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It's hard to believe that it's been ten years since Hurricane Katrina.  I love New Orleans and feel so sorry for those who lost their lives and homes as a result of the flooding.  I know there's still a lot more work to be done.  I think these lyrics by Steve Earle sum up how I feel:


This city won't ever die

Just as long as our heart be strong

Like a second line stepping high

Raising **** as we roll along

Gentilly to Vieux Carre

Lower 9, Central City, Uptown

Singing Jockamo fee nane

This city won't ever drown.

I'm an indie writer and I've written two books about this great city.  The first is "The Ghost in the Plantation: A Nancy Keene Mystery."



  Do you like Nancy Drew? Do you like New Orleans? If so, you will enjoy this humorous and PG-rated story about a teenage sleuth that especially targets women baby boomers who grew up reading and loving the Nancy Drew series. Nancy Keene, the teenage sleuth in this story, goes on vacation with her father and friends to the French Quarter. What starts out as a sight-seeing trip changes into a murder/mystery when a docent at Oak Alley Plantation is murdered while they are there. Part travelogue, part ghost story, this book mixes voodoo, ghosts, and bayous into a spicy gumbo of a whodunit.


Available for $2.99 at Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Kobo, Smashwords

and Oyster and Scribd

Also available in Paperback at Amazon and Creatspace


"Honeymoon in New Orleans" is a travelogue about New Orleans


Come along with my fictional characters Don and Isabella as they discover the wonders of New Orleans on their honeymoon. Learn about their favorite romantic spots, places to visit, dine at, and spend the night. It includes helpful websites to consider before planning your next vacation.


Available for only $1.99 at Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Kobo, Smashwords and Oyster.

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Closure by David Magee

Posted by causewayrambler Aug 29, 2015

Hi all,

has anyone on here read either of my books - Closure or Jokerman? Both are available on Amazon in paper-back and Kindle?

I just wonder how many of us aspiring authors support each other.

I enjoy a good thriller - so if anyone here has one to recommend I'd be keen to know about it.

Over to you.



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Voting ends Aug 31.

Posted by Donegal Aug 24, 2015

My short story "A Brush with the Indians" is competing for first place at and needs YOUR vote.

Click on the title at the top of the left column, read and decide you like it, return to the landing page and choose my title at the top of the white box. Add your email and hit Submit.

Thanks in advance!

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caffe.jpglastest book out, first full length fiction.  I'd really like some review feedback on the book, and the cover:)


Cafe of the Hungry Ghosts- behind the veil of Ordinary, is a supernatural coming of age story ( not really YA), about a young shaman who bridges many worlds- indigenous, spanish, american.. seen world and unseen worlds... it also touches on social issues and environmental issues,



American by Birth, Inca and Mexican by heritage: Wayra struggles to navigate through college, life, and the Universe: all balanced against her destiny as a powerful shaman. Everything seems as balanced as any teens life ever really is... until a chance encounter opens up a ***** between dimensions. Wayra becomes the target for forces that have been drawn by all the violence, anger and aggression on our planet. Whatever “it” is- it feeds on it... and it's HUNGRY... Wayra’s life will be forever changed by the invisible Wind blowing through the cosmos...


I'd like to get some readers and reviewers soon- because if i sign it up for KDP, that's the end of free giveaway copies:)



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Books About Librarians

Posted by LouiseHathaway Aug 19, 2015

When was the last time you visited a library?  How long has it been since you asked a librarian a reference question?   These days, it seems like the only people who go to the library are those wanting to use the Internet or check out DVDs.  It's a favorite hang-out for the homeless or those seeking either an air-conditioned or heated place to camp out all day and night until closing.  The times they are a changin' as Bob Dylan says.



Death Among the Stacks:

The Body in the Law Library

by Louise Hathaway




I started working in a law library in 1983.  It was the heyday of libraries. It was interesting work and we had a lot of lawyers as patrons, before Lexis/Nexis came along.  The library was in the civic center where all the county business took place.  Our library was between the Federal and the State building, so there was always a lot of buzz and never a boring day.  When the governor visited our library, his body guards were stationed atop the State Building with their rifles drawn and ready. Before Bill Clinton was nominated for a second term, he came to the old county courthouse to give a speech.  My friends and I walked over to see him and passed  through security that was similar to what you'd find at an airport.


