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I am Published Author

Posted by vcreativeart16 Jan 30, 2018

Hi, just released my latest book on Amazon: Racism Bomb in America

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Pages in Your Book

Posted by jpb3 Jan 16, 2018

Hey everyone,


I just wanted to post something quick about how you publish you pages. I just published my book "Goal Setting: Your Weekly Workbook" and I had to make sure certain pages were on the left side of the open book while others were on the right side. The pages I'm talking about are for people to actually fill out themselves.


I wrote the book on a Word Document. Word does not have the same "view" as Createspace when it comes to where your pages are on the physical book. Be sure to use Createspace's view as your final revision rather than Word (if you're using Word). Createspace shows you exactly how the book will look while Word simply moves their pages shown on the "Side to Side" portion from the right page to the left.


I made the mistake in thinking the pages were being flipped in the "Side to Side" mode rather than just transitioned from right to left. This was a beginner mistake, but thank goodness I got to see it when I ordered my proof!


Good luck to you all! Especially the beginners like me learning a lot as we go.



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I put a lot of creativity and passion into this. Check it out and let me know what you think. “My World in Words” by Joseph Albrecht is available on, Barnes and Noble and the CreateSpace E Store! I enjoyed this project and hope you do also. Thanks.


Joseph Albrecht, NDTR

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Cars coloring book - DONE!

Posted by AnnRainbow Feb 16, 2017

Hi there,


Finally I completed my first coloring book! It's about trucks, cars and planes - everything that boys like.

It's good as fo toddlers as for kids 4-8 years old.

No more paphos!

Here is a link!


What do you think?

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In questo libro sono state raccolte alcune nozioni fondamentali sulla sicurezza elettrica ed in particolare sulle protezioni contro i contatti indiretti nei sistemi elettrici industriali.

Lo scopo principale di tale realizzazione è di esporre, discutere e comprendere, nonché di risolvere i problemi concernenti la pericolosità dei contatti indiretti ed anche, in minima parte, dei contatti diretti. Il seguente libro cerca di ricoprire un campo piuttosto vasto riguardante i pericoli derivanti dalle differenti applicazioni dell'elettricità, per cui si trattano argomenti che vanno dalla moderna classificazione dei sistemi in bassa tensione (TT, TN, IT) e dal problema del coordinamento dei sistemi di protezioni con gli impianti di messa a terra dei sistemi suddetti, ai problemi sulle protezioni contro i contatti indiretti in media ed alta tensione, ma anche alle protezioni contro i rischi elettrici che possono essere insiti in ambienti come locali da bagno, piscine ed ospedali.


Ing. Antimo Audino

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This is about the book I wrote, love to hear comments.

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Players With & Without Swag

Posted by Babygv Sep 2, 2016

This is about the book I wrote, love to hear comments.

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Publishing on Kindle.

Posted by mickjugrim Jul 19, 2016

Hi, can anyone help? I published my book, Short, Short Stories for Busy, Busy People as a paperback on Createspace no problem. When I published it on Kindle Direct Publishing however, the numbers in the contents page wer all over the place giving a very unprofessional look to the electronic version of the book. I downloaded the interior and removed the numbers. when I re-uploaded the interior, I discovered that there are now two versions available. One with the numbers on the contents page and one without. (Each has its own ISBN number) Has anyone else experienced this or can anyone advise me of a solution.


Thanks and best wishes.

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Posted by MsSurvivor Jun 20, 2016
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Author T. L. Ellis

Posted by specialangel May 25, 2016

Hi everyone, A little about my self, I am a single mom of two grown boys, I have four beautiful grand children, They are my angels!!!I love to write children stories and am in the process of making five books into a series called Mystical Forest.They are learning exsperienced. They teach to listen ,trust, make friengds. I truly hope that you enjoy these stories and if you have any questions you can always contact me here or at please check out my book called( Mystical Forest Michael learns a lesson)  It is available on amazon, createspace. I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. T L Ellis

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Posted by Marilenesant Apr 27, 2016

Anuncios da

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Honeycomb refers to a beehive where all the bees gather to or fly to and use it as a home

A Honeycomb Is a beehive a  sort of rest net or rest home for honeybees or bees

HoneycombCd Is a piece or music written and performed by Lord william saint

To entertain audiences alll over the world

Genre R&B/Rock

Visit The High Street Music Shop


For more information about the Honeycombcd and Purchase

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How to publish a coloring book?

Posted by Dreyden Feb 19, 2016

I am relatively new to this. Could someone help me take to the right channels so I can publish my coloring book?

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Check out the updates that we have made on our website.  We have had a lot of fun setting it up and value feedback from anyone who visits the little monsters.


You will find links to FREE gaming sites for children of all ages to have fun and a Wordsearch to complete online or print for anyone else to have fun with too.  We will be updating the Wordsearch each week to keep children entertained.


Also, through the year we will be running competitions to win t-shirts, cups, hats and various other items pertaining to the Three Little Monsters, so keep checking in to see whats coming up...


Three Little Monsters in Gruesome Gets A Toothache is now available from / and along with our first book Three Little Monsters & The Ghost of Wisdom Woods.

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Before I wrote my first book, I had worked for several companies in various roles including sales, account management, customer service, and credit management I was and  still am quite fond of credit management and related software and I wanted to share my experience and knowledge on the topic of credit management software (CMS). A little  research revealed that not much was written about CMS so  I thought it might be a good idea to write a book so business people could learn more about the benefits of CMS. I arranged a meeting with a publisher to discuss the concept. Three cups of coffee and 90 minutes later, the publisher said yes to my book proposal. That was in 2008.


