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September 2010

DAY 12   - 354 Days left


So.. no one has replied to my postings yet.. I wold really love to hear from other filmmakers out there.. Where you're from.. see your work.. or just mesage me with any questions... maybe you're a writer.. tell me what kind of scripts you have.


Anyway.. I'm still looking for 6 Filmmakers who can create 8 minute shorts about a Comic Book character ---


Ok.. WRITERS... who's out there .. what software are you using.. Final Draft.. Movie Magic.. CELTX? or doing it your own way...


After you write your film, what's your next step. What do you want to do with it?  Are you going to work with a Storyboard Artist..




Now, about my stuff.. Today I been getting ready to move and worked on my demo reel again.. did nothing else.. tomorrow and Monday is all about moving.. so if you don't here from me for a couple days you'll know why..


My project is still in start-up phase.. but as I start piecing everything together, in the back of my mind I am thinking about how to market this.. and how to present it..Thinking about Podcasting. and Downloads.. Making it a Webisode Series or creating an EPK ( Electronic Press Kit )... Everything I do needs to sell..  Maybe I may run into an Investor next week and how do I pitch him the project.. So I will have something for him on paper.. a Presentation plan, which is always being edited.. always adding and taking away...trying to make it the best it can be.. making sure my business is up to date.. all my equipmnt is working.. etc.. always on craigslist looking for more work.. or seeking filmmakers who I can help out.. it's a very draining at times.. especially when you have two little ones demanding your attention.. and a wife who needs time to herself.. and of course I need time to myself as well..


don't forget.. your personal baggage sometimes is the heaviest obstacle to work around.. and you have to stay focused.. without being self-centered..


all I ask, is if any of you out there think filmmaking is easy.. you're in for a rude awakening.. if this is just a hobby for you.. then you won't experience as much pain.. but if this is yoru career.. be real about things.. and sometimes write about what affects you the most.. sometimes things in the world just get crazy.. or maybe its the most wonderful day of your life.. write about it.. write about your feelings.. write about what you're experiencing..


and as a filmmaker.. try and recreate what you see.. and what you visualize...what you hear.. what you smell...


you will see that your personality will shine through and make your films unique.. if you copy people, then thats all you'll be...


Until next time.... good night..


Brian Stephens

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DAY 11 - 355 Days left


Hey everyone, today was just catch up time around the house and with the kids. I got to play with my demo reel for a little while.. I am trying to create something to show from all the past work I've done. So thats what I been up to today.


Here's what I would like to do. If there is anyone reading these blogs, let me know who you are.. where you're from.. Just say hello.. thats all..


Also, visit my website at


I am trying to figure out why so many people on here are blogging about how CreateSpace administration and support are terrible. Whats with all the drama? Talk to me.. maybe we can help them do something better here for all of us.


Anyway, send me your info.. your websites.. links to your work.. or if you're just a viewer and have nothing to do with the entertainment industry, thats cool with me.. Just say hi.. I want to know whos out there reading my stuff..


Lastly.. if any of you know anyone who is the just the next big thing.. let me know.. we want to talk with them..


Until tomorrow.

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DAY 10   - 356 Days Left


Well, 10 Days into the project and I have gotten my test shoot done.. I have written the Rough Script.. I also wrote the rough script to the 1/2 magazine Style Show and I did some test shoots for my stand-ups as well... It's been a pretty productive week I would say.


One thing about Createspace, I was checking out the topics where 7,000/8,000 hits have happened in a week. And I have barely got 40 hits in a little over a week now.. I'm happy though.. I don't know what I'm doing wrong yet, but I will figure it out.. If any of you are interested in checking the updates on my website here is a link to the page.


Now, since I'm not really getting any replies yet, I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing. I would normally answer some questions or something, but I guess it's better this way. Keep me focused on what I need to do.


So...since the Blog is about Making Short Films, Webisodes and Podcasts I think I should touch on the subject of why..


