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Research Paper-Easy Steps

Posted by Lahleet Mar 28, 2015

I invite you to check out my research paper guide.

It is easy to write a research paper.


Step One: Choose a Topic

Step Two:----Check out the book!


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new book for easter xxxx

Posted by Niknak Mar 26, 2015
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Inspirational Books

Posted by WordsOfWisdom1212 Mar 20, 2015
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My Book, Battleframe, Arrives!

Posted by mgilmour Mar 19, 2015



For the past few days I’ve been watching my UPS package traverse the  world with the first copies of my book, Battleframe. As I tracked the  package I’d say to my wife Roselyn, “It’s in Honolulu!” This was then  followed up by, “It’s now in Australia!” and then finally, there was a  knock at the door…..


With our son Timothy taking photos and Roselyn on a video camera I  slowly opened the box with the order of five books. Seriously, my heart  was racing and I felt like I could barely hold the knife to cut the  tape!


Seeing the first copy through the packaging on top was nothing short of  one of the best moments in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love ebooks  but seeing a physical copy of something that you’ve worked on for so  long was awesome! I think that the above photo captured the moment for  me when I held Battleframe in my hands for the very first time. I was  deliriously happy!


After enjoying the moment with my family I called my Mum and Dad who  have both been such a great support in the writing of the book. They  were around in about 10 minutes! I kept book number one but I presented  my father with his own copy of Battleframe. The first thing that he  asked was how far I was through book number two……Dads! LOL!


I couldn’t resist screen capturing the UPS delivery docket (see below).


Battleframe Docket


If you’ve ever wanted to write a book, I hope that the happiness in my  photo inspires you. It’s a magical experience seeing your writing in  print and one that you’ll never forget.


I also want to take this time to thank all those people that have  purchased their own copies of Battleframe. I hope that you enjoy reading  it as much as I did writing it. Don’t forget that after registering at you can get access to maps of key locations, discussion forums and more content over the weeks ahead.


I can’t resist…..if you want to buy your own copy of Battleframe then it’s available on Amazon by clicking here or the image below.


Battleframe on Kindle

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Well it's now 12.18am and I will take this time to put out the titles of all the books that I have written so far.

May you the audience will find something that suits your appetite  of empowerment.

All books and eBooks are available at store and


A Helping hand goes a long way

I like sharing love , peace and positivity.

Make up?Masked up? Wake up!

Everybody wants to be somebody but themselves

kids poems of poetry reading eBook

Prayer and praise in poetry

Getting out of debt

A walk in the garden

Think like a true business man or woman


Standing on M own two feet

My heart talks to you God

If I love you more will you love me less

A poetic voice

Mankind's  false interpretation of love and knowing it's true value.

Elemental beauty

A child is given

Phone addiction your reaction

Goodbye for a while

Thinking theory?

Short stories

Smiling faces

I like I love

Soul heart writers

Dressing with decency and respect

Awareness clearness and clarity

A beautiful gift is growing inside

Color Coded

Expressions of love

An author's guideline

Author of truth,author of care

Are you okay?

I choose not to follow they ways

Falling in? And out of love

Celebrity breakdowns in society-the challenges

In full bloom

The alphabet great teachings to get


My baby brother

My cousin and I go off to school

Cover up- why are so many naked

The touch of God - how you feel it,where you feel it,when you feel it and your actions

The corrupt world we are living in


I am just a simple girl

Living with consequences

Motivational aspects

Personal prayer praise in worship

Poet of description

Quotes of spiritual empowerment

A single dad's and mom's duty

Son men and their undesirable approach to some women

utilizing the utilities

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please, can you tell me...

Posted by cricri Mar 17, 2015

Please, I'm new... I just would like to know if someone is selling his books in createspace or it so difficult, if you can't make any advertizing?


Thank you very much.

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It is very difficult to get literary essays published the traditional way (in literary reviews), so I'm offering these titles on Amazon instead.  They are only 99 cents each and I've included pictures my husband and I have taken on literary pilgrimages through the years.These titles are also available at iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, and Smashwords.


For Jane Austen Fans:

Marriage in Pride and Prejudice


For D. H. Lawrence Fans:

The Oedipus Complex in D. H. Lawrences Sons and Lovers


For Thomas Wolfe Fans:

Nags, Sluts, and a Deep-Breasted Soulmate from the Shining City:

The Women in Thomas Wolfe's The Web and The Rock




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James Bond

Posted by LouiseHathaway Mar 8, 2015


The Stolen Mask: A Nancy Keene Mystery

By Louise Hathaway

$1.99 at


Can you find James Bond on the cover of this eBook?  This is a funny story about a teenage sleuth who goes to London with her father and is delighted when she discovers that Daniel Craig (AKA James Bond) is staying at their hotel.  I was inspired to write this book by my love of Nancy Drew books and my love of London.  On vacation in London a few years back, James Bond actually was staying at the same hotel where my husband and I had a room.  At that time, the actor who played Bond was Pierce Brosnan.  Just like Nancy Keene in my story of The Stolen Mask, I was settling into our upper bedroom when I looked out the window and saw Agent 007 drinking champagne in the hotel's garden. I was as star-struck as any teenage school girl would be.


