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What is your book?s ISBN?

Posted by keerthi May 23, 2018

ISBN is the abbreviation for International Standard Book Number which is uniquely used to identify book and allied products throughout the world. These were previously made up of only 10 digits but increased to thirteen digits from 2007. The ISBNs are necessary to identify a title or a particular edition of a title, which helps in efficient and effective marketing of books across wholesalers, libraries and distributors.



The original ten digit number had four distinct identities embedded within it. The four parts had variable lengths, with each part separated from the other by a hyphen. These parts include the country identifier, publisher identifier, title identifier and the check digit at the end of it which validates the ISBN. The ten digit ISBN number always started with the letters ISBN. The current ISBN-13 however has five distinct identities embedded in it which additionally includes a prefix of 978.



ISBNs are assigned by over 160 ISBN agencies spread throughout the world. Each agency is responsible for assigning numbers within a country or over a geographic area. Traditional book and eBook publishers, audio and video producers, software developers and those associated with any other publishing seek these ISBNs. ISBNs are also assigned to back list or forthcoming titles too. As for books, every format like hardcover, paper bound, eBook, audio or video require to have a separate ISBN. While even revised versions require having an ISBN, the ISBNs cannot be reused.



Upon the direct request of these publishers, ISBN agencies assign these numbers. ISBNs are sold in blocks of 10 or 100 and are bought by publishers depending on their future needs. It generally takes about a fortnight for processing non priority ISBN applications. There is also priority processing of 48 hours and express processing of 24 hours from the receipt of application.



A service fee is attached with all applications for ISBNs. Fee details are available with the application details. The fee for express and priority processing is obviously higher than the standard processing fee. An added advantage of having the ISBN is that it is compatible to bar code reading by bar code readers.



Allocating ISBN for books are a part of the standard publishing packages here at eBooks2go.(contains whole copy right services details)




Provides self publihsing needs

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How do I get a book published?

Posted by keerthi May 23, 2018

Of course, now that you have done the hard part of giving your ideas and stories a proper shape, you need to make an extra effort in terms of getting the manuscript published. The process though a long and a patient art, becomes a little more organised if you manage to employ a publisher who will help you through the process. The main steps involved in getting your manuscript printed as a book are:

Sending A Book Report or Manuscript for Consideration:

  • Within this step you may proof read your manuscript for any apparent mistakes or errors, and prepare to send the manuscript to a renowned publisher.
  • In case your manuscript is of a fiction genre, you may just need to send a book report to get considered.
  • Make sure that the Manuscript is exactly how you need your final output to be in form of chronology, topics, arrangement and if you intend to use images, then their marked placements etc needs to be established with care.


Acquisition and Editorial Works:


  • Within this step you will get notified from the publisher’s editorial desk, if your manuscript has been accepted or not.
  • If it hasn’t you are free to approach other websites.
  • However, if your manuscript has been picked up, you can approach the editor for forging an agreement which allows you to claim the rights upon the content, and further get involved in the process of publication.


Scheduling and Production:


  • Within this step, the participation of an author is kept to the minimum.
  • This step is an internal procedure followed by an editor in terms of preparing the book for final output.
  • The initial step taken up by editor is that he allocates a timeline to produce such output.
  • This starts with deciding on a release date and design his timeline and milestones to be achieved accordingly.

Marketing and Sales:


  • As the production process is underway, a publisher can undertake marketing and awareness steps for the book.
  • This is important to create a hype for the coming book, and ensure a minimal range of sales through an anticipatory period of release.
  • Thus, with marketing done, the book is open for Pre-Orders, contests and such.
  • These measures plummet the sales of the books as soon as it hits the stores.


Printing and Distribution:


  • As and when the above activities are established, the publisher in consent with the author, orders the printing of books as per lots, basing on the demand created form initial probes.
  • A safer way of doing this is when a publisher opts to just go with a sample run, and test the acceptance levels for a said material.
  • Once he satisfies himself as to what the book can achieve, he orders the lots to be published.
  • Also, as they are done, the publisher ensures that the books are distributed in a proper manner all around the avenues of retailers, bloggers, bookstores, critical reviewers and online shopping portals as well.


Visit the thread below for the whole discussion on Publishing the book.


