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Hi everyone, I know many of you are here to compete with each others on who will sell books 1st, I'm enjoying learning about other writers and impress by some readers and how much they can actually read!! I m a small reader but a bigger writer!!! Everyone wants the prize!!!??? But who gets it? The most ferocious telemarketers? Sales agent? Probably they know everything about marketing that's for sure, me I just want a tiny piece of cake a small reward nomination, anything so I could earn a little. So I decided that if I wanted to keep writing what I wanted and be and do what I love I will try making a book that could sale for once. So I did ( Stop setting, Start leaving ) on e-book Amazonkindle were you can find all my listings. If any of you can review I will send you a free copy to your inbox💙

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I'm open to any advises, thanks

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I put a lot of creativity and passion into this. Check it out and let me know what you think. “My World in Words” by Joseph Albrecht is available on, Barnes and Noble and the CreateSpace E Store! I enjoyed this project and hope you do also. Thanks.


Joseph Albrecht, NDTR

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Hello, Everyone!

Did you want to test your story with a "live" audience?

Highland Park Elementary School  is a Talented and Gifted (TAG) school, and it consists of grade levels pre-kindergarten  through sixth grade.  Despite its TAG school status, its scores on the County's Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) are not where they should be.  We are in the middle of a Read-a-thon to encourage students to read for the fun of it while they learn about critical thinking when reading.


For May 22, 2017, I am looking for authors of Children's and Young Adult books to help me motivate my students, at Highland Park Elementary School, during our Read-A-Thon by hearing your great stories.  You can get a lot of feedback from this pro bono experience.


You can make the difference if you donate 30 minutes of your time.  Fifteen minutes would be for you to  read an excerpt of your story to my students through GoTo Meeting.  The last 15 minutes would allow students to ask you questions about your story.  If you provide pictures, I can put a poster up and advertise your reading before you tell your story on the May 22.  You can advertise your book at this event and other books you may have authored, as well.  We can discuss and plan out what you want to do.  You will be sharing the day with other authors and information professionals.


You can see how much we have accomplished in three weeks through our read-a-thon at  


If you would like to volunteer 30 minutes for a talk and answer session with my students on May 22, 2017, please fill in the form at


Thank you for any consideration.

Dr. Lorette Weldon

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Making Dreams Come True

Posted by Enda Sep 9, 2016

Thank God. Finally I was able to present this extraordinary work. My hope as a child wanted to create a work that can change people so smart.Now, I have been able to make it happen. The story of this novel can inspire people to be smart because it opened the devastating secret about neuro science education that makes people smarter and maximize the potential that it has. This novel inspired the curiosity of personal experience. At that time, I was curious to see friends who had a brilliant ability. Repeatedly I asked my teachers how to be a smart person. However, there is always the classic answer I found, "have much to learn and many read the book !!!"


I do not find a way to manage the pattern of thinking or way of doing something and doing something practical that I want. Although I've read many books but I could not catch the meaning of (binding of meaning) of what I'm reading. The results of my study was mediocre. Curiosity that continues to haunt the minds of my mind for years, until the end of the process of experience and analysis, I find the answer. Now I dedicate the book inspiring and an educative novel titled "Patriot Pengejar Mimpi". This book has been published in an createspace. The novel is also published in English under the title "Warriors of Dream Pursuer".  Book novel "Warriors of Dream Pursuer" is also available in the form of digital books in Kindle Direct Publishing. Indonesian edition in and with a different title, namely: "Laskar Pengejar Mimpi".


So that so the advantages and superiority of this story, namely:


1.        Can inspiring way of formation of mindset, fighting spirit, mental character and personality of a superior man.


2.        To inspire the formation of moral and Islamic values in the reality of life.


3.        To inspire learning techniques of tactical and effective learning strategies.


4.        To inspire technique of change your life.


5.        To inspire the way of development of creative minds.


6.        To inspire how to develop interpersonal intelligence.


7.        To inspire the mind painting techniques.


8.        To inspire how to implement an effective learning process.


9.        Provides information about the knowledge of the history of the establishment of the Sultanate of Deli, the history of the plantation in Deli, historical contract coolie in the Land Deli, and the history of Medan City.


10.    Provides information about the knowledge of botany and physics.


11.    Target Readers of this novel, which is the main target is the students (teenagers) and secondary objectives are: university students and adults. Students were targeted for this novel also inspired technique of development process of thinking, personality and self-development (professionalism). Adults were targeted because of this novel can inspire how accompaniment pattern is right on child development.


