2:19-21



My Love is One: What I Learned from the Messiah about Love, Family, Climate Change, and the Second Coming

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If your favorite rapper or mogul has not come to your neighborhood recently to "make it rain", don't worry. SoRichIam Media is giving people a strong alternative. The New York Publishing company is giving away its top selling personal audio coach The MillionaireI Am to those who join their "Get out the 'Hood  Incentive Program" during the month of August 2015.




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SoRichIam Media Success Team



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Muchos de los jóvenes asistentes película están familiarizados con todos los personajes de crepúsculo, juego de tronos, Harry Potter, Los Vengadores y Iron Man. Todos tienen poderes sobrenaturales. Los adolescentes están obsesionados con ellos. Los niños quieren ser ellos. Luego está la familia real: William, Harry, Kate, Charles, George, Charlotte, y a la Reina Isabel. El mundo no puede obtener suficiente de la Princesa Diana. ¿Por qué la obsesión? ¿Qué es lo que ellos (los royals y los superhéroes) que tiene no? ¡Nada!


Hay un pequeño relato llamado Génesis. ¿Has oído hablar de él?


Había un muchacho llamado Adam. Adán fue una creación perfecta de Dios. Vio cómo Dios creó los cielos y la tierra. Vio a Dios crear otros planetas de la galaxia.


De hecho, Dios amaba a su hijo Adam tanto le dio todo un planeta. Que rico! Adam tenía dominio sobre toda la tierra. Es cierto. Él (Adam) tenía poderes divinos. ¿Y qué pasó? Adán cometió un error!


Adam deje que una pequeña serpiente le truco al pensar que algún día pudiera ser como Dios al comer del fruto del árbol del bien y del mal. Lo que tiene que ver con su super poderes? Todo!


Adam ya tenía todas las superpotencias para tener todo lo que siempre ha querido o necesitado. Que incluye el compañero perfecto, Eva. Adam me fui a dormir y me desperté y eso fue todo. Había una preciosa diosa a su lado.


Así que en realidad no hay nada nuevo bajo el sol, como los ricos Rey Salomón dijo una vez. La única diferencia entre usted y sus héroes favoritos es que son falsas y que son los verdaderos. Usted simplemente no sabe. Sus superpoderes son sólo para dormir.


Contrariamente a la historia de la evolución, estamos todos los descendientes de Adán. Según la historia, Dios envió un "nuevo y mejorado Adam"; su nombre era Jesús. Este hombre, Jesús, no podían ser engañados. Jesús tomó todos los superpoderes de la humanidad y lo comparte con quien lo aceptará de él.


Sí, él, Jesús, aún vive! Superhéroes puede cambiar los formularios. Jesús viene en la forma del Espíritu Santo.


“¿No sabéis que sois templo de Dios y que el Espíritu de Dios habita en vosotros?” 1 Corintios 3:16


Suena como un cuento de hadas ¿no? Lo que yo sé. Pero es la verdad. Jesús continúa siendo un súper héroe a millones de personas en todo el mundo. ¿Está listo para encender su superpoderes? Vea por sí mismo.


¿Quién sabe? Incluso puede ser alguien del héroe.





LeTicia Lee es la autora de Descubra lo sobrenatural en USTED! (Salmos Potente diario para niños de 5 a 11) y Descubra lo sobrenatural en USTED! (Salmos potentes diarias para Adolescentes) Ambos están disponibles en Amazon o visita



  Descubra lo Sobrenatural en ti Poderosos: Salmos Diarios para Niños  (edades 5-11) (Spanish Edition)teens.jpg

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You know them all: Twilight, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, The Avengers. They all have supernatural powers. Teens are obsessed with them. Children want to be them.


Then, there's the royals: William, Harry, Kate, Charles, and Queen elizabeth.  The world couldn't get enough of Princess Diana. Why the obsession. What do they (the royals and super heros) have that you don't? Nothing.


There's this little story called Genesis. Heard of it? In it, was a guy named Adam.  Adam was a perfect creation of God. He watched God create the heavens and the earth. He watched God create other planets in the galaxy too.  In fact, God so loved His creation, he even made Adam just like him. That's right. God gave Adam dominion over the earth. That's rich. It's true. He (Adam) had godly powers. Then what happened? Adam erred!


Adam allowed some little serpent to trick him into thinking he could one day be like god by eating fruit from the tree of Good and Evil. What does that have to do with your super powers you ask? Everything for Godsakes!


Adam had all the super powers to get everything he ever wanted or needed. That includes the perfect companion, Eve. He went to sleep and woke up and whalla! There stood a goddess.


So there really isn't anything new under the sun, as the rich king Solomon once said. The only difference between you and your favorite SUPERHEROS is that they are fake and you are the REAL deal. You just don't know it. Your super powers are just asleep. 


Contrary to the story of evolution, we are all descendants of Adam. As the story goes, God sent a new and improved "Adam"; his name was Jesus. this guy could not be fooled. Jesus took back mankind's super powers and still gives it to whomever will accept it from Him. Yes, I said, gives it as in the presnt tense. Super heros can change forms. This one comes in the form of a Holy Spirit.


“Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?” 1 Corinthians 3:16


It sounds like a fairy tale doesn’t it? I know. But it's true. Jesus is still a SUPER hero to millions of people around the world. Are you ready to turn on your superpowers? See for yourself.


Who knows? You may even be somebody's hero.



