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A 10-Point Strategy To Market Your eBook

Posted by keerthi23 on Sep 3, 2018 5:56:58 AM

Once you’ve written and successfully published your own eBook, the  onus of ensuring it is reaching more hands and that people are accepting  it well is upon you. Writers often lament that this is the hardest part  of the journey to success, wishing that they could go back into their  caves and cocoons and focus on writing more rather than going out there  to sell their published book. We get several queries on how to  effectively market books and even though reams of text have been written  and posted all around the internet on the topic, there are only these  many simple steps that could help you.


Our 10-Point Strategy is simple and straightforward and we also have  several customizable packages to help you take your book marketing  efforts up a notch.


  1. Talk about your book, invite reviews, try offering free sample  portions of your eBook or free downloads for a specified timeframe.
  2. Go beyond your inner circles and request family and friends to link  to your book on social media sites, and talk about it with their  connections.
  3. Use social media sites, viz, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, extensively to market your book*
  4. Set up a Good Reads account*
  5. Set up a blog if you don’t already own one, and connect with your readers*
  6. Use your creativity – make a Youtube promo with your book cover  image/s and text excerpts and keep a tab on the number of hits it  garners.
  7. Design business cards with your book title, a link to your website or an online retail site that sells your book
  8. Visit your local library and ask if you can meet with their book  club members, or other literary groups, to talk about your book.
  9. Go to local events, book fairs, network with fellow-authors, and talk about your book.
  10. Last, but certainly not the least, persist. Keep posting updates,  links to reviews (both good and bad – this will give your audience a  chance to see and appreciate how well you take in the brickbats too),  and special offers from time to time.



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