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Poet-Es by EJ Bates

Posted by EsmeB Jun 21, 2017



On a lighter note, as I have to sit in this heat, I have made attempts to spruce up my poetry anthology a tad. Please like, like, like and share, share, share with any interested groups or helpful individuals fellow facebookers? Thank-you for musicians, adverts, schools, healing... Over 20 poems, photographs and colouring-in opportunities. Plus the odd activity. For circulation to performers, artists, advertising industry etc.

Intended as a showcase to gain paid work.



Berkshire Barks by Esme Bates

Social sites across Royal Berks ‘bark’ about dogs’ toileting in public areas!  I went on the BBC Berkshire, Paul Ross Show, and was asked to read out a fun poem, so I chose this one. Lupo is Prince Williuam’s dog.  Here is a photo of my dog, Ellie.

If you ‘speak like the Queen’ it is funnier!



We all go to the toilet, this is true,

“Wee” in Berkshire is fed up of stepping in dog pooh!

The Duchess should decree,

(On the topic of dog pooh and wee)

“Remember that your dog's "meaty" poohs,

-are most definitely not desirable on one's shoes.

If he, in public, pooper,

Be sure to use your jolly, old scooper!”



Do you have any pets?  What do you love/hate about having pets?  Can you make up a funny poem? I would love to see your poem.

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A young scientist is too curious about the astro-spiritual realm. She constructs a device that traps her in between. Hanging on the verge of life and death itself.



Here are the links:



For a physical book -



For Author Page of all my books:


Katryn Ali:

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Posted by EsmeB May 26, 2017

Please share with interested groups for me? I am a poet- Poet-Ess if you like! I would love you to help me to get my work published in various papers, magazines and specialist journals. It would be great to sell more books.

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Posted by Scianna May 21, 2017



This is the continuation from Book One: PANDORA'S BOX, of Short stories Volumes One and Two. In Volume Two: PURGATORY, is the short stories





What if you were stranded on a new world and come

to find castles stood high on a desert floor. Is this a

place of Paradise or a planet of terror?





Come with Missy and get a membership into the

best Sorority House on Campus. No big deal if

the gateway might lead to **** itself.




People have disappeared and Annaber is afraid it

might be the Rapture that was spoken would happen,

according to the New Testament Bible. She further

investigates by finding a Bible which are now


But despite her roommate's advice to never read it,

the truth plunges both girls into a nightmare world of

the supernatural kind.




An expedition journeys to the center of earth. Two

people must find why the world has cracked in two.

One side will have no hope.



All Sciantel Crista's stories and formats:

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This is a book about pirates and goofy animal-like characters.


It's  about one such pirate, Lasimer Casper Johnny, who is sentenced to live  the rest of his days marooned on an island with a pig-like people tribe.  They want to eat him, he wants to eat one of them. There are also rocks  and trees that talk.


Come meet Ariel and Professor Shank who accidentally find their way to this place where the pirate lives.


Something  happens where Lasimer believes Ariel is a witch bent on sending his  soul to Hades. They get plunged into a nightmare dimension that plops  them right into the clutches of the evil tyrant Zartharyos.


This is the perfect book for children who just love pirate adventures...


NOTE:  The character Zartharyos in this story can also be found in other of  Ali's books: GALACTIC PIONEERS, and SKY GAZER, for any science-fiction  loving child, or adult too for that matter.


For physical book:



For ebook:

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      OLD GLORY.


                            SECOND SONG OF EXPERIENCE.




A thing of Light delivered from the Womb of the Night,


And all Light is delivered from the Womb of the Night;


For the Morning is conceived in the Night,


And brought forth from the Womb of the Night,


And evening comes before the morning in all experiences,


Old Glory,evening precedes the morning in the experience of Day.


The characteristic trait of beauty is Light,


And Light defines the traits of beauty,


And it is with Light that one can tell the beautiful,


But what is reality,


Or what is beauty without depth?


What is beauty if it has no depth?


The depth is to give definition to reality;


The depth brings the peculiar features that mark the identity,


The depth identifies a beautiful thing,


And makes the beautiful identity,


The depth is to give definition to beauty;


And depth comes with the darkness;


The working of the light with darkness to raise beauty out of a work,


The working with light and darkness to give beauty the peculiar features that identify it:


What gives the beautiful thing its definition;


The Hands of the Master disposing the light brilliantly with the darkness,working out the beautiful image;


The working of the Virtuoso's Hands,


The blending of the strokes masterfully to get the shades of light and darkness that bring the depth of beauty;


The depth that adds the third dimension to beauty;


That gives beauty the striking relief;


And You are a beauty!