The people I worked with were all college educated and three were former lawyers.  We used to have enjoyable conversations about politics, TV, movies, and each other (there was a lot of office politics that I did my best to steer clear of). I was one of the writers of the library's newsletter so it was fun coming up with ideas for my articles.  I got to go to other libraries on field trips on work time.  One of my favorite's was the National Archives in Laguna Niguel where I saw how and where all the boxes of data were stored.  I'll never forget the time when the library's electronic compact shelving malfunctioned and almost crushed to death one of my coworkers.


I used that background for the first novel I wrote that takes place in a library.  It is called "Death Among the Stacks: The Body in the Law Library". I had Agatha Christie's detective, Hercule Poirot, in mind when I wrote this book with my husband.  We wanted it to be a story with multiple suspects who, in the last chapter, are summoned by the detective, who then grills them in front of everyone, saying why he suspected each one until he finally reveals whodunit.


The second book about libraries I wrote is a romantic comedy.  It's about a librarian who goes to a performance at a mystery dinner theater where someone is actually killed--definitely not part of the act.  A handsome detective comes to investigate and she falls madly in love with him.  This one is a little racy: her fantasies about him are quite graphic (and very funny).


Watchin' the Detective:

A Mystery Dinner Romance

by Louise Hathaway




These eBooks are available at Amazon.  They are also available in paperback at Amazon and Createspace

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mi nuevo libro

Posted by odanamar Aug 19, 2015

DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL(las cartas a hipolito).jpglas cartas a hipolito, el nuevo libro que tienes que leer.

Emilda: la mujer que le robo la cordura a todo un pueblo...

San juan de asis: el pueblo  que debes conocer...

El padre manuel: victima o complice de su infortunio...

Hipolito: quien eres?, que eres?...

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If your kids are like ours, the only thing they want to do is play. Play outside; play with each other, play online or on their phones and game consoles.

And if you are typical parents like us you desperately want them to do well and be happy, so combined with jobs, mortgages, relationships, and looking after kids it?s a double time, hectic life.

Like many parents we read to the kids before bedtime or encouraged them to read for themselves. We read them stories by great authors like C.S. Lewis, ?Chronicles of Narnia?; Emily Rhoda?s ?Deltora Quests? (the box set), J. R. R Tolkien?s ?The Hobbit, The Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling and a host of others. 

Bottom line, it seemed to make little difference. They just were not readers. They just wanted to run, play, eat and sleep. Typical boys!

But here is the kicker. Our boys loved fantasy. They played a game they called Mixed-up Made-up. Basically, it?s a game of pretend. They talked about the plots, scenes and roles at school, and when they got home they made costumes and props and played out their make believe adventures for hours.

So we got involved; not so far as playing, but in talking about the stories and the people in them. Under the instruction of our boys, my wife made an array of costumes from Greek mythology, space heroes, wizards, and monsters. I helped then make swords, light sabres and staffs, bows and arrows and sling shots, which we were told were crucial to a particular game we honestly didn?t quite understand.

Now you are probably thinking how did all this get them to read? Well it inspired me to write a fantasy adventure novel. Maybe I was influenced by all the books we read to the kids, but I tried to write something totally unique, with new characters and Australian themes.

I wrote a book about boys, their adventures, and the things in their lives they were interested in. I printed two pages per sheet on the home printer, which incorporated the kid?s illustrations throughout the chapters. I guillotined them into single pages and bound the whole thing with glue. And guess what? They read it! And, not only did they read it; they went outside and re-enacted the stories, even quoting the characters in the book word for word.

That was in 2006. Since then I?ve written two sequels, which bring the whole series of adventures to their final conclusion. But let me say this. Kids can be brutally honest, and it can be very confronting to have kids as critics, especially if you write for a living as I do. I?m a corporate writer, but writing a novel, a kid?s novel, is nothing like writing press releases, marketing documents or ministerial briefings.