Complete self publishing needs and Free Self publishing and Book marketing guides





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5 check my Affiliate company toward the business development and my Author profile, I don't know why reviews should be my primary focus, I see that the public do look at them but I know that having worked really hard on promoting, advertising, building my legacy future and my Author blogs will develop, I appear has a little author because my reviews are so low and even on Amazon. I don't truly put much taught toward my competitors, I see friends not rivals trying to suck up your blood, why should we be rivals there enough place for all of us. Getting my Audible thru acx is great already, !!! I have enough things to do to run around discussions trying to get reviews that no one wants to gave.

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Hi everyone, I know many of you are here to compete with each others on who will sell books 1st, I'm enjoying learning about other writers and impress by some readers and how much they can actually read!! I m a small reader but a bigger writer!!! Everyone wants the prize!!!??? But who gets it? The most ferocious telemarketers? Sales agent? Probably they know everything about marketing that's for sure, me I just want a tiny piece of cake a small reward nomination, anything so I could earn a little. So I decided that if I wanted to keep writing what I wanted and be and do what I love I will try making a book that could sale for once. So I did ( Stop setting, Start leaving ) on e-book Amazonkindle were you can find all my listings. If any of you can review I will send you a free copy to your inbox💙

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Hello All,


I hope this message finds you well. This is my first time publishing and I have a few questions I wonder if you all may help me answer?


1. When publishing with Create Space does a Copyright page automatically generate with data I plug in? Or is this something I need to draft or complete on my own?


2. I will send my manuscript to individuals that I will ask to make a comment for the back of the book. Am I able to add those comments after publishing?



I thought I had more but that'll do for now. Thanks all!

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Pages in Your Book

Posted by jpb3 Jan 16, 2018

Hey everyone,


I just wanted to post something quick about how you publish you pages. I just published my book "Goal Setting: Your Weekly Workbook" and I had to make sure certain pages were on the left side of the open book while others were on the right side. The pages I'm talking about are for people to actually fill out themselves.


I wrote the book on a Word Document. Word does not have the same "view" as Createspace when it comes to where your pages are on the physical book. Be sure to use Createspace's view as your final revision rather than Word (if you're using Word). Createspace shows you exactly how the book will look while Word simply moves their pages shown on the "Side to Side" portion from the right page to the left.


I made the mistake in thinking the pages were being flipped in the "Side to Side" mode rather than just transitioned from right to left. This was a beginner mistake, but thank goodness I got to see it when I ordered my proof!


Good luck to you all! Especially the beginners like me learning a lot as we go.



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I put a lot of creativity and passion into this. Check it out and let me know what you think. “My World in Words” by Joseph Albrecht is available on, Barnes and Noble and the CreateSpace E Store! I enjoyed this project and hope you do also. Thanks.


Joseph Albrecht, NDTR

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I wanted to share my experience with Createspace and the timeline for working with the site. Overall, it's been an amazing thing to watch my MS Word File come to life as a real-life book in my hands. So mind-blowing!



Dec 2016       Manuscript complete


1/20/17          Created Createspace Account


1/20/17          Received call from Createspace for help on their publishing packages. Considered them over the weekend, but decided to do this on                     my own, since I had a strict timeline. I was invited to speak at a Christian Women's Conference on Feb 18... they said that a 4 week                     turnaround would be really tight.


1/22/17          Worked on my own Cover using Canva (free and absolutely amazing!)

                     Uploaded Cover to Cover maker (couldn't figure out how to make the back cover, so uploaded just the front & used CS Cover Maker                     for back).

                    Worked 20+ hours over the weekend to format interior of book - uploaded interior

                    Submitted book for approval in the late afternoon

                    Applied for LCCN # through Library of Congress - free


1/23/17         Technical Specs approval received at 10:00 am

                   Ordered First Proof via regular shipping (US) - expected 1/31/17


1/27/17         Jumped for JOY!!! Received Proof and held it in my hand while I jumped around in my kitchen!


2/1/17          Took forever to figure out why the gremlins had attacked the interior formatting of my book - when you fix one little thing, have to fix                    everything + re-do the Table of Contents!!! Re-submitted changes for approval at 7:00 pm


2/2/17          Obsessively checked e-mail until approval received at 12:31 pm - Drove my husband nuts.

2/2/17          [15min later] ordered SECOND Proof since I changed margins, gutter, format. Asked for RUSH Shipping!

2/6/17         Proof came on a Monday - made changes (minor & annoying ones) & submitted for approval review at 9:00pm


2/7/17         Thought I was compulsive before... checked website, e-mail & refreshed every 20 min.  Approval received 2:45pm

                  3:15pm - double & triple checked PDF proof (too late to order a copy now)

                  4:30pm - published to Kindle (without realizing I needed to format it differently! Whoops!)

