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DAY 10   - 356 Days Left


Well, 10 Days into the project and I have gotten my test shoot done.. I have written the Rough Script.. I also wrote the rough script to the 1/2 magazine Style Show and I did some test shoots for my stand-ups as well... It's been a pretty productive week I would say.


One thing about Createspace, I was checking out the topics where 7,000/8,000 hits have happened in a week. And I have barely got 40 hits in a little over a week now.. I'm happy though.. I don't know what I'm doing wrong yet, but I will figure it out.. If any of you are interested in checking the updates on my website here is a link to the page.


Now, since I'm not really getting any replies yet, I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing. I would normally answer some questions or something, but I guess it's better this way. Keep me focused on what I need to do.


So...since the Blog is about Making Short Films, Webisodes and Podcasts I think I should touch on the subject of why..


First, Mainstream TV is changing.. have any of you heard about GOOGLE TV yet.. and Super Wi-Fi.. the FCC just mentioned today that they are opening unused airwaves between television stations for wireless broadband networks that will be more powerful and can travel farther than todays wi-fi. they voted unanimously to allow the use of so-called, White Space" deliver broadband connections like wi-fi connections on steroids..


the whole story is pretty interesting.. but, you can see where Television is going.. and what's about to happen to Mobile Devices... There's about another year to 2 years at the most before this launches.. they are going to be seeking content like crazy. And the demand is for Short Form content.


When I started building my website, it was really about whats happening in the future and how I would be prepared for it when it happens. It's almost here and I am almost done with my website.. a few more things to do.. the big challenge is content .... getting content is not a really huge content, but if you want to make the real money, you need to own the content.. so, that's what I'm focusing on... there is a reason for all of this.. not just because I want to be an Actor or Director.. But that I want to be seccuessful with my business and Pixel-Flick.TV will hopefully be a huge contender of other networks, and content distirbution sites. Advertising of course is key and before I can focus on that, I must create content.. So i have a year to do this and this is why I am giving myself a year to make this happen.


The next step will actually be pitching this to an Angel Investor or a Private Investor to launch bigger and better things.. But the more I can do by myself, the better.. I might have the headaches now, but it will pay off in the future..


So my advice to any filmmakers out there.. start creating content.. High Quality Content.. and when the time comes, you're work maye be in demand they will pay a pretty penny for it..


As for Podcasting, it's all ready taking off strong in my opinion... look at Adam Carolla.. he has a podcast he sells for $2 and he has made $550,000 downloads in one day... that' a good profit... and what does he do.. well, he's funny in my opinion.. but he talks to celebrities// does interviews.. i mean check out his show... and he's making a killing on it.. but, who knows whats really going on behind the scenes.. I hope to get him on my show for an interview about this...


Don't forget iTunes and how the music industry is basically focusing on downloads.. and the iPad.. Kindle.. etc..etc.. Books.. Movies.. Music.. it's a big thing..


I'm not quite sure how Createspace is handling it, but I see it getting huge... so I am going to stick with this site for a while.. see how it works out.. I am going to try it for a year and if I don't see any huge dramatic differences, then I will make a decision then...  I will go through all the steps with you..


First things first.. CREATE CREATE CREATE..... and make sure you create HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT....


If you got something to sell and want to see it in the films, submit your product to me.. i will figure out how to put it in the film.. I would ask for a small fee..But maybe I will ask for a Pay Per Click method.. we will see what happens.. this will be part of th process.. I am sharing my secrets.. and come next year when I take down the blog, that will be that... .. Maybe it stays in the library hereon createspace.. but I don't care.. no matter where you're from.. what level experience you're at.. I will work with you to make your business sucessful... follow me and if I help you get your project off the ground, lets put it on the site and promote it.. talk about it... I would love that..


Ok guys.. thats it from here.. From Palm Springs.. Good night...


Brian Stephens

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