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September 2015

I Am Black America

Posted by Lahleet Sep 28, 2015


I would like to invite you to Preview my new book I Am Black America.  .

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Posted by accountinghour Sep 25, 2015

Accounting Equation  Accounting equation is an appropriate equation that demonstrates the principle of double entry bookkeeping.  Accounting equation can be demonstrated below:  1. Assets = Capital + Liabilities  2. Assets = Owners’ equity + Liabilities  3. Assets = Shareholder’s Equity + Liabilities  Accounting equation can be defined in any of the above equation but depending on the type of ownership of business. The equation one is a general accounting equation. Equation two is meant for a sole proprietorship business while equation three is meant for limited liability’s company.  What the business owns minus what the business owed will be equal to the capital. The equation which shows what the business owns, what the business owed and the net worth or owners' equity is called accounting equation.

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                                                                        The Two Witnesses


Look here they come.  Can you see them?  Yes I see them now.  My, don't they shine?  Yes they shine because they are also called lamp stands because they shed light on a dark world.  They are the anointed ones.  God has blinded the minds of the unbelievers so that they will not see the light of the gospel.  The judgment of the world is near.  It is up to the two witnesses to expose Satan and his evil government for what he is.  They will show the people of the world the truth and there is no truth in Satan.  For many it will be too late and they will not listen.  This is a major turning point for mankind Juan said to Peter.


Can you hear their voice?  They are speaking in one tongue yet everyone from all over the world can hear in their own language.  Man that is wonderful Juan said.  Yes this is unbelievable Peter replied.  I want to get closer Juan said.  No, you may get killed.  Juan and Peter moved a little closer for a better look.  The place was really getting crowded now.  There were a lot of boo's from the congregation that gathered.  They were pushing and shoving.  Juan said I can't hear over all this noise I must get closer.  No Juan, said Peter you may be killed by their fire.


Peter didn't want to lose his best friend in the crowd so he followed Juan to get closer.  Which one do you think is Elijah and which is Enoch Juan asked.  I don't know replied Peter.  How do you know who they are?  The Bible said everyone must die a physical death but God took these two up in a whirlwind so he must have had a special mission for them and this is it.  While they were alive they were special to God and they walked with Him.  In Malachi it says that Elijah the prophet would be sent before the coming of the Lord on that great and dreadful day.  It also says that Elijah will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to their fathers.


Did you see that Peter?  Fire came out of one of the witness's mouth and killed the man that ran towards the other witness.  What was going through that man's mind?  Didn't he know that anyone who attempts to harm them they will be killed by fire?  Are you sure we are safe here Peter asked.  Juan looked at him but could get nothing to come out of his mouth.  Then he said we must stay and watch for they will only be here for a short while.


I thought they had three and a half years to prophesy asked Peter.  Yes Juan said but that time will go fast and be here before you know it.  I want to hear and see everything they do.  Ok but don't get too close I don't want to turn into a crispy critter, ok?  Oh no the sky is darkening, what's going on Peter asked Juan.  I'm not sure but they have the power to allow plagues on the earth similar to those during Moses' days.  They have the power to stop all rain and turn the waters into blood.


Wow the forty two months are up today Juan said.  Today is the day that no one will be safe anywhere.  This is the day the great tribulation will begin.  What do you mean Peter asked?  When the two witnesses? are killed everyone will rejoice and give gifts because the two witnesses gave them so much grief for the last three and a half years.  The antichrist will set himself up in the New Temple and claim to be God.  But they will give the two witnesses a descent burial won't they?  Oh no they let their dead bodies lay in the streets of Jerusalem for three and a half days.  But it doesn't end there.  After the three and a half days God calls them home and they come to life and ascend up to Heaven while the people who witness it will be struck with fear.  Wouldn?t it be better if they just buried them and forgot about them?  Oh no they are too afraid.  They need to see for themselves that they are dead.  Remember Jesus?  People had said he would rise in three days and after those three days his body came up missing.  Those that know the truth know he had risen to finish the will of his father.  Then there are those that want to make sure it doesn't happen again.


