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8 check my Affiliate company toward the business development and my Author profile, I don't know why reviews should be my primary focus, I see that the public do look at them but I know that having worked really hard on promoting, advertising, building my legacy future and my Author blogs will develop, I appear has a little author because my reviews are so low and even on Amazon. I don't truly put much taught toward my competitors, I see friends not rivals trying to suck up your blood, why should we be rivals there enough place for all of us. Getting my Audible thru acx is great already, !!! I have enough things to do to run around discussions trying to get reviews that no one wants to gave.

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New release

Posted by vcreativeart16 Mar 26, 2018

Books never stop coming and I never get tired of making them either, life is too short to restrain from doing what you love doing, I'm so proud to present all of you with my latest book ( Ricko s unexpected life turn) you can find me on LinkedIn ( bush Vanessa ) and review my books and follow my blog on under the site ( I am a proud author) or come join my writer group on FB ( a new day a new story)

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Check out my brand new title I just released today, feedback, review please, I can sent you a free upload to anyone

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Hi everyone, I know many of you are here to compete with each others on who will sell books 1st, I'm enjoying learning about other writers and impress by some readers and how much they can actually read!! I m a small reader but a bigger writer!!! Everyone wants the prize!!!??? But who gets it? The most ferocious telemarketers? Sales agent? Probably they know everything about marketing that's for sure, me I just want a tiny piece of cake a small reward nomination, anything so I could earn a little. So I decided that if I wanted to keep writing what I wanted and be and do what I love I will try making a book that could sale for once. So I did ( Stop setting, Start leaving ) on e-book Amazonkindle were you can find all my listings. If any of you can review I will send you a free copy to your inbox💙

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Hello All,


I hope this message finds you well. This is my first time publishing and I have a few questions I wonder if you all may help me answer?


1. When publishing with Create Space does a Copyright page automatically generate with data I plug in? Or is this something I need to draft or complete on my own?


2. I will send my manuscript to individuals that I will ask to make a comment for the back of the book. Am I able to add those comments after publishing?



I thought I had more but that'll do for now. Thanks all!

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Hello, Everyone!

Did you want to test your story with a "live" audience?

Highland Park Elementary School  is a Talented and Gifted (TAG) school, and it consists of grade levels pre-kindergarten  through sixth grade.  Despite its TAG school status, its scores on the County's Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) are not where they should be.  We are in the middle of a Read-a-thon to encourage students to read for the fun of it while they learn about critical thinking when reading.


For May 22, 2017, I am looking for authors of Children's and Young Adult books to help me motivate my students, at Highland Park Elementary School, during our Read-A-Thon by hearing your great stories.  You can get a lot of feedback from this pro bono experience.


You can make the difference if you donate 30 minutes of your time.  Fifteen minutes would be for you to  read an excerpt of your story to my students through GoTo Meeting.  The last 15 minutes would allow students to ask you questions about your story.  If you provide pictures, I can put a poster up and advertise your reading before you tell your story on the May 22.  You can advertise your book at this event and other books you may have authored, as well.  We can discuss and plan out what you want to do.  You will be sharing the day with other authors and information professionals.


You can see how much we have accomplished in three weeks through our read-a-thon at  


If you would like to volunteer 30 minutes for a talk and answer session with my students on May 22, 2017, please fill in the form at


Thank you for any consideration.

Dr. Lorette Weldon

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CreateSpace has lately been targeting my company to suppress my releases, lately, and I have no idea why they're doing this.  The following reply back to their email has remained unanswered after an entire week.  They target releases that just come out, so all the sales and hoopla of my last two releases have fizzled because we're unable to fill orders.  We had a Halloween title supressed right on Halloween when it came out!  And they're totally unresponsive to this.  Authors and customers are pissed!  Here's my initial response to their only email they sent me for the Halloween title:


"When will this stop?  Is this going to happen to every title I publish from now on?  Last week I released a book, HARLOW (6578713) and right in the middle of an ad campaign the author complained to me that the title was taken down from Amazon, and that's when I found out that CreateSpace suppressed it--- completely out of the blue, and there was no valid reason why!  I wrote a long letter to CreateSpace and also spoke to customer service and suggested CreateSpace refrain from suppressing a publisher's book for no reason, and that instead they should do it for a reason....if an author or someone complained, or if it was red flagged because of anything.....and in the case of HARLOW the reason CreateSpace gave was that it was previously published by another publisher.  That reason shouldn't be a good enough one, but at least it was a reason.  So I attached the contract in the last correspondence and it's been back on sale.


But what the heck now???  The book I published RIGHT AFTER this total mess with HARLOW, CreateSpace suppresses ANOTHER title right off the bat!  It was a Halloween release and you decided to suppress it right on the holiday it was published for!  It's a Halloween book and it was suppressed ON HALLOWEEN!  What was the reason this time??  Author Reyna Young has three other titles with me and two more to come.  Are you going to suppress them too???