Old Glory,You are Beautiful;***********




And the relief of Your beauty comes from the stars of Your blue background,


The stars from  the Blue,


The stars from the Seas,the salt water;


The identities with deep taste for salt,reason;


The stars of the Deep that give depth to Your beauty.


And You are in earnestness a beautiful piece,


You are by all accounts a thing of Light,


A captivating Image raised from  the shades of light and darkness;


A thing with traits of light and darkness;


There is darkness in the beauty of light,


There is darkness in the light of beauty,


There is darkness in the glory that marks out beauty,


There is a dark side to the light of beauty,


All the same Beauty arises from the grit in Light to dispel darkness,


The streak in Light to lay bare,reveal,reflect to taste or intellect of soul brilliance in substance or spirit of idea,form,ways,movement,


The peculiarity of Light to transmit or communicate by Its Waves the brightness of the grain of  the image of a thing made,or W(w)hat makes the thing,awakens the sense and brings the experience of beauty,


And as the currents of the Sun,Light,makes the Dayspring and stirs It to work the Morning,


The fountains of the Morning agitating,swelling,with Its powerful  waves,till the Morning breaks out,


Gushing with Its radiant flood,sweeping the heavy currents of the Night away,


And there!


And a brilliant new Day!


So worked the Light and Sun of Your Spirit in Your hour and season,


Defining a time on Earth,


The Morning and Glory of Your hours,


The hour of the Star-Spangled Banner;


The  time of Day,


The time of Liberty on Earth,


The time of the joyous exultation of the Daughter of the Morning;


And the sweet sound of Your voice breaking out with the enthralling melody of Your song,


The Star-Spangled Banner,issuing with the brisk currents of the dawn of Your Day,


The anthem of the glorious Daughter of the Morning blared and  was heard,


Picking up Its chorus over the land,and lands,


The impetus mounting to take the world;


The anthem of the dawn of Your hour stimulates soul with glorious feelings,


And animates a thunder in soul for spirit,


Forming a psyche of that tenor for any humanity that heard the song,


And the beauty arose from the Light It radiated,


The  beauty of the Star-Spangled Banner stemming from the wonder of Its Light;


A Her beauty arises from Light;


And beauty arises from Light;


As far as we can see,


Old Glory,Your beauty arises from Light;


The beauty we know arises from Light.


It is the Light that arouses the experience acquired;


It is the Light that conveys the notion and awakens the taste for good in soul;


It is the Light that conditions with that taste,


Instilling and enduing with the intimate intuition and instruction of the knowledge of the beautiful,


Building up the intelligence and mind with experience after experience;


And we can call the beautiful,


And we can tell the beautiful;


And we can name beauty,


Because of the inborn,indwelling insight,


An eye,and a light within,given and acquired,telling us of what is beautiful,


And the light of the beautiful around communicating with the intuitive light;


The interaction of the two enabling us to relate with beauty in the experience;


And You are beautiful,


Old Glory,I know You are beautiful,


I  understand from my depths You are a thing of Light,


Yes,You are a thing of light,


You are a brilliant Standard in deed;


The beauty of Standards on Earth,


The Standard of the Glory of the Morning,


The Morning on Earth;


When the evening that preceded the day was passing,


Old Glory,


Glorious Daughter of the Morining,


When the evening that precedes the day was passing,


The morning of the human experience,


The morning,


The times,


Your time,


Was conceived in the Womb of the Night,


And the waters of the womb in which You were conceived breaking,


An outpouring of blood in McHenry,Donnelson,Saratoga?


For Your deliverance from the Womb of the Night;*************












The white clouds pass from the face of the Sky,


The sun goes down behind thick clouds of darkness.


The assuring and composing blue disappears,


And the Heaven unravels:


A Sky of dark,glowering and fulminating tone and temper comes to the surface.


I see the Night;


I see the Darkness beneath the Light;


A  Heaven of dark,glowering and fulminating tone and temper,


Cracking with lightning,thunder,fire and blackness.


Is this a storm I see,


Or I look  at the true colour of Heaven?