In the same hour a great earthquake will occur and kill seven thousand men and destroy one tenth of the city of Jerusalem.  This is the start of the second part of the tribulation most people call the Great Tribulation.  Things really get bad now.  Jerusalem is as sinful as Sodom in her days before the Lord destroyed her for sexual immorality.  The Jews will be fighting for their right to survive because the Arabs want them exterminated.  But why asked Peter?  It goes back to Ishmael and Isaac.


The Arabs feel the land belongs to Ishmael's descendents because he was the first born even though he was born out of wedlock.  You see Sarai was too old to have children and had her husband Abram go onto her maid servant and have a child.  But God had his own plans and promised him a son that he would establish an everlasting covenant with him and his seed after him.  He didn't forget about Ishmael.  He was promised to father a nation which today is the Arab nation.  But Isaac was the chosen one for Israel.  Ah I see said Peter; it's like two kids squabbling over their parent's inheritance and rights.  Yes that is pretty much it Juan said.


We are now in between the second and third woe.  Things are going to get pretty ugly.  Now would be a good time to go hide out like a mole underground Juan said.  It won't be long before the antichrist will force the mark and start chopping heads off with the guillotines.  Let us go pray and ready ourselves to meet our Father in heaven.  Peter agreed and the left they turmoil behind them.

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In order to get rid of fleas and ticks on the pet, their bedding, the house and yard must be treated at the same time. If not then you will be infested again and again. Flea and tick bites can cause allergic reactions in animals and humans. Some are more allergic than others. For small animals too many can cause anemia and kill them. Some ticks carry the deadly Lyme disease. It is very important to keep fleas at bay. Fleas can lead to tape worms in dogs and cats and can be transmitted to humans. Keep wood piles and other discarded items away from your house. They are good places for bugs to hide and thrive. Seal access points in your walls or foundation and caulk or seal gaps and cracks in windows and door frames. Replace screens and fix any leaking pipes. Pests love to be where it is cool and easy access to water. Even common house hold items can be deadly to children and pets so always keep them out of their reach. Call poison control right away if they get into it. When I talk of diatomaceous earth get the food grade. Never use pool grade. It can be found in some feed stores as well as some home improvement stores. Food grade diatomaceous earth is also safe to put in your pet?s food.


Depending on size of pet, use 1 level teaspoon for medium size dogs and one quarter for cats. Mix well in their food. For cats and small dogs be very careful because of their size. Diatomaceous earth as well as salt breaks down the exoskeleton and allows the pest to dehydrate and die. Some of these remedies kill the pest while others only deter them. On a regular basis always bath and comb pets. Use mild soap preferably with citrus in it. Do not use citrus oils on cats. I cannot stress enough the importance of vacuuming. During heavy flea and tick season I vacuum two to three times a day. Clean bag and put in a sealed container and throw out immediately. If not sealed, then fleas can jump back out. Things to repel fleas and ticks on pets:


1. Seven dust: dust into pets skin. Can be found at most stores.


2. Brewer's yeast/garlic/apple cider vinegar: add to pet?s food. Do not use raw garlic for cats. Place apple cider vinegar in their water. I use a capful for a small bowl. I use the cheap baker?s yeast found in the baking section of any grocery store. I use 1 teaspoon for medium size dog and mix well into their food. To use garlic I get the cheap shaker jar found at the dollar stores.


3. Flea repellant: pour 1 cup boiling hot water over a scored sliced lemon and let it soak overnight. Sponge on pet getting down to the skin. Do not use citrus oil on cats.


4. Cedar chips: cedar is a natural bug repellant. You can make your own bed with an old pillow that you would normally throw out. Cut and empty filling and replace with cedar chips. To keep it clean just place an old pillow case over pillow. When dirty throw it in the laundry. If their house is outdoors place cedar chips in and around their house. You can buy beds in the stores with cedar chips as well.


5. Salt/baking soda: place equal amounts of salt and baking soda making sure it is powder fine. Test area first since baking soda is a bleaching agent. Sprinkle over carpet and pet?s bedding. Let it set for at least an hour or two and then vacuum. Diatomaceous earth can be sprinkled in carpet as well. Diatomaceous earth can also be rubbed into pets fur making sure you get down to the skin.


