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December 2013

I'd greatly appreciate you oppinions on my children's rhyming story, here's the intro and first chapter.    first chapter    intro



Thank you

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Despite being resourceful state in generating hydro-electric power, the State of Jammu and Kashmir suffers from electricity deficit which remains peak during winter.  Hide and seek with electricity in Kashmir valley during winter becomes a norm of day.  Cataclysmic changes and events becomes norm during winter in Kashmir which gets escalated by uneven power supply.

The new schedule of reduction of electricity started by the department of electricity has irked the consumers across the valley and everything has come to standstill. Every aspect of life has been halted by this unscheduled cut off in electricity in the valley. For tourists the coming of winter in Kashmir brings joy and pleasure but for common Kashmiri the cold spell of two months adds to their woes.


The playing of hide and seek with electricity during winter in Kashmir valley drives people to stage protests against authorities who often get unmoved. Failure of law and order becomes flavor of day .Women protestors has also been witnessed in major parts of Kashmir valley against irregular power cuts during winter .Even the consumers are aware of the fact that during winter the consumption of electricity gets increased but the government authorities should also shoulder their responsibilities properly by distributing power supply equally across the state without favoring the elite class.

Despite cut off schedule in electricity, the cut off schedule is not followed properly and consumers remain uncertain about the constant power supply. The electricity department despite witnessing increase in percentage of paying electricity bill on time by consumers, yet uncertainty looms in consumers about regular power supply during winter season .The percentage of defaulters has also reduced making no impact on power department.

Taking stock of the situations and realizing the growing demand of electricity during winter, the government should take stringent measures to bridge the electricity gap among the consumers. They should buy electricity from northern grid to fill this electricity gap.

Money is not now the problem with the government authorities as they collect a huge sum of money in crores from consumers of the valley. The education of educated youth also  gets affected and this  makes them to think they are living in dark ages relying on old chimneys ,lanterns, candles.etc .Now it is the age of e-commerce ,e-education ,outsourcing ,e-banking  which are dependent on constant electric supply so to think of these things in valley especially during winter without electricity is difficult to conceive.

Today education is not only restricted to pen and copy but it is now dependent on computers which require constant power supply. There is no aspect of life in twenty-first century which is not affected by electricity. Now the time has come that power authorities should take serious note for maintaining constant electric supply so that consumers will avoid holding demonstration against them and road blockages will get lessened.

Even the government has issued cut off schedule in electricity but that is followed improperly. Despite paying hefty sum of money to power department on regular basis, cut off schedule should be reduced to provide respite to consumers. Not only this the Chief minister of the state should urge centre to  provide additional electricity to maintain the constant electric supply in  the state. The gas turbine in pampore should also be run during day and night to fill the electricity deficit during winter in the valley.

Over and above the consumers should also replace halogen and tungsten bulbs with fluorescent tubes .The consumers should also put on lights in rooms while they are working and should switch off lighting system of other rooms. Room Heaters and boilers should be used less frequently. It is irony that Kashmir valley having high water resources is facing huge electricity deficit .

The state is still dependent on centre for starting hydro projects in the state and state is still  receiving meager royalty of 8 to 12 % from earlier power projects started in the state few decades back. Over and above the government should focus on development of mini hydro power projects in the valley to cater to electric deficit in the valley. Besides this the solar projects should be also planted to cater to the electric deficit in the valley .The government should also work stringently to liberate the centre owned hydro projects of the state and get the state rid off royalties.

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The Season for Sharing

Posted by Pen2Paper Dec 18, 2013

Once again, the season of sharing is upon us. I've been absent from the community over the past several weeks due to an obsessive need to polish my debut novel, Red Hunger, to what will hopefully be a worthy, finished product. But personal aspirations aside, I would like to take a moment to send out a shout in support of those whose hearts are big enough to ease the pain of family, friends, and even those they may never meet.


Charity indeed begins at home, but it is so magical and complete that it can spread across the globe, touching the least and less fortunate of us, warming hearts, healing minds, bodies, and spirits, for this is the true meaning of giving, of caring, of love...


So I say to you all, take a moment to reflect on your good fortune and know that fortune, in all its forms, is meant to be shared.


Happy Holidays and good fortune to you all!


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I am looking for people to watch my short 28 minute global warming film and then leave me a review on Amazon afterwards :-)


Where to watch movie:



Where to leave a review on both Amazon pages:



Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy the film!!!!

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Mamm of Dunnottar is a work in progress; comments, questions, and critiques are welcomed! 


Here is a preview of the arrival of a 'new' character to the cast; it's fairly early on in the text to date (and I think this guy might be around for the whole of the Long Dark as he seems to be settling right in). 


Mamm of Dunnottar, Elder of our cast of characters, is telling the history of her heirloom under-bed storage chest;.  It helps to pass the evenings of the Long Dark, and is part of the education of the younglings (and adults, for that matter), when this evening's story is interrupted ... Danann One and Mamm One are the great-grandparents of Mamm of Dunnottar...


... "And so Danann One rides off with the Fienne to battle, and Mamm One stays behind. Neither knows how long the separation will be, nor does anyone know, but their circle stands waiting." 


Suddenly the dogs of Dunnottar get to their feet and go to attention.  They are not growling but their sudden movement has everyone on the alert. 


The dogs romp toward the door of the roundhouse, tails swinging madly, and they begin to bark . 


Sass is right behind them, with her soldier close on her heels. 


