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Publishing on Kindle.

Posted by mickjugrim Jul 19, 2016

Hi, can anyone help? I published my book, Short, Short Stories for Busy, Busy People as a paperback on Createspace no problem. When I published it on Kindle Direct Publishing however, the numbers in the contents page wer all over the place giving a very unprofessional look to the electronic version of the book. I downloaded the interior and removed the numbers. when I re-uploaded the interior, I discovered that there are now two versions available. One with the numbers on the contents page and one without. (Each has its own ISBN number) Has anyone else experienced this or can anyone advise me of a solution.


Thanks and best wishes.

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Author T. L. Ellis

Posted by specialangel May 25, 2016

Hi everyone, A little about my self, I am a single mom of two grown boys, I have four beautiful grand children, They are my angels!!!I love to write children stories and am in the process of making five books into a series called Mystical Forest.They are learning exsperienced. They teach to listen ,trust, make friengds. I truly hope that you enjoy these stories and if you have any questions you can always contact me here or at please check out my book called( Mystical Forest Michael learns a lesson)  It is available on amazon, createspace. I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. T L Ellis

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Write your Story

Posted by Debera Feb 17, 2016

My first blog. Im not sure how to use this or what its for, but im going to learn now. Thanks for reading. Deb

I am writing about my life and its triumphs and tragedies.

I hope to make the reading, not only unique and interesting but also inspiring.

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POEM NUMBER THREE,  To Emily  This burst is enough just as life isn't. But I digress like the crab to meet you In that time beyond boundaries where all Are immortal but not equal to the Task sublime, nor patient to please Unborn poets and writers and readers of skill.

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My challenges and successes

Posted by Mauratee Dec 18, 2015

Hi pals, I've been quite busy for a while trying to get my book published since the last time I visited here, now it's got to the final stage, I've managed to juggle work, kids, family and working on the book, it's not been easy but it's worth it, I am now thinking forward to the next stage of my writings, but I find some occurrence tend to creep in to deter my efforts, I only work two days a week and be off the weekend, so u try not to let the baggages and stress at work mar my weekend, emotionally, otherwise, I cannot function properly, hence productivity is low. I therefore came up with a strategy to help me get through this ordeal, just a trial at first and this happened to work for me, I try as much as possible to deal with each troubling issue as much as possible before the end of each day, then, I don't go home with it, one of the most challenging issue is giving good answers back at colleagues and senior workers who try to undermine you, this happens almost at every work place, standing up for myself and being extra assertive. This is really difficult when you work in the healthcare sector where you have a lot of hierarchical order. I will post later, some specific examples with the appropriate responses or better put, the responses I gave that worked. If you've gone through similar experiences, you can share them then, they could be of help to me or other people who are having problems in this area, thanks

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Learning How To Slow Down!

Posted by annija Nov 12, 2015

I am so glad that I revised my book and even happier that nobody bought it!! After I actually slowed down and read what I had wrote I saw that not only was I impatient but had made mistakes that nobody saw. Thank God for the more experienced authors who took the time to point out my errors!

Not only was I able to add a little more action to my story but also to take my time and think things through so the reader can understand what I'm trying to say.This time when I read the story I enjoyed it and hope the reader does too! I found that by meditating, I can remain calm and not get over excited about writing my first book. This helped me out a lot!

Again, I want to thank the writers who helped me to refocuse!

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Posted by accountinghour Oct 2, 2015

Statement of Financial Position


Your personal net worth is the best way to determine what you worth and where you are in finance. Your net worth is determined by deducting your liability (what you owe) from your assets (what you own). Statement of personal financial position shows all the assets you have and the liability you incurred as at a particular period. The components of statement of financial position are assets and liabilities.

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Parallel Aklila Kedan's Except

Posted by Kedan May 24, 2015

WITHIN THIS WORLD, each human being is a metaphysical entity,. This means our physical actions, appearance, and words represent our inner invisible beings. Not only does the outer reflect the inner, but we are also living hieroglyphics an aspect of a greater idea. But even further the righteous and elect of the All Powerful are for and of the Anointed Messiah.

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sit and be bored?

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I have been finding it a bit hard to navigate through some of the things I need answers to.

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I am finding it a little difficult. Right now I am going through IngramSparks for expanded distribution but still using CS and Amazon for digital.

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I love history books and mystery books the most. Anything to do with music history gets me going. Can anyone recommend anyone I should check out or books I should check out?

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FREE book on kindle TODAY!

Posted by monalisa5 Jul 5, 2014




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"Da Vinci's REAL Hidden Secrets presents:
'Secrets and Adversaries: The Beginning'
A FREE Amazon promotion Saturday, May 31, 2014 of the thrilling mystery novel:
'Secrets and Adversaries: The Beginning'
COPY 'Secrets and Adversaries: The Beginning' to enter on for Book #1.jpg


"Da Vinci's REAL Hidden Secrets: Treasure Island"
Embark upon a REAL Treasure Hunt with Da Vinci's REAL Treasure Map.
Discover how comparing Da Vinci's Map to the 'Madonna of the Rocks' leads to secret Treasure!

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free book today on kindle

Posted by monalisa5 May 3, 2014

"Da Vinci's REAL Hidden Secrets: Treasure Island"
Embark upon a REAL Treasure Hunt with Da Vinci's REAL Treasure Map.
Discover how comparing Da Vinci's Map to the 'Madonna of the Rocks' leads to secret Treasure!
"Da Vinci's REAL Hidden Secrets: Treasure Island"

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