6. Soapy water: use shallow white pans or bowls and fill halfway with water and add a squirt of dishwashing liquid. Any kind will do. I like using the lemon scent. Place dish under a light source like a window or light bulb. Fleas are attracted to the light and jump into the water. The dish soap keeps them from jumping out and they drown. This also lets you know how bad an infestation you have. Empty and clean bowls every day.


7. Bathes: place a few drops of baby oil or skin so soft in the water. Oil helps suffocate fleas and the eggs. It also gives oil back to the pet?s skin. When they are bathed it strips the pet?s skin of oil.


8. Yards: diatomaceous earth, seven dust, salt and baking soda, hook a large bottle of ivory dish detergent to a garden hose sprayer and spray the yard. You can also try sprinkling dry wash detergent powders throughout yard. Diatomaceous earth can be rubbed into pets fur and also put in their food.


9. Carpets: mix ½ cup salt and ½ cup vinegar in carpet cleaner when steam cleaning carpets. Sprinkle borax laundry detergent on carpet and leave overnight. Vacuum next morning. During heavy flea season it may be necessary to vacuum 2-3 times a day. Empty bag and seal immediately to prevent fleas from jumping out.


10. Ticks: best to use latex gloves or tweezers and get as close to the skin as possible and pull straight out. I like to have a small jar partially filled with rubbing alcohol and put them in it and close the lid. The alcohol will kill them and then place in trash.


11. Vinegar: fill a spray bottle with half water and half apple cider vinegar. Spray pet and let air dry. Apply every two days. The apple cider vinegar has a bitter taste and will help keep pet from licking it off. White vinegar also works as well.


12. Citronella oil: 15 drops in spray bottle. Fill with water and shake. Spray on pet?s fur getting to kin. Do not use on cats. Use 2x a week.


13. Epsom salts: sprinkle over yard. Acts like salt and baking soda.

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Love The Blue Willow Pattern

Posted by redwillow3 Sep 19, 2015

The latest books on the Blue Willow Pattern often considered America's favorite pattern are now available from Amazon. They are titled Advertising A To Z Featuring The Blue Willow Pattern 1 & 2. The books show how the Willow Pattern has been used in numerous forms of advertising and other interesting subjects. The following are recent reviews.


This is a great book and a must-have for any willow collector. So often, we think of willow as just being china or pottery. But there is much more to this pattern than dishes in the kitchen. Sykes does a great job with this second book (get the first one, too) exploring how the willow pattern was used in advertising over the decades. You will be surprised where this centuries-old pattern has popped up. Enjoy!


Jeff S Tennessee


But, what I truly enjoyed (with both books) are the featured pieces, personal insights and extensive historical background information. These books are not only an essential component of a Willow collectors library, but also encompass other collecting passions, e.g., railroad, military, presidential, music, etc.


Anna M Arizona



Both books are now held at the Smithsonian, National Museum of American History.


Front cover jj.JPG

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This book discussed the causes and effect of depression are also highlighted and Godly approach provided to reduce the cost of treatment. Possible solutions including awareness for self discovery for every woman and man is also provided.


Depression is a serious spiritual and psychological disorder that can have a very harmful threat to every aspect of an individual?s life. Depressed victims need to know that God love a depress victim but hate depression because he did not promised us depression.

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Maximsing Youthful Potentials

Posted by uvaraisaac Sep 16, 2015

This book provides basic truth that will not only liberate them from the shackles of ignorant and self limitation but effectively maximize their God giving gifts and talent.


Then find out details at YOUTHFUL IMAGE.jpg

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Posted by uvaraisaac Sep 15, 2015

What really comes to mind when you hear the word breakthrough? Do you think


breakthrough is a matter of chance, destiny, experience, hard work or keeping simple rules?

Principle on the other hand, could be seen as personal observation, rules and regulation


through self discipline is what we refer to as principle.