The true Form and Image:




A horror of blackness;


The solar temperatures that the white clouds and  serene azure veils.


I look at the native Image and Likeness of Heaven:


The Terror at which the human spirit in its tender tenor  and  image of Clay,shrinks,


Withdrawing from the volatile Presence and Atmosphere.


But the Flaming Sword is pitched on the Earth from the outset,


A Dynamism of belligerence,hostility and bitter malignance;


And humans burn with the spirit and dynamism in waves and cycles,




Unconscious hostility between and among humans;


Bringing sacrifices of the tender spirit and image of Clay,


The spirit and image of Liberty,to the Mountain that burns with lightning thunder,fire,smoke and blackness;




A man's psyche and mind burns with the dynamism,


A dynamite,exploding in erratic waves and cycles.


He is settled among his kin;


They are closely knit together,for bond of kin and security,


For bond and security,they nestle side by side,their tents sitting close by one another.


They dwell in close proximity,they dwell for bond and security.


His psyche and his hands burn with virulence and vitriol against Earth that sets high value on the golden rule,


He burns the constitution of the spirit of the golden rules on Earth.


He breaks the image and the radiant  blood  and vitality of the human spirit and the  children It conceived,as sacrifices,at the Foot of Sinai.


He erases the abomination of the golden image from the face of the Earth at the hour of the night.


The Sickle,Secari,mark of the revolutuion of the  Sun,


The Eye in the Sky,


The Grim Reaper;


The Eagle that scours the Earth back and forth,from the Sky,picking out the prey,


The pale Horse,


The Shadow of Death that depredates the Earth.


The Sickle,the cycle,the circle,century,the revolution,millennium,


Eruptions of fire,molten lava,smoke,blackness,*******


My mind and body ablaze,my spirit  fully actuated;


A light and a luminary to penetrate the darkness beyond the Morning,


To  lay bare issues buried deep in the Night,is setting up,


And the  solitariness in  which an intellect seasoned in the bitter herb has learnt to get the best results from its habitual,quite meditations,


Gives a special quality to the GABA around the ears,mingling it  wonderfully with the oxygen and inspiration  the trees breathe out.


The serotonin bringing good feelings and equilibrium to the mood,


The acetylcholine imparting the of lightning speed and smoothening the transmission,


The dopamine controlling the voltage,driving  the motivation of an intellectual soul,selecting the finest pattern of reason,exercising the senses and the muscle of the spirit in confidence in the following the paths of reason;


A powerful anchor  is weighed into  the soul,


And a tumultuous tide of irradiation is composed and made pacific;


And the setting of eclectric blue is perfected,


Electric blue currents,the stream of salt water,in which the soul and the experience; life,cultured in bitter herbs is set,


An evening of the currents of the light of an intellect seasoned in that native atmosphere of the Earth is attained,


And now the human condition can be placed in vigorous current of irradiation that is made pacific,and turned about to yield some real  substance and meaning,


And the human spirit thirsty and emaciated for answers,given some answers of substance to digest and increase its fat for a stronger and keener light  to  shedon the human condition,


Answers to give a faithful  dimension to the  chaotic portrait,the jigsaw,


The dimension that  Chaos took out  to make the bewildering  portrait and jigsaw It presents,****************


He howls at His people with an East Wind,


He raises up a chaotic storm,


He sieves the Land  with a Dust devil of the scale of terrible hurricanes,


Bearing the choice seed to their destinations,


Carrying across the land the seed that will raise the generations that deliver the finishing stroke to the golden image;


And a trump is dropped to Liberty,


A trump card,flying up the corridors of the crown of Liberty,


Liberty,who in the cold light of day removes the light on her face,becoming Hellen,to take them in,


A ghostly trump goes out,sounding the alarm,


The first of many such trumps to come;


Wolf,Wolf, Wolf,he cries,


A trump in the free course of the Hudson,


A block of bile,


A log of cinchona into the sweet and clean waters,


And the salt of the sea that gives the children the good sense and taste of the spirit of Liberty,


A throng of hands of fine Earth,scramble to clear the heap of thrash,


The trumpery,muddling up the the salt of the sea and sweat clean waters of the Hudson


And putting the  district,the street and palace in a bad light;


The illumination of the times upset the fine Earth in their projections,


The distinctive green,the sappy green,the distinctive people watered by the dew of the Sky,


