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Christian Fiction

Posted by t23g Jul 24, 2015



     I have recently completed my first book. This has been a huge undertaking but a fun one. Now I want to reach out to people and share my thoughts and ideas. My book is: From Sinner to Saint (1514643782) by Thomas L. Griffin. My book is about John Christian's lifelong journey as he reflects on his choices and again realizes the power of God and all that he can do. As you read put yoursefl in John Christian's shoes and journey through life as he faces lifes challenges.

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Pathways Searching for Love

Posted by 2117 Jul 24, 2015

I am encouraged by the response I am receiving for my first novel Pathways Searching for Love. The follow-up novel Pathways Mary Ellen is well on its way toward completion. When you read Pathways, you will understand why the second novel was necessary. Please take the time to read what I have written, I know you won't be disappointed… J Michael George

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Tell me what you think

Posted by Ced86 Jul 23, 2015

Hey guys, i'm new to this and would really love some feedback on my preview. Check out my link and let me know what you guys think. God Bless!

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Nonsense and Sensibility:

A Modern Austen Variation

By Louise Hathaway


This is my latest book.  It's a romantic comedy that is a modern day version of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility about two American sisters and the men who love them.  It's currently available at Amazon and Smashwords for $2.99.

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Reviews Wanted

Posted by MartinSlevin Jul 18, 2015

Hi there,


I have just completed my first Sci Fi novel, Cosmic Zoo, and would be very grateful for a review or two.


I would be more than happy to reciprocate.


Many thanks





Here is the link:

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Posted by Yefulkay Jul 15, 2015

My name is Maxwell Kobina Acquah (PhD), a Christian theologian and Bible teacher. I am an African, a Ghanaian to be precise.  A devoted Christian I am, my love for God and mankind has inspired me to come out with great gospel novels, which do not provide only vision but the knowledge, desire to seek God and discover the truth about His creation. Despite my strong engagement to church activities, spreading the gospel and teaching the youth on how to keep away from crime, hard drugs, and all forms of immoral lifestyle, I have participated in many international Bible courses, providing me numerous certificates. In addition to the Bible courses, I have qualifications in Agriculture Science, Human Resource Development, and many other fields. Check out this  and


Books released:

"The World Leaders and Homosexuality Legalisation, the Secret Behind -- Volume One” outlines the key secrets behind the advocacy and legalization of gay and lesbian marriage and other social needs which may be considered social problems.


"There Is a Condition" discusses the secret behind the difficulties in life. Many are blaming God for difficulties in their life, forgetting the conditions in living a successful life. Join the author as he discusses questions, truths and secrets behind man's life situations.


"Life After Death: Where Would You Be if You Die Today" discusses the significance of the natural and spiritual world. It outlines real testimonies -- involving an encounter with Jesus Christ, a visit to ****, a visit to heaven and many other life-altering situations. This is a good book for anyone who looks for spiritual perspectives about life after death.


"The Church Is not What You Think" seeks to answer most of the critical questions about the real meaning of the church as recorded in the Bible. This book has also outlined divine and revealing testimonies by some people.


In "Eternity Is Just a Step Across the Threshold," the author speaks about the line after the moment a person dies. The soul leaves the fleshly body and immediately steps into heaven or **** for all eternity. This book will clearly explain heaven and **** to those who seek for the right answers.


"The Downfall of Man" examines the causes of the downfall of man and woman in what the author calls the WWH factors. Read this book and discover the different factors that contribute to the obstacles in the progress of man's life.


Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the books are available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Acquah, who writes absorbing and inspirational books, is an anointed Bible teacher and author. He is also an educator, a counsellor, a motivational speaker and a researcher. Readers can visit the author at  and

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Posted by KathyJay Jul 15, 2015

Hi, everyone. I've written five books. They are available on Amazon and CreaSpace. Go to my author's page if you are interested in learning more information about me and my books. There, you will find links to my vidoes on YouTube and my blog on Wordpress.


I have had numerous comments about my latest blog called 'To Hyphenate or Not to Hyphenate, That is the Question. Do you know that there are several rules that govern hyphenated words? I didn't know when I first started writing. I relied on instinct, dictionary or online information. Gradually, I realised there are rigid rules. If you want to learn more, go to my author's page and click on the link to my dragon post in Wordpress.


MY FIVE BOOKS ON AMAZON KINDLE ARE PRICED AT 99p or $0.99 cents. Cheers for Now. 'Bye. x

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The Tustin Chronicles: A Detective Santy Mystery

By Louise Hathaway


Are any of you fans of the celebrated mystery writer T. Jefferson Parker? My husband and I graduated in the same class as he did at Tustin High and we wrote this murder mystery, about a daughter's search for the truth behind her father's murder, as an homage to the books of T. Jefferson Parker that describe crime in Orange County, California. Focusing on Tustin in the early 1970's and 1990's, this book brings back the bygone days of tractor showrooms; hippies and head shops in Laguna Beach; and a packing house called "The Sunkist Cathedral" where the Catholic Church once held Mass.