First, Mainstream TV is changing.. have any of you heard about GOOGLE TV yet.. and Super Wi-Fi.. the FCC just mentioned today that they are opening unused airwaves between television stations for wireless broadband networks that will be more powerful and can travel farther than todays wi-fi. they voted unanimously to allow the use of so-called, White Space" deliver broadband connections like wi-fi connections on steroids..


the whole story is pretty interesting.. but, you can see where Television is going.. and what's about to happen to Mobile Devices... There's about another year to 2 years at the most before this launches.. they are going to be seeking content like crazy. And the demand is for Short Form content.


When I started building my website, it was really about whats happening in the future and how I would be prepared for it when it happens. It's almost here and I am almost done with my website.. a few more things to do.. the big challenge is content .... getting content is not a really huge content, but if you want to make the real money, you need to own the content.. so, that's what I'm focusing on... there is a reason for all of this.. not just because I want to be an Actor or Director.. But that I want to be seccuessful with my business and Pixel-Flick.TV will hopefully be a huge contender of other networks, and content distirbution sites. Advertising of course is key and before I can focus on that, I must create content.. So i have a year to do this and this is why I am giving myself a year to make this happen.


The next step will actually be pitching this to an Angel Investor or a Private Investor to launch bigger and better things.. But the more I can do by myself, the better.. I might have the headaches now, but it will pay off in the future..


So my advice to any filmmakers out there.. start creating content.. High Quality Content.. and when the time comes, you're work maye be in demand they will pay a pretty penny for it..


As for Podcasting, it's all ready taking off strong in my opinion... look at Adam Carolla.. he has a podcast he sells for $2 and he has made $550,000 downloads in one day... that' a good profit... and what does he do.. well, he's funny in my opinion.. but he talks to celebrities// does interviews.. i mean check out his show... and he's making a killing on it.. but, who knows whats really going on behind the scenes.. I hope to get him on my show for an interview about this...


Don't forget iTunes and how the music industry is basically focusing on downloads.. and the iPad.. Kindle.. etc..etc.. Books.. Movies.. Music.. it's a big thing..


I'm not quite sure how Createspace is handling it, but I see it getting huge... so I am going to stick with this site for a while.. see how it works out.. I am going to try it for a year and if I don't see any huge dramatic differences, then I will make a decision then...  I will go through all the steps with you..


First things first.. CREATE CREATE CREATE..... and make sure you create HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT....


If you got something to sell and want to see it in the films, submit your product to me.. i will figure out how to put it in the film.. I would ask for a small fee..But maybe I will ask for a Pay Per Click method.. we will see what happens.. this will be part of th process.. I am sharing my secrets.. and come next year when I take down the blog, that will be that... .. Maybe it stays in the library hereon createspace.. but I don't care.. no matter where you're from.. what level experience you're at.. I will work with you to make your business sucessful... follow me and if I help you get your project off the ground, lets put it on the site and promote it.. talk about it... I would love that..


Ok guys.. thats it from here.. From Palm Springs.. Good night...


Brian Stephens

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DAY 7    - 359 Days Left


Ok.. I am trying to keep up here... So Monday I basically stayed home and worked on a script.. made some phone calls.. nothing special..




DAY 8    - 358 Days Left


Yesterday Tuesday... the first part of the day I stayed home and worked on my scripts...then at 6pm I went to a filmmakers meeting here in Palm Springs. It happens once a month and there was a nice turn out.. but, Palm Springs is a very strange place. I support independent filmmaking and people are are trying to make a living out here.. but, there's a different mentallity out here with most people. I can't explain it, but it's not something I'm really use to yet.. but I try.. But this group is doing really well and I think once some filmmakers start showcasing their talent, it will grow even more. I am going to try and help out with that in the near future..


but then at 8pm, I had my actors show up to go over Dailies with the footage we shot on Saturday.. everyone was really happy.. the footage looked great.. so we decided to tighten up the script and focus on starting production in the second week of October..give us a little time to rehearse and find locations..etc.. and I have to move and travel up north for a little bit...


DAY 9  - 357 Days Left


OK.. so today, it's early.. just dropped my kid off at school... here's what i want to share with you today


For anyone out there that hasn't been reading my other posts I'm going to write down some sites that may help.



