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Check out my brand new title I just released today, feedback, review please, I can sent you a free upload to anyone

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I wanted to share my experience with Createspace and the timeline for working with the site. Overall, it's been an amazing thing to watch my MS Word File come to life as a real-life book in my hands. So mind-blowing!



Dec 2016       Manuscript complete


1/20/17          Created Createspace Account


1/20/17          Received call from Createspace for help on their publishing packages. Considered them over the weekend, but decided to do this on                     my own, since I had a strict timeline. I was invited to speak at a Christian Women's Conference on Feb 18... they said that a 4 week                     turnaround would be really tight.


1/22/17          Worked on my own Cover using Canva (free and absolutely amazing!)

                     Uploaded Cover to Cover maker (couldn't figure out how to make the back cover, so uploaded just the front & used CS Cover Maker                     for back).

                    Worked 20+ hours over the weekend to format interior of book - uploaded interior

                    Submitted book for approval in the late afternoon

                    Applied for LCCN # through Library of Congress - free


1/23/17         Technical Specs approval received at 10:00 am

                   Ordered First Proof via regular shipping (US) - expected 1/31/17


1/27/17         Jumped for JOY!!! Received Proof and held it in my hand while I jumped around in my kitchen!


2/1/17          Took forever to figure out why the gremlins had attacked the interior formatting of my book - when you fix one little thing, have to fix                    everything + re-do the Table of Contents!!! Re-submitted changes for approval at 7:00 pm


2/2/17          Obsessively checked e-mail until approval received at 12:31 pm - Drove my husband nuts.

2/2/17          [15min later] ordered SECOND Proof since I changed margins, gutter, format. Asked for RUSH Shipping!

2/6/17         Proof came on a Monday - made changes (minor & annoying ones) & submitted for approval review at 9:00pm


2/7/17         Thought I was compulsive before... checked website, e-mail & refreshed every 20 min.  Approval received 2:45pm

                  3:15pm - double & triple checked PDF proof (too late to order a copy now)

                  4:30pm - published to Kindle (without realizing I needed to format it differently! Whoops!)

                  9:00 pm - Received e-mail that it was approved from Kindle


2/8/17        Book was on Amazon... no kidding!!! Giddy with disbelief! Told everyone I knew!

2/8/17        Ordered my first set of 50 copies for the Women's Conference with RUSH delivery

2/13/17      Still waiting for my books to show up - expected date is Feb 14, but checked delivery status & shows they should be delivered today!


Thoughts: Steep learning curve & countless hours at the computer, making my eyes go beary. Now I know why CS does this for you. Advice: Pay them the $400 to do your interior! Wow!!! What a pain in the rear! Never realized what went into that. The headers were enough to make anyone scream. Glad I did all though because:

1. I am cheap & have a minimum budget

2. You learn how to do this on your own so you can do it again for the next book (of course there's another one... too addictive)

3. You can share ups/downs with others.


Hope you found this helpful, especially on how quickly CS turns things around. 24 hour approval is quite amazing, since my friend who published traditionally said it can take weeks.




From Isa to Christ - A Muslim Woman's Search for the Hand of God


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This is about the book I wrote, love to hear comments.

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Players With & Without Swag

Posted by Babygv Sep 2, 2016

This is about the book I wrote, love to hear comments.

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There are dozens, if not hundreds, of very well researched reports about the correlation between intelligence and the use of social media and dating websites and apps. We can't deny the pattern shown to us by psychologists and analysts, as they carefully assess and evaluate behaviour in order to draw a representative picture.

Researchers don't guess about situations, they consider socio-cultural facts and evaluate their findings carefully before going public with them (it is about their reputation and credibility). Based on an article I read a couple of weeks ago and interesting conversations in a roundtable, many people agreed with the statement in this article that appeared on the Independent newswebsite.

It's not the tech, it's me

Many people are in denial about the negative effect of technology on their lives due to the way they use it. This is an issue beyond education, it is an issue concerning personality, attitude and personal values. According to Mail Online:

social media, in particular Facebook, is responsible for one in seven divorces.

Where do you stand?

Technology meant to make life easier, facilitate communication, enable people to collaborate with each other regardless of geographic borders and to help us form more meaningful communities.

