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Author T. L. Ellis

Posted by specialangel May 25, 2016

Hi everyone, A little about my self, I am a single mom of two grown boys, I have four beautiful grand children, They are my angels!!!I love to write children stories and am in the process of making five books into a series called Mystical Forest.They are learning exsperienced. They teach to listen ,trust, make friengds. I truly hope that you enjoy these stories and if you have any questions you can always contact me here or at please check out my book called( Mystical Forest Michael learns a lesson)  It is available on amazon, createspace. I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. T L Ellis

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As I finished up my sophomore novel, Black Water Tales: The Unwanted, I decided that I should take my marketing plan up a notch by creating a book trailer. Great idea, right? Yes, until I began my research by Googling “book trailers”. Talk about disappointment. Most book trailers (the ones not promoting big-budget authors like Stephen King and J.K. Rowling) were packed with stagnant images rolling languidly across the screen, music that failed to capture the sentiment of the story and bad font, but ALL of this was not even the worst part. When I began researching the companies responsible for these projects and their prices, I nearly fell out of my seat. To get little more than a glorified PowerPoint, prices started no less than $500 (and that was on the low side). For trailers, still simple, but with a more cinematic feel, I was looking at thousands, some of them up to $10K, which is ridiculous and completely out of touch with reality when targeting the indie or small press author.


              But lucky for us, there’s a work around. Because I also have some background in acting, I figured that I could produce my own book trailer and so can you.


            Here are some tips for producing your own cinematic book trailer on a budget.


1.      Keep It Simple: A budget-friendly book trailer is simply NOT the place for moon walks, explosions and high-speed car chases, but uncomplicated does not necessarily equate to unimaginative or valueless. Simple equates to budget friendly. You will have to get creative, but creative is your specialty, right? If you have an action book, you may not be able to shoot the woman parachuting out of the plane, but you can film the assassin on top of the building about to take out his highly sought after target. No matter what genre you write or what your book is about, you can easily create a scene or theme to shoot that captures the essence of your work.


2.      Find the local film community: It will be a little more difficult if you live in Preston, Idaho, but even in smaller areas, you can find people. There is always a film community, it may not be the exact same kind or size that it is in Hollywood, but that is not important. Look into local film industry meetups or contact acting schools or community theaters, who many times have a database of actors and crew and would be happy to send out your crew call and casting call for free.


a.       Most times you have to pay your crew, but not necessarily. Everyone is always looking to gain experience. Shooting a horror trailer, you may meet a video editor who has all of her own equipment and is willing to work for little to nothing because she’s been wanting to add some horror to her portfolio.


b.      Actors are more willing to work for credit and footage. In no way am I encouraging taking advantage of actors; if you have the money, pay them, but if you are on a super tight budget and you will not be making any profit from the book trailer, your actors will likely be willing to participate in exchange for the professional footage for their demo reels.


c.       Be up front about your budget (or lack thereof). Let people know that you are paying for everything out of pocket and/or that you are on a shoestring budget. Trust me, if anyone understands money woes, your local film community does and may have mercy on your wallet.


3.      Get organized


a.       Shooting a film, even a super short that will ultimately be made into a book trailer is no small amount of work. By the time you hire cast and crew, you should have an outline of how you want the trailer to look, a script, a budget, etc. The most important role will be your cinematographer, hire that person first, then other crew if you need them and last, the actors.


4.      Trust Yourself


a.       No one knows your book or understand your vision better than you. So what, if you have never directed a book trailer before, ultimately all that you are doing is bringing your work to life and no one will work harder to extract moving, vibrant life from your work.


            By no stretch of the imagination am I saying that my book trailer is the best one out there, but what is key is that it is an authentic reflection of my work and within my financial plan. For a professional cinematographer, actors, editing, the little stock footage (images, sound, etc.) that I did use, I spent approximately the same amount that I would have paid a company for one of those slow moving PowerPoints. By producing my own trailer, I got a product that I am proud to put my name on and I could not ask for much more.


Jean Nicole Rivers


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For Eddie Cancer Survivor

Posted by poncho66 Feb 28, 2016

Woke this morning with thought pressing. From the sale of my poetry book, to donate 15% to Youth Mentoring Programs and 15% to Fighting Cancer. Will continue to honor me eldest brother who wrote song and verse but was never published whos works disappeared after his death. Through my poetry and his name on my book, he survives in my spirit.

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POEM NUMBER THREE,  To Emily  This burst is enough just as life isn't. But I digress like the crab to meet you In that time beyond boundaries where all Are immortal but not equal to the Task sublime, nor patient to please Unborn poets and writers and readers of skill.

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Addela's secret.

Posted by clebzz Dec 1, 2015

Eliza was a language professor and Addela  a lawyer they were very good friends until  ELIZA,  asked her to work  on  her   boy friend's case.

Jacob   introduced to  her by a friend he.a was business Administrator .the couple were  dating and shortly he moved in to her  flat,she didn't know he was a foreigner and his passport had expired   he asked her if she knew any body could do something to hinder his deportation.ELIZA,didn't think  it twice,she called her friend and told her the plight her boy friend was experiencing.Addela said she would take the case and move as fast as possible to stop  immigration from deporting Jacob. .

Eliza asked  how much was her fee?   the lawyer told her wasn't to worry about money, for the time being,because they were good friends..ELIZA gave her boy friend the attorney's address. two weeks later she found out  her boy friend had stolen some of her documents,  he and  the lawyer began to  plot a way to snatch them her....

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Posted by accountinghour Oct 2, 2015

Statement of Financial Position


Your personal net worth is the best way to determine what you worth and where you are in finance. Your net worth is determined by deducting your liability (what you owe) from your assets (what you own). Statement of personal financial position shows all the assets you have and the liability you incurred as at a particular period. The components of statement of financial position are assets and liabilities.

