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February 2014

Lost Heart

Posted by Darkness723 Feb 23, 2014

    you come to me in the mist of the night

you leave nothing in your wake, why do you feel so cold

you've shooken my vary core

With love so wonderful, but yet so pure


With a heart that used to be so warm

now its cold and vary alone


You've left me again, but this time it is the eternal a much unwanted end

How could you do this to me

You've left and never will return


My heart is now dead, never to breath life again

you were my everything

Now i am nothing.


I lie here now in a coffen unable to Move

I will soon join you oh love of mine


So our heart's will be forever intertwined.


Written By: Heather M. Moll

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My dark Prince

Posted by Darkness723 Feb 23, 2014

                                             You stare at me with eye's so deep and welcoming


                                               You draw me to you like the darkness of the welcoming night                                                                               I know who you are, But not of what you are


                                          Why do you fallow,What are thy to thou, can you see me when you feed

                                           You the eternal night, the creture of thy dreams, thou demon of the coold ones

                                          You've stolen thy heart, and thy soul with thou teeth and thou tast of blood

                                       You are thy prince of night, My vampire king, My love, Thy imortal undead.

Written By: Heather M. Moll                                           

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Darkness Falls

Posted by Darkness723 Feb 23, 2014

Look for me in the Dark forest. under the stone of life that will never be hole

Look towards the night sky for the time to slowly pass you by. with hatred an devastation, to rise against your retribution,

You come for me at dusk to hide one's soul. but there will be no need for my soul will be free!!

By: Heather M. Moll

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Posted by Darkness723 Feb 23, 2014

I awake to find

Your hatred born from the depths of disrepair

to come for life and death

with unwanted birth of ****

You tare the souls of unborn life

for the temptations of death to await

the lose of love

Rest for time of needing is now


Life will never be born into the souls of the unforgivin


For time is lost of the essence of the life who will always be lost in the depths of the unknown kings


With unpurity of the heart life will for ever be drifting farther and forever apart.


Written By: Heather M. Moll

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Thou HeartShip

Posted by Darkness723 Feb 23, 2014

I awaited you my dear loyal king

for thou love has never been the same

You've speared my soul

of lost love and unwilling grief

Is it thou's priority

to take what thou's lovers heart has lost

For the depths of crimson solitude

I await for thou punishment


For time has made me grow weary

Alone and afraid


You've left oh dear King


Your heart will never beat again.


Written By: Heather M. Moll

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Love Unknown

Posted by Darkness723 Feb 23, 2014

You've tossed one's heart into a panic

you through it around like a it didn't matter

Let me tell thou story of how one's love was unknown.


Thou will be forgiven

but never forgot


One's heart will always love and soon stop

But for thou to forget what thy has done on to them

Your heartache will always be thou friend


Don't fret thou measly time

Love of thou heart is always blind


For thou to walk away in time's of need

Is unforgiven in time of grief


But how will thou know

When will love every truly grow


Will thou sprout wings

and fly upon high


To the worlds of the unknown

For thou heart has been frozen in stone


When will thou ever see one's true heart purity


Written By: Heather M. Moll

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Hey, I got a song and dance about how I was not permitted to do a book signing in my local community unless I did a special submission and have a special peer review.   I can't even hold my head up anymore. Can someone help me understand this?  Thanks, drcathy

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Think Outside The Box

Posted by ShellieJ Feb 18, 2014

We all have that sense of feeling of accomplishement when it comes to self publishing your book for the first time. Getting it out to an audience, viewers and readers is much of a challenge pitching our book or books,so what gives when you find yourself stuck in a rut? Finding your niche is the first step, marketing and social media networking follows, make a connection and communicate with an audience. Some of the best tips and tricks come from the most experienced writers, take in account that not everyone will like your work, there are critics lurking everywhere. Be able to take constructive criticsim and apply it to what your doing. I like to always mention G+, there are communities you can get involved in, getting to know other writers of the genre you write.I've published two in 2013 with no or little help, though I found ways to always communicate among other writers, I have become good friends with many of them. You don't have to be competivie either, support your fellow writers. We're all in the same boat when it comes to marketing our books. I always find new ways to share my work as well, always think outside the box. I'm looking forward to sharing new work with you in the coming weeks.An official release date for The Journey Ahead will come within the next week.

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Posted by troyflora Feb 16, 2014

Make a goal and get on it right now. don't wait. It took me over 1 year to write my first real book about getting out of debt. That book was full of grammar and spelling errors. on jan 2014 i wanted to write again and this time i have an excellent editor. I am proud to say by valentines day 2014 i had 5 fairy tales vol 2 and 3 completed and available on kindle. and made a combo paper book thorugh create space that has vol 1, 2, 3 and a bonus story from vol 4 in paper and kindle, it is free of spelling and grammar errors. the format was not 100% but i can deal with that. i plan to later update the entire series with illistrations. that takes much longer. that is why vol one is not done yet. however the goal is being completed and i have 4 books available in 6 weeks, compared to my first book in over one year. that is great improvement. I know i have to keep on going, and so can you! any comments? feel free to leave them. and Good Luck!

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Posted by Bluebutterfly Feb 13, 2014

My nickname is Bluebutterfly. But you an call me Jenn. Anyway, I am new here and I just got my book published. I may need help with getting myself out there. My book is called Fallen Wings. It is a fantasy novel about angels falling in love with humans. I am proud of my work. Anyway, there is all I have. So, see you later.

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Hello Everyone!!

Posted by TShall Feb 5, 2014

I am new to creatspace! Hope you are all enjoying it as much as me

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re My Sade Story???

Posted by sadedrummer Feb 4, 2014

I am very surprised after writing two volumes of My Sade Story that even with an amercian system of distribution we have had such little impact on the US market with the product online? How do you get to market books in the USA even with an obvious pull like Sade it is still very difficult to make sales or an impact on the book market online??? PC

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o doce de buriti

Posted by eduardosantos62 Feb 2, 2014

Hi everybody.

I am new to this area and would like to show my work : "o doce de buriti". This is my second book and I wrote about my family's journey from the farm to the city. On this trip, my family shows brave soul and love ... much love ..

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