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Posted by jtomasb Jan 30, 2014

All of my books...Night Blade; The Quiet Place; Shadow Killer; The Dweller, Book I; The Dweller II, The Resurrection; and Keys of Death, are now published on createspace, and I'm very optimistic about the future...Thank you createspace.

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Revised Copy

Posted by Mia8 Jan 29, 2014

I thank those, who read my story and gave me the feedback. It really helped and I believe I fixed everything. But you can never be too, sure. So I decided to post another review. Please read the story more than once and let know what you think. When you answers the questions please give me a lot of detail.  Please let me know what you think, asap.



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           this is the story of dj.Ereck and spacewalker, the beginings and ending's their reckles and kind. a pride of unknown elements they been on and off together is the most curius logic power that evokes strong the universally experience emotions for the unique chemistry in the art form of music and dance!.. like the most famous rock stars, let's say.... it did not really happen. dj.Ereck and spacewalker they've been together in one form or another since 1984. from deprivations and distress times about depravity that seem to shake and revived in deep trouble. their talent combinations in music and dance was.. Fantastic!... and not many notice their talent technique universal mind dream world and the opening mind control grooving in the form of art music collection of dj.Ereck and the performance of one man show spacewalker. are heading out in different ways, but they are always ending up together finding their roots again. as a couple artists  they don't know the drift into infinity.. is the chemistry that it holds to them like a magnet beholding a brightest adventure. this is the story of two guy's having endure how they rebuilt how they began again trancending reality change their minds on how they wore cause of debts and troubles. and their creation art of cartooning themself into a real and fantasy adventure comic novel after 20 years. from advantage world in motion, up till down. to disadvantage ruined in a day, here today gone tomorrow. a story of ups and downs two prosperous artists joining such tenuous connections with joyful times in the clubs, raves, and community events the combinations of the old school and the new school music and dance style. they have combined and mixed all in to trance formations of a new Era adventure of dj.Ereck and spacewalker cartoon characters into a magic musical dance journey traveling from one place to another and because they care or because they could care less. pics 002.JPG

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Glad to say my second edition of the Chair Yoga book I wrote is out in a few days!


Learn how to practice yoga with chairs. Increase your energy and strength. Improve your concentration, flexibility, balance and sense of peace. "Yoga works at work", on airplanes, in a wheelchair, pre or postsurgery, with an injury or illness and at all ages and stages of life. You can improve your overall well-being with these simple exercises for the body, mind and Spirit. Yoga is for everyone! 


Stacie-Saraswati Dooreck is a certified Sivananda, Gentle Integral ,  Kundalini  and Prenatal Yoga Instructor, teaching yoga in senior homes, corporations and hospitals since 1994 and leads the SunLight Chair Yoga Teacher Trainings.  In 2013 SunLight Chair Yoga was featured on KQED/NPR radio and in 2011on CBS news. "Stacie is breathing new life into South Florida seniors."  -CBS Ch. 4 HealthWatch News Miami

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My First Book

Posted by Mia8 Jan 26, 2014

Well, here it is  the complete book I posted a while back. What I posted then was only 9 chapters. This is the completed copy. I need you help by answering the questions in my review. Remember honesty sales, fibbing flops. As you answering these questions I need you to be completely honest. This book is really important to me and I am either a) ready to publish or b) submit it to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. So please give me the best feedback you can.

Thank you so much for you support.


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Chapter One



Penelope Parker sighed. It had turned out to be another one of those days at the school she went to. Things always seemed to happen around Penelope, especially when she was upset. There was the time Dexter Bigglesworth had called her ?four-eyes? because she wore glasses, and next thing you know, Dexter has four eyes in his face. Or the time her teacher, Miss Nettlethorpe scolded her for daydreaming, and then suddenly found herself floating near the ceiling. Then there was today. The biggest catastrophe of all. That horrible Cornelia Thistlethwaite had been bullying Penelope again, calling her all kinds of names. The last straw came as Cornelia danced around singing, ?Penny Parker has no dad, B-A-S-T-? Penelope was stunned, then furious, and she felt her anger boiling over. Shaking, she pointed her finger at Cornelia and shouted, ?Zip it up!?


