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Posted by LouiseHathaway Jul 30, 2014

Amtrak has an interesting promotion going on this year.  They've asked writers to apply for their residency program.  For the winners, they provide a free private bedroom with a desk where writers can get inspired to create their Great American Novel while watching the countryside go by for inspiration.  We didn't make the semi-finals, but went on a long-distance train trip as if we had. We took the California Zephyr from Emeryville, California to Denver, Colorado.  It was a great experience and a beautiful ride.We had a bedroom, which has more legroom than a roomette.  It had a sink, shower, and double bed. We had a desk to put our computers on, and my husband and I did a lot of writing.  Stay tuned for our new book about the California Zephyr.



Photo: I'm in the mood for a train trip.

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Honeymoon in New Orleans

Posted by LouiseHathaway Jul 19, 2014

Our new book, "Honeymoon in New Orleans", is a travelogue/romance novel about our most visited and favorite city in America.  Come along with our fictional characters Don and Isabella as they discover the wonders of New Orleans on their honeymoon. Learn about our favorite romantic spots, best places to eat, and best places to visit. This travelogue also includes helpful websites to consider before planning your next vacation.

Available at Amazon for $1.99


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My True story how was black mailed into working for a corrupt Governmental system. Surviving 2 murder attempts and trying to obtain justice all while working under cover inside the most dangerous Prisons in the State of Connecticut during the 1990 s

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Have you ever been to a murder mystery dinner?  My husband and I went to one and loved it.  Afterwards, we asked ourselves, "What if a real murder happened during one of these performances?" That was our inspiration to write this novel.  We've also been watching  a lot of "Mad Men" lately, so we decided to have our two lovers look like Don Draper and Joan from the show.  This is suitable for those 18 and older.


The eBook is only $2.99

The Paperback is only $7.59


Click here to buy at Amazon.  



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Self-publishing isn't easy. I say this as someone who's always worked in publishing yet - crucially, I now realise - with a team. You need reinforcements. You need people you can delegate to. You need the outside voice of reason. Or you need to be motivated and thick-skinned and willing to push on regardless.


Publishing my first children's book has been an enlightening process - a mix of really enjoyable and really ... sucky. I've never illustrated before, so that was a tough learning curve, but enjoyable. The marketing remains a bugbear - this again despite having done it for other people in my 'day job' yet not as adept at blowing my own trumpet. And also lacking the advertising budget which always helps.


Getting to publishing quality was a bit of a gauntlet. I received proofs with scratches, missing colours and even, at one point, an interior printed upside down and slightly to one side. The complimentary copies I received in recompense are also just not good enough to sell - they've been cut slightly 'off'. Given customers can return shoddy goods to CreateSpace, I guess that's less worrying on the whole (unless they assume along the way that it's indicative of my publishing name - I have my own ISBN, so that may be the case; not all readers know or care what POD is, or who CS are).


I now find, though, that my royalties and sales don't appear to be reported anywhere. I'm realistic enough to know it's unlikely I've sold more than a handful of copies so far, and can live with that. But recently, I talked to people in passing who have bought my book(s) through Amazon and already have them in hand as of two to three weeks ago. Nothing shows in my dashboard. Amazon Advantage tells me to contact CS; CS sends me a script response about looking in my dashboard to see sales. Finally I phoned CS, and they told me to order copies through Amazon for myself, which I guess I'll have to do, because I can't now ask others to check the product ID on the back page (the people I talked to bought the book as gifts).


It makes me wonder though, whether this affects all of the four titles I have in CS. Am I selling books whose royalties and data just disappears into a black hole? I know because of pre-orders that I sold some of my latest title - but nothing has transferred from Amazon to CS.


Why am I writing this? Probably because I'm feeling a bit Kafka about the whole process this morning. And also as a caveat emptor warning. CS is easy to use; it's free/cheap compared to other POD services. But gosh ... it's far from seamless.

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Greetings my Family and Friends!! As of July 14th, my presence on here will be minimal as I take a year off from writing to focus all of my efforts on my Record Company and it's Artists.  All blog posts and all previously shared samples of my poetry will be deleted from here on CreateSpace, both of my blogs, and from all other social media network platforms.  I'd like to take this moment to thank each and every person who has ever read, commented on, shared, or plussed my poetry, quotes, or short stories.  If you enjoy reading my writings all of my currently published books are available in all formats and can be purchased at the links below, thank you so much and be forever blessed and successful my Family and Friends!!





Evidence of Ambition    eStore:








The Power of Poetry     eStore:







Smiles and Cries           eStore:







Thoughts From The Author   eStore:






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