LeTicia Lee is author of  Discover the SUPERNATURAL in YOU! (Powerful Daily Psalms for Children ages 5-11) and  Discover the SUPERNATURAL in YOU! (Powerful Daily Psalms for Teens) The latter is available in 12 languages. Both are available on Amazon or visit




children.jpg   teens.jpg

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Moving from the ghetto to the palace begins with one thing. That is the desire to do so.  However, not bringing the 'hood to the palace requires one further step. That is a new mindset.


The bible says you can not put new wine into old wine skins. That means you can not continue thinking the same way and expect to be in a better place than you were before.  You have to create a new mindset that will allow you to sustain your new home, wealth, family, business, success, and security. Most lottery winners end up broke within five years of their win fall. They continue using the same mind set they had when they were broke. Sounds easy, but why isn't it?


Most people follow the patterns set for them during childhood by their parents and their environment. That's why poverty is usually multi-generational. It takes effort to think differently from those around you. Most people are chastised for not "fitting in" or going against the "norm" of their community even when that "norm" is detrimental to them and those around them.


Going against the norm may mean taking your educational opportunities seriously. When friends are cutting classes and getting high, you may be the one to stay in class, do your homework, submit it on time, and achieving the long term goal of getting a full scholarship. That takes a lot of focus and determination. But it is one way that many have gone from the 'hood to the palace.  


A full scholarship to a college out of town means a new environment with other like minded achievers which also means new friends.That can eventually lead to better job opportunities and legitimate long term wealth.



Others excel in sports, attain a scholarship, and  a few elite even make it to the pros. Others create a business plan and develop a product, put it stores or on the internet and tell all their friends family and network to tell their network and so on until it's a financial success for its creators. That idea can be a useful product, service, artwork, jewelry, movie or music. The first (education) and last categories (business idea) are accessible to all.


Most people have internet access. Therefore, if one is determined to be a better person, parent, or business person, one can do so by accessing the information desired. Develop the area in which you lack experience.


Commit to improving your self and your environment and the steps will appear.  Find a mentor (local business agency, club for youth, or local pastor) who will support those positive goals and hold you accountable.  With patience and persistence, you will soon find yourself in a new environment, perhaps even from the 'hood to the palace.


LeTicia Lee is creator of the Get Out the 'Hood Success Kit a 4 book and 2 DVD set that guides people any any level to financial freedom and how to secure funds to buy their first home. Get the complete set at Amazon estore:



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Better Choices. New You. 30 Days.



You can't get anywhere without first having a definitive destination. Like driving from Dallas, TX to New York City, you can go from failure to success. You can go from poverty to wealth. Go from sickness to health. How? Decide you want to get there.




Have you or anyone you know been traveling on the same road for years? Do you or they always seem to get the same outcome?  Do you often say, "Why does  this always happens to me"? Perhaps you arrived to your destination and asked disappointedly, "Is this all there is"?




You guarantee your own destination in life when you continue thinking the way you've always thought. No one can change the way you think but you. The Bible says, "And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God". Romans 12:2




Here's the challenge. It takes twenty one days to form a new habit.  Decide on a new and better destination.


Get a tried and true blueprint/map that will help you get there.  Develop a better plan.  Persist for at least thirty days un-interrupted until it becomes a new and better habit. 




Keep a journal. Enjoy the journey. Bon Voyage!


LeTicia Lee is the author of The Book of Proverbs Journal: [Thirty One Days of Wisdom for Life] Available on Amazon and







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Shall We #RaceTogether?

Posted by LaNeraMAdonna Mar 23, 2015

Everyone seems to want to talk about the race lately.  Is Hillary Clinton going to run? If so, who will run against her? Ted Cruz says he'll run. But will Jeb Bush or Ben Carson run too? Of course that's the presidential race. Ironically, the presidential race is not the hottest race ticket in town lately. Race relations is.  Race relations will likely be the most important discussion any presidential candidate will have to confront. It affects education, the national debt, and foreign policy.

The United States has a rather poor history in dealing with race issues.  The United States of America was founded by an Italian Jew (Christopher Columbus) and funded by Christian Spaniards with monies they took from Jews during the Spanish Inquisition. 

Then the new people annihilated the inhabitants (Native Americans) to then place their own flag (mainly Brit expats seeking freedom from religious persecution) on this new soil. After the genocide of 90% of the Native Americans, these "new Americans" brought in Africans whom they enslaved for four hundred years of servitude.

Then a man with a conscience, named Abraham Lincoln, ironically the same name as the father of all nations to the Jews who funded the initial America, set the captives free. From then on, these new Americans became biased to any new Americans that came from any other part of the world except Ireland, Scotland or Britain.

However, the founding fathers had the wherewithal to pray to a force higher than all to construct the bylaws of the new America known as the United States Constitution. This constitution guarantees the rights of all Americans the right to freedom of speech, privacy, and security.

However, our educational system has not caught up with the diversity of Americans (Latinos, Asians, Blacks, and Whites etc.) today and therefore; students are taught a mainly European perspective of the world in which they live. It's a perspective that has validated one segment of the population (Caucasian) and therefore given them a sense of entitlement that has wreaked havoc since the day the Mayflower anchored her ship to America's shores.

However, today's Americans (yellow, black, white, and brown) from every imaginable scope of the world are beginning to demand a more realistic, dare I say accurate, account of world history and events.  That begins with acknowledging the past wrongs. That also means including historical facts as to how this country began.

