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Posted by jybbb Apr 21, 2018
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Posted by jybbb Apr 21, 2018
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Anyone tell me about the real 123movies website?

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1 check my Affiliate company toward the business development and my Author profile, I don't know why reviews should be my primary focus, I see that the public do look at them but I know that having worked really hard on promoting, advertising, building my legacy future and my Author blogs will develop, I appear has a little author because my reviews are so low and even on Amazon. I don't truly put much taught toward my competitors, I see friends not rivals trying to suck up your blood, why should we be rivals there enough place for all of us. Getting my Audible thru acx is great already, !!! I have enough things to do to run around discussions trying to get reviews that no one wants to gave.

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New release

Posted by vcreativeart16 Mar 26, 2018

Books never stop coming and I never get tired of making them either, life is too short to restrain from doing what you love doing, I'm so proud to present all of you with my latest book ( Ricko s unexpected life turn) you can find me on LinkedIn ( bush Vanessa ) and review my books and follow my blog on under the site ( I am a proud author) or come join my writer group on FB ( a new day a new story)

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Check out my brand new title I just released today, feedback, review please, I can sent you a free upload to anyone

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Hi everyone, I know many of you are here to compete with each others on who will sell books 1st, I'm enjoying learning about other writers and impress by some readers and how much they can actually read!! I m a small reader but a bigger writer!!! Everyone wants the prize!!!??? But who gets it? The most ferocious telemarketers? Sales agent? Probably they know everything about marketing that's for sure, me I just want a tiny piece of cake a small reward nomination, anything so I could earn a little. So I decided that if I wanted to keep writing what I wanted and be and do what I love I will try making a book that could sale for once. So I did ( Stop setting, Start leaving ) on e-book Amazonkindle were you can find all my listings. If any of you can review I will send you a free copy to your inbox💙

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Perdre une grande quantité de poids est une réussite incroyable.

Cela exige un dévouement suprême et une autodiscipline. Malheureusement, l'un des effets secondaires indésirables de la perte de poids massive est son effet sur la peau. En particulier dans les cas de chirurgie esthétique en Tunisie où la perte de poids est rapide la peau perd son élasticité et ne peut pas se contracter adéquatement autour de la plus petite forme du corps.

Après la perte de poids, la peau lâche pend ou s'affaisse sur le corps, en particulier au milieu du corps autour du tronc. Certains ont décrit cela comme ressemblant à un "tablier de peau." La peau lâche ne se serre pas avec un régime ou un exercice.

Il doit être enlevé chirurgicalement. Jusqu'à ce qu'il soit enlevé, il continuera à obscurcir la forme améliorée du corps.

L'enlèvement de la peau lâche après une perte de poids massive fait partie d'une procédure connue sous le nom de lifting du corps, disponible grâce à l'élévation du corps, des milliers de nos patients bénéficient désormais d'un chiffre plus attrayant * .

Un plus mince, plus élégant

La chirurgie de la silhouette vous permet de profiter des résultats de vos efforts de perte de poids!

Il déplace l'attention de la peau lâche et les tissus à votre beau nouveau physique. Nos patients soulèvent un regain de confiance en eux, sachant que leur apparence reflète le dur labeur qu'ils ont mis dans la perte de poids.

Étant donné que nos corps sont circulaires, une circonférence, des poches de peau et des plis peuvent se produire sur le dos et les côtés, ainsi que sur le devant de l'abdomen. Enlever cette peau et redessiner la zone du tronc remodèle considérablement le corps pour une silhouette svelte.

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When do we make it has a writer? A year, 5years, 10 years? Luck? Hard work and long research hours is the key but it take patience something we don't all have, I m about to use marketplace and need to contact local schools for my kids book, everyone is trying sale something every single day, marketing is hard but advertising is fairly easy the problem is that I have very poor sales techniques so I'm not the one who will be able to sell anything. I sold 3 books and I'm very proud and grateful of my buyers. I think the key is selling me first then the books😄😄

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I am Published Author

Posted by vcreativeart16 Jan 30, 2018

Hi, just released my latest book on Amazon: Racism Bomb in America

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Hello All,


I hope this message finds you well. This is my first time publishing and I have a few questions I wonder if you all may help me answer?


1. When publishing with Create Space does a Copyright page automatically generate with data I plug in? Or is this something I need to draft or complete on my own?


2. I will send my manuscript to individuals that I will ask to make a comment for the back of the book. Am I able to add those comments after publishing?



I thought I had more but that'll do for now. Thanks all!

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