Then click to find more

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What a sad anniversary we Americans must face each year when September 11th comes around again.  It was a day I'll never forget, on so many different levels.  My husband and I were on a plane in London, strapped in our seats, and ready to come home after two weeks in Europe. We hadn't heard about the terrorist attacks yet until the pilot got on the intercom and told us that two passenger planes had just crashed into two towers of the World Trade Center.  Everyone on the plane was stunned!  It was too awful to be true!  Then, the pilot told us that the airspaces have been closed and we'd have to get off the plane and collect our luggage.  We didn't know where to go or what to do.


I tell more about this experience in my eBook "Destination Europe: The Summer the World Changed."  This travelogue is a compilation of my happiest memories and favorite places to visit in London, Paris, Rome, and Belgium.  It also covers a literary pilgrimage I went on in England.  I haven't been back to Europe since 9/11.  In a lot of ways, those earlier days were "The Golden Age of Travel" for me. After the attack, I didn't want to ever fly anywhere again for a long time.  I hated the idea that passenger planes were used as "weapons of mass destruction".  Who would do such a horrible thing and how did they get away with it?  September 11th has definitely changed my feelings of safety in the rest of world; but what a glorious time I had in Europe before that fateful day.  Come along with me as I follow in the footsteps of the Caesars, marvel at the beauty of the Sistine Chapel, and see Monet’s garden at Giverny.




Available for $1.99 at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, 

Google Play, Smashwords, Oyster and Scribd


Here's the direct link for this book on Amazon:

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Posted by odanamar Sep 8, 2015

Hola a todos, me encanta saludarlos de nuevos.

Aqui tienen a la poeta, a la escritora, a la mujer... a este poemario  que de forma gratuita  pueden descarga, y del cual me gustaria saber su opinion.

Que tipo de poesias le gustan?

Que buscan a la hora de leer un libro?

sus comantarios son importantes para mi.

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Books on My Bio

Posted by Mavhite Sep 5, 2015

So far so good for me, I have written a number of books and would like reviews from all of you my loved friend. Go to and review thos books now please.

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Sending a Girl Child to School

Posted by Mavhite Sep 5, 2015

Sending a girl child to shool is like sending the whoke village to school. In many African countries today still have people who cant read nor write. I find this very strange and yet our countries' leadership are biasting about great triumph made. Yes in some countries like Zimbabwe, educatiin has really worked wonders in the past. Well things are getting better there after the dismay of the 2000 onwards.

I am not a fond of the old man there on the Presidential seat but i applaud him for his actions on the introduction of free education for all in the early 1980 until the year 2000. Nearly every living person in that country can read and write. This is good for business and nation building. I also think that the rest of the continent can a learn a thing or two but dont tag along his leadership style.

It is very sad to find that in countries such Mozambique, no proper mechanisms have been employed to put more emphasize on women and young girls. This people sre married young and forced to submit themselves to emotional abuse.

Well, educating a girl child is of great paramount because girls like women they share whatever they have with their children and the whole village. Men are a mean people who die with whatever they have learnt on their balls.

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Posted by odanamar Sep 4, 2015

un saludo para todos.

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Posted by Donegal Sep 3, 2015

Thanks to everyone who read and voted for "A Brush with the Indians" in the August competition at - your participation helped boost my current story to # 1. To see the official announcement, mosey back over there. It looks great! That makes 3 for 3 for me.

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I am new to CreateSpace and have just published my first book (Starting Today). I am hoping to get some constructive feedback from others here.

I already created a preview a few days ago but although it shows there have been some views of it so far there are no reviews. So I thought I would share a portion of the book here to possibly get some feedback.

Now I realize the subject of my book is not really the most interesting to read but I believe it is a very important subject that far too many people ignore. The subject of my book has to do with the importance of learning financial discipline from an early age. My hope in writing it was to inspire everyone but most importantly the young to think about their financial future. As a country we lag far behind the rest of the world when it comes to saving for our future. Now days with the uncertainty surrounding Social Security the need for other savings becomes even more important. Many who do not prepare financially for their future will needlessly suffer in their old age. But that does not need to be if we will only plan ahead.


I was hoping to be able to insert a portion of my book here but I am not having any luck so here is a link to the Amazon page for the print book, it is also available for Kindle.

I would really appreciate any feedback I could get.


Thank you in advance.

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