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If your favorite rapper or mogul has not come to your neighborhood recently to "make it rain", don't worry. SoRichIam Media is giving people a strong alternative. The New York Publishing company is giving away its top selling personal audio coach The MillionaireI Am to those who join their "Get out the 'Hood  Incentive Program" during the month of August 2015.




The primary goal of the program is to assist low and moderate income people navigate their way through debt, build good credit, inspire home ownership and thus take greater responsibility in the development of their own communities. That includes participating in local, state and national policies that affect them and the future well-being of their children.




That said, the package includes a DVD and workbook (Free Money to Buy Your Fir$t Home) that guides them to programs that help them get the down payment and closing costs of their first home purchase and allowing them to move in for the cost of what they are currently paying for rent or sometimes even less.




The second DVD A Students Strategic Success Guide (Career Finances & Life) and the corresponding book, The Answer Key to Avoid Debt, Build Credit and Retire Rich, encourages participants to be the CEO of their own lives, and strategize ways to increase the income they save with home ownership via investing like the moguls do.




The entire package includes:

The Answer Key to Avoid Debt, Build Credit & Retire Rich: [A Guide to Lifetime Prosperity for Students, Grads,Dropouts & Dropins]

Free Money to Buy Your Fir$t Home - DVD

Free Money to Buy Your Fir$t Home Workbook: (Step-by-Step Guide to Accessing Free Money to Buy Your First Home)

The Science of Getting Rich Book: & Companion Workbook Study Guide

A Student's Strategic Success Guide DVD [Career - Finance - Life]

The Book of Proverbs Journal: [Thirty One Days of Wisdom for Life]

It's easy to join. Click any of the links above for the Createspace estore links or go to SoRichIam Media's Amazon estore at Click GET OUT THE HOOD. Select all of the above listed books in the series or get it from the above links herein.

Send a copy of the Packing Slip once you receive your products or  print the email confirmation of your Amazon order. Be sure your mailing address is correct and all the required products are listed.

Mail to Attn: Get Out the Hood Millionaire CD  c/o SoRichIam Media P.O. Box 20711 Rochester, New York 14602 USA. Play the entire Millionaire I Am audio CD, then play track 2 daily.  (All orders must be placed by 11:59pm EST August 31, 2015 to qualify for the free gift)

SoRichIam Media Success Team



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