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Know your Reason

If you are working for a corporation, then they have already mandated why the training must be created. However, if you are creating a course entirely on your own or for your business, then it will be crucial to have in mind the reason you are creating your training.


Real Life Application…

When I created my first online course for my own business after over 20 years of corporate experience, I had a very specific group of reasons I wanted to be an independent online trainer. First, I wanted to stay home with my little boy as much as possible, especially during the summer months.


Second, I had a desire to quit working for someone else and start making a living for myself. I knew that if I could work for myself, then I would gain freedom and flexibility.


I knew at a younger age that I wanted to work as an entrepreneur, even though I was aware of the challenges such as long hours, especially at first. Deciding to work for myself meant a lack of security, but the ability to make my own schedule, choose my insurance and vacation when I wanted.


Finally, I wanted to use the knowledge I already had to help others, regardless of industry. I had participated in all levels of training, design and development. That is, I had ‘worn the hat’ of technical writer, graphical designer, instructional designer, content developer, and probably most importantly, project manager.


So, as a part of my final ‘why’ I wanted to take my knowledge and manage a team based on what I had learned so they could enjoy the same freedom and excitement for helping others.



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Beverly Reynolds is the owner and a designer for H&T Design Media. She comes to the business with over 20 years of corporate training experience for several Fortune companies. Beverly has created literally hundreds of online courses in several industries, including hospitality, revenue management, oil & gas and death care.



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