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Fear often robs people of the joy they could otherwise have.   Getting rid of that fear is not always easy. Unseen dangers and uncertain futures become fodder for the terror monsters.  In contrast, a look to happier things and a trust in someone who is bigger and able to control dangers and all futures, leads to a greater contentment.  There is also a MAJOR case for planning future happiness by choices we make today.  We can cultivate more happy feelings in the future by what we invest in, today.

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Okay, so there's no space aliens or battles beyond the stars - and there's few if any zombies, but I still think there is room for serious writing about serious things.  I mean, really, people are struggling every day and need HELP! 


I set out on a journey to help people get over the biggest humps in life.  I hate to see men and women suffer from lack of knowledge and perspective.  God has shared so much with me about life and my relationship with Him.  I have crumbled under the weight of this world's lies.  I have risen above incredible battles by only the power of God in my life. 


There is more love in God's heart than a person can imagine. He often is very different than people think.  Unraveling those misdirections and mistaken identities is a huge task.  I  believe God wants me to share what I have learned from Him. 


I believe, firmly, that people can rise from the darkest pits and live a rewarding life that is full and free.  I believe that there is nothing Satan can break that God can't fix.  It does take a deep trust and some patience.  God does not do everything instantly.  Over a reasonable length of time, God can work miraculously to restore and rebuild lives, from the inside out. 


Three of my books deal with serious life issues, especially those that are embedded in spiritual confusion.  I hope you will take the time to absorb the deeper concepts of my literature.


The OTHER Jesus?



Make Me Happy



The Veil - things unseen

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The Gold Scalpel

Posted by DanD Oct 14, 2013

Gold Scalpel.JPG The Gold Scalpel is a novel about a surgeon who is awarded the Gold Scalpel from the medical center where he performs surgery.  The book follows the surgeon until .........

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I suppose I'm just cynical, but it seems to me that so many people just don't seriously care about their lives or about long term happiness in life, anymore.  Seems like people govern their lives haphazardly.  Feeding the escapism mechnanisms, are so many new books about space, aliens and future high-tech wars. Now I love a good sci-fi, so don't misunderstand me, but in the quiet lone times, I feel those deeper hurts and fragaments of past social skirmishes.  I've shared my heart, life experiences and my minister advice in a newer book.  It is playful but insightful and full of great advice.


Take a look at the preview and the samples on Amazon.  You just might want to read more.  

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Suffolk and Beyond

An acclaimed collection of new poetry by Graham Denny

Foreword by best-selling author Charlie Haylock and following an author interview on BBC radio, this poetry book takes an in depth look at the English rural county of Suffolk..and beyond.

The works cover the history of the county with recounts of World War two, Christian spiritual works and, running through, a social comment on the changing face of English life.



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Anyone willing to review?

Posted by DJLambert Oct 8, 2013
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Happy Asylum Preview

Posted by macabre_hollow Oct 7, 2013


Use the link above to go to the Happy Asylum preview. Read through it and give me a review on if you like it or not.

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Because I was a Fourteen-year-old that wanted to become pregnant-and I eventally did- I am sharing my story to get the message out that these reality shows are determining the future of our girls!

The Impact

We must show our youth the real consequences of having a baby at a very young  age. Our girls need to stay girls while they still have that limited time window. There is so much pressure to grow up much so fast, and this interferes with personal development and self-esteem!

  • My story is REAL. My story was never public, and I am risking my reputation, valued relationships, and possible humiliation and ridicule in the hopes of making a difference.
  • My story will open the eyes of young girls, and also help those who are already on the path that I was once on, to have a better understanding of every small decision made.
  • Most Importantly, my accomplishments and persistence will be of far greater value, to my children who I miss so dearly every day; than it will ever be to me. My girls sufered trough losing me, and once again lost their adoptive mother recently to an illness. When they become adults, I have faith that I can one day reunite with them as their mother, mentor, example, and friend. The lost time that will only increase over the next few years will have a meaning behind it and show my babies how HUGE of a role their existence has played into making a positive change and touching so many lives. This impact is invaluable. This will help these precious angels to understand that THEY WERE WORTH EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY STRUGGLE. The world is, and will always be, a better place because of them. I love you girls endlessly and I will NEVER give up.





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