There was a ?snap?, a ?fizzle?, a flash, then dead silence, except for the gurgles coming from Cornelia?s throat. All she could do was gurgle, because where her mouth used to be was a large metal zip! Everyone gasped, and of course, it was at this very moment that Miss Nettlethorpe strode into the room. Taking one look, she turned, pointed at Penelope and said, ?Headmistress. Now.? Choking back tears, Penelope bolted from the room, running down the hall and up the stairs to Miss Penlington?s office. Her heart was breaking, because she knew how upset her mum would be, but Cornelia had insulted her mum by saying Penelope didn?t have a father.


When the headmistress saw who it was, and heard what had happened from Miss Nettlethorpe, she picked up the phone and informed her mother that that kind of behaviour was absolutely frowned upon. She also suggested that perhaps Penelope would be better off going elsewhere for her education.


Miserably, Penelope waited for her mum to come and get her, feeling awful inside for what she had done. As her mum came up the stairs, she ran to her and buried her head in her mum?s side. ?Oh, mum, I?m so sorry, but Cornelia said I was a bast??


?Shush, Penelope; repeating a word like that does no good. I know you didn?t mean to do it, but we will have to do something about this.?


She turned as Miss Penlington stalked out of her office, nose in the air. ?Mrs. Parker, this is absolutely the breaking point. We cannot have these kinds of incidents at Urban Road. As of this moment, Penelope is expelled.? With that, she turned, marched into her office, and slammed the door.


?Well,? said her mother. ?I guess that is that.? Let?s go home and see what we can do. I must get in touch with your father at once.?


?But I thought you didn?t know where he was??


?I don?t, but he left a way to contact him in an emergency, and I think this qualifies as one.?


Penelope didn?t know it yet, but she was very unusual, because her mum was a Mundane; no powers at all. But her dad? That was another matter altogether. He was a very powerful Wizard, and it seemed Penelope had inherited his powers. Because she was a girl, that made her a Witch, and a very powerful one at that. Problem was, she was completely untrained, so these odd things kept happening around her. Penelope?s mum was a good and loving mother, but had no idea what to do about Penelope?s ?problem?. Penelope?s father was a Wizard of some renown, but had gone off to fight evil or some such thing when Penelope was five, which had left Penelope?s mother in quite a quandary now that Penelope was showing unmistakable signs of inheriting her father?s powers. Her mother had no idea whether or not she could reach her husband, although he was diligent in sending her money and the wherewithal for her and Penelope to live comfortably.


As soon as they got home, she sent Penelope to get cleaned up, and have something to eat, while she tried to contact her husband. Going into his study, she closed and locked the door. She had never had to do this before, and she was very nervous, as it involved a kind of magic.


She unlocked a little chest that was sitting on the desk, and opened it to reveal a crystal. Carefully, she picked it up and held it close, thinking of Penelope?s dad, and the urgency with which she needed to contact him. Almost immediately, the crystal clouded and then cleared, revealing her husband.


?Whatever is wrong, Eleanor? Is Penelope all right??


?No, and that?s why I?m contacting you. There was another unpleasant incident at her school today, and she was expelled. I don?t know what to do!?


?We knew this might happen sooner or later, and now it is time for you to take her to Matilda; she is the only one who can help.?


?But, Gwyddion, it will mean I must leave her there. I don?t know if I?m strong enough to do that. She?s our only child!?


?I know it will be hard, but we must do what is right for Penelope, hard as it may be. And you will get to see her during school breaks.?


?Very well, Gwyddion, I will call Matilda immediately. I do wish you could come home!?


?I know, darling, but it?s impossible right now; you know that. I love you.?


With that, the crystal went blank, and Eleanor was left with tears in her eyes, staring at the blank crystal and wishing things were back to normal. Straightening her shoulders, she placed the crystal back in its box and picked up the phone to call Matilda.


Hanging up the phone, she went into the kitchen and found Penelope trying to make pancakes for dinner. Laughing in spite of herself, she hugged her daughter, and showed her the right way to make them.


After pancakes with raspberries and syrup, Eleanor said to Penelope, ?How about a nice bubble bath and an early night? Things will look better in the morning after a good night?s sleep.?


?Maybe you?re right, mum. They couldn?t look much worse.?


?Chin up, sweetheart. We?ll get through this. Always remember, no matter what, your father and I will always love you!?