Technology, mobile, apps and social media included, is the best thing made available to people. It all depends how we use them, our intent and purpose! However, far too often some (some) people blame the technology when something goes wrong. As a result, there is a link (often a hidden link) between the character and personality of individuals and how they use the technology.

One may argue with all the above research studies and some may call it hedonism. Whatever that is, it is harming our cultural values and our societies. Maybe if we try to keep our traditional cultural and human values such as dignity, honesty, transparency and respect; we will be able to build more successful businesses and enjoy life better?!

The moment people become objects, machines will replace and control them! You can see someone's true personality through their attitude and behaviour, no matter how great they are in faking their attitude. Don't lead through words, lead as an example and leave legacy.

Do you see the hidden link?

What do you think about this article? Please share your thughts and comments either here on Create Space or tweet me @eksays. I love to learn what you think.

First published on LinkedIn.

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I love history books and mystery books the most. Anything to do with music history gets me going. Can anyone recommend anyone I should check out or books I should check out?

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Creations by Renee

Posted by Creations Mar 15, 2014

I am a new writer and currently have two books available, "The Power of Thank You", and "The Power of Words". I am hopeful very soon to have the first of a children's series out as well, "The Creator and His Creations". I am in need of advice on some low cost ideas for marketing, and building a website. I have used weebly in the past and was satisfied, yet I was wondering if any one else had another suggestion. I would appreciate any input.

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By Christopher T. Hamel


     He didn?t mean to do it . . . Yet the shock in his victim?s eyes told David Hockey differently.

     ?Oh my god . . .? He whispered. And then tickling the sides of his face were the quickly morphing tears of coming madness.

     ?Ma??The sound of his non-emotional voice is what sickened him, not the ****-wretched smell of his mother. However he felt himself changing; he didn?t know it, but he felt evil personified. ?Mommy!? He said, trying to get more emotion into it, but all the word ?mommy? did was evaporate into the air, and hang there just before the whisper from David?s lips said: ?I killed my mother,? made the word disappear completely.

     David walked over to his dear mommy, staring at the freshly sharpened steak knife sticking out of his mother?s throat. Blood tried to leak freely from where the wound would be if the knife were to be removed. Blood had navigated it's way down to her white blouse, seeping through and revealing her black sports bra, which to David now looked purple.

     Dave just stood there, shadow over his mother?s body. He stared at the knife and then at her eyes, and that?s when he closed his own in terror. They stung. He closed his mother?s dead, terrified, and shocked eyes. They still seemed to have soul. God had not taken her spirit; not without getting David getting to feel at least some guilt.

     Though David?s tears felt hot, along with this pounding remorse was the feel of a great and powerful?dark?high.

I killed my mother, David thought, enchanted by the words dancing through his mind. ?I killed Mommy,? he said aloud. ?And I?m only ten.?

Click.The sound of the door being unlocked, opened, and then noises of people. His sister saying something, and what? Her boyfriend too? Yeah, it was Greg?laughing at something she was saying to him; probably a corny half-assed joke?Beth wasn?t that funny, at least Dave didn?t think so; she was annoying.

     At first Dave froze in fear, but then a crazy idea occurred to him. Killing his mother, though horrible, gave him the thrill of his life.

Wonderful wasn?t it? His own voice, yet somehow darker, seemed to speak to him from the front of his mind. Dave?s eyes then filled with insanity; he could hear the shallowness of his breath, the rapid beating of his heart.

     ?Mom?? Beth called, as Dave heard her heading toward the kitchen.

     ?She?s in here sissy.? Dave said, surprised by the steadiness in his voice. Dave then ran over to his mother, and quickly grabbed the knife out from the inside of her throat. Blood sprayed upward a little, like a quick leak from a fire hydrant.

     ?Oh my god, Mom!? Beth screamed as her own tears started to flow. And as she started to run toward the corpse of her murdered mother, she didn?t seem to notice that David still had a blood drenched knife held tightly in his right hand. Dave didn?t let her either, because with it he charged at Beth?s boyfriend, and killed him?thrusting the freshly blood-painted knife into Gregory?s abdomen.