                  9:00 pm - Received e-mail that it was approved from Kindle


2/8/17        Book was on Amazon... no kidding!!! Giddy with disbelief! Told everyone I knew!

2/8/17        Ordered my first set of 50 copies for the Women's Conference with RUSH delivery

2/13/17      Still waiting for my books to show up - expected date is Feb 14, but checked delivery status & shows they should be delivered today!


Thoughts: Steep learning curve & countless hours at the computer, making my eyes go beary. Now I know why CS does this for you. Advice: Pay them the $400 to do your interior! Wow!!! What a pain in the rear! Never realized what went into that. The headers were enough to make anyone scream. Glad I did all though because:

1. I am cheap & have a minimum budget

2. You learn how to do this on your own so you can do it again for the next book (of course there's another one... too addictive)

3. You can share ups/downs with others.


Hope you found this helpful, especially on how quickly CS turns things around. 24 hour approval is quite amazing, since my friend who published traditionally said it can take weeks.




From Isa to Christ - A Muslim Woman's Search for the Hand of God


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In questo libro sono state raccolte alcune nozioni fondamentali sulla sicurezza elettrica ed in particolare sulle protezioni contro i contatti indiretti nei sistemi elettrici industriali.

Lo scopo principale di tale realizzazione è di esporre, discutere e comprendere, nonché di risolvere i problemi concernenti la pericolosità dei contatti indiretti ed anche, in minima parte, dei contatti diretti. Il seguente libro cerca di ricoprire un campo piuttosto vasto riguardante i pericoli derivanti dalle differenti applicazioni dell'elettricità, per cui si trattano argomenti che vanno dalla moderna classificazione dei sistemi in bassa tensione (TT, TN, IT) e dal problema del coordinamento dei sistemi di protezioni con gli impianti di messa a terra dei sistemi suddetti, ai problemi sulle protezioni contro i contatti indiretti in media ed alta tensione, ma anche alle protezioni contro i rischi elettrici che possono essere insiti in ambienti come locali da bagno, piscine ed ospedali.


Ing. Antimo Audino

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It is not easy writing and publishing off an IPad 4!  But it keeps me honest so to speak.  Every word is suspect, and could be distorted by

the iPad's self correct function.  But I have had to buy help from Createspace in formatting, image making, and now transferring the paper back to Kindle Direct Publishing.  Any experiences you have had might help me navigate these labyrinths! 

Dialogue seems to be a problem for formatting software.  If a character speaks more than one sentence, the software makes a paragraph out of the second or third sentence!  But it does not add a quotation mark, so the poor reader thinks another person has interrupted!

  This has been criticized by my readers and reviewers. 

   Incidentally, the above effect is called "widows and orphans" by the editors in formatting.  Any sentence that is interrupted and created into a new paprgraph is  a widow or orphan.   Apparently, these effects happen when transferring your manuscript from, say, Apple to Windows. It is the toughest part of self publishing, at least for me.  Thanks for any input for my future indie pubs.  Zandy Clark, Missing Danny, stories of a Runaway.  Young adult, middle grade. 

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This is about the book I wrote, love to hear comments.

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Players With & Without Swag

Posted by Babygv Sep 2, 2016

This is about the book I wrote, love to hear comments.

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Author T. L. Ellis

Posted by specialangel May 25, 2016

Hi everyone, A little about my self, I am a single mom of two grown boys, I have four beautiful grand children, They are my angels!!!I love to write children stories and am in the process of making five books into a series called Mystical Forest.They are learning exsperienced. They teach to listen ,trust, make friengds. I truly hope that you enjoy these stories and if you have any questions you can always contact me here or at please check out my book called( Mystical Forest Michael learns a lesson)  It is available on amazon, createspace. I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. T L Ellis

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How to publish a coloring book?

Posted by Dreyden Feb 19, 2016

I am relatively new to this. Could someone help me take to the right channels so I can publish my coloring book?

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Posted by Raviji Feb 4, 2016


                    The way we live in life

                    His some what dull in life     

                 We think unknown thing which   

                Harm other or disappiontment their

                                            Way of life

                           Wake up in Brightness of nature

                                    Don't feel with tragic

                                  Think it make it or do it

                                 In some way or the other

                             Which makes your life Happy   




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