This particular book was a handshake agreement between myself and the author and a last-minute idea to develop and release in time for the holiday.


I ask that you make it available for sale as I have done nothing to warrant this suppression.  I feel someone at CreateSpace did this maliciously as this suppression took place right after the last one when I made a big complaint out of it.


I have been a major CreateSpace publisher with over 100 titles which should double next year and you do good business with me.  To greatly sour our relationship with this outrageous inconvenience can make me pull all my titles and move to another publishing platform.  I feel like I'm being picked on somehow.  When you suppress a title, that causes an upset for the author as well as the publisher and our customers.  When you do it for a good reason, that's understandable......when you do it for no reason at all, you are slapping your customers in the face.  In fact, I have to broadcast this complaint to social media to express to everyone about the delay for this title, and that sort of thing just makes CreateSpace look bad to all the world.


Please fix and let me sell my books."


Also, I had to make a general announcement: "CreateSpace, for reasons unknown to us, has suppressed the publication of this Halloween book right on Halloween Day, which greatly affected all our Halloween sales on this title and is causing an indefinite delay in filling your orders. CreateSpace's customer service telephone reps insist that this problem cannot be solved by them and that the only resolution is via email. Upon confirming our rights to publish this via email, CreateSpace remains mysteriously unresponsive. Both author Reyna Young and Black Bed Sheet Books hope CreateSpace resolves this problem and we will fill orders immediately as soon as this happens. We recently had a problem with our last release being suppressed by CreateSpace, and periodically they have done this throughout our relationship with them, but their reasons or process in this matter remains frustratingly unknown.  We thank you for your patience."


I still haven't heard from them, and lately been hashtagging them on Twitter to show my frustrations on their newsfeed, and I sent them over 200 copies of the same email to their obviously vacant validation team.


Anyone feel like adding to this here?  Any assistance or knowledge?  I've been a publisher for a very long time (16+ years) and in the publishing industry since the 1980's and have never seen anything like this outside of CreateSpace.

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It is not easy writing and publishing off an IPad 4!  But it keeps me honest so to speak.  Every word is suspect, and could be distorted by

the iPad's self correct function.  But I have had to buy help from Createspace in formatting, image making, and now transferring the paper back to Kindle Direct Publishing.  Any experiences you have had might help me navigate these labyrinths! 

Dialogue seems to be a problem for formatting software.  If a character speaks more than one sentence, the software makes a paragraph out of the second or third sentence!  But it does not add a quotation mark, so the poor reader thinks another person has interrupted!

  This has been criticized by my readers and reviewers. 

   Incidentally, the above effect is called "widows and orphans" by the editors in formatting.  Any sentence that is interrupted and created into a new paprgraph is  a widow or orphan.   Apparently, these effects happen when transferring your manuscript from, say, Apple to Windows. It is the toughest part of self publishing, at least for me.  Thanks for any input for my future indie pubs.  Zandy Clark, Missing Danny, stories of a Runaway.  Young adult, middle grade. 

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I'm a first time author of a non-fiction book.  In it I tell a true story of how an antique Rolls Royce failed to perform efficiently during heavy rainfall due to the vacuum windshield wipers that were state of the art at the time it was manufactured.  What I need to know is do I need special permission to use the Rolls Royce name in this story?? Any and all feedback will be appreciated.

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This is about the book I wrote, love to hear comments.

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Players With & Without Swag

Posted by Babygv Sep 2, 2016

This is about the book I wrote, love to hear comments.

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Posted by MsSurvivor Jun 20, 2016
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Author T. L. Ellis

Posted by specialangel May 25, 2016

Hi everyone, A little about my self, I am a single mom of two grown boys, I have four beautiful grand children, They are my angels!!!I love to write children stories and am in the process of making five books into a series called Mystical Forest.They are learning exsperienced. They teach to listen ,trust, make friengds. I truly hope that you enjoy these stories and if you have any questions you can always contact me here or at please check out my book called( Mystical Forest Michael learns a lesson)  It is available on amazon, createspace. I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. T L Ellis

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How to publish a coloring book?

Posted by Dreyden Feb 19, 2016

I am relatively new to this. Could someone help me take to the right channels so I can publish my coloring book?

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Parallel Aklila Kedan's Except

Posted by Kedan May 24, 2015

WITHIN THIS WORLD, each human being is a metaphysical entity,. This means our physical actions, appearance, and words represent our inner invisible beings. Not only does the outer reflect the inner, but we are also living hieroglyphics an aspect of a greater idea. But even further the righteous and elect of the All Powerful are for and of the Anointed Messiah.

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