Greg seemed to gulp the air, as little David took the knife out of his stomach. Darn it, David reflected, as Greg?s blood seemed to spill a little on David?s shirt. Greg fell to his knees and stared in disbelief at David?s wild enraged eyes; for a moment Greg thought he saw full black in his gaze instead of that adorable little brown.

     ?David!? Beth cried, and when her darling little brother turned around, she did not see him. She saw the spawn of Satan.

     Smiling, Dave started laughing his full head off and ran toward his sister.

     Beth booked it, and Dave pounced but missed, by just a few hairs.

     Suddenly whatever insanity had overwhelmed Dave completed its possession. Windows then locked on their own, so did the doors. Everything sweet about David Hockey was also locked.

     ?All because I had top go in the corner!? David yelled. His voice was not just the cute high-pitched voice of a child, but deep and gurgling like that of a monster. It seemed a sinister, baleful creature was speaking behind him as David spoke.

     ?Beaaaaathhhhhhyyyyy?? David said in his most playful tone, which would make just about anyone shudder. David laughed, ?Aw, you?re such a good sissy, you never play hide ?n seek wit me.?

     Dave was walking toward the door. Slow. Smiling wide enough to make his jaws creak.

     It took a while?he was having fun. However soon, David stopped, his arms swung loosely in front of him, as if they were broken. He cocked his head like a dog; you could hear his neck crack as he did so.

     ?Found you.? David whispered and ran with arms swaying from side to side. He then ran, laughing toward the brown leather easy chair, and that?s when the door banged open.

     ?Freeze!? A young policeman said. Behind him was a slightly older one. Both looked shocked, but David knew that she had called them. David stopped all right, murmured something in what sounded like Latin, and then just dropped.

     The younger cop ran toward the boy and to his surprise yet sickened relief that was held inside his stomach . . . ?He?s dead.?


     In Autopsy, Dr. Stanley was stumped with this boy. Not only had he died of a heart failure and had virtually no physical problems, but also from the questions the authorities asked Elizabeth Hockey regarding if her baby brother showed any signs of being?well psychotic, she actually made the kid sound like a little ******* angel.

     The police had also found a ouji board in David Hocky's room, and though one officer found this to be suspicious, it was immediately dismissed.

Suddenly Stanley heard the automatic door swish open, but saw no one coming through. The air felt suddenly chilled as the doctor realized the door just opened on it?s own.

     Strange, Dr. Stanley reflected as he felt a jolt of adrenaline and anger coursed through him. He went back to the body and picked up one of his instruments: a large blade. Suddenly the deceased David Hockey opened his eyes, blackness started to rise out of the boy?s pours, and then for a split second . . . and the doctor's eyes turned black with insanity.

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I know so many authors who are also editors but they need editors to edit their manuscripts for the simple reason that it is difficult to see our own errors. As a matter of fact one editor for a manuscript is not enough. There should be a second editor to catch the errors the first editor had missed. I brought up this subject because one of my Children's book entitled 'Precious Friends' was edited by two editors but I still noticed two gramatical errors in the print out. The first error was 'Nora did not understand what Ana and Bella did said to her...." the word did is obviously not belong to the sentence. The second error was 'They are waiting for Precious at the living room. The preposition at is not supposed to be there. The preposition is supposed to be in. I admit I am not very good in grammar that is why I hired editors to edit my manuscript but the worst thing about hiring editors is the fact that you are paying for nothing if you do not screen the applicants very well. The manuscript of 'Precious Friends' was returned to me by the editor with a minimal corrections. He missed two errors in the manuscript. To him is not a big issue but to me it is. I need to redo the whole process. I need to contact my illustrator to correct the texts on the images because 'Precious Friends is a comic book. It means I need to spend more money. My advice to my fellow authors is to hire a second editor to make sure your manuscript is free of errors.


The book 'Precious Friends is in the market here is the link...htttps://


Thank you and God Bless us all. Comments and suggestion are very welcome.

