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Twitter Basics for New Authors

Posted by keerthi on Jul 13, 2018 2:40:41 AM

Building readership is one of the biggest challenges that all new authors face, and book marketing is  a long process that can be confusing and overwhelming. So where do you  start? What?s the first path you can take to reach readers? How do you  continue to grow fans? Is there a simple step for beginning authors?  Yes, there is!


For new authors, social media can be  an effective way to not only generate new fans and engage readers, but  also form valuable industry connections. Twitter is particularly good at  this. It allows authors to form real connections with passionate  readers and build relationships with fellow writers. In this post,  you?ll learn about the Twitter basics to discover how this interactive  social media outlet can help you thrive amongst readers!


Using Twitter Basics to Establish Your Author Presence


So what is Twitter, exactly? To put  it simply, Twitter is a social network where users interact with one  another through short messages, or tweets. This online outlet allows  users to stay updated on topics that interest them, essentially making  it a personalized news source. This makes it a great avenue for authors  to reach readers with the latest news on their writing projects. But  how? By using Twitter?s features to your advantage!

Profile Picture


Set your profile picture to an image  of you holding a copy of your book. Show off your hard work and make  your book recognizable by your Twitter followers.

Here are a couple more  quick tips from eBooks2go?s Twitter Guide:


Header Image


Your book cover is an excellent  option for the banner image that runs across the top of your Twitter  profile. Authors can take this a step further and feature images of  upcoming promotional events, such as a book signing or book launch.


Page Bio


Focus your bio description around  yourself as an author. Include any relevant links such as your author  website, blog, or retailers selling your book. If you?re just starting  out, your bio is a great opportunity to explain your writing inspiration  and aspirations!


Building Your Author Presence on Twitter


With each tweet, retweet, and  interaction on Twitter, think of how your efforts could make valuable  connections. How can you help readers get to know you as an author? How  can you connect with other writers, both established and aspiring? What  can you do to capture the interest of your desired readership? Check out  some of our suggestions to make build your author presence on Twitter ? 


Use Hashtags


A hashtag is created by putting a #  symbol in front of keywords or phrases in a post. The post is then  grouped with other posts using the same hashtag and appears in searches  on Twitter for other users to discover. With this in mind, authors can  search hashtags and keywords to connect with other aspiring authors and  fans by liking their posts, joining conversations, and follow users to  spark interactions! Here are just a few of many well-known writing  hashtags circulating the Twitter world:







#WIP (Work in Progress)


Short & Sweet


Each tweet is limited to 240  characters, so tweets should be kept short and sweet. Think of the  average user as they quickly scroll through their Twitter feed. Long  posts are more likely to be skipped over, while clear and concise  messages are more easily recognized and understood. Aiming for less than  240 characters is ideal, but while you focus on brevity be sure not to  skimp on quality! Avoid choppy sentences or misspellings, as these will  hurt the writing credibility you?re trying to build.


Rule of Thirds


It?s important to post often to  engage with your followers and gain new ones. However, it?s also  important not to flood your followers? feeds and drive them away. When  posting on Twitter, a recommended strategy to follow is the Rule of  Thirds. Meaning, a third of your posted content should be promotional, a  third should be book or industry related, and another third should be  personal interests. The Rule of Thirds helps authors maintain a good  balance with their posts to create and capture the interests of Twitter  users.


Encourage a Response


By tweeting an open-ended question on  your Twitter page, you are encouraging others to engage and reply. You  can also create a poll directly on Twitter, allowing you to ask for your  followers? opinions and provide them a few choices to gauge the most  popular choice. For example, you can have readers weigh in on a new  character?s name. Questions and polls are great ways to start  conversations and generate interactions about your book and other  writing projects.


Understanding Twitter basics allows  you to utilize the platform to your advantage. Learn even more Twitter  tips and tricks from eBooks2go?s Twitter Guide! Download the guide for  free today and learn not only Twitter basics but also discover how to  find your Twitter voice, connect with followers, establish your Twitter  audience, and utilize Twitter promotion options!




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