Here we are, nine years and twenty edits later, it?s now 2015 and I?m launching the first one of the three novels, ?The World Without?Last Days of the Koonung? a book by Glenn Ric.

WW.LDK Final_Cover_thumb 24.04.15AMAZON.jpgThe story is set in Melbourne, on the edge of the city where urban sprawl meets native bushland. Persuaded by Adam?s older brother Mason, Adam and Tom climb the gigantic tree that grows in the bush of Edgars Valley. Unknowingly they cross the Gateway into the fourth dimension, 'The World Without', a beautiful place where the power of life is richer and greater than anything that exists in our world.

However, a decade?s long conflict rages between the long-suffering Marou and the tormented Fras who were recreated as lesser beings during the Diminishing, a catastrophic event brought on by Adam and Mason?s father when he was a boy. The Fras see him as the Destroyer of their world because the Diminishing destroyed their home and altered all life in the ?World Without? leaving the Fras deformed and the Marou barren of children. The Marou are steadfast and face their fate in the hope of being restored to their former selves. The Fras are filled with hate and seek revenge against the Marou, the boys and their father.

In Part 1, 'Last Days of the Koonung', Adam and Tom discover the power of this new world and learn that the Fras have found one of the Seven Life Elements lost in the Diminishing. The Elements imbue extraordinary power upon the holder. The Marou seek the Elements in the hope of being restored. However, the Fras are intent on regaining the Elements to exact their revenge against the Destroyer and his family. Through fate and circumstance, the boys help the Marou in their quest to overcome the Fras before they use the power of the Element to destroy their world.

The book is published by GRS Communications, having been reviewed by a professional children?s book assessor and edited by a professional editor, both of whom have been invaluable to me.

So if you have kids between the ages of 8 and 14, 'The World Without ? Last Days of the Koonung' may capture their interest. It's written for them, so I hope it encourages them to keep reading, imagining and developing their own creativity.

Its now avaiable on by Googling the title. Paperback copies are through:,, and


Part 2 and 3 - ‘A land in Peril’ and ‘Rise of the Fras’ are written and I plan to publish part to during 2016.

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  Boosting your Business Profitability



1.1. What is profit?




Profit can be specifically divided into two; namely gross profit and Net profit



1.1.1. Gross Profit


How to determine Gross profit or Gross loss? When sales revenue is greater than the cost of the goods sold we have gross profit but if otherwise we have gross loss. The sales revenue is the value at which goods is sold.


The cost of goods sold for a retailer, is the cost of goods in its beginning inventory plus cost of goods purchased minus cost of its ending inventory plus the cost of putting goods in a saleable condition. Costs such as purchase cost, carriage inward, costs of renovating or repair of the product are classified as part of cost of the goods when added together. Trading account is prepared to get gross profit or loss.



Look at the following illustration



Calculate the gross profit or gross loss for each of the following entity:



                Sales   Revenue   Cost of           Gross Profits

                                        Goods Sold           /Loss                    




X               $15,000            $15,050          - $50


Y               $ 6,500            $5,600            $900


Z               $10,300            $9,560           $740







Negative figures signify loss while positive figure denotes profit. It means that company X makes a gross loss of $50 while both companies Y and Z earn gross profit of $900 and $740 respectively.






Net Profit in the income statement (profit and loss accounts) is the gross profit plus other income such as commission received, rent received etc less other expenses such as salary, rent paid, repair and maintenance of machinery, advertisement etc. Where the total income is higher than the total expenses, we say there is a Net Profit but if otherwise there is a Net Loss. Statement of income or Profit and Loss account is prepared to determine Net Profit or Net Loss.


Read more here.




















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Hi Everyone!

I'm looking for prospective book reviewers who might be interested in reviewing my new book, entitled deFragmentation, which came out on August 5th.  The book is already available on Amazon and Kindle at:


Ideally, I'm appealing to individuals who would like to review my new book for their blog.  In exchange, I will cross-promote your blog on my social platforms via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Goodreads.


deFragmentation is my fourth book and follows my conventions as a writer, which is to always create a narrative in a different structure than before.  Therefore, this book is unique in that it's a epic prose. 


