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Diseases of the Human Mind

Posted by uvaraisaac Feb 11, 2017

The human mind is a cognitive faculty that enables consciousness, perception, judgment, contact with the cosmic nature, memory and a unique kingdom of its own, perfectly designed to direct the path of the future.


This book is focused on the mindset which is the composition and structure of the human mind. Most importantly, key psychological variables such as fear, anxiety, doubt which sometimes helps us to develop a unique attitude of retracing our missing steps. We often time see anger as a natural phenomena but Anger is not only a psycho-social problems but spiritual canker-worm. Other forms of diseases discussed are envy is a twin brother of jealousy which characterizes our level of immaturity and spiritual deficiency. Often time we forgive people without forgiving what they did to us or our loved ones. What then is forgiveness? Why are we so fearful to ourselves?


This book also contains practicable approaches that include prevention and solution, moment of introspection (sober reflection), and ways to strengthening our relationship with God and humanity. Diseases discussed in this book are all fought within the human mind but its consequences are spread in the lives of others.

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Hello everyone,


I'm a self-starter for Kindle Publishing, and thought of creating my very first book. My topic is all about "How Japan Build My Career", it is my personal story on how my professional career started and evolved in Japanese companies. Please see the first page snippet below. Please provide your feedback if you found it interesting and what you could advise to make this more attractive to the readers. Thank you in advance and appreciate your help! =)



The Beginning (How it all started)


April 2001 – JSYS Philippines Inc. – The First Japanese company


Before finishing my course in college as Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, I started to look for different job opportunities, sending resume and attending to personal interviews. As a first time job seeker, I was very eager and at the same time worried as to what company would give me the chance to show my skills without any prior job experience.


1 month before my graduation, I saw an exciting opportunity that was published on a daily newspaper. The company was “J-SYS Philippines Inc.” located at Makati City, Philippines, and they were looking for computer related college graduates who are willing to be trained in Japanese language and general programming languages for software development. I was so excited when I knew about this opportunity and immediately sent my resume to the company.


After a series of screening, job examination and interviews, I was very fortunate to be chosen as candidate for top 25 probationary employees to be trained for 12 months. I did undergone 6 months of full time Japanese language training and 6 months of full time computer programming training. The most exciting part of this opportunity was that I realized that learning language is one of my interests or shall we say unique passions. The company hired native Japanese teachers and taught us to learn the basics such as reading and writing “Hiragana”, “Katakana” and “Kanji”. The first time I tried to write basic Japanese characters was very interesting to me because it feels like I’m just painting different lines. During the training period, we had the chance to practice the calligraphy (hand written lettering) which is called “Shudou” in Japanese term. Our teacher or “Sensei” (basically translation for teacher) encouraged us to learn the writing by picking who has the best calligraphy writing and was literally giving as a token of being selected. We also had the chance to interact with other employees by performing a dialogue based on textbook reference. I remember that I was always assigned to act as “Rao-san”, one of the famous characters in Japanese textbooks. In the process of learning the language and at the same time the Japanese culture, it strengthened my interest in understanding more about the Japanese culture.

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Best new poetry books of 2016

Posted by the-poet Nov 12, 2016

One of the best new poetry books of 2016 is now out and avail. on Amazon/Kindle. This book of poems by author and poet E Lloyd Kelly is call; Waters of Silver Springs and is a collection of poems and some stories about them. Today we are going to feature one of those poems the title track no less, whish is a slight variation on the book title. The poem is entitled; Sweet waters of Silver Spring. Along with the lyrics of this piece, we also will be giving you a chance to hear The-poet reading the poem in his own voice and as an extra, here is a youtube video of the poem;

Now here is the lyrics to the poem; one of the year's best new poem for you:


Waters of Silver Spring

Sweet waters of Silver Spring


Oh what soft soothing pleasure you bring,


To my eyes, my ears, my thirsty lips,


My tongue so long to taste your flowing delight.



While skin touches your smooth cascade,


Beneath the soft shadows of night.


Your slender arms hugs the neck of Athlone way over on the left,


Whilst George Town's high hills, caresses your breast.



Yet your cool clear water bubbles and constantly, your water flows


Where do you come from they asked, and where do you hasten to go?


