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September 2014


Posted by rozer Sep 30, 2014

Hi. Yesterday was my birthday...again, and I am no longer in my fifties! I sometimes feel like 'Stop the bus, I want to get on again!'. Anyway, this momentous occasion was highlighted by the arrival of my first book which I have re-titled 'Escape to Osiris'. I have also changed the cover. I had paid a very reasonable fee for the front cover and created a back cover using create space. I uploaded both and awaited the usual 24 hours. The next day, 'ping' went the email on my phone which I viewed immediately. 'Congratulations blah blah blah, I was ecstatic. Without a moments delay I booted up my bertha, went straight on to Create Space and promptly ordered four copies. They arrived today. Front cover is ace. Back cover is absent! Just a blank whiter than white space: What have I done now! I am by nature, an impetuous chap, and often too impulsive for my own good. If I'd have only taken a moment to read the entire email, it would have informed me that the back cover, nor the spine, was availlable. Trouble looks great! Until you turn it round of course. So, I have created a new front, and BACK cover on create space till I can get my act together. Trial and error as they say. Not to worry though, it's still for sale on kindle in all its glory. I just thought I'd share that with the small print!

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New Book Release on Amazon

Posted by nice Sep 25, 2014
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New Release

Posted by nice Sep 25, 2014

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Posted by thedivineMision Sep 19, 2014

Friday, 19 September 2014



  The book of the divine mission is a manual that has been handed down to me over an extended period of time. All through this period i have constantly shown ignorance towards both the receipt of this message, its interpretation and consequently its spread. The messages came in very painful dreams that felt like the real deal and given the kind of person i was who tried with all my might to dissociate myself from anything that has no rational explanation. I constantly fought against these visions. However, God in his infinite grace had a road map planned for me and my ignorance were all part of the plan and today the first edition of my visions has been successfully written down and published and is currently available for free download on


Titled The Divine mission: A narrative of the Apocalypse


The divine mission is a sequential revelation of the end of days to the author in a series of dreams that are explained with relevant chapters in the bible. Most importantly it reveals Gods instruction to his children on how to survive the impending horror, the steps the unrighteous will take and how it will lead to a fatal defeat. The divine mission is a must read for every person irrespective of tribe, race, religion or social status, for the reason that all will face the same fate hence the need to understand Gods purpose and the path of safety he has prepared for all who will heed his voice.
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Honeymoon in New Orleans

Posted by LouiseHathaway Sep 13, 2014

I wrote this romance novel and included all the fun places and experiences my husband & I have had in New Orleans and Louisiana. We have visited the area several times through the years. At the end of the eBook, I include websites about some of our favorite hotels, restaurants, and things to do.  My husband did a fantastic job on the cover.



Honeymoon in New Orleans


eBook available at most online bookstore for $1.99

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Hi everyone!


Wanted to share my new professional cover designs. I enjoyed working with the artist to capture the nuances of my romantic suspense series.


If you're of a mind to stop by and leave a comment, here's a link to my blog:



Didn't she do an AWESOME job? I think she captured the romance and the thriller aspect.



I republished both novels on Create Space, and they will be available at most online retailers in the next two weeks.


Thanks so much,

Paula Millhouse

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You may not be afraid of the boogie man but every person has something in life that has made them dread a particular person, place or thing. I remember when I was little by bedroom was near the attic and anyone opening that door helped my imagination create monsters and such on the other side of that door. My Mom would have to reassure me that there were no monsters in there! Most times truth comforts people, even when it hurts it leads you into a place of peace. Fear on the other hand creates dread, turmoil and torment. The unknown of anything can have the propensity to make situations look like they are in High Definition when in reality the state of affairs is literally in black and white. Fear is defined by as a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid. It can also mean to have a concern or anxiety. With that being said how many times have we created greater illusions of our problems than the actual problem by believing that danger was ahead when in actuality it was not. Some fear can be good. The instinct of fear can keep us from danger, for example, the fear that is good tells us that when we see a tiger we need to run! So in fact, if this is true why does the Bible tell us explicitly to fear not? I believe because an overdose of fear can burden you and keep you from prime opportunities. Research has shown that fear can even lead to depression. So when you are headed into a new direction it is normal to feel fear but God tells us in Proverbs 3:25 "Have no fear of sudden disaster or of the ruin that overtakes the wicked and will keep your foot from being snared." Well how can I do that? You can do that by establishing the credibility of the one who is speaking to you, once you do that you can act accordingly. If you believe the other parts of the bible then why not this one? Has God established his credibility with you? Then you can stand on the promise that even when problems look contrary to truth and make you feel afraid he will be right there with you to keep you from being drowned by difficulty. I submit to you that being convinced of God's love more than your fear will keep you in a place of victory. Study the Word to find out about how much God loves you and your fear will dissipate because darkness is being ushered out and light ushered in to your mind. Where there is no darkness your adversary cannot stand! Love infers attraction but fear on the other hand repulsion so they cannot truly co-exist. 1 John 4 proves this by declaring, "There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love." Jesus loved us perfectly when he took our place on the cross so with that we do not have to fear now or in the future day when we stand before the Lord. The more we come to know God's love the less we fear perishing in any way at any time. If he took my place at Calvary I can be assured he loves me and since he indwells me now as a believer to teach, guide and be close to me I am assured he definitely loves me! God loves us beyond what words can describe and for this reason for the LORD will be at your side we can walk in truth and love others. It has been said that fear is false evidence appearing real, and then faith could definitely mean full assurance in trusting Him! Don't let fear skew your reality. Change your perspective about it by getting a word from scripture on the matter and look again. I was terribly afraid of a situation in my life that involved me having to move from my home due to the rental property being foreclosed on by the bank. Talk about the fear of suddenly and boy did it have my stomach in knots! All I could think of was, "What would I do now, where would I go?" I had completely removed God and the Word out of the situation and let fear take up residence. Once I was reminded that God loved me and would not allow anything to take me suddenly I received that truth and began to meditate on truth instead of fear. Peace came and fear of the future left suddenly! Fear will help you create scenarios that are not true to make you anxious enough to get your faith (full assurance in trusting Him) paralyzed (not working). Faith reminds you to be confident in a God who loves you extravagantly, thinks good thoughts about you and wants you to hope in the great future he has prepared for you. Always remember, God is a present help. The message version says it like this, "God is a safe place to hide, ready to help when we need him. Psalms 46 says, "We stand fearless at the cliff-edge of doom, courageous in sea storm and earthquake, before the rush and roar of oceans, the tremors that shift mountains. Jacob-wrestling God fights for us." Fear not beloved and do not allow life's complications to fool you about the real reality which is God's Word working in the life of a believer.

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My short story is in the September competition at, where you can scroll down the list on the left side, read it and the contenders, and go back to Home to vote.  All the titles are in a white box at the top of the Home page.



ONE vote is all you get, so enter your email, click on the middle title (mine), and hit Submit. Share this with any reader friends you think would enjoy a new western story. Remember, September has only 30 days.



"First Night on the Job"

Young Morgan has his chance to impress his girl, his brother, and his boss. If he doesn't get killed first.

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