Now I perfer Movie Magic.. some prefer Final Draft... Also, there's a great book called Save The Cat.. gives you really good information about how to write.. just in case anyone is interested.


as for how I am going to work with a mass audience here.. I'm going to use CELTX... you can find the software at and it's free.. for MAC or PC


Download that and start getting use to the program.. This is how I will work with Writers for this project. So if any of you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will answer as much as I can to help you..



I'm going to focus on the business plan and hwo to budget the project... Most of the time I just use Excel if I want something very Generic.. but like I said before, Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling is awesome.. and it's what the professionals use..



I am working with the P2 Workflow.. shooting with the vhx200 with a redrock adapter.. you can see the camera on my website under the Services link.. then the HD Productions Link.. ( )


I am putting together a few crew people I work with and getting a few local actors.. since we just did our test shoot on Saturday, everything looks good.. we are still searching for a specifc actor and hoping to find her very soon..



I will be using the Final Cut Pro Studio 3 system I own.. and working with MOTION and SOUNTRACK PRO.. etc...




So that's the goal for the project...


I am also going to put together a system for ll of you that you can interact with me as well.. such as SKYPE and USTREAM.TV


AGAIN.. my skype id is:  PixelFlickTV


And if you go to USTREAM.TV you can find my page by searching for PFETV I am still working to get that up and running.. but you will see the page at least.. it's a pretty cool little site..


all of this will be embedded into my website.. so you should really never have to search for what I'm telling you about.. you just have to go to my website.. ( )


I still haven't gotten any response yet of any filmmakers wanting to take on the task of shooting a 8 minute short film. So, as I said before, the first 6 filmmakers who submit their films will be the filmmakers I promote. And the theme is COMIC BOOK CHARACTERS.. heros or villians... have fun with it though... and let me know how your progress is going.. you can share just with me by emailing me as well...  or contact me on skype.. that would be the best i think.. YES.. anyone who wants to contact me, please use SKYPE... and leave me a message.. or here on createspace..


It's time to get moving on this.. Our production dates are scheduled for Saturdays.. and I have a couple other proejcts I'm working on as well, but I will fill you in with those later... right now I'm just focusing on the short film/tv pilot/webisode we're working on....... i will keep you updated each day.. as long as i can get to the computer,....


so thats it... thanks everyone

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Hey Everyone....


DAY 5.....Days Left - 361


Yesterday I shot a scene to the short film I am working on.. we wrote some scenes and decided to go for it.. I also shot some stand-ups at the studio yesterday... so yesterday was very busy... sorry I couldn't get online.


DAY 6.....Days left - 360


So some weird things today.. in the middle of the night I woke up with a huge pain in my face.. not a headache.. a pain in my face.. so bad that I couldn't even get up from the bed.. lasted for 2 hours ..from 3-5am... I finally went to sleep and my son wakes me up at 6:30 cring non-stop.. wouldn't stop no matter what.. so I stayed up and started my day.... 10am i get a call that my Grandfather died in his sleep at 5am this morning....which i knew it was coming because he was in hospice... but to top it off, i spent a good 2 weeks of shooting and editing for this client and she's suppose to pay me on tuesday and tells me the money won't be in for another 4 months.. 4 fricking months... Can i cuss on here.. anyway... my day has been ******.... I finally got some time to be alone and think.. and so, I decided to catch up with you guys here, whoever's following me.. to let you know.. some days just don't make sense.. and my advice is... as a filmmaker you focus on yourself and as an actor you're always thinking.. me me me me... When i had my daughter, tht was the first time in my life I knew I was really responsible for someone else then myself... and when I had my son, a year ago.. is the first time I really understand what it means to be a man.... sounds strange.. but, that's when it hit me...You think you know everything until you have kids.. and let me tell you.. they're the best things in the world.... and you have to be very responsible to be a parent... and I have to say thats what lead me to think about my grandfather... my whole life is a huge movie it's self.. but I will just say that my granfather was there for me my entire life.. when I was born he came out to my uncle and said.. HE'S GOT BALLS THIS BIG... My entire life my granfather was there for me... and yet he was an alcoholic.. he was always their.. what can i say, he just loved to drink.. when my grandmother died almost 10 years ago he moved on.. he found someone else and they got married.. I went to his wedding and was happy for him.. but I knew he was doing it because he was lonely... anyway.. something happened after I left with my mother and him.. and it escalated and next thing you know.. I call up on fathers day to say happy fathers day and he rejects my call..