12.    The novel is also very precisely meant as school enrichment.


Synopsis of the novel as follows:


Warriors of Dream Pursuer


This novel was inspired by the true story of the Warriors of Dream Pursuer successful in achieving a dream. Warriors of Dream Pursuer success because since childhood has been forged to think ahead and adults, in contrast to his age. The story itself starts from Enda Kiebo (14 years) is determined to break away from the shackles of mental culture coolies. Enda Kiebo struggle was not easy in this country. Moreover, its culture has inherited mental coolies systemically by the Dutch colonial government. Mental coolies has been engrained into one of the Indonesian human characters. So do not be surprised if it is identical with the mental coolies of poverty and ignorance.


Enda Kiebo third generation descendants of contract coolies on the ground Deli is trying hard to get out of the stigma of stupid and mental coolies who carried his family. Shackles coolies-contract in Tanah Deli which give effect to his grandfather traumatic Marto Kapuk to children and grandchildren make a determination Enda Kiebo so strong. He wanted to change the fate of his family and he wants to break a saying descent poor veins, poor bone. Therefore, he was trying hard to be a smart person.


However, Enda Kiebo struggle is not easy. Therefore, from the beginning of Enda Kiebo've been dealing with Benhart (13 years) son of a plantation administrator who does not want Enda Kiebo to school with him. Benhart tried hard to thwart the determination Kiebo Enda school.


Enda Kiebo really lucky to have a true friend of the school, Warriors of Dream Pursuer. They are like the angels savior in the face of terror Benhart Cs and Ronggur (30 years) the hitman nicknamed "The Congueror". In fact, when Enda Kiebo teacher punished severely threatened Doll (Beresman). Call it between them, Yan Utama (13), Indra Kesuma (14 years), Suhermanto (14 years), Ratna Sari (14 years), Elfi Zahara (13 years), Zainab Maria (14 years old), Arif Budiman (14 years) and Julbrito (14 years).


Another luck, Enda Kiebo had extraordinary teachers, Mrs. Nursyiah, Mrs. Maria, Mr. AM Manurung, Mr. M Manurung savvy burn the soul of the Warriors of Dream Pursuer to achieve his dreams. They’s “Fighting Spirit” trained with super science genius to none in the world, and to form mental superhuman character. Through the teachers who inspired it Enda Kiebo strive unmasked the secret of how devastating become a child genius.


In a way, Enda Kiebo and Yan Utama of trying to save Sundari (14) of disorders Ronggur. Later, Yan Utama was trying to get help Sundari foster parents to return to school. Meanwhile, Sundari instead teach Enda Kiebo, Yan Utama and members of the Warriors of Dream Pursuer develop creative thinking, the way of arranging the skin shell clams into a charming painting, artistic value and have high selling power.


Also, Enda Kiebo seeks to do the trick conguered opponent (Benhart) with a soft science, without violence. Muscle hardness not be countered with muscle hardness as well. Because, sometimes, violent muscle tenderness combated.


Coaching teachers extraordinary, create Warriors of Dream Pursuer can show extraordinary creativity to bring honor to their school in Medan Urban Development Fair event. Also, Enda Kiebo Cs achieve performance jewels as winners of scientific papers. Which is very encouraging thanks to super science genius of education teachers was extraordinary, " Warriors of Dream Pursuer " can achieve his dream real in real life. By Hendra Surya.

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This is about the book I wrote, love to hear comments.

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Players With & Without Swag

Posted by Babygv Sep 2, 2016

This is about the book I wrote, love to hear comments.

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Author T. L. Ellis

Posted by specialangel May 25, 2016

Hi everyone, A little about my self, I am a single mom of two grown boys, I have four beautiful grand children, They are my angels!!!I love to write children stories and am in the process of making five books into a series called Mystical Forest.They are learning exsperienced. They teach to listen ,trust, make friengds. I truly hope that you enjoy these stories and if you have any questions you can always contact me here or at please check out my book called( Mystical Forest Michael learns a lesson)  It is available on amazon, createspace. I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. T L Ellis

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As I finished up my sophomore novel, Black Water Tales: The Unwanted, I decided that I should take my marketing plan up a notch by creating a book trailer. Great idea, right? Yes, until I began my research by Googling “book trailers”. Talk about disappointment. Most book trailers (the ones not promoting big-budget authors like Stephen King and J.K. Rowling) were packed with stagnant images rolling languidly across the screen, music that failed to capture the sentiment of the story and bad font, but ALL of this was not even the worst part. When I began researching the companies responsible for these projects and their prices, I nearly fell out of my seat. To get little more than a glorified PowerPoint, prices started no less than $500 (and that was on the low side). For trailers, still simple, but with a more cinematic feel, I was looking at thousands, some of them up to $10K, which is ridiculous and completely out of touch with reality when targeting the indie or small press author.


              But lucky for us, there’s a work around. Because I also have some background in acting, I figured that I could produce my own book trailer and so can you.


            Here are some tips for producing your own cinematic book trailer on a budget.


