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December 2010

The manual for life

Posted by jemericj1996 Dec 19, 2010

If it were possible to ignore the spiritual and theological aspects of the Bible, at its core we would find the manual for successful, healthy living. The foundation of modern self help finds its origin in the Bible. Faith remains the fundamental cornerstone of seeing yourself the way you wish to be. Motivational speakers suggest reciting out loud the dreams and goals you wish to obtain, both personally and professionally, everyday until you have achieved the desired goal. This is biblical faith, the calling of those things that be not as though they were. We also find healthy diets and suggested ways of thinking that science has inadvertently proven to be true. The body releases certain endorphins that promote health when someone is thinking positive and not constantly preoccupied with worrying about the situations that could very easily stress them out. Casting your cares is a concept should be embraced regardless of the profession of faith one holds on to. But logically, does it make sense to only embrace the principle and deny being responsible for placing such principles in place?

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You’ve got to hand it to DC and Marvel Comics.  For the first twelve years of my life, they had me convinced that an errant exposure to gamma rays, could potentially arm me with a cache of incredible super powers.


It was always something cosmic, gamma or radioactive, and that concept was a ubiquitous part of our thought patterns.  In my young mind, being attacked by a radioactive seagull might just....I don’t know....give me the ability to eat an insurmountable number of discarded hot dog buns.  Getting licked by a radioactive dog, could allow me to walk into a room and immediately detect who’s in heat, while urinating on one foot and standing in a position like an Olympic gymnast.


One exception to the ray exposure rule is Thor, who is the protagonist of a movie about to be released, based on the old Marvel comic book character.  Thor was the Norse God of Thunder, so I don’t even know if he qualifies as a super hero.


What nonsense, I used to think as a kid.  Everyone knows that there’s no such thing as mythological Norse gods.  However, super powers derived from exposure to gamma rays, that’s completely different.  All my ten year old buddies and I were under the impression that we could be flying around and picking up freight trains after only one blast from mysterious cosmic substances.


The Fantastic Four!  Now there’s a more realistic and plausible scenario.  Three scientists go into space, and become bombarded by a cosmic storm.  Booyah!  They end with super powers.


You ever notice that there are a lot of “scientists” in comic books?  They never have a specialty; they’re always just “scientists”.  For the first ten years of my life, that’s what I told everyone I wanted to be when I grew up.


At any rate, these particular four “scientists” end up with an eclectic array of skill sets because of a cosmic bombardment.  If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, “Man are they lucky!”  Not so fast.


First of all, there’s the Human Torch.  How impractical is that?  Every time you use your super powers, you burn up whatever outfit you’re wearing.  Plus, when you land and switch off your flames, you’re naked.  How embarrassing would it be to be standing in front of the subway station?  You’re a big hero who just saved dozens of lives, when all of a sudden your flames go off.  Everyone starts laughing at you, “He might be able to fly and turn into flames, but look how tiny his dink is!”


You’d be nude on all the local newscasts.  Girls would never take you seriously; your buddies would all be snickering behind your back.  I’d have to move somewhere else after that.  


Also, the reality is that there’s no turning back when you decide to use these fiery super powers.  Flames are pretty destructive; there’s no “I’ll just knock this guy unconscious until help arrives.”  Once you blast your opponent with a face full of flames, it’s pretty much game over.


That other guy in the Fantastic Four can stretch like rubber.  Great!  What am I going to do with that?  Now I don’t have to bend over to pick up my dog’s waste?  I can grab a beer out of the fridge without missing a play during the game?  That’s why there’s instant replay.  Let’s face it, physical rubber pliability is novel, but how useful is it really?  That guy has a lot of audacity even calling himself a super hero, “Whoa.  Look, I can stretch my arm around the block.  I’m stealing a hot pretzel from a vendor right now.”


Another member of the Fantastic Four is “The Thing”.  He’s got incredible strength.  Look, we’d all like to have the ability to pick up a bus with one hand and hurl it across the ocean.  I don’t know when the occasion would come up to do something like that, but it would be great to know that you have that option.


The problem with “Thing” is that he had to trade his normal looks for all that strength.  He looks like he’s formed out of clay bricks.  You know, I get self-conscious over a bout of acne.  I can’t imagine going to the beach and lying on my towel, with everyone staring at me in distaste.  Kids are screaming in horror.  It would be extremely hard to relax.


Out of the Fantastic Four, the power I would want is the one possessed by the girl.  She can turn invisible and create an impenetrable force field around herself.


Think about it.  You’re accosted by a couple of thugs with a knife at the bus stop.  You could just turn yourself invisible, or better yet, you could put an invisible force field around yourself.  Then, your muggers would be there screaming at you in a violent rage, while you just stand in front of them laughing, sipping your Starbucks, flipping them the bird, hanging out your tongue, slapping your crotch and simulating fellatio.  Now there’s super power experience worth having.