Children must need to see historical figures of every color reflected in their history books. That builds children's self-esteem and awareness that we are in this world together.

Social Studies must include current news and events. Technology allows for this. However, news bias does not allow students to get an accurate account of other countries. When was the last time you saw a developed city in Africa in the news. Our modern news (in the USA) only shows people living in the bush. The only factories we see in India are those that have been burned due to people working in poor working conditions with building violations. If it weren't for social media, young Americans would think they were God's gift to the world.


There are some embarrassing corrections that take place when you travel. First of all, most Europeans know more about American history than Americans. We won't mention the ongoing stories of how many Americans misbehave abroad.

Therefore, Social Studies must also include studies of morals and ethics. Teaching children respect and integrity will go a long way in healing the way our banks, financial markets, government, business, and healthcare are operated in the future.  When moral excellence is built into a child early, corruption and debt almost becomes an obscenity and immediately purged from the core without question.

Inclusion generates hope. It makes us less reliant on corporations, lobbyists and other countries.  It stimulates free enterprise. It helps grow our economy.

Some groups (mainly hate groups such as Yik Yak) fear people of color will retaliate if they are shown historical figures that look like them and thus gain confidence and power. They (some Caucasians) fear they will soon become the minority.  They even fear one day, there will be no white people.  This is all based upon two very inaccurate premises.

The first is fear. Fear is never a good foundation to make any sound decision. That is the foundation of all terrorist and hate groups. These people fear they will lose power and control. Newsflash: all terror and hate is a reflection of an entity that has already lost control.

Second, these groups seem to have a "god complex". They believe that a portion of the population is unbalanced and therefore they must take control and eliminate the growing population through genocide.  Both are based on a false premise, therefore nothing good can come from it.

God created man in His image, male and female, created he them.  (Genesis 1:27). There can be no greater foundation than the Creator of the Universe (that includes planet Earth and Human Kind).

So when the lens to society is washed clean, one can stand back and see correctly. We are all part of the human race. Like a bouquet of varied flowers, we look more beautiful and smell sweeter when we bloom together.

Although many have said they don't want a wake-up call with their morning Java, Starbuck's founder, Howard Schultz, was right.  We can #racetogether, because we must. The future of our civilization depends on it.




LeTicia Lee encourages moral excellence in teens with her latest book Discovering the Supernatural in You (Powerful Daily Psalms for Teens) Available on Amazon and




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Like all previous generations, millennials have heard stories about how their parents and grandparents started at the bottom and worked their way to the top. Many went from mail clerks and personal assistants to office managers and CEOs. This provided food, clothing and shelter for themselves and their families. They led by example.


Most of their children went off to college, got jobs, and started their own families. The cycle continued.  That is, until now.


Many millennials choose not to perpetuate the cycle of work hard, buy a home, start a family, and retire at sixty five. Apparently, there are a few cracks in the fairy tale. Foremost, many of their parents ended up divorced and happiness was not a daily occurrence. That's right; I said happiness. Millennials want to be happy.


Millennials equate having a career they love to living a fulfilling life and thus better relationships. Perhaps they were paying closer attention than most previously thought. After all, there does seem to be a connection to the level of happiness in the household to finances and career.


When parents appear to be miserable at work, it often means they are not being compensated for the level of stress they experience. Parents tend to be happier when they are fairly compensated for their work, receive annual bonuses (translates to family vacations) and the children are doing well in school (a.k.a parents are checking their grades and homework).  All of that requires discretionary income and allocated time. It's an intentional investment in ones self and family. That doesn't just happen. It's planned.


When finances are tight, there's tension at home and thus more arguing between parents.  More conflict between married couples over time often leads to divorce. You see the cycle. 


They say insanity is repeating the same thing over and over expecting different results. Perhaps millennials are the generation that brings sanity back to the equation. They're breaking the cycle; mostly because the former model is antiquated in today's high tech society.


Not only is happiness a career factor for millennials but a sense of fulfillment and social awareness. They equate happiness to the amount they contribute to society. They value making a "connection" especially since it's been overlooked developing speed and convenience over quality of life.


It comes back to the golden rule, "Do unto other as you would have them do unto you."  It's also biblical. Jesus said, Love thy neighbor.


That means showing respect and regard to human life and in general and the entire human race. Being socially aware of the needs of the community also brings balance to ourselves and to society overall.


We see it in nature all the time. When one species becomes extinct, there is a domino effect in every area of nature. That's something that hasn't been figured into the human equation for a long time.


If one life goes missing, that's a potential parent, contributor, inventor that may have been aligned (directly or indirectly) to make a massive difference in society. We all need each other.


Technology has brought such speed to business, that baby boomers and Generation X never imagined millennials took the time to notice anything other than themselves.  Luckily they do notice other social groups (worldwide) in ways many of their parents did not. Hashtag, perhaps #NotSoSelfie after all.


Can millennials have their career and happiness too?  Many young entrepreneurs seem to think so.


Millennials constantly see their young high tech peers creating new apps and start-up businesses. Many ride skateboards, roller blades, or scooters to workplaces such as Google and Facebook.


You know how it is. Once someone breaks the four minute mile record, everyone starts doing it. They know it's possible.  So is it possible for millennials to do the same with their careers?  It may require a few different jobs and living at home for a year or too after graduation to find their way, but sure they can. Most parents would prefer millennials figure it out before going to college, but how many students really know what they want to do when the first go to college?


