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FREE BOOK - Only one day September 4, 2017

Posted by RPMPublisher on Sep 4, 2017 1:23:29 PM

Get my book "The Martian Ones: Tales of Human Folly" completely FREE today September 4, 2017. Offer ends tonight at midnight. I'd like honest feedback. This is my first book of short fiction. I've had good feedback on other works but this work no one has read because I had not made it available until now. I would like to see where I can improve. Thanks

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Sep 4, 2017 6:38 PM Lorem_Ipsum    says:

Well, since you asked . . .


Errors in the description did not instill confidence in the book, particularly this clinker: "It seems that no scenario is favorable for humanity's dream of reaching the stars other than, perhaps, by seizing to be human altogether."


I believe the word you're looking for is ceasing. Were I a potential buyer, I wouldn't look any further.


The Look Inside reveals further problems, punctuation of dialogue among them. But those problems pale beside the formatting: All text is centered! Other than poetry, I've never seen centered text, which is difficult to read. Compounding the problem, vast blocks of text are italicized, making it doubly difficult to read.


All in all, your book needs serious editing and formatting attention.

Sep 4, 2017 6:59 PM RPMPublisher    says in response to Lorem_Ipsum:

Yes, I did ask. LOL. And though it is always easier to get positive feedback it is better to get constructive feedback pointing out potential flaws and obvious errors. I truly appreciate you taking the time to view and provide this feedback. Thank you.

Sep 4, 2017 10:23 PM Lorem_Ipsum    says in response to RPMPublisher:

Your attitude about constructive criticism is to your credit. An author needs a thick skin. Kudos and good luck to you.