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November 2013

They were bestowed upon friends,  There was Jamal, Tony and " college bound"  Steve.   Steve

is trying to make his provisions while attending college as a handyman.   With that college degree

and a subway token Steve can get a ride on any trolley in the city.  

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One radio news editor called me yesterday 18th November, 2013.He said he read my book CHANGE YOUR CHOICE DESIGN YOUR FUTURE and his life has been changed by the life principles that I espounded in that life tranforming book. A preacher of about 15,000 member got a copy and he gave it to one of  his member that has so much financial challenges, according to this preacher, the  member returned to tell him after 3 day of reading the book that his financial challenges has been resolved. I gave a copy to a lady at the University of Leicester last August, she was so tired when she returrned from school back to her residential hall that she just want to read a page of the book and sleep. She was surprised that she could not sleep until she finished reading the book. Countless people called, send email to tell me how this book CHANGE YOUR CHOICE DESIGN YOUR FUTURE has literaly transformed thier emotional, personal, financial life.

You need this book. Order for a copy from createspace or amazon today and please post a review on createspace

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I will seriously be posting everywhere to get my book preview out there. So I'm sorry if my posts keep popping up!


Anyways, I'm requesting a review of my book---obviously from the title of my post.


Some questions I have for you guys:

1. Is the book easy to read? (Ie: Is it clear? Can you tell what is happening? Are there any sentences that make you scratch your head?)

2. Would you continue reading it?

3. Would you suggest it to a friend?


And then obviously I would love to hear your overall opinion of it and any advice you have for me.


Thanks in advance!

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Bounce! The Beginning

Posted by Bounce123 Nov 13, 2013

A Book for Murder, Mystery, Super Hero and Thriller lovers alike.


This is my first book in the Bounce! Trilogy.


You can find it at and or visit my website at

My Second Book Bounce! 2 Seeking, finding the truth is out on ebook at or uk. and will be out on createspace in the next few days.

My third Book Bounce! 3 Is this Palmers dimise with be on sale in early March 2014.


Please look it up and have a read i personally think you will like wht you read.

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Hola amigos

Posted by edrapecor Nov 11, 2013

saludos desde venezuela...


De ser posible queriamos una ayuda.. tengo titulos repetidos de una misma novela que he publicado..pero no se como eliminar una de las trabajos repetidos.  saldusos y gracias por la ayuda.. edrapecor

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Gene Geter offers an excellent overview of the secrets of the universe and the workings of our subconscious mind, with a brilliant, albeit almost-seems-too-easy, way to attract wealth. He makes no false promises regarding the amount. He generously shares the insights he's learned throughout his lifetime...

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Sevenfold Just Released in Print

Posted by ilyan Nov 1, 2013

Announcing the print edition of the latter-day short story, Sevenfold, now available in the CreateSpace eStore at


Coming soon to Amazon and Amazon Europe, and extended distribution channels.


Enjoy! Reviews are appreciated.



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Spirit Traveler Preview

Posted by macabre_hollow Nov 1, 2013

Here's the link to the Spirit Traveler Preview. Check it out and let me know your guys thought's on it.

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