Getting an internship in their chosen major or profession during their junior and/or senior year while still in high school can help get them on their way. Real life experience is an eye opener.  It awakens most millennials to the fact they they won't be getting a Lamborghini for their Sweet 16 nor will their birthday party air on MTV. This may also get them into their own home and off parent's payroll after graduation a lot faster.


Some great philosopher once said, know thy self. Okay, perhaps it was, physician heal thy self. But you get the idea. By getting quiet and asking themselves who they are and listing their natural born gifts and talents millennials can get on the path they so feverishly seek. 


Some may need to speak to a parent who will listen, older sister or brother, guidance counselor, or trusted mentor. They need someone who can help them flush out the real talents from pipe dreams.


If you are the tallest person in your family at five foot two inches, then the NBA baller may not be a realistic goal for you. However, if you are passionate about basketball you may be able to work in the NBA industry in some regard such as in the business, marketing, press department, tv or radio. Get it? Good.


Someone once said, do what you love and you'll never feel like you're working. It's so true.


Success in any career requires persistence and patience. That often translates to several hours of work every week. But if it's a passionate pursuit, then the time just seems to fly by.


But don't get upset if you wake up one day, and you're driving an SUV, taking your kids to soccer practice, working on your laptop in the parking lot. Then, wash your face in your suburban home before going to bed and look up and see your parent's face staring back at you in the mirror. After all, many of your parents or grandparents were once long haired bell bottom or mini skirt wearing hippies in the nineteen seventies before they woke up thirty years later at a tech firm wearing tailored suits, working sixty hours a week with a frozen Botox face and a weave.


However, you can be the difference. It is possible. Just get started.


# # #


LeTicia Lee is author of Your #1 Brand is YOU! [How to Be Irresistibly Employable for Life].Available on Amazon and







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You may still be thinking about what you want to be when you grow up. You may have just graduated.  Further still, you may still be in school.  So why on earth would you be thinking about retirement? Because, Yoda, you must.



If the thought of ever turning 30 seems like 100 years away, imagine turning 100! I know. It's like planning a spring break vacation on Mars. But thirty years ago, cellular phones and laptop computers were like space age thinking too.



The fact is people are beginning to live longer. The number of centenarians has tripled over  the last twenty years and is expected to increase five fold over the next thirty years. Believe it or not the highest concentration of centenarians is the United States.  The number of people over eighty is projected to increase by 233% by the year 2040.



So if you're planning to retire at age sixty-five like your parents did, that's another thirty five years of living expenses for which to plan. The emphasis is on living. That doesn't include the additional expense of assisted living. You may as well plan for that too.



Hey, why not live comfortably then? You certainly can.  But you have to start planning now.  Here are a few things to consider.



Learn how to invest. Learn how to invest your money so it's creating perpetual compound interest. That means your money is making you more money.  Most banks don't even offer 1% so just use them to hold your money until you figure out what to do with it. That means you'll have to actually make money.  That can be working a part time, full time, blogging, working online or whatever it is you do.



Your mission is to find a few really good investments that make 8% or more.  To put it in perspective, your bank may be charging you 18% to use your credit card.  So they are making money for letting you use their money. That's really a loan a.k.a debt. That's the first point.

Stay out of debt. That means don't spend more money than you make. Even if the credit card companies say you can. Don't do it.



Let's say you have a balance of $5,000 on your credit card, at 14% APR. Making minimum payments only, it would take you 22 years and $5,887 in interest payments to pay off this debt.



Secondly, learn to save at least ten percent of every dollar you make. Invest your money wisely and over time (fifty years or so), you'll be able to live off of the income it makes you annually in your retirement years.


Sound good? Get started now.

LeTicia Lee is producer of the DVD, A Student's Strategic Success Guide [Career - Finance - Life] available on Amazon and


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Bien que cela puisse paraître tiré par les cheveux pour la plupart des adolescents de commencer à penser à la retraite, il est presque obligatoire pour cette génération de commencer maintenant. Sécurité sociale devrait s'épuiser dans les cinquante prochaines années, et les employeurs d'aujourd'hui ne garantissent pas la sécurité à long terme pour la vie. Alors quand et comment parents établisse ados pour une retraite autonome?




Si vous n'avez pas un fonds d'affectation spéciale et vous, ni vos parents sont milliardaires, ne désarroi. Vos enfants peuvent avoir encore une chance de monter sur la liste annuelle du Magazine Forbes des milliardaires.




Malheureusement trop de parents vivent d'un chèque à un salaire. Beaucoup à peine à équilibrer un chéquier. La plupart peut commencer un fonds de collège dès que leurs enfants sont nés. Même les petits mais cohérentes dépôts seront additionnent à quelque chose.




Cependant, la plupart des parents adaptent constamment aux marées constante évolution de l'économie. Ils commencent à enregistrer lorsque leurs enfants sont 10 ou 12 ans. C'est quand beaucoup de parents réalise soudain que leurs bébés commencent à regarder et plus solide comme les adultes.




Aider les adolescents à concevoir leur vie maintenant. Même si ils ne savent pas ce qu'ils veulent faire quand ils grandissent, ils peuvent imaginer le genre de vie ou mode de vie qu'ils désirent. N'écrasez leurs rêves juste parce que vous ne pouvez pas imaginer comment ils vont y arriver. Il y a une force invisible au travail désireux d'aider ceux qui peuvent penser grand et avancer l'humanité.