You see someone you don’t want to talk to at the grocery store, you just turn invisible and walk on by.  If you’re a parent, these skills could be extremely handy.  The kids are playing out in the yard, and you just put a force field around them.  They can’t leave the play area, and no one else can bother them.  Meanwhile, you’re sitting back sipping a latte and watching “Ellen” on TV dancing up the aisle with Andy Dick.


So, after introspection, evaluation and soul searching, I’ve determined that I’d most like the power to turn invisible and create force fields.  Let me ask you very honestly, do you think it’s normal for a grown man to put this much thought toward super heroes?  Seriously, you won’t hurt my feelings.  

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Hey Everyone,


Long time... it's been so long that the format of createspace has been modified and I couldn't figure out how to find the film area. FUNNY..


anyway.. This will be one of my last posts of the year. I am writing to let you all know that The Pixel-Flick.TV project is moving and making progress. I just haven't been able to share it with all of you right now. I have found ways to raise money through an online website and thats been my main focus. Some people have raised $7,000 in 10 hours. Its crazy.


Anyway.. I will be gone for the holidays and if I have time while on my trip, I will write you all to wish you a Happy New Years.. I hope I have time and access to the internet where I'm headed. But, if not.. Please be safe and have a great Holiday.. and New Years..


The website will be discussing my projects as Or just google Pixel-Flick Entertainment for the information.


I wish I knew this blog was working. I see that 180 people have viewed my first posting.. not a lot really.. But, if by the end of the year I don't get any response here, I am going to probably move the blog to another site. So I'm giving this website until the end of the year to see if I get any response. I will make sure I post something in case I do..


So.. please contact me if you have any questions or just want to talk...  seriously, I have some really big plans to get peoples books seen through webisodes.. and podcasts.. I hope to hear from some people soon.


until then, adios.


Brian Stephens

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New Book Now Available.

Posted by PATSYPLACIDITY Dec 6, 2010
I have just published my first book and I was wondering what people think of it so here's the description...
     Battle for the Generation (TriXster) is the first installment to this all new series of good verses evil. Long ago, a group of people were born with special abilities and therefor, were hunted down by the people whose homeland they inhabited. Years later, they became known as hunters and went to war with each other. However, the outcome gave way to a supernaturally charged villain who will stop at nothing to kill and claim all of their powers. Only one thing stands in it's way: a group called the Tri-act who were also infected by the outcome of the hunter's war.
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Patsy Plasidity

Posted by PATSYPLACIDITY Dec 4, 2010

how long does it take before my book will be available on amazon now that it says it's available?

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The toughest thing about understanding penny stock "behaviour" is timing. You've done your homework, checked in triplicate and are sure you have a winner. Sales are improving geometrically. It's the right sector and you have got in at a bargain price?.now comes the hard part?.the wait. Sometimes you think it will never turn the tide of sellers into ravenous buyers. It erodes your confidence to the point you just want to abandon the whole thing.


Fear not, like I've said before, patience and confidence in your due diligence, along with seeing the development and keeping abreast of your selected company are the keys to a very successful penny stock investment.


ATI Airtest is the prime example. It is a prime cut for penny stocks, and this morning trade quote was .02 to .025. It's at a 2 year low despite giant strides in those years. Most recent figures show sales doubling in both years to hover at the 250000 per month range?just like you foresaw. Sales diversity and brand name customers are now queuing up for a number to talk to tiny ATI. President George Graham unofficially expects sales to top 7 million within the next year and retained profits somewhere near 1 million, or almost 1 cent per share.


This combined with our subsidiaries, Clairtec bright promise, where a prototype is now been put to test in field trials by a major international manufacturer and supplier of related products. This x factors potential alone is worth multi millions and has not even been considered in the marketplaces evaluation



You have chosen well with ATI and now comes the test of will. Dig your heels in during this traditional tax loss selling season. Shares picked up at this ridiculous level of non support will surely show gains of 100 percent and up with ease during the following 12 months.


Recognition within the industry is beginning to happen. Acknowledgement of our new Clairtec products will further boost awareness, spilling over and showing in our sad sack 2 cent current pricing.


When you have something top notched, stick with it?add to your portfolio. It is very cheap as 5000 dollars buys you 200000 shares. By summer the tide will have turned. Remember that the MINIMUM price for finance is 5 cents according to TSX.V regulations. This company is not going bankrupt nor has insufficient funding to continue growth. Financing will happen to accelerate this curve only. When this does occur, we will be blessed with a many times multiple on our sub nickel shares


Any acceleration will result in a 10 to 20 cents market within 12 months?.you do the math on percentages from current levels


Stick with it



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