No one has ever answered


Nobody seems to know



Young ladies fair washes their hair


Bending beneath your crystal flow


Shadowed curtain around them drawn


Be it at nightfall, or at early dawn



Chattering women washing their load


On rocks smooth surface by the side of the road


Valiant young men awaits their turn


Sits on the culvert's edge as they discover and as they learn



Just one short leg away from hip to toe


You burst up from the ground and hurries to go


By lush green trees while bending low


They salutes and bows, in reverence show



Sumptuous, refreshing, sugary sweet


Waters of my unassuming Silver Spring


You winds your way over rocks and river Moss all live long day


Until you pour out of your glad waters


Into the anxious jaws of Rio Sambre.


By;  E Lloyd Kelly (The-poet) I thank you.


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedbacks on this

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Here’s a poem about choosing a leader who actually leads from in front. I wrote this poem a short while ago and included it in my just released book of poetry call Waters of Silver Springs now avail. on Amazon/Kindle

This poem is to be found also on my blog pages at

I would sure like to get your thoughts and comments as to what you think about this poem, looking forward to hearing from you, thanks.

  Here is the poem; To be leader (leading from in front) Enjoy the read

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The Toxic Metals

Posted by Dimo Oct 28, 2016

The presence little book of toxic metals in the environment around us and pretty devastating. The body absorbs toxic metals daily through different routes of penetration (breathing, eating, etc.) And toxic particles penetrating into the human body are deposited in various organs accumulating over time until to reach the levels of concentration dangerous for the human health.

Many scientists, today, for example, tend to connect the effects of the Alhzeimer and other neurodegenerative disorders in the presence of aluminum in the body.

What I certainly intend to achieve with the creation of this little work is to spread the knowledge of the dangers threatening humanity and that for too long have been ignored by the multitude; This is certainly not to frighten the reader, but to warn him and give him a chance to defend himself.


Eng. Antimo Audino

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8  Test Theory? A Global Industry " TEST THEORY " By Tabatha DemetriaCain,Malik ?Volunteering is a test theory and a global industry!" ? Defining volunteer- A person that actually takes on a task, responsibility or project on his or her own accord without needing to be assigned ordered, or told to do so, Often of volunteers is not paid for the work at a company charitable events with or without pay and may even request or by making the initiative to do so, For example, a group can volunteer to research an issue as a response to a request. ? Global industry-a classification system for domestic and international.This book is filled with pictures and graphs and certificates Tabatha, earned through the years.And also included are pictures of our daughter whom she volunteered with throughout Jasmines' pre-k & toddler years. As well as her teen years, Jasmine was educated in the local school system in Tabathas' local community. What an excellent experience. Thanks to all teachers for allowing Tabatha to volunteer and allowed her to come and set at their beautiful schools in South Carolina and Accra and Kumasi Ghana Africa along with meeting mighty Professional Doctors Directors at the Autism From A Parent Perspective Conference in Accra Ghana at the Bester Western International Airport meeting MadamDr Marilyn Marbell-Wilson, MB,ChB.MWACP,MGCP DEVELOPMENTAL PEDIATRICIAN& MADAM SERWAH QUAYNOR FOUNDER OF AUTISM CARE AND TRAINING SCHOOL IN Kokomlemle,Accra and Madam Mrs. Tabatha Demetria Cain, Malik of Emmanuel Cain Innovations LLc &Dorcas Inc Foundation we also went to deliver the University of Ghana and Schools special editions of the Autism Childrens book "Where Does Autism Come From Wonder The Turtle Family?"By Tabatha D.Cain,Danielle Cruz Torres, Antoinette Parnell Balfour, This book tells the story of a youngster's quest to get to the root of Autism.The story is told through the viewpoint of the character Jack Turtle assisted by his sister Jill,who are both diagnosed with Autism.The purpose of the story is to capture and hold the interest of children with Autism & ADHD and other disabilities, while helping them to understand the precious jewels that they are. Keep the faith and hope alive. To their Children hospital wing in the University of Ghana for mothers and children with disabilities and special needs (Autism) etc, at the University of Ghana in Accra Africa . Habakkuk 2:3,4 3"For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay. 4"Behold, as for the proud one, His soul is not right within him; But the righteous will live by his faith.? Discussion: Volunteering is a greatest joy and job, there is no income in it but the love and charity to impact all nations and change lives is the reward of volunteering. She repeats it, the greatest job by itself, it takes heart and courage and a lot of love and passion for all types of people and cultures in this life.Test theory is a inspirational book with test theories proven. Certificates and pictures of hard work and labor of love and pictures in Africa of Tabatha and the children are enclosed as well... In Africa inspiring and impacting many with pure love especially with the children and their teachers and headmistress in Tema Ghana, Africa. Jasmine, inspired and encourage it all she told Tabatha her mother to go around the world and help children like her that has Autism and Outlet Dysfunction Constipation & special needs and Tabatha, prayed and did what Thy Lord thy God of heaven & our daughter Jasmine, requested of her.. Thanks my dearest children Jasmine and Chilton and my husband Nana Okyere Malik and my small family and large family in Africa Papa Ahmed and Madam Janet... friends and Ministry family for making this test theory a reality through the inspirational innovation book.Lord Jehovah-Jireh thank you Amen God Bless !

