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Posted by dizzylizzy Mar 31, 2014


I dare you to take a chance,

grab at life in one small glance,

enjoy the night,enjoy the moon,

reach for the stars for they'll be lost soon..

Live within the nature,

be like a tree beg for a rain drop,

and things that come free..

Indugle like a lion,use your speed,

tear with blades ,chase to breathe

and for freedom,before memory fades..

I hear the earth screaming,

countdown has begun,

I feel my earth spinning,

I wish we had won....

We need more the a band-aid,

for this earth's skinned pride,

we need more than a kleenex,

for the tears that I have cried...

The rain has stopped pouring now,

every effort's being made,

to shine like a rainbow,

before our lives fade.! !

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Posted by dizzylizzy Mar 31, 2014


Pssst, hey, you,,

yes you,

tonight before you lay your fat head down here,

I've got something to say...

For twenty-four years,

I've put up with you drooling,

tossing,turning, groaning,moaning,

and snoring (which reminds me of a bear

snorting bees out her huge wet nostrils )

not to mention those occasional punches

of frustration (relieves your stress, you say?)


I'm really quite tired of it,

now listen up, sleepy head,

tonight, you are gonna treat me with respect..

Fluff me up (gently please)

promise me my torment will cease,

snuggle me up with love,

with that being said,

may you have sweet dreams....

But before you drift off,

could you do me one favour?

Wash your hair !

After all, i don't appreciate your

smelly grease smeared all over me..

I did spend the entire day

with snuggle bear and downy sheets..

Finally like all good pillows should

(and I would ) say ....

good-night ! !

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Posted by dizzylizzy Mar 31, 2014



Dreams are memories

that do not erase..


Dreams are thoughts

that are sealed in a case..


Dreams are vision

that are ment to be..


Dreams are thoughts

of you and me ! !

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Posted by dizzylizzy Mar 31, 2014



A camera couldn't take a picture,

of the softness of our heart..


A camera couldn't reproduse that laughter,

of your's that I love so much..


A picture couldn't make me feel,

the way I did in your arms..


A picture couldn't sweep me away,

the way you did with your charms.


This picture only makes me remember,

how much I wanted you to stay.


This picture only reminds me of ,

that I loved someone so far away !

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Posted by dizzylizzy Mar 31, 2014



Love is sharing an umbrella under the rain,

or a hug when you need to be held.


A kiss good night so the bed bugs don't bite,

or an "I love you" to make the day right.


To have someone hold your hand,

when you're trembling with fear,

or to call you from afar to say

"I miss you, my dear" !

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Posted by dizzylizzy Mar 31, 2014

Spring !


Spring is here once a year,

the flowers bloom

and away goes the gloom...


The birds chip the bees buzz

the wind blows for spring

is truely here ! !

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Posted by dizzylizzy Mar 31, 2014



If beauty lies within,

why does it matter if you're thin,

everyone is pretty,

in their own unique way.


It can be your wits,

or what you do or say.

No two people see beauty the same,

that's why beauty seems like a game.


Some people will not,

but no matter what happens,

beauty is what you got ! !

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Hey everyone, Twisted Tales of the Macabre is now available on the CreateSpace store! This book contains an updated version of Classic Children's Tales - Grim Edition and Happy Asylum, plus the new story: Spirit Traveler's.

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Here are  a couple of preview links.


Let me know what you think, and please send me your own links to review.


Thank you and best of luck to you in all of your writing endeavors!



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Twisted Tales 1 & 2

Posted by macabre_hollow Mar 15, 2014

Hello everyone, I had a idea to re-release Classic Children's Tales and Happy Asylum together in one published book. So if you haven't gotten a chance to read either of them, now you can get both for the regular price of one story. Expect it to be released this upcoming Wednesday!


If anyone has any thoughts or feelings on this, feel free to let me know.

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yeshua, my princecharming

Posted by AUDS Mar 15, 2014


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Women Vs Money Management

Posted by Tlb1 Mar 11, 2014

Ok, girls...Budgeting? Thinking about those shoes you saw two days ago.  Don’t panic! How about that lovely gown, still, do not panic!

You ask why? Well, first and foremost, are you organised? If yes, then  there is a plan towards that shoe or dress. If not, don’t fret. You can  still plan your way to your desires.

The January blues have ended and it’s time to put things into  perspective. Getting organized for the week, month or even the year  requires some consistency; sorry did I say ‘some’ well I really meant to  say ‘a lot of consistency’.

First, let’s get organised!

How much comes in? What are your needs? What are your wants? Short term, Long term?

How often do streams of income come in, from all sources? Seriously  girls, think? Random streams of income? All these streams however little  or much count as incoming money.

Next....Assess your current situation,

Bill payments, of course!

The important necessities first; {Food, shelter, (heating- depending  on where you live)},the secondary commitments to include debt  reductions, family responsibilities and social interactions. Remember  every individual is different, so keep track according to your varying  situations. Adjust when necessary either on a weekly, bi weekly or  monthly basis.

Watch the credit cards. Monthly charges upset budget plans very easily,  pay off before they accrue or better still; get rid of them until you  have your finances under control.

Now, shopping is not therapy, if you can put money aside consistently  on a regular basis, you will be able to afford the things you want to  buy. Depending on a scale of preference, wants, needs and desires. It  makes no sense to spend more than you make, but saving for your needs  and reducing your financial debt can help to maintain a healthy  financial feeling.

Start a little at a time, watch your expenses, if you spend a lot on  eating out, hanging out, work on introducing a timetable, instead of 3  times a week at a fancy restaurant, maybe add a picnic day and take your  own food and reduce the fancy outing. Hang out with friends at a park  or a seaside location. I have tried the seaside location on a late  evening, we took our homemade meals, dressed warmly, with a mobile phone  app, we decided to read the stars in the sky. It turned out to be one  of the best night out with the girls and budget wise.

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Find out for yourself why readers are calling EMBASSY "refreshing," "intriguing," and "engaging," and why high schools (yes, SCHOOLS) are beginning to adopt it into their English curricula. Grab your Kindle or purchase a paperback version!


"Hands down... the characters are the very best part of the book."

"The characters actually seem like real people."

"The story was driven by its characters."

"This story is about character growth."


I was excited to find out that EMBASSY was approved at certain high schools (the first of which was in Kansas), so hopefully this trend continues! Wish me luck!

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THE CROW WOOD FARM MURDERS is my fourth published book.

I would like to know what you think of the story and the characters,


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So let me know what you think!


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Have you ever felt like an outsider? Like you just didn't fit in? Even if it was just for a moment, can you remember how uncomfortable it felt? Or maybe you've felt like an outcast for a long time. Whatever your cicumstances may be, most girls at some pouint, fear that they aren't good enough. I certainly had my share of those experiences.


This inspiring book is about belonging, bullying, abuse, popularity, being the new girl, drugs, alcohol, friendships, boyfriends You may wonder how all of this fits together, but believe me, it does! After reading "In The Back Seat With Prince Charming" you will get an inside look at my story as a teen mom and the obstacles I had to face.

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My new poetry 《Expression Of Love》was published. Maybe some articles will make you remember those special moments.


This book is based on the theme of love, expression of love can be varied, no fixed pattern, grandma?s love, love between friends can be seen everywhere in life, perhaps busy life makes people ignore these precious moments, perhaps when you read these poems,you can remember those memorable moments, maybe these poems evoke you change the attitude of the life, consider what is the most important thing you are at that stage, when you light up a new life with love, the environment will become better, people are more friendly,the future will be full of surprises.


You can find it on Amazon or Smashwords. Now is free time about ebook on Smashwords.

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