?I love you too, mum,? said Penelope, feeling a little better. ?A bubble bath sounds awesome. Can I use some of your lavender stuff??


?Of course, darling, come on; you get your pajamas, and I?ll run the bath for you.?


Penelope soaked in the fragrant bath until her fingers and toes were wrinkled, then quickly dried off, got into her pajamas, and jumped into bed. In spite of the turmoil in her mind, she felt her eyelids gradually closing, and fell fast asleep, burying her head under the covers.



Chapter Two

?Penelope, we are going away for a few days.?

?Where are we going, mum?? asked Penelope, brightening. She would go anywhere to get away from this nightmare.

?I?ve been in touch with your Aunt Matilda, and we are going to stay with her for a bit.? Penelope had never met her Aunt Matilda, but she thought that things could not be worse than what they were now.

?Aunt Matilda is your father?s sister, and she lives in Betws-y-Coed in Wales.? Penelope didn?t really remember her father because she was only five when he left, and she was ten now. She vaguely remembered a tall, handsome man with long, dark hair with a silver streak in it, but not much more. Sometimes, though, she had dreams in which she flew in the air with him, laughing with glee to feel the wind on her cheeks and in her hair. These dreams were becoming more frequent now, but she hadn?t told her mother, because it seemed to upset her when strange things happened around her. The fact that Penelope had been expelled from school didn?t help, so she kept her dreams to herself.

?How soon are we leaving, mum??

?As soon as our bags are packed. I have tickets for the 9?oclock train. We should be at Aunt Matilda?s by late evening.?

?Can I take Hecate with me, mum? Please?? Hecate was Penelope?s beloved cat. Not much to look at, (but don?t tell her that!), she had one bent ear and one ear that looked like it had been chewed by a rat. Her eyes were slightly crossed, and one was green and the other a startling sapphire blue. But Penelope loved her with all her heart. The cat always listened to her woes, and curled up next to her at night, purring softly.

Looking at her daughter?s pleading eyes, her mother didn?t have the heart to say no. Heaven knew her daughter?s life hadn?t been easy this far, and it was about to get even more difficult. When Penelope was born, her mother, although she loved her husband greatly, hoped that Penelope would be ?normal?, but this hope was dashed the first time she went into the nursery and saw Penelope?s toys dancing in the air above her cradle. After her husband left to fight evil, she tried valiantly to ensure that Penelope?s life was as a child?s life should be, although she knew, now, that was no longer possible, so she had called Matilda as Gwyddion had said.

?All right, Penelope, you can take her, but hurry up and find her cage and get your things packed; it?s getting late.? Her heart much lighter, Penelope skipped off to do as her mother had asked.

?You know I hate confined spaces,? came a plaintive voice at her feet. Oh, yes, Hecate talked to Penelope all the time. It was another one of those things that Penelope didn?t tell her mother.

?Oh, Hec, I?m sorry! I know you don?t like it, but do you want to have to stay with Mrs. Lomax again??

?Phfftt!? came the reply. ?Absolutely not! She tries to feed me crickets, of all things! Crickets! What cat in her right mind would eat crickets?? Penelope laughed as she hugged Hecate. ?Look, you be good, and I?ll see you get some sardines when we get to Aunt Matilda?s.?

?Well,? sniffed Hecate, ?well, I suppose in that case, I can put up with the cage for a few hours.?

?Good girl,? said Penelope, as she finished the last of her packing.

?Hurry up, Penelope!? came her mother?s voice from downstairs. ?The taxi should be here any minute.?

?Coming, mum. I?m just putting Hec in her cage.


As the taxi pulled into the parking space at Brooklands Station, the train was just chugging into the station. ?Come on, Penelope, we mustn?t miss the train.? Grabbing her suitcase and Hec?s cage, Penelope struggled to keep up with her mother.

?Sorry, miss,? came a deep voice. ?The cat?ll have to go in the baggage car.?

?Neowww!? came a howl from the cage.

?Oh, please can?t I take her in the car with us?? pleaded Penelope. ?She?ll be good; I promise!? The conductor, having a daughter of his own, had a soft spot for children, and Penelope looked so unhappy that he couldn?t resist.

?Well, I shouldn?t do this, and it?s worth me job, but you be sure and keep her quiet.?