Les inciter à voir grand et désirent le meilleur. Encourager l'excellence. La plupart des adultes oublient comment rêver et qui limite leurs possibilités. Ils passent ensuite vers le bas pour leurs enfants et ainsi de suite. Vous obtenez le point.




Les gens riches et fructueux sont généralement de grands rêveurs. Ils pensent de ce qu'ils veulent et puis planifier la façon de l'obtenir. C'est comme la création d'une carte. Prenant une action quotidienne cohérente est la clé.




Comment obtiendrez-vous d'où vous êtes maintenant où vous voulez être?



     1)     Excellence commence par la recherche de bonnes notes. Bonnes notes peuvent attirer des bourses d'études. Lancer la recherche                maintenant avec vos ados de subventions et de bourses d'études pour lesquels ils peuvent se qualifier.

2)     Séjour hors de la dette. Montrez-leur comment budget. Qu'ils aident à payer pour les gros articles qu'ils veulent. Ne jamais dépenser plus d'argent que vous faites. Paraître évident? Regardez la dette nationale.


3)     Si vos ados travaillent à temps partiel, ne les laissez pas tout dépenser. Mettre au moins dix pour cent de chaque dollar qu'ils font dans un compte d'épargne. Ils vont payer des factures pour le reste de leur vie, donc enseigner eux Comment payer eux-mêmes tout d'abord. Si vous ne faites pas vous-même, commencez maintenant. Prêcher par l'exemple et vous ne sera pas renvoyé leur plus tard pour être si riche.


4)     Leur apprendre à investir. Il y a des endroits qui payer dix pour cent ou plus en intérêt. Les trouver.

     5)     Aide leur créer une épargne de millionnaire compte de retraite. Commencez dès maintenant. Ils doivent continuer à       mettre l'argent dans ce compte n'importe comment beaucoup ou peu jusqu'à ce qu'ils soient au moins soixante-cinq         ans ou soixante ans.



Albert Einsten dit: «à intérêts composés est la huitième merveille du monde. Celui qui comprend, il gagne... celui qui n'est pas... paie it. " Imaginez ça!




Vos ados ont le temps de leur côté. Ajouter la sagesse et l'intérêt composé et un jour, ils peuvent être plus riches que Rockefeller. C'est un régime de retraite bonne pour vous aussi.








LeTicia Lee est auteur deLa Clé de Réponse À Éviter Le Dette Construire Crédit & Retraite Riche (Un Guide à la Prospérité de la vie pour les Étudiants, Diplômés, Abandons et DropIns)Le trouver sur Amazon.



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Embora possa parecer improvável para a maioria dos adolescentes para começar a pensar em aposentadoria, é quase obrigatório para esta geração começar agora. Segurança social é esperada para sair nos próximos cinquenta anos, e os empregadores de hoje não garantem a segurança de longo prazo para a vida. Então quando e como devem os pais preparar adolescentes para uma aposentadoria auto-suficiente?




Se você não tem um fundo e você nem os seus pais são bilionários, não desanime. Seus filhos ainda podem ter uma chance de voltar na lista anual da revista Forbes dos bilionários.




Infelizmente, muitos pais estão vivendo de salário em salário. Muitos mal podem controlar um talão de cheques. A maioria pode começar uma faculdade assim que seus filhos nascem. Mesmo pequenas mas depósitos consistentes irão somar a algo.




No entanto, a maioria dos pais são constantemente ajustando as marés sempre em mudança da economia de hoje. Eles começam salvando quando seus filhos são uns 10 ou 12 anos. É quando muitos pais de repente percebem que seus bebês estão começando a olhar e som mais como adultos.




Ajude adolescentes projetar suas vidas agora. Mesmo que eles não sabem o que querem ser quando crescerem, eles podem imaginar o tipo de vida ou estilo de vida que desejam. Não esmagar seus sonhos só porque você não pode imaginar como eles vou chegar lá. Há uma força invisível no trabalho, disposto a ajudar aqueles que podem pensar grande e levar a humanidade para a frente.




Inspirá-los a pensar grande e desejo o melhor. Incentive a excelência. A maioria dos adultos esquecer como sonhar e que limita as suas possibilidades. Eles então passá-lo para baixo a seus filhos e assim por diante. Você entendeu a idéia.




Pessoas bem sucedidas e ricas são geralmente grandes sonhadores. Eles pensam o que eles querem e então planejar como obtê-lo. É como criar um mapa. Tomar ação diária consistente é a chave.




Como você vai de onde você está agora para onde você quer ser?

     1)     Excelência começa com esforçando-se para boas notas. Boas notas podem atrair bolsas de faculdade. Comece a procurar                  agora com seus filhos adolescentes para subsídios e bolsas de estudo para o qual eles podem qualificar-se.

2)     Estadia sem dívidas. Mostre-lhes como orçamento. Deixá-los ajudar pagar bilhete grande itens que eles      querem. Nunca gaste mais dinheiro do que você faz. Parece óbvio? Olha para a dívida nacional.


3)     Se seu teens trabalham a tempo parcial, não os deixes passar tudo. Colocar pelo menos 10% de cada dólar  que eles fazem em uma conta poupança. Eles vão pagar as contas para o resto de suas vidas, então, ensinar-lhes como se pagam primeiro. Se você não está fazendo isto sozinho, comece agora. Liderar pelo exemplo, e você não vai ressentir-se-los mais tarde por ser tão rico.