Saw the trumpcard given,


And their shoots and branches and leafage and roots and  fruits swing,wave and dance to the sound of the trump,


Bearing the sound and the trump and the camp from which the call went abroad,to the office in the head of Liberty;


The golden Image of humanity touches Heaven at the point of its pinnacle,


The golden image of humanity violently offends Heaven,*************


In her darkest hour,


Liberty watches over the waters and the cities from above,from the other side,helpless,


Failing in her piety to save  the children she conceived of her spirit and delivered,from the chaos climaxing,


The children of her spirit,the golden rule,


The psyche of the day,


The psyche of the constitution of the golden rule,watching thunderstruck,


Their psyche formed from the native tenor and spirit of fine Earth,struggling to yield reality to the drama,


The Night unravelling Its  Native colour and tone over the light of their day,


The Night unravelling Its native tone and complexion over the sky of Manhattan,


The Night unravelling Its true colour to America;


And in that moment,the world giving a glimpse of the Darkness underneath the Light,which comes to the surface  every once in while,


The unfailing cycle of Day and Night,


The eternal arrangement of Day and Night of times and experience that never fails,


The only commitment the Night will  keep fathfully,


The only agreement His Highness will respect,


He will permit to bind His Highness,is making the experience with good and evil,light and darkness,


Making the times,the seasons with hours of light and hours of darkness,



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New book is out!

Posted by EddieBJr87 Mar 31, 2017

My biggest book yet, THE POACHER, is now available for sale on createspace and Amazon. If you like action/thrillers with many diverse characters and plots that pile on and on, you will enjoy this book.

In this book, a young man defends himself from a poacher at his work. Friends of the poacher try to get revenge, causing more events to unfold.

There are a few more shorter stories in this book, as well: SHIPLEY ROAD, RECOMMENDED, THE GOLD TOOTH, ED'S IN TROUBLE.


                                                                                 - Ed Baumbarger, Jr.

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Big Girls don't cry

Posted by ZephaniahK Mar 29, 2017
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This novel, Tantric Voodoo, is a journey of the Soul in a very Sci-Fi twist of story telling. It is a good idea to read the Prologue, since it sets the tone of the story as it progresses. For i.e..,

Ah yes, you, who know me as the Serpent, the Beast, the Dragon, the Anti-Christ. I shall become what I shall become, to accomplish what needs to be done.

So goes the introduction of the main character. I would hope that it would stir up some interest, disturbance, or curiosity. Story telling is a bit like fishing, we cast out our line with some tasty morsel on it. We don't catch every fish, in the end we hope the development of the Novel will serve its purpose, to entertain.

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This is the link where you can read the first chapter of The Guardians of Embrellon.


John R Moore

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Please take the time to view the link and leave a review

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'Tantric Voodoo' is an exploration of the turmoil and struggle of the lead character's life as it develops from an exceptional person to being identified as the Ant-Christ. It is how he experiences his gift of Mystic Alchemism as a Chicano in a very insane world. A world where, on the one hand, people live in the luxury of wealth, and on the other, where people struggle to stay alive with no food, no shelter, no clean water. It is based on the main characters experience within the Chicano community and its counter culture. And the experience of being in the "normal" community. All this, while he tries to evolve from the damned, to the blessed. He goes from Jesus, himself, to Rattlehawk.

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What do you think?

Posted by A.S.Happiness Mar 4, 2017
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Hello everyone, here is the preview Chapter to my book The Red Frontier. It will be released soon, and I am already working on Book 2.


The Red Frontier is a new Science Fiction Fantasy series by Joseph Cruz. Traditional genres collide in a sprawling epic loaded with deep lore and a whole new universe of expanding potential. In the future, humans have populated Mars, but after a sudden mysterious event on Earth, the people on Mars are stranded on their own. When new cultures arise and factions clash, and the planet becomes both a dangerous and exciting frontier of possibilities. Raymond Redmin, a terminally ill doctor from our own time, mysteriously awakens from cryostasis on Mars, hundreds of years in the future. His arrival sparks a planet-wide conflict. Cowboys, mutant spiders, zen androids, savage cannibals riding giant rats, super-soldier armies, a charming robotic fox companion, and chivalrous knights piloting gargantuan mechanical battle suits are just a few of the genre-blurring characters awaiting Raymond on his epic journey. Welcome to the new world. This is the Red Frontier.



Coming 2017



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