?Oh, thank you!? beamed Penelope. ?I?m sure she won?t make a sound, will you Hec?? In answer, a soft purr came from within the cage.

?Crikey, ye?d think the cat understood, or summat,? said the conductor, scratching his head. Before Penelope could answer, her mother hustled her aboard the train. The last thing they needed at this point was for anyone to notice that Penelope was different from other children.

?Mum,? Penelope said as they settled themselves in the train car, ?I promised Hec some sardines when we get to Aunt Matilda?s.? Although Penelope didn?t know it, her mother was perfectly aware of her daughter?s relationship with her cat. After all, Penelope?s father had sent it to her for her seventh birthday. It was his way of looking out for her, even though he couldn?t be there. He had also sent a letter to his wife urging her to take Penelope to his sister?s. After all, he argued, she had inherited his family?s tendencies, so it was important she be properly trained and who better than his sister Matilda? Penelope?s mother had resisted his urgings thus far, but after this last series of catastrophes, she had to acknowledge that he was right. As it was now, Penelope was a danger to herself as well as others, and it would do no good for the locals to find out there was a Witch in their neighbourhood. Penelope?s mother knew that what he said was true, but what mother wants to give up her daughter and only child to someone else, even if they are family?

Penelope sat watching the countryside roll by as the train rumbled along, wondering what it would be like to stay with Aunt Matilda. She thought it couldn?t be too bad; after all, she was her father?s sister.

?Mum, how long till we get to Aunt Matilda?s??

?Well,? her mother said. ?We get off at Manchester, and then transfer to the train that goes to Llandudno. From there, we take a bus to Betws-y-Coed. It will probably take us about six or seven hours.?

?Oh, mum, Hec?ll be starving by then!?

?Mrrrowww!? came a plaintive cry from under the seat.

?Hec will be just fine. It?s not like she?s skinny!?

Penelope sighed, slumping down in her seat. Why did all this stuff have to happen to her? No other children she knew had these kinds of problems. A solitary tear rolled down her cheek, for she was not a child prone to overt emotion. Her mother was not blind to Penelope?s plight, and wished there was more she could do to reassure her, and then she remembered the package that had appeared on the kitchen table that morning. It was addressed to Penelope, obviously from her father. She reached into her bag and pulled out the package.

?Here, love, maybe this will cheer you up; it?s from Daddy.? Penelope?s face lit up as she took the package. It was about eight inches square, and wrapped in some kind of shiny stuff. It wasn?t paper, and the colours kept shifting as she looked at them. What could it be? Excitedly, she opened the wrapping; carefully, for one never knew with Daddy?s surprises! Underneath the wrapping was a silver filigree box lined with cobalt glass. On the lid was a perfect representation of Hecate.

?Oh, mummy, it?s beautiful!? breathed Penelope.

?Well, open it darling, and see what?s inside!?

Carefully she opened the clasp on the box, and raised the lid. What she saw nestled in blue velvet made her gasp with wonder and delight. It was a perfect, spherical crystal ball, flickering with all the colours of the rainbow. Holding her breath, she gently lifted the ball and cloth from the box. The ball just fit perfectly into her cupped hands. Her mother?s eyes widened as she realized what it was. No sooner had the realization struck, than a flash of golden light blossomed at the centre of the crystal.

?Penelope,? she said urgently, ?Quickly; cover it up. Immediately!?

At the sound of panic in her mother?s voice, Penelope hastily covered the crystal ball with the velvet, and set it back in the box, and shut the lid.

?Whatever?s the matter, mummy?? whispered Penelope, completely in the dark as to her mother?s strange reaction.

?It?s from your father, as you know. It?s a communication device. I?ve only seen one other like it and it would be disastrous if you were to trigger it now, with so many people on the train. Wait until you are alone in your room at Aunt Matilda?s.?

?But mummy, I don?t understand.?

?There is a piece of paper in the package the box was in,? said her mother. ?Read it tonight and you will understand.?

?She?s right, Penelope,? came a purring voice in her head. ?Just be patient, and all will be revealed.?

?Patient,? muttered Penelope. ?They always tell me to be patient.?