So i was pissed. and I didn't talk to him for 6 1/2 years.... then about a year ago i get the call.. he's not doing well...had cancer.. then his liver was shutting down.. and yada yada yada... wasn't looking good.. it took me a year to go see him... that was last month.. I spent 4 days with him and he was in bad shape.. but I didn't say a **** thing about why we didn't talk.... i just knew I wanted to make these days count.. and he looked over at me and told me, he was sorry that it got to where it was and sometimes it just happens and egos get in the way and it causes this issue that never gets resolved... but I said to him.. no big deal..what counts is I'm here now and we get to talk and play chess( which I was never able to beat him ).. but he let me beat him this was obvious.... but when I left I just knew that would be the last time I would see him.. But he got to meet my daughter and my son.... and my wife that he had never seen... it was great.. he was a great man... and it's tough to see someone you love go... but I learned so much from him.. a lot of my strengths and wisdom comes from him...  He was this great storyteller, and I'm not talking about the drunk storyteller.. he really could get your attention and make you laugh.. and even if he was lying.. ... i think he should have been an actor honestly.. but he was a Backhoe operator.. he was tough.. and he was a good man...I will mis him...


One quick story to give you an idea of the kind of crap I had to go through with him.. some funny.. some sad.. but this was a typical moment with my granfather..


One winter I was visitng my granparents for a weekend and my grandfather told me to get on my clothes and jacket that we were going to go get some firewood. So he throws me the keys and we hope in the truck..we stop at the shed and he grabs this bag... and of course I knew what this trip was really about...  He hops in and tells me to drive.. next thing you know, he's popping upen a beer..  and we drive to the location.


This location was one of his friends ranches.. he owned like 500 acres of land.. had longhorns..horses.. all kinds of cattle.. it was a beautiful place.. we would go fishing there all the time.. but this time, he wants to go up into the mountains to find a dead tree .... after maybe an hour of driving through the terrain, we come across the tree.. there it is he says.. so we stop and get out, he pops open the back of the truck, gets the chainsaw  and hands it to me... get to work he says as he plops his but down on the tailgate and opens another beer..


So i get to work.. I forget how long it took me to cut that tree.. but he would just watch me and start laughing.. I asked, "what's so funny".// he replies by saying, thi is like watching cartoons... keep going I'm enjoying this..


Anyway.. I finish up and I think there was like 1 beer left.. out of a 12 pack..... I asked him.. I thought you told Nana ( my grandmother ) you stopped drinking.. I mean he did lose weight and I knew it was too good to be true, but I was curious.. and he leans over to me and says, how do I tell your grandmother I cut down from a 24 pack a day.. to a 12 pack...


So we're we load up the truck and start driving up the mountain.. My grandpa starts lookng at me and says I'm driving like a grandma... hurry up..!! At this point in my life, we have gone through this a few times.. I tell him to **** off... we keep climbing and we get to this spot where I could barely see over the hood of the truck..I slow down and he gets pissed.. "What the **** are you doing?!" I tell him, I can't see.. I don't know what's in front of me.. "Ohhh you *****, do I have to get out of the car myself and drive..." .. Fine I say.. I put the car in park and say, go ahead... and we get out of the truck.. as we walk around to the front we both stop and just gaze in front of us .. for which there was about 15 feet left of road.. and after that, a straight plumet to the revine that was a good 500 feet to the bottom...this cliff was like Rebel without a Cause... we both looked over the edge and my grandfather puts his arm around me and says, Almost Sober it seemed... "Son, I'm sure glad you didn't listen to me"..,,,,


I'll never forget that story.. and so many others... I hope you all don't mind me talking about him today... I just felt like thats what i needed to do...