My story examines the depression a person struggles to cope with while trying to deconstruct how it was his relationship with his fiancee failed.  The narrative becomes a character study of a couple from philosophical and mundane perspectives-a fissure that conjures memory from sheer emotion.


In all, deFragmentation is 184 pages and reads like a soliloquy. 


Please let me know if you're interested.  You can e-mail me at:


Thank you for your time and consideration



Very truly yours,



R. Douglas Jacobs



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Posted by LouiseHathaway Aug 16, 2015

Today's the 46th anniversary of Woodstock. Do you wish you could have been there? This humorous time travel story is about two sisters who are magically transported back to the 1968 Newport Pop Festival in Costa Mesa, California--an outdoor concert later described as “Orange County’s Woodstock.”


The Summer of Love: A Trip Back to 1968

by Louise Hathaway



At this concert, they hear bands such as The Byrds, The Grateful Dead, The Jefferson Airplane, and Steppenwolf. They hitch-hike back to their childhood home, see and talk to relatives who died years ago, and even run into younger versions of their husbands. In spite of all the fun they’re having, they’re plagued with the question, “How are we going to get back to 2014?”

FIVE STAR and many Four Star reviews. Only $1.99.  Available in paperback also.

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My new book just released last week.  It is the first book that I have written and published.  I am extrememly excited for this book  Many of my clients that I have done readings for around the world have asked me to write a book.  It is filled with honesty about Heaven and Life after physical passing. Looking Into The Windows Of Heaven was meant to help people on their grieving path in life as well as answer questions about Heaven. Why do we live a life? What happens before we come to live a life? What happens to us when we return to Heaven? Is there such a thing as ****? What happens to a loved one who commits Suicide? And so much more... For all of those who have purchased the book aready, I Thank You for all of your Amazing Feedback!!! It seems that my intentions for this book are resonating with each person who has purchased it so far. May each of you find Love and Healing within the pages of this book. I have added a link below to purchase my book.  You may also find my website at as well as my Facebook page at!/pages/Fara-Gibson-Psychic-Medium/1465240130372953 Thank You

                                                     Fara Gibson Psychic Medium


Here is the Link to my book ?

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“We all leave our villages so we can find better life in cities. But  unfortunately we all end up in dirty jobs.” Shankar moved toward his  large sack filled all the booty.


We are migratory kids,
From our own native home,
End up in cities looking for life,
Strive here and there for life and food,
Sleep and live under bridge and streets,
We too are kids like you,
We too have dreams life you,
We too have life like you,
We too live in your world,
The only difference,
You live life, we kill life;


“It’s not the end of suffocation “She sleeps for some time. When she  wakes up sees her mother holding books for home work. Sometimes I feel  so sorry for lovely child, get annoyed and scold daughter in law for  wrong doing. Her outright answers and showing school text notes makes me  silent.”
I agreed “The same situation is with my daughter. Beyond our imagination  as how much mental pain and stress she endures. They do not have time  for own activities for real life lessons. There is also a tuition master  who teaches English for one hour.” Continuing from earlier education  topic: “Is this not as good as child labor? When a child studies and  work,”
He saw my face and corrected “involves in practical activity learns  something to produce. But our children learn to be good customer because  schools teach nothing except copy and paste from books. Even after  doing master’s degree our children have no tool in hand. They are still  raw in practical world. Am I right or wrong?”