Nonetheless, she placed the box back in the package, and carefully wrapped it up again. She reached up and got her overnight case from the luggage rack and put the package in it, strangely reluctant to let it go. Resolutely, she closed the lid on the case and placed it on her lap. She suddenly felt very sleepy; her eyes drooped, and her head fell against her mother?s shoulder.

Chapter Three

Penelope soared through silver filigree clouds set in a cobalt sky. Off in the distance she could see a prism of colour glowing in the night. Looking down, she was astonished to see herself astride Hec?s back; a Hec with wings!

?What are you staring at?? came a familiar voice in her head. ?Haven?t you ever seen a cat with wings before??

?,? said Penelope, somewhat taken aback at the turn things seemed to have taken.

?Well, for your information, I?m a cat-bird,? said Hec. ?It comes from my father?s side back ten generations or so. Every two or three litters one of us is born, and it?s no joke, I assure you!?

?I didn?t mean to insult you,? stammered Penelope. ?I was just very startled. It?s the first time I?ve ever seen you with wings, you know. I think they?re beautiful!? And indeed they were. Feathers of iridescent blue edged with silver, quite a magnificent sight!

?Well,? hrrumphed Hec, ?I suppose I forgive you. You are the daughter of the Arch Wizard after all.?


?Are you deaf, girl? I said you are the daughter of the Arch Wizard. It?s him we?re going to see, you know.?

?Umm...why is he called the Arch Wizard?? asked Penelope.

?Good gracious, girl, you are full of questions, aren?t you? He will tell you himself if he sees fit. Now, be quiet and watch where you?re going.?

Penelope rather thought it was Hec who should watch where she was going, but she wisely said nothing and turned her attention to the landscape below. It was dominated by the light of the prism, and was a desolate landscape indeed. Dead tree stumps, foul looking pools of stagnant water, and things moving around she didn?t want to look too closely at.

Shivering, she pulled her cardigan tighter around her, realizing the air was freezing cold. She wondered how on earth she got here. The last thing she remembered was being on the train with her mother. Remembering that, she also remembered the gift from her father. Looking around her, and being an observant child, she saw, with a catch in her breath, that the clouds resembled the silver filigree work on the box, as the sky resembled the box?s colour. Looking ahead, her eyes widened as the prism came ever closer. It looked just like the prism she had seen in the centre of the crystal ball! What on earth could it mean? Just as this and other questions started to collide in her head, she jumped and grabbed the nearest thing she could, which just happened to be the scruff of Hecate?s neck.


?Sorry, Hec, but you startled me, diving like that!?

?Rrowww! Silly girl. Wouldn?t have fallen!?

As this last was said, Hec swooped in for a perfect four-paw landing in front of the prism, shaking her beautiful wings and folding them against her side, whereupon they promptly dissolved into her fur.

?How did you do that?? exclaimed Penelope amazed at just what a special Cat Hecate was turning out to be!

?Don?t you ever get tired of asking questions?? grumbled Hec as she daintily licked the fur on her sides. ?Never saw a child so full of questions...except for your father, and look where it got him!?

?But...? started Penelope.

?Hush.? commanded Hec, raising her paw. ?All will be revealed soon.? With that, she touched a sigil on the prism. A resonant series of chimes sounded, and part of the prism slid open, showing a long passageway lined with sapphire blue crystals.

Penelope caught her breath at the beauty and colour of the crystals. Hesitantly, she set foot on the crystal path.

?Don?t dawdle, girl. We don?t have all day,? came a growl from behind her.

Sighing, she set off down the path which glowed iridescent blue, giving off enough light to see by. The passage curved around to the right, and she followed it, her eagerness increasing by the second. What would she see? Who would she see? As she mused to herself, she abruptly careened into something solid. A door! She tried to open it, but to no avail.

?Oh, Hec, it?s locked! How do I get in??

?With a key, girl. How else??

?But I don?t have a key!?

?Yes, you do! What is it you seek??

Penelope thought for a moment. ?To know why all these weird things happen to me??

?Well?? said Hec, tapping her paw impatiently.

Smiling, Penelope put her hand on the door and said, ?I seek knowledge!?

Silently, the silver door swung open, revealing a huge room filled with books. Thousands and thousands of books! Penelope gasped, as she was an avid reader, but not even she could read all these books.

?Yes, you can my child,? said a deep, musical voice.