So that's my day .... I know I should be writing more about filmmaking.. but this is a blog right? I will catch up with you guys this week.. I have a lot to do.. a lot of obstacles to climb right now... but I'll keep you informed...


in the meantime.. visit my website  ( ) and give me some feedback about it.. not a lot of content on there yet.. I am still building the site...but I'm getting ready to have my develper make an iPhone Appliaction and an Android app as well.... got some big plans for this site.. just need the content..


Well, tak care everyone.. and thank you for listening..

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Hey Everyone,


DAY 3 ( day left to complete 363 ) -  I wasn't able to get to my computer..  But was working on my scripts.


DAY 4 - ( days left to complete 362 )


Ok.. so here is some advice for anyone who doesn't have Final Draft or movie Magic script software...


go online to  and download this free version. I prefer Movie Magic, but if you want to work with a large group of people, using Celtx is good. This way you can share you scripts with whoever you want.. as long as you copyright your material before you do, you're find.


So this is what I'm going to do to work with you. I am going to write all my projects with CELTX... My Feature Film i will use Movie Magic. So, until then, I will work with you with this program. by the time I get to my Feature, that should be enough time to save some money and purchase movie Mage Script software.. they also have some really cool Budgeting and Scheduling software.. If you prefer Final Draft awesome.. I can get that as well..



So, as for The Pixel-Flick.TV Project. I have written a short film about some characters who happen to be bikers. So, it can be considered to be  biker film. It's a comic book style film.. this will go well with what you're writing for your film..  we will have a few different short films focusing on the comic book world.. a very organized cult following... this is a great way to market a project. Especially at conferences like Comic Con..


it doesn't matter if you want to make a love story or an action film..just make them comic book character.. Heros or Villians... that's it. * minutes of a story that has a great opening.. a good story.. a good hook.. a good twist.. a good conflict and a great climax.. and a nice conclusion.... seems easy huh? Well, its very difficult.. and by doing this.. you are own your way...


remember.. 1080i 24p.. this is the format...tapesless format is the way to go.. keep everything on hard drives..  if you don't know much about cameras and filmmaking.. start locating the filmmakers in your area.. start building your crew.. finding people who can help.. if you're in the country or in the middle of no where.. you're own your own....craigslist might work.. be careful with people on there.


that's about it... today I am writing the scripts for my stand-ups that will go on my website and introduce all these films... I am actually creating the show that your film will be screened in. In case you didn't know, you're film will be pitched to investors and networks.. studio heads..etc.. this is the ultimate goal.. to sell your project..sell your story.. I want to help you by creating this show... For those of you following my BLOG.. I will keep you informed how to view footage that i am putting together..shooting.. or getting ready to edit..


ANYONE who has final cut pro 7.. studio 3.. can do an ichat with me at anytime as well.... this is going to be the cool thing about it.. you can interact with me on my every movie..


For those of you that have SKYPE.. this will be your way to contact me when I am online.. which isn't often.. but here is my ID..


SKYPE ID:   PixelFlickTV


OK...if I am online, give me a call and introduce yourself. I may not have a lot of time to talk, but I would love to get to know the people who are following me.


Thank you everyone.. and I hope this helps you.. because by me having to keep you updated, is keeping me organized as well..


one last thing, some days I might not be able to get online.. and thats typical... I will try to be online everyday.. but I am getting ready to move at the end of the month.. I just found out my grandpa has about a week to live and I have a few obstacles to handle this week.. and to the end of the month.. so October is going to bevery productive I hope..


Make sure if you contact me you mention you are following the blog..



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hey everyone,




This is where it all begins. For any filmmakers out there, if you follow post and do exactly what I do, you too will complete a short film. Maybe it's yoru first. But maybe, you trying to do something new and looking for guidance. Just follow me.. I will help you out.


As for the viewers whoever you are, if you're just interested in keeping up with my endeavors, cool.. welcome..


