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December 2014


When Mia arrives at the Dark Night Institute in Florida, after being captured by a vampire, Lord Robert Townsend, she realizes that the vampires are not so bad. By taking venom from a vampire bite, she is now in the process of becoming one herself.   Events start unfolding that Mia never saw coming, bonding with Robert was the worst thing that could have happened to her as she now faces an undeniable attraction that she can't act on.

Genevieve Stuart has a problem with Mia the minute she realizes that her boyfriend, Robert, is now her mentor.   Not only is there boy drama that she doesn't need, but she learns things about the Institute that are sketchy. She then starts questioning if she can have a normal life after everything she's been through, losing her parents, going on the run and then getting captured... there's only so much a girl can take. 

Meanwhile, the Institute is facing rough times with lock downs due to mysterious threats and odd situations that leave no possible leads.   Anyone could be guilty.

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Buy & Review

Posted by FrederickBergen Dec 14, 2014

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Wise Words

Posted by Laponia Dec 14, 2014

Hello Create Space Community.


Joining the community sounds like starting a space ship into the new  adventure,  into the unknown space. I am looking forward to learn about you and want to introduce preview of my fairytale Wise Words. Could you share your opinion, please? www.create

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Get It Now! Get It Now!!! Get This Steaming Hot Book Of Adult Short Stories Right Now on Amazon, Kindle, and CreateSpace at a great low price!!



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Return to the land where the faithful stand and fight against evil forces and imortal enemies.  Come, and meet a new warrior in the Kero...  


The second book in the Kero series, "Rompita Kero: Healing for the Broken Hearts" is hoped to be released on March 21 2015! 

While you're waiting for the new book, don't forget to check out the original:


Rompita Kero:

When a nameless vagabond in the dark world crosses paths with a dying Kero warrior, his life is forever changed.  Taking on the stranger's failed mission he finds a new sense of purpose, and much more.  Frienships will strengthen him, a new found faith will drive him on, and he will become a warrior himself.  But what can the Great Dio have planned for such a small dog and his unlikely companions?  If they're unsuited for the battlefield, how can they be of service in a time of war?  You'll have to read to find out.


I'm excited about the upcoming release of the 2nd book in my fantasy novel series (Warriors of the Kero) and just had to share the news!

If you're interested in getting a sneak peek at the new story, you can find rough draft chapters in the "Rompita Kero" folder of my portfolio (http://Writing.Com/authors/valordogs)





© Brittany L. Engels (All Rights Reserved)

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