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Pages in Your Book

Posted by jpb3 on Jan 16, 2018 1:56:27 PM

Hey everyone,


I just wanted to post something quick about how you publish you pages. I just published my book "Goal Setting: Your Weekly Workbook" and I had to make sure certain pages were on the left side of the open book while others were on the right side. The pages I'm talking about are for people to actually fill out themselves.


I wrote the book on a Word Document. Word does not have the same "view" as Createspace when it comes to where your pages are on the physical book. Be sure to use Createspace's view as your final revision rather than Word (if you're using Word). Createspace shows you exactly how the book will look while Word simply moves their pages shown on the "Side to Side" portion from the right page to the left.


I made the mistake in thinking the pages were being flipped in the "Side to Side" mode rather than just transitioned from right to left. This was a beginner mistake, but thank goodness I got to see it when I ordered my proof!


Good luck to you all! Especially the beginners like me learning a lot as we go.



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