4)     Ensiná-los a investir. Há lugares que pagam dez por cento ou mais do interesse. Encontrá-los.

     5)     Ajudá-los a criar uma economia de milionário conta de aposentadoria. Comece agora. Eles devem manter a  colocar dinheiro      em que conta, não importa o quanto ou pouco até que estejam pelo menos sessenta e cinco ou  setenta anos de idade.



Albert Einsten disse: "Dos juros compostos é a oitava maravilha do mundo. Ele que entende, ganha... quem não... paga-lo." Imagine isso!



Os adolescentes têm tempo do lado deles. Adicione sabedoria e juros compostos e um dia que eles podem ser mais ricos que Rockefeller. Isso é um plano de aposentadoria de bom para você também.








LeTicia Lee é autor de A Resposta-Chave para Evitar Dívidas, Construir o Crédito, & Aposentar Rico(Um Guia para a Prosperidade de Vida para Estudantes, Graduados, Desistentes & DropIns)

Encontrá-lo na Amazon.









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Anche se può sembrare inverosimile per la maggior parte dei ragazzi per iniziare a pensare di pensionamento, è quasi obbligatorio per questa generazione di iniziare ora. Sicurezza sociale dovrebbe esaurirsi entro i prossimi cinquanta anni, e i datori di lavoro di oggi non garantiscono la sicurezza a lungo termine per tutta la vita. Quando e come dovrebbero genitori preparatevi quindi ragazzi per un pensionamento autosufficiente?




Se non hai un fondo fiduciario e voi né i vostri genitori sono miliardari, non costernazione. I vostri bambini possono ancora avere un colpo ad ottenere lista annuale della rivista Forbes dei miliardari.




Purtroppo troppi genitori vivono da stipendio a stipendio. Molti a malapena in grado di bilanciare un libretto degli assegni. La maggior parte può iniziare un fondo del Collegio, non appena sono nati i loro figli. Anche piccole ma depositi coerenti aggiungerà fino a qualcosa.




Tuttavia, la maggior parte dei genitori sono costantemente adattandosi ai sempre mutevoli maree economia di oggi. Iniziano a risparmio quando i loro figli sono circa 10 o 12 anni. Quello è quando molti genitori improvvisamente realizzare che i loro bambini stanno cominciando a guardare e suono più come adulti.




Aiutare i ragazzi progettare la loro vita ora. Anche se non sanno quello che vogliono essere quando crescono, si può immaginare il tipo di vita o di stile di vita che essi desiderano. Non schiacciare loro sogni solo perché non si può immaginare come essi arriveremo. C'è una forza invisibile sul lavoro disposto ad aiutare coloro che possono pensare in grande e portare avanti l'umanità.




Ispirarli a pensare in grande e desiderare il meglio. Incoraggiare l'eccellenza. La maggior parte dei adulti dimenticare come sognare e che limita le loro possibilità. Essi poi passarlo verso i loro figli e così via. Si ottiene il punto.




Persone di successo e ricche sono solitamente grandi sognatori. Essi pensare quello che vogliono e poi pianificare come ottenerlo. È come la creazione di una mappa. Coerente azione quotidiana è la chiave.




Come si ottiene da dove siete ora dove vuoi essere?




     1)Eccellenza inizia con cercando buoni voti. Buoni voti possono attirare le borse di studio. Avviare la ricerca adesso con i vostri ragazzi per borse di studio per il quale essi possono qualificarsi.

     2)Soggiorno dal debito. Mostrare loro come bilancio. Lasciarli a contribuire a pagare per gli elementi del biglietto grande che vogliono. Mai spendere più soldi che fanno. Sembrare ovvio? Guardate il debito nazionale.


     3)Se i vostri ragazzi lavoro part-time, non lasciarli passare tutto. Mettere almeno il dieci per cento di ogni dollaro che fanno un conto di risparmio. Pagheranno le bollette per il resto della loro vita, quindi insegnare loro come pagare se stessi prima. Se non stai facendo da soli, iniziare ora. Dare l'esempio e non risentono più tardi per essere così ricca.


      4)Insegnare loro come investire. Ci sono luoghi che pagano il dieci per cento o più interesse. Trovarli.

     5)Consentono loro di creare un risparmio milionario conto pensionistico. Iniziare ora. Essi devono mantenere mettendo i soldi in quel conto non importa quanto o poco finché sono almeno sessantacinque o settant'anni.


Albert Einsten disse: "l'interesse composto è l'ottava meraviglia del mondo. Chi capisce, si guadagna... chi... non paga esso "Immaginate che!




Vostri ragazzi hanno tempo dalla loro parte. Aggiungere la saggezza e l'interesse composto e un giorno potrebbero essere più ricchi di Rockefeller. Che è anche un piano di pensionamento buon per voi.








LeTicia Lee è autore di La Chiave di Risposta per Evitare il Debito, Costruire Credito & Ritiro Riccho(Una Guida alla Vita di Prosperità per Studenti, Laureati, Forcellini & DropIns) Trovare su Amazon.







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While it may seem far-fetched to most teens to begin thinking about retirement, it's almost mandatory for this generation to begin now. Social security is expected to run out within the next fifty years, and today's employers don't guarantee long term security for life. So when and how should parents prepare teens for a self-sufficient retirement?

If you don't have a trust fund and you nor your parents are billionaires, don't dismay.  Your children can still have a shot at getting on Forbes Magazine's annual list of billionaires.