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5"What Is Respect& Obedience Wonder Jack&Jill Turtle?" by Tabatha Demetria Malik

Learning with Jack and Jill Turtle respect and obedience is key. This childrens book tells the story of Jack &Jill Turtle's quest of learning the importance of respect and obedience in animals, nature and in their turtle lives which are impertative as well as colors and shapes educational learning. And in this book is live pictures of animals in there domains such as a tiger& lions etc.The story is told through the viewpoint of the character Jack Turtle assisted by his sister Jill Turtle,they learn that we must respect everyone and yes even nature and your environment and culture. Together they learn a lot through their family and elders in their community.The purpose of the story is to capture and hold the interest of children learning to respect and apply their obedience always in life. Rules respect and obedience with Jack&Jill Turtle

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"Where Does Bullying Come From Wonder Jack and Jill Turtle?" By: Tabatha Demetria Cain, Malik& illustrations Danielle Cruz Torres Description: Our daughter who was teased & bullied for her differences with Autism and the movement she does this (rocking back in forward in one place in motion).Where Does Bullying Come from?Only because of her tics,outburst! This book is created for every child or children who have been bullied. Jas was bullied because of her differences.This book tells the story of a youngster's quest to get to the root of Bullying.The story is told through the viewpoint of the character Jack Turtle assisted by his sister Jill Turtle,who are determined to find out where does bullying come from exactly? The purpose of the story is to encourage and promote awareness of bullying for children who are needing love and encouragement and inspiring the bullies themselves, while helping them to understand that all children are precious jewels. May this awareness inspire many and promote love for the youth with faith,love and hope!

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Aushua's Wonders

Posted by Scianna Oct 17, 2016

Aushua, Angelica, and Archie are all back home on Earth but will Mr. Aushua and Miss Jens act like nothing special ever happened to them and walk away from a possible relationship or will they pursue what could become the best experience that can only be encountered together as a couple.


Ok, so enough about mushy stuff! There will be plenty of twists and turns and still more kooky inventions to come in this 3rd installment of the Candyman series. Find out what happens when the anobe get into too much chocolate and go a wrecking his whole candy factory!

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The approach to my first Novel, Tantric Voodoo, was done to 'push the envelop' of accepted and entreched ideals of religion, spirituality, psychic abilities, science and literary structures. It is a story of a 'supposed' Anti-Christ', as he deals with this accusation, and attempts to overcome it. Here is an excerpt:

     Ah yes, you who know me as the Serpent, the Beast, the Dragon, the Anti-Christ. I shall become what I shall become, to accomplish what needs to be done.

At this point of the Novel I decided to paraphrase a quote of the Holy Bible made by 'God' to set the tempo of the story and development of the main character. And also to pose the question to the reader, 'is he or isn't he?'  The novel continues:

Would you deny me love? It is for you, Synestra, who I pen this for.

At this point I chose to raise the questions, 'Who is the writer?' What is the story? What is reality and what isn't?'

I find it necessary to question 'perceptions' in order to 'intrigue' the reader, and allow them to decide: 'Do I want to seak the answers? Do I dare?'

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Posted by Natasja Oct 5, 2016

Does anyone else write anthologies or collections? I've recently published one, "The Lost Collection" and am working on another consisting mostly of short-stories inspired by online writing prompts. I hope to release "The Temporarily-Misplaced Collection" by the end of the year.