Still you say ‘child labor’ is wrong…
‘Child Labor’ a word…
For your failure children pay,
No work, no food;
in the name of economic growth,
give Poverty and sufferings;
Still you say ‘child labor’ wrong;
Has no sense,
And still you say it as crime;
Wrong for you,
life for us, food for us,
And family waits pay we get,
don’t you know?
What makes us work;
Still you say child labor’ is wrong;
We are poor,
can’t live if no work;
You aren’t abashed,
holding us wrong;
clean yourself,
Before cleaning us;
child labor as wrong,
all you know;
Reason behind too,
you should know;
We too wish go to school;
We too wish live like you;
You live your life,
But we kill our life;
Yes child labor is wrong,
But no choice left for us;


READ THIS SHORT STORY BOOK: Negative Positive and We – Positive lies behind child labor but need to transform education system

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She continued “I was in the midst of darkest side of my life,  torturing me. I had no idea to pull on. How would raise my children?  Many unanswered questions were hovering in my mind.”
She again took the edge of her sari and wiped her eyes. “My father knew I  wouldn’t accept for remarriage. Yet he tried his best as father’s  instinct perused him to influence. He was worried about my future “How  will you survive and raise your kids?” Always same reply “I want to  stand my own. I want always my husband in dream and in my soul. No one  is near to him to fill that space. He will bless me, for Sure!”  Nevertheless, my father continued to stay with me for moral support,  spent for needs. That was enough for me.”
“You know! The darkest side too has a door opens to brighter side. A few  friends of my husband visited home, one of them was a manager. He  offered me a job of thread clipping in garment factory. I accepted for  salary though wasn’t enough to survive, yet was respectable job. So I  continued for two years.”


At last she taught me how positivity defeats poverty. Even in poverty  one can live happy provided has will to accept any work as profession.  She was far-far better than very educate people. A living example to  explain, “Managing survival is economics.”


(POEM) I am poor; still live a human life...
I am poor; still live a human life…
Live in shack, wear a rag,
Eat from trash, beg in streets,
Eat not when I want, but when I find,
Shrunken belly, faded face,
Symbol of hunger and misery life,
I am poor still lives a human life…
Most don’t like poor on even tongue,
But I carry and hold tightly in my soul,
Sufferance of pain tests courage of mine,
Not enough brawny to bury me alive,
Intensity of sufferings is so harassing,
That even poverty is ashamed,
Yet see smile on my face,
I am poor still live, a human life…
Don’t mistake by my look,
I have heart, I have soul,
Love is not bought or sold,
Love is deep from depth of heart,
I don’t hate, I don’t curse,
Live with or without the fate,
I am poor still live, a human life…
Under poverty many survive,
Poor a brand en-cashed by all,
Poor a slogan enjoyed by elites,
It’s a spice makes topic hot,
Writers, Poets share as weepy theme,
Ladder of politicians for vote bank,
Though live on your compassion,
Yet a tree gives them shade,
I am poor still live, a human life…
All are poor, some ethically, some lack cash,
And some lack basic food and rag,
All go to temple, Mosque and Church,
All beg for wish,
Some for fortune, some for raise,
And some for food, some for rag.
Rich beg inside the shrine,
But poor like me beg outside the shrine,
The difference is,
You beg deity and we beg you,
I am poor still live, a human life…


Read short story book: Negative positive and We – She found positivity even in trash…

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“Love isn’t in body to body contact nor is it in the emotions oozed  through tears and weeps. Real love lies in soul to soul connection that  you can feel through spiritual practices. Love is boundless and  selflessness often we mistake with greedy contentment. Love is give and  sacrifice.”

Be happy, live happy, keep sad away from life… (POEM)

Some are happy,

with slightest reasons,

Some aren’t even if have all;

Happy people perceive,

Positive side of life;

Happiness is all in mind,

It’s all how you take things around;

All you need contentment,

with what you have;

Be happy, live happy,

Keep sad away from life…

Her head on my shoulder and hand on my chest was not warmth alone. Best  part I felt was the mild odor of perspiration drawing us together. A  kind of emotion was rising from within to attach her tight and tighter  on me to give more and more warmth, was not compassion alone. It was far  – far beyond the thoughts, the feeling was heavenly and a ritual to  endow sense of tranquility and affinity. I felt real meaning of love is  not compassion, but make feel of tranquility and affinity. This is a  base for pillar of humanity.

Sangeeta “for me it is ritual, the energy I get from you I can’t get by  hugging father, and brothers. The relationship with you is sensual. Your  aura, your warmth strengthens my soul.

