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“We all leave our villages so we can find better life in cities. But  unfortunately we all end up in dirty jobs.” Shankar moved toward his  large sack filled all the booty.


We are migratory kids,
From our own native home,
End up in cities looking for life,
Strive here and there for life and food,
Sleep and live under bridge and streets,
We too are kids like you,
We too have dreams life you,
We too have life like you,
We too live in your world,
The only difference,
You live life, we kill life;


“It’s not the end of suffocation “She sleeps for some time. When she  wakes up sees her mother holding books for home work. Sometimes I feel  so sorry for lovely child, get annoyed and scold daughter in law for  wrong doing. Her outright answers and showing school text notes makes me  silent.”
I agreed “The same situation is with my daughter. Beyond our imagination  as how much mental pain and stress she endures. They do not have time  for own activities for real life lessons. There is also a tuition master  who teaches English for one hour.” Continuing from earlier education  topic: “Is this not as good as child labor? When a child studies and  work,”
He saw my face and corrected “involves in practical activity learns  something to produce. But our children learn to be good customer because  schools teach nothing except copy and paste from books. Even after  doing master’s degree our children have no tool in hand. They are still  raw in practical world. Am I right or wrong?”




Still you say ‘child labor’ is wrong…
‘Child Labor’ a word…
For your failure children pay,
No work, no food;
in the name of economic growth,
give Poverty and sufferings;
Still you say ‘child labor’ wrong;
Has no sense,
And still you say it as crime;
Wrong for you,
life for us, food for us,
And family waits pay we get,
don’t you know?
What makes us work;
Still you say child labor’ is wrong;
We are poor,
can’t live if no work;
You aren’t abashed,
holding us wrong;
clean yourself,
Before cleaning us;
child labor as wrong,
all you know;
Reason behind too,
you should know;
We too wish go to school;
We too wish live like you;
You live your life,
But we kill our life;
Yes child labor is wrong,
But no choice left for us;


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