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Re: The Agents of Change

Posted by wmuiga Oct 4, 2016

Hey Change maker,

After visualizing the tubes of light, and discovered the synergy around me, I found my self capable of being touched by art. An absorbing narrative  "The Agents of Change" will take you a virtual tour in discovery of your potentials.

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This blog will blow your mind

Posted by wmuiga Oct 4, 2016

When I was young, I used to admire people with great wealth. Nowadays, I admire people with inner peace.

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Posted by Blackjack36 Oct 4, 2016

Why do women say they want a good but when they find they know how to treat him. Is it because they are use to being hurt and when a good man come into their lives they can't appreciate him. When you they find a that beat on call them ******* hoes steal from them cheat on them mistreat your kids keep you from your friends and family. Go Throught phone tell you what to wear take your money they treat him like a king. Why!

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Predeterminism series is the first Science Prediction fictional books written. What is Science Prediction? Science Prediction is fictionalized literature of past or present universal events and theorized future events, however, explained with scientific theories and known scientific elements. In other words, a fictional story of any universal characteristics explained only through scientific facts or theories.

To simplify the meaning, a writer can create a story such as Harry Potter except, the author must explain how the spell works through science. So Harry cannot magically wave his wand and poof.

Instead, 'The circus fair's escaped helium causes friction mid swing through metallic particles in air as Harry's goat milk spell fills the vase. "Accio Milk!" Harry shouted.'

The story stays fictional, and the science is clearly an example. The purpose is to bring the division between nonfiction and fiction readers the what is known as, Science Prediction.

What is Science Prediction?

We are fortunate to live in a world of vast imaginations. Here in this world lives an infinite source of creative power. We can substantially envision our own destinies to manifest a creative work of artistry within vibrational, spiritual and emotional thoughts. We naturally are truly creative people, singers, poets, musicians, artists and so on. When such artists empower the compilation of great ideas over time, we come to piece together our stories which we are here on earth to demonstratively conclude and experience through one other. In today's world, these written tales can be composed of standard categories we can find in every modern bookstore.

Readers and authors alike fall into different classes or genres of literature based on categories and classification of the book. We tend to fall into these groups religiously. Until now, an authors writing dream come true in an original uncategorized philosophical style of composition which is rightfully entitled as, 'Science Prediction.

What is Science Prediction? The answer to this question is opening and uncomplicated. Science Prediction is composing literature based on the past, and present generational events that predict a future outcome determined through theorized scientific elements. When producing Science Prediction literature, the author attempts to capture their storylines by infusing them into our past and present reality, while utilizing scientific theory to implement the author's plot to create a future relative state of conscious life.

Science Prediction is correspondingly formulated by documenting past and present historical events within throughout the storylines to maintain the reader's conscious reality. By doing so, this allows the reader to develop the correlation between the events until the author's future scientific outcome transpires beyond the plot. This also keeps the reader from equating Science Prediction as fiction or other forms of known written literature genres.

The most important aspects of Science Prediction are a philosophical theory, theodicy, and mindfulness. The philosophical theory of Eternalism is the scientific basis of Science Prediction. Eternalism is the view that time resembles space and thus past, and future events are in some sense coexistent. With this explanation, the author must explain each of its laws Science governs to make a real storyline and theory. When an artist creates Science Prediction literature, he or she commits to a theorized summary of the life and universal existence based on scientific principalities towards developing plots of unforeseen future events.

In essence, Science Prediction is a breakthrough gateway to an author's ability to create a work of theoretical artistry literature, maintaining the reader's level of conscious reality beyond fairytale or folklore, inclusive with an elaborate and purposeful scientific foretelling. In other words, Science Prediction has more intellectual offerings than Science Fiction, Science non-fiction, fiction, time travel and alternative history, etc., or any other spiritual new age literature, that only allows the audience a modern and post-modern fictitious dictation.

We will be searching for several writers to draft a short story of 2,000- 2,500 words in the Science Prediction introduction book. If you would like to be considered in having your short story in the book, please contact me. We can have a in depth look into the new literature explanation and feature you as a writer in the first book. Send us your information and interest and we will contact you

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