Penelope jumped and turned toward the voice. There, in front of her, was a great silver chair, carved with gargoyles and other magical creatures, and, seated in the chair, a man dressed in cobalt robes, a gentle smile on his face.

Unbelieving, Penelope took a step forward. The man was strangely familiar. ?Daddy?? she whispered with growing delight. The man opened his arms wide, laughing. With a squeal, she ran and hurled herself into his arms. ?Oh, Daddy, Daddy, I?m so happy to see you. It?s been so long! Where have you been? Where am I? Why am I here??

?She?s as bad as you were,? came an amused voice below them. ?Always asking questions.?

?There is no harm in asking questions, Hec, but there can be great harm done if one has questions and they are ignored.?

?Well, I see you have finally acquired some wisdom. About time,? retorted Hec, settling down for a well-deserved nap.

Chuckling, Penelope?s father turned to her and gave her a big hug, which she enthusiastically returned.

?It?s so good to see you, Penelope. I?ve been worried about you and what?s been happening to you.?

?How can I stop it, Daddy?? she asked anxiously.

?You can?t darling. That?s why you are going to Aunt Matilda?s. You inherited certain, talents, shall we say, from my side of the family, and your mother, bless her heart, has no way to help you. Therefore, it is up to your Aunt Matilda. I shall, of course, help as I can.?

?But what are these talents?? asked Penelope.

Bending down, so he could look eye to eye with her, her father said, ?Penelope, you are a Witch. An untrained one, to be sure, but a Witch, nevertheless.?

?But, Daddy, Witches are mean, ugly and evil!? she protested, tears rolling down her cheeks.

?No, Penelope. They are not,? said her father firmly. ?Witches are people too, and, as there are good and bad people, so there are good and bad Witches. You are a good Witch, and will be taught to do the right things. Your Aunt Matilda is a Witch. Do you think I would send you to her if she was bad?? Gently, he reached down and wiped away Penelope?s tears.

Gulping, Penelope thought things over like the bright child she was, and knew with a certainty her father was right. Smiling shyly at this man who was her father, and whom she really didn?t know, she nodded and said, ?Whatever I need to learn, I will Daddy, only please don?t let it be so long till I see you again??

?That?s my girl,? he beamed. ?Now, you got the gift I sent you, didn?t you??

?Oh, yes, Daddy. It?s beautiful!! This place reminds of the crystal, and the box it was in.?

?That?s because we are within the crystal,? said her father, raising his finger before Penelope could interrupt. ?Hush! Now is the time to listen, because you must go back soon. As your mother said, the crystal is a transmission device; a very special one. Not only can you send a message to me through it, but Hec can also bring you here. This is where you will learn some of your lessons; now, any questions??

Eyes huge, Penelope stared at her father. Questions? Questions! She had so many she didn?t know where to begin.

Seeing the confusion and frustration in her eyes, her father took her hand.

?Darling, I know how hard this is for you. I will start by telling you that this time, only your dream self is here. You are sleeping on the train with your mother. After this, you will be able to come here when you are awake with Hec?s help, and this.? Opening her hand, he dropped something cool into it. Looking down, she saw a fine silver chain with a perfect replica of the prism attached. ?When you need to come here for a lesson, or protection, hold this in your right hand, and place your left hand on Hec. That will bring you to this room instantly.?

Trembling, she put the pendant around her neck. ?This isn?t a game, is it Daddy?? She whispered.

?No, Penelope. It is not.?

?I?ll do my best, Daddy, but I have so many questions.?

?I know you do, but some answers will come to you shortly, and Aunt Matilda will certainly help. Now it?s time for you to return. I promise we will meet again soon. Hecate, time to take Penelope back.?

Grumbling, Hec opened one eye. ?No rest for the wicked, eh? You?re a hard taskmaster, Gwyddion.? Stretching, she slowly got to her feet. ?Come on, girl. I?m getting too old for this.?

Turning to her father, Penelope hugged him one more time, a hug he willingly returned.

?I?ll see you soon, Penelope. Believe in yourself!?