THE NAME OF MY PROJECT:  The Pixel-Flick.TV Project



1) Make a short film 5-20 minutes in length.

2) Make a 1/2 hour Scripted Episodic or Sitcom that can pitched to the Networks.

3) Produce a Webisode Series. 6 Episodes running  8 Minutes per Webisodes. ( involves YOU )


364 days to complete



For some of you out there, who are new to this, I myself am not. So, certian things may come easier for me then others and I've also learned how to do some short cuts as well that may help you. So, I will try to keep you informed on a Daily basis. If you want to try and keep up, great. Some of you veteran filmmakers out there, or even first timers who are up for the challange, heres what I would like you to for you to do.


Everyone must be on the same page. We are going to create 6 Episodes. So I really only need 6 Filmmakers out there willing to make this project happen. In order for you to be involved with this project, you must own or be able to get an HD camera that shoots 1080 24p.


I myself own the Panasonic P2 Camera.. with it I on a redrock adapter and 4 primes ( lenses ). I own my own sound gear and a small lighting kit.

I have a few friends out here who also work in the industry who are going to help me with these projects. So if you have the friends great.. if not, FIND THEM... as quickly. Make sure they know this is a project and that it will be viewed on my company website.  You can also view the camera I have on my site under the Services - HD Production Link.


I am going to Produce the Webisode Series, But you are going to be the Filmmakers.. Are you up for the challenge.



HD camera, that shoots 1080i.. there are even some good stuff being shot out there with the 5D & 7D cameras.. still cameras..  just google anything I'm talking about if you get lost.. You can even search other video sites for some examples.. they usually have great tutorials as well.


Have great sound.. Sound is key... it must match all other videos. If not, your project won't be choosen for the project.


DEADLINE.. no deadline.. as soon as I get the first 6 Episodes that qualify, the project is CLOSED.. and the sooner you get it done the better.. who knows how long it will take to get these 6 webisodes.


So here we go.. First Deadline I a going to gie myself.


Write a Script for a Short Film... this will be my first project. But everything I do for this, will be done exactly the same way you should create your webisode. I am going to make a 8 Minute film.


My film is going to be about Bikers.... What's yours going to be about you maye ask.. Well... For the webisode project.. I think your LEAD CHARACTER should be a Comic Book Hero or Villian of your City.


You must portray real life situations but the storyline could be completely Sci-Fi.. but in a modern day world. 2010-2011.. Go do your research and get back to me if your interested.


Also, whoever is interested.. please post a comment and let me know a brief story of who you are, where you're from,etc..


Once your film is done, you will then go to my website and submit it. I have a whole page of technical notes and what is required to qualify.


That's it for you guys.... just keep me posted on how you guys are doing every once in a while.. for now, I am off to start mine..


Time to write.. and time to create...


Take care guys.


Brian Stephens

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This is officially my very first blog....ever.


First, who is PixelFlickTV?  For those of you out there who will take this journey with me and want to know a little bit about who I am let me give you some background on me.


I'm 35 years old. Been in teh Film & TV induatry since 1992. I grew up in Northern CA and lived in L.A. ( Woodland Hills & Culver City ).. San Mateo and spent a few years in Chicago as well. Love Chicago.. the people.. the food.. the city.. is AMAZING.. the weather isn't all that.. but I love it there.


I now live in Palm Springs, CA. with my wife and 2 kids. I have a typical craazy life with 2 little ones running around the house. In fact, one of them is whipping me with a dustpan right now as I write this Blog.


So.. I'm sure you will get to know me pretty well for the next year, since I am devoting myself to posting a blog once a day for the next 365 days.



To use to promote my filmmaking and my acting career, as well as share with you out there interested in ME, how I will do this.

From Development to Final Cut, I will share with you my vision and my ideas on how to be a successfull  producer in using 21st Century technology.



To create a 1/2 Hour Scripted Show, a Webisode Series based in Palm Springs & a Feature Film. All of this will be featured here on

I will also promote my work on my website and focus on creating a Podcast which will make a profit per download.


So that's it.


I hope you all enjoy my adventure in being a success.


Thank You

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