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Posted by SDDEROTICA Jul 18, 2015




Luscious tender and seeking

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Parallel Aklila Kedan's Except

Posted by Kedan May 24, 2015

WITHIN THIS WORLD, each human being is a metaphysical entity,. This means our physical actions, appearance, and words represent our inner invisible beings. Not only does the outer reflect the inner, but we are also living hieroglyphics an aspect of a greater idea. But even further the righteous and elect of the All Powerful are for and of the Anointed Messiah.

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I have been finding it a bit hard to navigate through some of the things I need answers to.

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I am finding it a little difficult. Right now I am going through IngramSparks for expanded distribution but still using CS and Amazon for digital.

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I love history books and mystery books the most. Anything to do with music history gets me going. Can anyone recommend anyone I should check out or books I should check out?

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Need Reviewers!

Posted by HillaryPhillips Dec 26, 2014

Hi There, I've recently uploaded my book, "i Teach, Preach and Love" to and really need some nice reviews. It is 252 pages, and based on a true adventure. In exchange, I will write a free review for your book ~ to all new authors. Is anyone needing a review for Amazon to help your sales grow? If you are interested I can send you a link to my book upon request.

Hillary Phillips

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?THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA :  Be Yourself & Change Somebody?s Life Today.

? Marie Claudine MUKAMABANO? s Transformation  Audio Bookis an excellent resource for every person who seeks  to maximize the use of Social Media to change the lives of others.

In her book, Ms. Mukamabano describes the potential growth each person has to expand a company and bring it to a level beyond one?s imagination. She offers her life?s work as an example in a thrilling, entertaining, and exciting matter. In her Audio Book, no one will leave disappointed, but be Empowered to effectively use Social Media.

Marie Claudine MUKAMABANO , because of her Efforts, Work and initiative as well as her Humanitarian and Philanthropist  activities , she was recognized to be

The 2014 ?Impact Maker in Development on the African continent? by Nigerian News Journey in Lagos
And also
The 2013 Africa Brave Award Winner in New York City, 2012 Humanitarian Achievements Award Winner, 2011 African Community Leader Award Winner & 2010 Ambassador for Peace Award Winner.

Marie Claudine Mukamabano, an orphan-survivor of Rwandan genocide, has received recognition from The Assembly of State of New York  for turning a life of hardship into one of leadership and advocacy. on May 2011 on the occasion of the Africa Day Celebration.

In 2011, Miss Claudine graduated at the International Trauma Studies a program directed by Dr. Jack Saul a professor at Columbia University.

Today,Miss  Claudine is a Transformation Author of ?THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA: Be Yourself & Change Somebody?s Life Today.

In her everyday life and activities, Miss Claudine loves to educate people the Power of Innovation Technology,Leadership- Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Social Media.



Miss Claudine is an inspirational andTransformation and influential Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, actress, artist, and Super Model. As artist, she dances at universities, churches and community groups as part of the Rwanda Dance Theater Company. As singer, she performs at the International Commemoration Day to mark the 15th Anniversary of the Rwanda Genocide at the United Nations attended by the Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon.

She was awarded anInternational Marathon Peace Medal from the Soroptimist & Global Women for Peace in Kigali Rwanda MAY 2005.

In June 2005, she was chosen between  600 applicants from  worldwide Artist to be the first artist from Rwanda even from East Africa  to participate  at the International Artistic program & Theater in New York City  Directed by a Well known American Theater Director Robert Wilson, trough UNESCO.

She is the Founder , Chair-girl and CEO of Kuki Ndiho Rwanda Orphans Support Project , an organization that she established in 2005 to raise awareness on the genocide in Rwanda, help survivors, and aid orphans of HIV. In a personal capacity, she also serves as a mentor to many of the children, helping to build their confidence and give them inspiration.

After losing her parents, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, loved ones, friends, classmates, and fellow countrymen during the Rwandan Genocide, her Catholic faith inspired her to seek the answer to the question of KUKI NDIHO? (Why do I exist?-Pourquoi J?existe?). This question now serves as the name of her organization, which has an extensive fundraising program in New York, as well as a presence in Belgium and South Africa. The thousands of dollars raised thus far continue to support hundreds of orphans in Rwanda Tel: 347 465 4045 E-mail:

After losing her parents, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, loved ones, friends, classmates, and fellow countrymen during the Rwandan Genocide, Ms. Mukamabano?s Catholic faith inspired her to seek the answer to the question of KUKI NDIHO ? Why Do I Exist, in her native tongue.This question now serves as the name of her organization, Why Do I Exist/ Kuki Ndiho Rwanda Orphans Support Project which she established in 2005 to raise awareness on the genocide in Rwanda, help survivors, and aid orphans of HIV. (For more information or to provide any donation to support this humanitarian effort , please visit

For Sponsorship , Collaborations or Partnership please call  347 465 4045 or E-mail :

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FREE book on kindle TODAY!

Posted by monalisa5 Jul 5, 2014




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"Da Vinci's REAL Hidden Secrets presents:
'Secrets and Adversaries: The Beginning'
A FREE Amazon promotion Saturday, May 31, 2014 of the thrilling mystery novel:
'Secrets and Adversaries: The Beginning'
COPY 'Secrets and Adversaries: The Beginning' to enter on for Book #1.jpg


"Da Vinci's REAL Hidden Secrets: Treasure Island"
Embark upon a REAL Treasure Hunt with Da Vinci's REAL Treasure Map.
Discover how comparing Da Vinci's Map to the 'Madonna of the Rocks' leads to secret Treasure!

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