It's a world of blimp hangars at the Lighter-Than-Air base; orange groves where virginities are lost; and a restaurant that looks like a train station in South Coast Plaza--all set to the music of Bob Dylan and the Eagles.


At the same time, it's also a coming of age story for the victim's daughter who, upon turning 18, begins to seek the truth about her parents; and thereby learns that there are some questions best left unanswered.


This book has received five star and many four star reviews on Google Play, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes


It's available as an eBook for $2.99 and a paperback at Amazon & Createspace.

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Stop, Drop and Pray


Stop, Drop and Pray

when the flames of **** come calling.

Stop the sinning Lucifer hungers for

preventing your soul from falling.


Stop, it's that simple

you know what is right and what is wrong.

You don't have to face evil alone

the Holy Trio will keep you strong.


Drop to your knees

beg Almighty God for forgiveness.

Humble yourself before the maker

suffocating the Devils flame until breathless.


Pray to the Father above

singing praise through His Holy name.

Ask that your sins to be forgiven

so you can dwell in the Glory of Heaven without shame.


Stop, Drop and Pray

for the goodness to shine.

There's only one way to extinguish the Devils smoldering 

allow the blood of Jesus to be your lifeline.

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The Party meeting had just finished as Monika and Annerose came round the corner on the way to their regular coffee at Schmidt’s. Monica held Annerose’s arm, restraining her as they were confronted by jeering men, their brown uniforms sweat stained and creased. ‘SA.’ She whispered, watching the unruly gaggle staggering out of the beer hall, happy from the free drinks. They overheard snippets of the men’s conversations.As the first of the men passed them.

'.. he’s right, it’s the **** Jews….’ .

‘Sure, we need more real Germans, not these mongrels in the East.’


‘The new Programme, that will see to it.’ The snippets turned into incoherence as the distance between them grew.


Relieved that the men had been too preoccupied to bother them, Monika nudged her friend, ‘You heard about the programme?’ She’d heard rumours from another friend, who in turn had heard it from someone else, but she wasn’t sure how much truth there was in it, there really wasn’t anywhere she could check. Her father was in the new Party, but she couldn’t ask him. Daughters couldn’t ask their fathers that sort of thing.


‘You heard about the ‘Programme’ Anne?’ She shortened her friend’s name tugging her arm to stop her staring at the departing uniforms.


‘The new German babies thing?’ her friend looked at her quizzically, ‘or the Jews thing?’


‘Babies I suppose. What Jew’s programme?’


‘Your dad’ll tell you about it. He’s quite high up in the new Party isn’t he?’


‘I can’t ask him about the babies thing, he’ll go ballistic.’ Monika stopped walking her face white with an expression of horror on it. ‘But, you know, when you read the papers, it does make kinda sense to, make German babies. You heard about the money as well?’


‘Sure 100 Reichsmarks. God that’s a fortune. New money as well.’


‘Where is this special place anyway?’ Monika pried, looking embarrassed.




‘You know, where you have to go to.’


‘You thinking of doing it?’ Anne asked half-jokingly looking to see if she was serious. Monika had a knack of winding her up with outrageous comments.


‘Well, after the hyper-inflation, we all need the money. Don’t know about yours, but my family got wiped out by that.’


‘You little harlot,’ Annerose teased, ‘you’re actually excited by the thought, aren’t you?’


‘A bit,’ she nodded going red, ‘break from this dull monotony anyway,’ she smiled. ‘Yes, the money does make it interesting as well. Loads of people, especially those with savings, lost everything because of inflation, poor souls. That man Hitler seems to have the right idea though. He’ll put us straight.’ She shook her head as if to clear it, ‘Come on, get a move on we’ll be late,’ and she tugged the sleeve of Anne’s coat to get her moving again, then suddenly stopped in mid-motion. ‘Heh! Look here,’ she stooped and picked up a leaflet with the new Party’s emblem on it. ‘Project Lebensborn,’ she read out loud as she straightened out the creases. ‘A project to produce pure Germans from Aryan stock.’ There’s an address here. Ferdinand Strasse 17.’


‘Wanna go see what it is all about?’


Monika grinned impishly, ‘Yeah why not. Might be better than working.’


‘Can I ask you something?’


‘Of course,’ Monika answered a little unsurely, not knowing what was coming.


‘Have you ever, you know, done it?’ Annerose probed.