Unfortunately too many parents are living from paycheck to paycheck. Many can barely balance a checkbook. Most can start a college fund, such as a 529 savings plan, as soon as their children are born. Even small but consistent deposits will add up to something. 

However, most parents are constantly adjusting to the ever changing tides of today's economy. They start saving when their children are about 10 or 12 years old.  That's when many parents suddenly realize that their babies are starting to look and sound more like adults. 

Help teens design their lives now. Even if they don't know what they want to be when they grow up, they can imagine the type of life or lifestyle they desire. 

Don't squash their dreams just because you can't imagine how they'll get there. There is an unseen force at work willing to assist those who can think big and take humanity forward.

Inspire them to think big and desire the best. Encourage excellence. Most adults forget how to dream and that limits their possibilities. They then pass it down to their children and so on. You get the point.

Successful and wealthy people are usually big dreamers. They think of what they want and then plan how to get it. It's like creating a map. Taking consistent daily action is the key.

How will you get from where you are now to where you want to be?

          1)       Excellence begins with striving for good grades. Good grades can attract college scholarships. Start searching now with your teens for grants and scholarships for which they may qualify.

     2)      Stay out of debt.  Show them how to budget. Let them help pay for big ticket items they want. Never spend more money than you make. Sound obvious? Look at the national debt.

     3)      If your teens work part time, don't let them spend it all.  Put at least ten percent of every dollar they make into a savings account.  They will pay bills for the rest of their lives, so teach them how pay themselves first. If you're not doing this yourself, start now. Lead by example and you won't resent them later for being so rich.

     4)      Teach them how to invest. There are places that pay ten percent or more in interest. Find them. 

          5)     Help them create a millionaire savings retirement account.  Start now. They must keep putting money into that account no matter how much or little until they are at least sixty-five or seventy years old.

Albert Einstein said, "Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it."  Imagine that!

Your teens have time on their side. Add wisdom and compound interest and one day they may be richer than Rockefeller. That's a good retirement plan for you too.


LeTicia Lee is author of The Answer Key to Avoid Debt, Build Credit & Retire Rich (A Guide to Lifetime Prosperity for Students, Grads, DropOuts and DropIns) Find it on Amazon and


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Aunque parezca inverosímil a la mayoría de los adolescentes para comenzar a pensar en la jubilación, es casi obligatorio para esta generación empezar ahora. La seguridad social se espera a agotarse dentro de los próximos cincuenta años, y los empleadores de hoy no garantizan la seguridad a largo plazo para toda la vida. ¿Así que cuándo y cómo deben los padres preparan adolescentes para una jubilación autosuficiente?




Si no tienes un fondo fiduciario y tú ni tus padres son multimillonarios, no consternación. Sus hijos pueden tener la oportunidad de conseguir en la lista anual de la revista Forbes de multimillonarios.




Por desgracia demasiados padres viven de cheque a cheque. Muchos apenas pueden conciliar una chequera. La mayoría puede iniciar un fondo para la Universidad como un plan 529 de ahorros tan pronto como nacen sus hijos. Incluso los pequeños pero constantes depósitos sumará a algo.




Sin embargo, la mayoría de los padres constantemente están ajustando a las mareas siempre cambiantes de la economía actual. Empiezan a ahorrar cuando sus hijos son unos 10 o 12 años. Es cuando muchos padres pronto se dan cuenta que sus bebés están empezando a parecer y sonido más como adultos.




Ayudar a los adolescentes a diseñar sus vidas ahora. Incluso si no saben lo que quieren ser cuando crezcan, puede imaginar el tipo de vida o estilo de vida que desean. No aplastar sus sueños sólo porque no te puedes imaginar cómo conseguirán allí. Hay una fuerza invisible en el trabajo dispuesto a ayudar a aquellos que pueden pensar en grande y avanzar a la humanidad.




Inspirarlos a pensar en grande y deseo lo mejor. Alentar la excelencia. Mayoría de los adultos olvida cómo soñar y limita sus posibilidades. Ellos luego lo pasan a sus hijos y así sucesivamente. Tú me entiendes.




La gente exitosa y rica es generalmente grandes soñadores. Piensan de lo que quieren y entonces planear cómo conseguirlo. Es como crear un mapa. Tomando acción diaria constante es la clave.




¿Cómo obtendrá desde donde estás ahora a donde quieres estar?




     1)Excelencia comienza con esfuerzo por buenas calificaciones. Buenas calificaciones pueden atraer becas universitarias. Empieza a buscar ahora con sus hijos adolescentes para subvenciones y becas para los que ya podrían calificar.

2)Estancia de la deuda. Enséñales a presupuesto. Que ayude a pagar por artículos grandes que quieren. Nunca gastar más dinero del que usted hace. ¿Parece obvio? Mira la deuda nacional.


3)Si sus hijos adolescentes trabajan a tiempo parcial, no dejes pasar todo. Puesto por lo menos el diez por ciento de cada dólar que hacen a una cuenta de ahorros. Van a pagar las facturas para el resto de sus vidas, así que enseñar cómo ellos pagan ellos mismos primero. Si no lo haces tu mismo, empieza ahora. Predicar con el ejemplo y no ofende más tarde por ser tan rica.


4)Enseñarles cómo invertir. Hay lugares que pagan diez por ciento o más en intereses. Encontrarlos.

     5)Ayuda ellos crean un ahorro millonario cuenta de jubilación. Comienza ahora. Debe seguir poniendo dinero en esa cuenta no importa lo mucho o poco hasta por lo menos sesenta y cinco o setenta años de edad.