I remember how excited I was that the publisher green-lighted the book. It took me four months to write it and I honestly thought that the hard part was over.  I know now that actually writing a book is only one part of the equation.  You also need to do quality control, production, distribution, promotion and sales of your book. For this first book, I was lucky that my publisher took care of things like:


1)      Proofreading for grammar, style, syntax, spelling, etc.;


2)      Determining the logical order and structure of the book:


3)      The layout and graphic designs, including designing the cover;


4)      Production of the book (offset printing);


5)      Distribution and Logistics  in the Netherlands and Flanders ? Belgium;


6)      Promotion of the book via their marketing channels / business networks


At that time I didn?t realize that all these things costs time and money and are a risk for the publisher. As a  inexperienced writer, I  thought that writing the book was the most important aspect.  I learned (quickly) that the reality is a bit different. A publisher is a risk taker,  looking for a return on investment. I soon found out that when a book is not a bestseller (and most books are not), the publisher loses interest in spending time and money on the project quickly. I realize now  how fortunate I was to have experienced all this seven years ago, because book publishing changed dramatically since 2008.


Nowadays it seems less important how good you are on a certain topic or field of expertise. Instead publishers are especially interested in working with authors who have their own marketing channels to sell their own books. In other words, if you do not have a large enough network of potential buyers, most  publishers will not be interested in working with you no matter how well your book is written. In my opinion most publishers have become risk averse and are reluctant to accept new and unpublished authors work. It is a reality that newcomers have to deal with.


Risk vs. Reward


From a publisher?s point of view is logical that they have become more picky in terms of sales potential of a book. A recent book of mine (Meer Klantwaarde) was expensive to produce and therefore posed a high risk for the publisher. The book itself required not only a huge investment in time of two authors, but due to the graphical models and tables in the book, the publisher had to make a substantial investment in graphic design and layout. On top of that, the book was in full color making printing far more expensive.  Last but not least, the publisher had to order from the printer in minimum quantities of between 500 and 1000 copies.  If the book doesn?t sell, the publisher not the author takes the  loss.


It took us a lot of marketing efforts to generate sales, which made us also realize why traditional book publishing is such a tricky business. Books in the warehouse cost money.  If demand changes, or if demand does not materialize, the publisher can take a significant loss.


Self publishing.


Over the past few years, it had become much harder to sell book proposals to publishers. I had one discussion with a publisher in 2013 about a new book project.  I tried to persuade them to publish our new book (The Customer Profit Maxim), but this was literally how they replied:




My main concern with the book remains sales. I asked you back in September how you could reach the market through speaking, client sales, workshops etc. and specified the minimum buyback I?d require. You demonstrated some of the ways you could support the book, but many of them are difficult to quantify and revolve around PR and future workshop plans rather than existing activities that will continue to deliver over time. I need tangible, advance commitments of this sort:



Branch organisations: credit management (branch) organizations commitments


UK: Organisation x, xxx copies; organisation y, xxx copies; organisation z, xxx copies?


Netherlands: Organisation x, xxx copies; organisation y, xxx copies; organisation z, xxx copies?


Germany: Organisation x, xxx copies; organisation y, xxx copies; organisation z, xxx copies?







Specify previous 6 month and future 6 month schedule including details of clients and numbers attending and number of copies that will be sold via event.



Speaking events


Specify previous 6 month and future 6 month schedule including details of clients and numbers attending and number of copies that will be sold via event.



I would also still require a commitment to the minimum quantity purchase I specified.




I was flabbergasted by this response. It was  clear to me that publishing in the traditional way was dead --- at least for me. Nowadays, book publishing and especially business books requires you to write a business plan and a marketing plan.  As a result,  I started to explore self publishing.


When I look back at my journey as a writer (and publisher), I actually have to thank this publisher for his response. Otherwise, I would never have explored the possibilities and flexibility of self publishing (SP). However, it doesn?t mean that the self publishing does not have any issues and challenges, but for authors who do not mind to do their own marketing and promotion, I believe that self publishing is the way to go.


To me, self publishing boils down to this: I can get a book published on Amazon in less than 24 hours. I don?t have to store any inventory because the book is  printed on demand. I get the benefit of my marketing and sales efforts, not the publisher.  From an environmental, financial and risk point of view, self publishing is the way to go.   And with the help of relatively inexpensive software such as Adobe InDesign,  I can now easily adjust the front and back cover of any of my books  in a couple of minutes as shown below.


Cover e-book HCFC USA chapters_FINAL_with Washington Monument.jpg




Cover HCFC Belgium edition_FINAL_with background_v1.jpg


Self publishing requires a lot of DIY activities.  You?ll need to invest time  to learn various things related to publishing.  It is advisable to invest in software that enables you to do graphic design and to create the layout of your book. The  freedom and flexibility that self publishing gives you in return is worth the effort. Once you have setup your account and learned how to use a self publishing platform, it is actually easy and you have the intellectual freedom that comes from being in control of your own material.


Marketing and promotion of your book is still going to be a challenge, but that does not differ much from what happens if you do publish using a traditional publisher. Why?  Because  traditional publishers don?t spend much  time on marketing your book.  Remember that the author is expected to take care of marketing and promotion of the book themselves. Traditional publishing as a business model is dead.  Long live self publishing!


Marcel Wiedenbrugge is a consultant, author, publisher, writer, researcher, speaker and trainer. He traditionally and self published multiple books. His current global book project is the ?Happy Customers Faster Cash? series, which is available on Amazon.

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