When a loud banging is heard on the door, her eyebrows raise and she says, ‘Do they think us deaf?’


Opening the door, she repeats the question at the top of her lungs, ‘DO YOU THINK US DEAF?!’ 


And realizes that she has just shouted into the chest of a very tall person standing outside of the door.


She raises her eyes slowly until they finally meet the cheerful and un-insulted eyes of the man she has just shouted at.


‘No I don’t think you’re deaf.  I just like to make a grand entrance.’


And it dawns on Sass who this man must be. 


She backs into the roundhouse and beckons him to follow, her soldier watching warily as the tall man stoops to get through the doorway that was made to accommodate Danann’s height.  This is one very tall person indeed. 


Mamm greets him happily from her chair by the fire and he goes to her, shedding his layers of cloaks and plaids and jackets as he goes.


By the time he gets to Mamm there’s not much left of him but for his great height. 


Mamm’s head tilts back, and back, and back, in order to see his face, although she already knows full well who this is.


‘Well back up a little so I can get a good look at you,’ she snaps at him. ‘Better yet, sit down here with the younglings so I can look at you eye to eye.’


‘It’s been a long while, Mamm,’ says the visitor. ‘Do you remember me?’


‘Hard to forget such a one,’ laughs Mamm.


She reaches out for a hug once he is seated on the floor and she can reach him. 


‘Welcome Tavvish!  Welcome to Dunnottar!’


‘Thank you, Mamm of Dunnottar! It’s darned good to be here, let me tell you. I’ve had a cold time getting here, but have made it now … so … where’s the mead?’ 


Now, nobody but Mamm knows who in the heck this guy is except for Sass.  They’re all standing there gaping at him, still shocked at the pounding he did to their door, the layers of clothing he has shed across the floor of the roundhouse, and the transformation of him from an enormously huge person to one so spare as to be a walking skeleton, albeit a very tall and very animated skeleton.


Talorc, true to form, finds his wits first and approaches.  He’s got one hand out to shake this man’s hand and a mug of mead in the other.  He’s a little surprised at the strength of the hand that grips his and grins outright (believe it or not – this is Talorc remember – he’s almost laughing) when his mug of mead is immediately appropriated and drained in one go. 


As the others see this uncharacteristic response of the usually reserved Talorc, they crowd closer and introductions ensue. 


Caileen joins her husband and frees his hand so that she can shake the hand of this man who so delights Talorc.  She doesn’t know who this is but she likes him already. 


Alianora and Drustann are next; they too are charmed by this man who has come to them from out of the Long Dark night.  They have heard of him on their journeys, but never met him.


Then comes Sass. 


Sass asks him where is his harp and his flute and his other gear, which earns her a huge grin and a hearty laugh.


She joins in with the infectious laughter, but won’t give up her question.


‘Where is all your stuff?’ she asks again. ‘If it’s outside you’d best get it in here – it can’t be good for it to be out in the cold night!’


‘Ah, right you are, Sass!  It’s all right outside the door.  I left it there in case I had the wrong place and got chased out.’ 


Kalann and Aine step up as Sass races to the door. 


‘Welcome to Dunnottar!’ they say in unison, and each take one of the bony hands extended to them.  Tavvish pulls the two of them right down into the jumble of younglings and laughs at the looks on their faces.


‘And welcome to our gathering at the feet of Mamm of Dunnottar,’ answers Tavvish with another laugh as the two of them get over their shock and relax amid the scrambling younglings. 



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Brand review:


-Set up of periodical (or one shot) 360°-mix reviews through an established format


Workshop animation:


Capability of realizing workshops on various marketing themes:


-Brand DNA & positioning


-Specific industry trends


-Consumer behaviour


-Advertising effectiveness


-Media landscapes & digital evolution




Short listing:


-Deep Blue Marketing Efficiency Group is one of the few providers on the Belgian market offering a service about communication agency search and pitch management.


-Concrete and proven method (more than 15 pitches handled since 4 years)


Know more about us

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Books vs Xmas Cards

Posted by Tayjobo Dec 7, 2013

This is just a tip. It's more practical to send a book rather than an xmas card.

At least books are never discarded or thrown away when the season or event ends.

Books are kept forever and more memorable. What's your experience? Happy

holidays all!

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Reventing the musical

Posted by bigideas Dec 6, 2013

Hi I have an interesting project and would like feedback in it..I have always liked rock operas

such as tommy and bohemian rapsady.I have a project that I'm enthusiastic about.I want to record

a musical completely, on cd and release it, to the question is do plays and musicals have to be experinced

live for them to be successful?

thanks for taking the time to read my blog

I look forward to reading the responses.

Nathan troxel

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Good morning, Fellow Authors!


I trust you all had a happy and safe July 4th and are enjoying the remainder of your weekend!


I wrote and published a fun children's book toward the end of 2013. I am now working the audio version. I have attached a preview for your perusal and would absolutely appreciate your feedforward.


Thank you in advance,


A.K. Haynes

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Handy Lyrics

Posted by Tayjobo Dec 4, 2013

It's Christmas time again. Instead of coyping lyrics from the internet, I created a book of lyrics.

Now everybody can tune in, play their cd's, videos, mp3's, youtube, etc and sing with confidence.

I included oldies, spanish, and other favorites, including Filipino songs, with total 300 songs.

My amazon site is "tatay jobo elizes", with my complete book list. Let me know your similar works.

It's available on kindle, too.

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