Monika looked away embarrassed at her friend’s question, not sure if she wanted to admit to it or not. In Catholic Munich in 1923 it was still a sin out of wedlock. The pause alone made Annerose gasp. ‘You have, haven’t you!’ she accused, ‘You have slept with a man, go on admit it.’ Then after a pause, ‘You little tart,’ she laughed, softening the insult. ‘What was it like?’


‘And you?’ Monika asked, ignoring the last bit; a note of superiority in her voice. ‘Jealous?’


‘No way, I want to be a virgin when I marry,’ she stated earnestly. Monika looked at her somewhat overweight friend and thought uncharitably that that shouldn’t be difficult, although the marriage bit might be hard. Indeed, it could be a long wait.


‘What’s the point of being a virgin?’ she said. ‘You know, the first time is awful anyway. So if you love a man and marry him you want it to be good, don’t you?’


‘I suppose so,’ Annerose answered slowly. ‘Was the first time that bad then?’


‘Horrible, doesn’t describe it. It took me ages to do it again.’


‘Who was it? Do I know him?’


‘Maybe,’ Monika said mysteriously, leaving Annerose practically jumping with excitement and frustration at her evasiveness.


‘Tell, oh do tell. I must know everything,’ she pleaded.


‘Hans, the coalman was the first one.’ Monika confided, but you can’t tell, okay?’ she got a nod back from Annerose before the inquisition continued.


‘Oh my God, how many have you had?’


‘No matter, it was gruesome anyway. He offered to help me stack the briquettes in the cellar when he delivered. Instead he ripped my knickers off and shagged me. It was awful, but thankfully over quickly. He literally just penetrated and came, that was it. I juust felt dirty afterwards. It was hard to explain why I wanted a bath midweek to mum.’ 


‘Is it wrong to talk so openly about stuff like this?’


‘Why not,’ Monika, shrugged, turning her attention back to the piece of paper. ‘So, are you up for losing your virginity for the Fatherland?’ she joked, prodding her friend playfully in the ribs.


‘You’re serious, aren’t you?’


‘Why not, it’ll be fun and we will be helping the country as well. Come on, let’s see what it’s about.’


‘Only if you’ll tell me who else,’ Annerose persisted as they almost skipped round the corner to the Ferdinand Strasse where they were interviewed by a stern lady in a grey uniform. After answering lots of questions about family and background they were told they would be contacted when the details had been checked.


A week later they both received official post from the Party inviting them to do work for the Fatherland in a place called Wewelsburg. The letters included train tickets and the only difference between the two envelopes was in the colour of the enclosed identity cards - Anne’s was blue and Monika’s was pink.




Most of the houses in the centre of the village near Wewelsburg Castle were taken by the SS. The occupiers moved, some more, others less voluntarily, to newer, more modern homes on the edge of the village. Initially it was unclear who had been orchestrating the move, but it soon became obvious that the newly-formed Party was behind it. The strutting men in their black uniforms had looked ridiculous at first, then the villagers grasped the seriousness of the slow,  unremitting takeover of their village. The majority of the villagers were enthusiastic, at least outwardly. Those that weren’t, disappeared. The SS even built the village a new cultural centre; a new village hall for weddings and civic ceremonies far better than the old one they’d been forced to abandon inside the ruined castle.


The department of racial purity, or Abteilung RR  (Rassenreinheit) as it was known, quickly settled into the vacated houses. RR was one of the very first departments to be opened in the new centre. This early launch was perhaps designed as motivation for new recruits, or just to cater for the cadre of officers who were ‘setting up’ the operation. The more cynical reckoned, however, that it was really just for the personal enjoyment of the party elite. Certainly, many high ranking Party officials spent weekends at the facility in those early years.


By late 1923, early 1924, young blond women from all over Germany were travelling there to be impregnated by an ever-expanding youthful and racially selected SS officer corps, all of them  only too keen to do their duty for the Fatherland.


Monika and Annerose arrived in Wewelsburg late afternoon, the Bahn-bus dropping them at the outskirts of the village. It was cold and almost dark by the time they reached the village centre. They were greeted by dim lights from the windows of a few houses. Walking slowly in the gloom, they were startled by a voice from a man in his garden, his cigarette end glowing in the dark.


‘Hey you, are you here for ‘Lebensborn’?’


The two women looked at each other and giggled nervously, ‘Yes,’ Monika managed, ‘we are.’


‘You need to go to the big three-storey house. Herr Wimmers, he’ll see to you.’ The man chuckled mirthlessly, ‘Blue or pink?’


‘Blue or pink what?’ Annerose asked.


‘ID cards.’ The man replied.


‘One of each, why?’ Monika enquired.


‘Pink get the top people - the bosses. Pink’ll be in the Gasthaus.’