Albert Einsten dijo: "El interés compuesto es la octava maravilla del mundo. Quien lo entiende, lo gana... el que no paga lo. " ¡Imagínese eso!




Los adolescentes tienen tiempo de su lado. Agregue la sabiduría y el interés compuesto y un día pueden ser más ricos que Rockefeller. Es un plan de jubilación buena para usted también.








LeTicia Lee es autor deLa Clave de Respuestas para Evitar las Deudas, Construir su Crédito y Jubilarse Rico(Una guía a la Prosperidad de toda la vida para los Estudiantes, Graduados, abandonos y DropIns)Encontrar en Amazon.



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Während es für die meisten Jugendlichen denken Ruhestand beginnen weit hergeholt erscheinen, ist es fast zwingend für diese Generation nun beginnen. Sozialversicherung wird voraussichtlich in den nächsten 50 Jahren erschöpft und heutigen Arbeitgeber nicht garantieren langfristige Sicherheit für das Leben. So können wann und wie Eltern Jugendliche für einen autarken Ruhestand vorbereiten?




Wenn Sie keinen Treuhandfonds und du noch deine Eltern Milliardäre sind, keine Bestürzung. Ihre Kinder können noch einen Schuss zu Forbes Magazine jährlich eine Liste der Milliardäre haben..




Leider sind auch viele Eltern von Gehaltsscheck zu Gehaltsscheck Leben. Viele können kaum ein Scheckheft ausgleichen. Die meisten können einen College-Fonds beginnen, sobald ihre Kinder geboren werden. Auch kleine aber konsequente Einlagen werden summieren sich zu etwas.




Jedoch sind die meisten Eltern ständig auf die ständig wechselnden Gezeiten der heutigen Wirtschaft anpassen. Sie beginnen zu speichern, wenn ihre Kinder ungefähr 10 oder 12 Jahre alt sind. Das ist, wenn viele Eltern plötzlich erkennen, dass ihre Babys zu suchen beginnen und Klang mehr wie Erwachsene.




Dazu beitragen Sie, Jugendliche, die ihr Leben jetzt zu entwerfen. Auch wenn sie nicht wissen, was sie wollen, wenn sie erwachsen werden, können sie den Typ des Lebens oder der Lebensstil, die sie wünschen vorstellen. Zerquetschen Sie nicht ihre Träume, nur weil Sie sich nicht vorstellen können, wie sie es bekommen. Es gibt eine unsichtbare Macht am Arbeitsplatz bereit, denen beizustehen, die think big und Menschheit voranbringen können.




Inspirieren sie zu think big und wünschen das beste. Förderung der Exzellenz. Die meisten Erwachsenen vergessen wie zum Träumen und die Grenzen ihrer Möglichkeiten. Sie übergeben Sie dann sie auf ihre Kinder und so weiter. Sie erhalten den Punkt.




Erfolgreiche und wohlhabende Menschen sind in der Regel große Träumer. Sie denken was sie wollen und dann planen wie Sie es erreichen. Es ist wie eine Karte erstellen. Konsequente tägliche Maßnahmen ist der Schlüssel.




Wie erhalten Sie von wo Sie jetzt sind, wo Sie sein wollen?



     1)Excellence beginnt mit Streben nach guten Noten. Gute Noten können Hochschulstipendien anziehen. Starten Sie         die Suche jetzt mit Ihren Teens für Stipendien, für die sie sich qualifizieren können.

2)Aufenthalt schuldenfrei. Veranschaulichen sie einplanen. Die sollen Sie helfen, große Ticket-Artikel zu bezahlen, was, die Sie wollen. Nie mehr Geld als Sie verdienen. Klingen offensichtlich? Schau dir die Staatsschuld.


3)Wenn Ihr Teenager Teilzeit arbeiten, lass sie alles zu verbringen. Put mindestens zehn Prozent von jedem Dollar, sie auf ein Sparkonto machen. Sie zahlt Rechnungen für der Rest ihres Lebens, also lernen sie wie zahlen sich zuerst. Wenn Sie es selbst nicht tun, starten Sie jetzt. Mit gutem Beispiel vorangehen und Sie wird nicht ärgern, dass sie später so reich als.


4)ihnen beibringen, wie zu investieren. Es gibt Orte, die zehn Prozent oder mehr Zinsen zu zahlen. Finden sie.

     5)Hilfe, die sie erstellen ein Millionär-Einsparungen Rentenkonto. Starten Sie jetzt. Sie müssen, halten Sie Geld in dieses Konto, egal wie viel oder wenig bis sie mindestens sechzig oder siebzig Jahre alt sind.


Albert Einsten sagte: "-Zinseszins ist das achte Wunder der Welt. Er versteht es, verdient es... Wer nicht... zahlt it. "Stellen Sie sich das!




Ihre Jugendliche haben Zeit auf ihrer Seite. Fügen Sie Weisheit und Zinsen und Zinseszinsen und eines Tages möglicherweise sie reicher als Rockefeller. Auch ist das eine gute Altersvorsorge für Sie.








LeTicia Lee ist Autor vonDie Lösungsschlüssel um Schulden zu Vermeiden, Bauen Kredit & Ruhestand Reiche (Eine Anleitung zur Lebensdauer Wohlstand für Studenten, Absolventen, ausfallenden & DropIns)Finde es bei Amazon.






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