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New Music From Boxon Swagga Squad - For The Love Of Hip Hop

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It has been great experience with createspace.  What has your experiences been?  Here's my info....please share your links with me and I just might buy your book!   Consider mine, too, here are the details:  I am 38 an autistic healthcare expert terminal now with ALS.  Please reach out if need mind is just fine!  Would you consider to pass this information to as many as possible?  Here are just two good reviews:  To consider to purchase:  Thank you so much for at least considering this and again, feel free to reach out if you need anything. Michele  717-747-3434

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This is the official site for hip hop lovers. Check it out today!!!

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DAY 10   - 356 Days Left


Well, 10 Days into the project and I have gotten my test shoot done.. I have written the Rough Script.. I also wrote the rough script to the 1/2 magazine Style Show and I did some test shoots for my stand-ups as well... It's been a pretty productive week I would say.


One thing about Createspace, I was checking out the topics where 7,000/8,000 hits have happened in a week. And I have barely got 40 hits in a little over a week now.. I'm happy though.. I don't know what I'm doing wrong yet, but I will figure it out.. If any of you are interested in checking the updates on my website here is a link to the page.


Now, since I'm not really getting any replies yet, I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing. I would normally answer some questions or something, but I guess it's better this way. Keep me focused on what I need to do.


So...since the Blog is about Making Short Films, Webisodes and Podcasts I think I should touch on the subject of why..


First, Mainstream TV is changing.. have any of you heard about GOOGLE TV yet.. and Super Wi-Fi.. the FCC just mentioned today that they are opening unused airwaves between television stations for wireless broadband networks that will be more powerful and can travel farther than todays wi-fi. they voted unanimously to allow the use of so-called, White Space" deliver broadband connections like wi-fi connections on steroids..


the whole story is pretty interesting.. but, you can see where Television is going.. and what's about to happen to Mobile Devices... There's about another year to 2 years at the most before this launches.. they are going to be seeking content like crazy. And the demand is for Short Form content.


When I started building my website, it was really about whats happening in the future and how I would be prepared for it when it happens. It's almost here and I am almost done with my website.. a few more things to do.. the big challenge is content .... getting content is not a really huge content, but if you want to make the real money, you need to own the content.. so, that's what I'm focusing on... there is a reason for all of this.. not just because I want to be an Actor or Director.. But that I want to be seccuessful with my business and Pixel-Flick.TV will hopefully be a huge contender of other networks, and content distirbution sites. Advertising of course is key and before I can focus on that, I must create content.. So i have a year to do this and this is why I am giving myself a year to make this happen.


The next step will actually be pitching this to an Angel Investor or a Private Investor to launch bigger and better things.. But the more I can do by myself, the better.. I might have the headaches now, but it will pay off in the future..


So my advice to any filmmakers out there.. start creating content.. High Quality Content.. and when the time comes, you're work maye be in demand they will pay a pretty penny for it..


As for Podcasting, it's all ready taking off strong in my opinion... look at Adam Carolla.. he has a podcast he sells for $2 and he has made $550,000 downloads in one day... that' a good profit... and what does he do.. well, he's funny in my opinion.. but he talks to celebrities// does interviews.. i mean check out his show... and he's making a killing on it.. but, who knows whats really going on behind the scenes.. I hope to get him on my show for an interview about this...


Don't forget iTunes and how the music industry is basically focusing on downloads.. and the iPad.. Kindle.. etc..etc.. Books.. Movies.. Music.. it's a big thing..


I'm not quite sure how Createspace is handling it, but I see it getting huge... so I am going to stick with this site for a while.. see how it works out.. I am going to try it for a year and if I don't see any huge dramatic differences, then I will make a decision then...  I will go through all the steps with you..


First things first.. CREATE CREATE CREATE..... and make sure you create HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT....


If you got something to sell and want to see it in the films, submit your product to me.. i will figure out how to put it in the film.. I would ask for a small fee..But maybe I will ask for a Pay Per Click method.. we will see what happens.. this will be part of th process.. I am sharing my secrets.. and come next year when I take down the blog, that will be that... .. Maybe it stays in the library hereon createspace.. but I don't care.. no matter where you're from.. what level experience you're at.. I will work with you to make your business sucessful... follow me and if I help you get your project off the ground, lets put it on the site and promote it.. talk about it... I would love that..


Ok guys.. thats it from here.. From Palm Springs.. Good night...


Brian Stephens

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