In this story, Nancy opens the door of her hotel room to retrieve the morning paper and is shocked when Daniel Craig opens the door next to hers to do the same thing.  He is only wearing a towel around his waist, and when he sees Nancy in her flannel nightgown, he self-consciously looks down at his towel to make sure nothing's showing.  When he catches her looking in the same place, he winks at her and goes back inside his room.  Nancy feels her first stirrings of passion and is pleased when she has an opportunity to come to his aid after someone steals his BAFTA award out of his room.


I am a total Anglophile and love all things British--its literature, its music, its history, its art. I love writing about places I've traveled to, so in this story I have Nancy sighting-seeing at some of my favorite destinations in and around London.  She goes on a Jane Austen pilgrimage, visits Buckingham Palace, shops at Harrods, and goes to the Sherlock Holmes museum.  Nancy is very precocious and has read a lot, so when she tries to solve the case of the stolen mask, she channels Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, and Rumpole of the Bailey.


This book is one of my favorite ones I've written and I hope my readers will like it, too.  So, come with Nancy Keene on a trip to London where she meets James Bond and even gets to walk the red carpet with him at the Oscars.  A bit of a stretch?  Of course, but a girl can dream, can't she?

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Resuming Puzzling Love

Posted by doyourbest Mar 5, 2015

Good evening, everyone.


My name is Christopher Tenney, and last year in May 2014, I published my first work titled, Puzzling Love: Part I: Distant Meeting. It's a multi-part romance story about an Autistic college student named James Suoh, who has been struggling to cope with the death of his grandmother. One night, while browsing through online social media, he meets an older girl named Serena Cassidy, and within two short days, they instantly became boyfriend and girlfriend.


I concluded part one on a bit of a cliffhanger because I wanted to see if I can get my work recognized immediately. Unfortunately, I failed to realize that self-publishing and promotion comes at a financial cost; thus I was at a standstill for several months after I published Part I. As of this point, I managed to find a way to publish using limited finances, enabling myself to promote my work more effectively and efficiently.


As of this time, I am continuing Puzzling Love in hoping that it will become critically acclaimed. Part II is subtitled, "Responsibilities of Romance," and it will continue where Part I left off, in which James is enjoying his relationship with Serena, but he must also be responsible and accept new duties in order for his relationship to survive. What kind of duties, you ask? You will find out when Part II is released (I won't spoil anything!).


Part II will be released in late 2015. If you wish to purchase Part I: Distant Meeting, follow this link:


Thank you for your contributions, and please continue to support the Puzzling Love Series!



Christopher Tenney

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Posted by lud15agAIN Mar 3, 2015


               As  a  small(ish)  individual  5  foot  7" or  so on  a  good  day  I  have  come  up  againt  "heightism"  in  my  time  from  taller  people.  The  reverse  of  course  is also often  true .  Really  bad  tempered,  insecure  small  people  who  look  on  the  taller  guy  as  some  sort  of  challenge.  It`s  really  all  very  silly  and "small"  minded.  See  what  I  did  there?

                                         It  doesn`t  bother  me  one  bit  being  shorter  than  some  others.  What  really  does  bother  me  is  when  I  come  across  it  in  the  publishing  world.

                                Anyone  who  mixes  in  writing  circles  knows what  I  mean  by  that.  The  throwaway  disparaging  comment.  "He  -or  she-  only  "self  publishes"  you  know.  Or  "  so  you  only  write  SHORT  stories?  I  see..."  I  both  cases  the  guy-or  gal -who`s  talking  disparagingly  hasn`t  a  clue  what  they  are  wittering  on    about.

                        In  my  case  I  have  written  2  novels  and  7  short  story  collections  to  date.  All  self  published  Most  of  the  greatest  authors  started  by  writing  shorter  stories.  And  many  of  them  self  published  either  through  choice  or  necessity.  So  what  I`m  saying  is  it`s  very  important  to  remember  that  the  author  alone  decides  what  he`s  going  to  write  and  in  which  particular  genre  or  idiom.  Total  freedom.  And  only  self  publishing  provides  that  freedom.  The  reader  alone  decides  whether  your  efforts  are  worth  reading  or  not.  I  happen  to  love    both  the  fact    that  I  self  publish  my  work and  a  good  proportion  of  what  I  write  are  short  stories.  I  love  both  to  read  and  to  write  them  One  day  I  will  write  the  best  short  story  ever  written  by  anyone  anywhere.  And  the day after that   I`ll  waken  up  to  find  I`m  actually  6  foot  3  inches  tall.



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