Penelope turned back down the passage through which they had come, Hec following behind her. Following the curve to the left, they came to the outside entrance. Again, Hec placed her paw against a sigil on the inside of the prism, and again the prism slid open, and they were hit with a blast of frigid air. ?Well, don?t dawdle! Get on my back before my feathers freeze!? Sure enough, there were the wings again. Penelope climbed aboard and up they went, buffeted by the cold North Wind. Penelope hung on as hard as she could, bouncing and banging on Hec?s back. Suddenly, she awoke to her mother shaking her shoulder.

?Wake up, Penelope! The next stop is ours.?

Groggily, she opened her eyes, a whirlwind of images flying through her head. She could hear snoring coming from underneath the seat and with that, memory came flooding in. She reached her hand to her neck, and sure enough, there was the pendant her father had given her!

Seeing the movement, her mother?s eyes dropped to see the pendant in her daughter?s hand. Fear gripped at her heart, and she closed her eyes. ?Oh, my little one, may the Fates keep you safe,? she whispered to herself.

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New Book just finished

Posted by Quilljar Jan 22, 2014

I have just published on Create space my latest novel about my character Admiral 'Cocky' Cockburn RN Retd. It is called Columbia River Kidnap and is the fifth in the series about this man. He tends to be a passive kind of hero to which events happen, rather than he initiates. However, the circumstances are interesting and the other characters give it life!

This time he is on a holiday in the North West of America in Portland Oregon, where I spent a couple of summers myself some years ago running courses for American teachers.. It is a lovely part of the world and the river is a huge resource full of historic beauty.

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The Manual is a record of an immigrant student filings in Utah Federal District Court, Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals and US Supreme Court. In her filings, you will learn that Weber State University International Students' Office created  information about courses that did not exist at Weber State University. For example they stated that the student was enrolled in Masters in Criminal Justice in 1999 when at this time the course did not exist at Weber State University. They also generated a report to US immigration indicating that she was not in good attendance when in fact she had been attending school even in Summer when it was not binding for foreign students to attend.


She has no money to hire attorneys. She has to acquaint herself with how US courts operate so that she can represent herself. She thinks that all of the documents she submitted to the court on false documentation Weber State created will make it easy for her to get justice, but she is wrong. As a matter of fact, Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff's office representing the State of Utah says that since she was allowed to complete classes, the univeersity is not obligated to correct her files. In the interim, the deportation sparked by the University's errorrs continues and she hopes to meet victory in the administrative and civil courts.


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A single mother fleeing difficult circumstances in her native Lesotho, she had no doubt that United States would provide ultimate security and opportunities for her and her children to become a better family. Like most immigrants in academia she had mapped out a plan for her and here children.She was clear on how she long she intended to stay in Utah, in the US and what plans she had in parts of Europe. But  that vision was clouded when a mysterious computer "glitch" damaged her immigration status and enrolled her into deportation from a place where she fled harm.


Silenced Appeal is one of the first outlets she had to tell her story hoping to express her frustration and free herself from the 'glitch" loss of morale. All of her student files including her academic credentials have been damaged but she is being asked to leave the US.


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Rookie Over Here!

Posted by LMILL51 Jan 10, 2014

I am new to blogging and most else on the social networks.  I am a retired teacher who has been writing for years.  I never had the courage to try and get anything published until now.  Prayer and God's vision for the piece gave me that courage. Any mystery and thriller lovers out there?  I have done a preview of my book, Time Trapped in the Attic.   Since most of you are published authors, I would really appreciate it if you read my preview and give me some feedback.  I am no expert, but I will read yours and give you feedback as well.  The link is:

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Back in!

Posted by jlthompson5 Jan 8, 2014

I finally feel like I have figure this out and while I might not be the best as blogging I feel like I am make leaps in my writing. My next book is coming out in just a week and I feel like it has surpassed my previous work. I have kind of built a following of very understanding and helpful people on and built on of the best paranormal romances I have ever had the inspiration to write. I posted a preview on another website since I wasn't getting anyone to read my previews through and ended up with a 5 star review. It took 5 long months to write this book. I have re-read and edited until I can recite the whole book in my sleep and while I don't feel it's done, I had to break off into the second book. 

This has been the most amazing thing I feel I have ever produced and I hope it keeps going and getting the notification it rightfully deserves. With that being said I feel the need to brag a little now that I am back to blogging through createspace as I build a following I hope anyone who look at this enjoys the preview! the book release is 1/15/14!

Please leave your comments and advice for me!

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