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Posted by Finndog on Mar 5, 2012 4:23:21 AM

Once again, it is truck day. Two full shipments due to leave this afternoon. Most of the product was poorly engineered, half of the material was backordered and we lost an entire day of production due to the blizzard. I'll make it though, the Village Idiot never fails. A lieutenant I worked under in the early eighties once said to me, "Adapt, Improvise, Persevere." This was a black man who joined the Navy in a time when black people were still segregated and the only job they were allowed to have was cook or deck swab. In spite of this, he worked his way up through the ranks from enlisted man to officer, a rare accomplishment for anyone of any color even today.  Few men have inspired me as much as Lieutenant Fenwick, and I take his advice to heart often. Duty calls, The Village Idiot.


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