It’s a lovely ‘Valentine day’…

She opened door and said

“O’ my love! Your glowing face is pale,

what went wrong?

It’s a day of love and you are sad”.

I sat on sofa and she beside me,

Hugging and stroking my head;

warmed enough to move my tongue,

“O my dear what I should say,

It’s a lovely ‘Valentine day’,

And no gift I brought for you,

I went to shop thought of buying some

Memorable gift beatitudes your day,

Gifts were expensive out of range,

I thought getting beautiful rose,

But then I thought

If I pluck rose from plant,

Plant will weep “you are gifting my rose,

by hurting me. I feel pain when pluck from me”

I shrugged and thought

A gift from pain gives no happiness,

I am empty hand, I am no worth for you,

She hugged him harder and harder,

displaying her gratitude,

However expensive or inexpensive,

gifts you buy won’t last long,

Even rose or any flower won’t last

And whispered “You are with me is my gift”

She obscurely reflected “I have other thoughts too; same ponders me  several times as there is some force above us who has bridle strings.  Pulls and releases as and when needed to have control. Pure souls have  connections with pure spirits. Pure souls have enduring strength to  withstand and compassion. Compassion minimizes mental and physical  stress to keep us cool.”

“Everything is destined sometimes we think something and happens  opposite to it. This is the fact and the truth we all live with this  verity. We are all the tools of God uses us for its own purpose.”

“Sometimes things happen totally opposite to our expectations, but when  we look back after a decade or so, what happened was more appropriate to  our life’. She also said ‘destiny’ is like a shirt is fit for me is  tight or loose for you, in simple, your positive size is negative size  for some”

Mirror deceits, when you look in it; (POEM)

Mirror deceits,

when you look in it;

Trust in faith,

shall show what you are;

But mistaken if you think;

It shows up you left to right,

reverse of you;

and are happy mirror tells the right,

None can tell you,

exactly how you look how you are;

Even friends don’t see as you want,

They too see you as their thoughts;

Trust yourself, your soul and heart,

the correct mirror shows up,

love, compassion, forgiveness,

Gratitude happiness inside you,

Are read by them and say,

You are the most beautiful one;

“The circumstances and the destiny together play crucial role for our  foundation. What we decide does not mean will always happen, so be  content with what you are’. The negative too may transform to positive  provided you stay positive in negative atmosphere.”

Tears don’t mean sad or pain… (POEM)

Tears don’t mean sad or pain,

isn’t even flow from wounded heart…

Tears are way to express joy and sad…

Emotion charged when fervently warmed…

In Very sad or ecstatic joy,

the persona links with soul,

Feels the touch and melts to drops…

Tear turns on to heal and cool the soul,

tears show the worth of love and hate…

Tears don’t mean sad or pain…

“In friendship you are free, you don’t hurt much. But love when comes to  hurt hollows your identity, peace, mind and body so intensely making  blank mind.”

It’s a love story she and he loved as blossom and bee. But one day evil  succeeded bringing both to tearing apart. Both souls were anguished by  painful departing moment. They managed the bad period too… Read the  story of Sada, Sangeeta and Simon…

Negative-Positive and We .. You love me so much, I can’t hold

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Merlin 2035 : NOLE Case File 5

Posted by Molecule Aug 10, 2015

Half way through the next case file #6 More information on Marcus Wrath, and Hemlock.

Case File 5, unemployed aerospace engineer receives a broom in the mail, battles

a vengeful specter, and saves humanity. You probably can tell, I'm a Clive Cussler

Fan - love action-adventure.  My novel is Fantasy Action-Adventure taken from

unusual instances in my life. I was an aerospace engineer. Let me know what

you think?


L H Andersen

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Posted by Ced86 Aug 2, 2015

Hey guys, i have recently completed my book titled Young and Anointed, it would really be a blessing for some support. This is my first book that God has given me the vision to publish and im praying that it changes the lives of each reader. you all be blessed

You can type in Young and Anointed in the search box to check out the details.

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