1.      Keep It Simple: A budget-friendly book trailer is simply NOT the place for moon walks, explosions and high-speed car chases, but uncomplicated does not necessarily equate to unimaginative or valueless. Simple equates to budget friendly. You will have to get creative, but creative is your specialty, right? If you have an action book, you may not be able to shoot the woman parachuting out of the plane, but you can film the assassin on top of the building about to take out his highly sought after target. No matter what genre you write or what your book is about, you can easily create a scene or theme to shoot that captures the essence of your work.


2.      Find the local film community: It will be a little more difficult if you live in Preston, Idaho, but even in smaller areas, you can find people. There is always a film community, it may not be the exact same kind or size that it is in Hollywood, but that is not important. Look into local film industry meetups or contact acting schools or community theaters, who many times have a database of actors and crew and would be happy to send out your crew call and casting call for free.


a.       Most times you have to pay your crew, but not necessarily. Everyone is always looking to gain experience. Shooting a horror trailer, you may meet a video editor who has all of her own equipment and is willing to work for little to nothing because she’s been wanting to add some horror to her portfolio.


b.      Actors are more willing to work for credit and footage. In no way am I encouraging taking advantage of actors; if you have the money, pay them, but if you are on a super tight budget and you will not be making any profit from the book trailer, your actors will likely be willing to participate in exchange for the professional footage for their demo reels.


c.       Be up front about your budget (or lack thereof). Let people know that you are paying for everything out of pocket and/or that you are on a shoestring budget. Trust me, if anyone understands money woes, your local film community does and may have mercy on your wallet.


3.      Get organized


a.       Shooting a film, even a super short that will ultimately be made into a book trailer is no small amount of work. By the time you hire cast and crew, you should have an outline of how you want the trailer to look, a script, a budget, etc. The most important role will be your cinematographer, hire that person first, then other crew if you need them and last, the actors.


4.      Trust Yourself


a.       No one knows your book or understand your vision better than you. So what, if you have never directed a book trailer before, ultimately all that you are doing is bringing your work to life and no one will work harder to extract moving, vibrant life from your work.


            By no stretch of the imagination am I saying that my book trailer is the best one out there, but what is key is that it is an authentic reflection of my work and within my financial plan. For a professional cinematographer, actors, editing, the little stock footage (images, sound, etc.) that I did use, I spent approximately the same amount that I would have paid a company for one of those slow moving PowerPoints. By producing my own trailer, I got a product that I am proud to put my name on and I could not ask for much more.


Jean Nicole Rivers


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For Eddie Cancer Survivor

Posted by poncho66 Feb 28, 2016

Woke this morning with thought pressing. From the sale of my poetry book, to donate 15% to Youth Mentoring Programs and 15% to Fighting Cancer. Will continue to honor me eldest brother who wrote song and verse but was never published whos works disappeared after his death. Through my poetry and his name on my book, he survives in my spirit.

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POEM NUMBER THREE,  To Emily  This burst is enough just as life isn't. But I digress like the crab to meet you In that time beyond boundaries where all Are immortal but not equal to the Task sublime, nor patient to please Unborn poets and writers and readers of skill.

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Addela's secret.

Posted by clebzz Dec 1, 2015

Eliza was a language professor and Addela  a lawyer they were very good friends until  ELIZA,  asked her to work  on  her   boy friend's case.

Jacob   introduced to  her by a friend he.a was business Administrator .the couple were  dating and shortly he moved in to her  flat,she didn't know he was a foreigner and his passport had expired   he asked her if she knew any body could do something to hinder his deportation.ELIZA,didn't think  it twice,she called her friend and told her the plight her boy friend was experiencing.Addela said she would take the case and move as fast as possible to stop  immigration from deporting Jacob. .

Eliza asked  how much was her fee?   the lawyer told her wasn't to worry about money, for the time being,because they were good friends..ELIZA gave her boy friend the attorney's address. two weeks later she found out  her boy friend had stolen some of her documents,  he and  the lawyer began to  plot a way to snatch them her....

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Posted by accountinghour Oct 2, 2015

Statement of Financial Position


Your personal net worth is the best way to determine what you worth and where you are in finance. Your net worth is determined by deducting your liability (what you owe) from your assets (what you own). Statement of personal financial position shows all the assets you have and the liability you incurred as at a particular period. The components of statement of financial position are assets and liabilities.

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Posted by SDDEROTICA Jul 18, 2015




Luscious tender and seeking

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Parallel Aklila Kedan's Except

Posted by Kedan May 24, 2015

WITHIN THIS WORLD, each human being is a metaphysical entity,. This means our physical actions, appearance, and words represent our inner invisible beings. Not only does the outer reflect the inner, but we are also living hieroglyphics an aspect of a greater idea. But even further the righteous and elect of the All Powerful are for and of the Anointed Messiah.

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