‘And the blue?’ she asked nervously, ‘What’s that for?’


‘Officers and men - the blues are all in the big house.’ The man shrugged and went back into his house without further comment.


Perplexed, the two women headed for the three-storey house. The door opened before they could knock.


‘ID cards.’ The man snapped at them, as the door opened.


Numbly, the women produced the cards they had been sent.


‘Come in,’ the man ordered brusquely, making way for them and reading their cards as he did so. The girls stopped and placed their little suitcases on the floor in the hallway.


‘Which one is Miss Hartmann?’ Annerose put her hand up timidly.


‘I am,’ she whispered.


‘Annerose Hartmann, age 20, from Munich? Correct?’


‘Yes,’ she stammered.


‘You go over there. He pointed to a small corridor leading to a large room full of benches, the sort she’d seen at school in the gym.


‘And me?’ Monika asked nervously. ‘What about me?’ Mr Wimmers hand went up to her breast, caressing it gently at first, then squeezing it painfully.


‘Monika Richter, 19 years old?’ She nodded affirmation, ‘I can see why they gave you a pink card,’ he said breathlessly, pulling her hand towards his crotch. ‘You are special. I don’t get pinks, more’s the pity.’ He let her go, Monika clutching her abused breast and fuming at him. ‘Unless you want me to make your stay here really pleasant,’ he leered into her face.


Monika recoiled and slapped him hard. ‘I am here for the country and the Party not for every idiot who takes a fancy to me. You touch me again and I’ll make sure you pay for it.’ The man  backed off, holding his red cheek.


‘Ok, you have fire, I’ll give you that. Follow me, I know someone who will appreciate that.’ Monika followed the man out of the house across a small yard to a half-timbered building from which the smell of cooking emanated. She realised she was hungry, havíng long since eaten, her sandwich from Munich. ‘In here,’ Wimmers opened the door for her letting her through. After she’d passed him he slapped her backside hard, making her turn and glare at him. His cruel smile showed how little he cared about what she thought. ‘For Mr Bormann I think,’ He called into the room. With that he turned and left leaving Monika staring after him. A quiet voice startled her.


‘This way please, you want a bath before you see him?’ A short stout woman with a heavy Westphalian accent asked.


‘See who?’ Monika asked nervously now. This wasn’t what she’d expected.


‘Mr Bormann.’ The answer came with no hint of emotion or sympathy. ‘He’s ok, better than some, worse than others. Follow.’ The command apparently now ignored the suggestion  of a bath. Stunned into silence, Monika followed the woman, staring at her grey bun as they climbed the staircase to a corridor with rooms off on both sides. ‘Here,’ the woman stopped abruptly, almost causing Monika to collide with her as she knocked on a door. ‘Mr Bormann, Mr Bormann? Your volunteer has arrived.’ The door opened revealing a youngish man in a white shirt. His smile revealed a large gap between his front teeth.


‘Fräulein, come in please.’ He beckoned with a sweep of his arm. ‘Helga, bring us some food and a bottle of wine. I am sure the young lady has had a tiring journey.’


Monika slid past him into the room, her gaze sweeping quickly round - a large bed, a table strewn with papers, two chairs by the window And the threadbare carpet over bare boards, which appeared to be the only luxury the place had to offer. Helga departed and Bormann  shut the door. ‘Sit, please sit.’ he gestured to her, clearing papers from one of the chairs. She was aware of his distinctive  smell, expensive cologne and cigar smoke, although the room didn’t smell of smoking. ‘What’s your name?’


‘Monika, Monika Richter.’ She replied nervously.


‘Don’t be frightened, everything will be just fine.’ He put his hand gently on her shoulder as she sat. You just do as you are told and we will get on famously. The Party will be proud of us.’ He smiled as he slid his hand to her breast. She tried to recoil from him but he just tutted. ‘That’s not the way to have a baby for the Reich now, is it?’ His fingers were unbuttoning her blouse as he said it, his voice somehow hypnotising, soothing and yet demanding obedience. She let it happen and felt herself getting excited at the nearness of the man, his scent and his warmth pressing against her. The action was interrupted by a soft knock on the door and   Helga’s voice calling through that the food was there. Bormann reluctantly let go of Monika’s breast and went to open the door, as she attempted to button up her blouse again, embarrassed at the thought of being seen in this state by the housekeeper. Helga bustled in, putting the large tray unceremoniously on the table, ignoring all the papers.


‘Don’t worry Fräulein. I have seen much more than tits here. You needn’t worry about me.’ Helga produced a bottle of wine from her large apron pocket and put it on the table. ‘Get that down you, it’ll make it easier.’ She turned and left with no hint of a smile or kindness. Bormann shut the door, the gappy smile out of place on this elegant man.

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