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Drum roll please...

Posted by Pen2Paper Apr 18, 2014

Red Hunger has been released!


With the release of my debut novel, Red Hunger, I want to take a moment to thank all of my supporters. I especially want to express my gratitude to Createspace for all of their hard work and tireless effort to make my dream of becoming a published author a reality.


I realize my work has just begun. I am currently involved in the preparation of my second book in the series. A writer's life is filled with ups and downs, triumphs and set backs, but I wouldn't trade any of it for any other profession. I love what I do, and I know each and every one of you within this wonderful community feels the same. Let's keep working to fill the world with an endless myriad of stories, both fictional and non-fictional, to touch the lives of our most-deserving readers, for they are our true inspiration! Happy Writing!



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A good earn in return

Posted by gaity Apr 16, 2014

The International Cricket Council's Anti-Corruption and Security Unit,  in a confidential note, has revealed how players are approached and  trapped by bookies.                    Betting on cricket in the legal and illegal markets continues to grow  rapidly and, with many, many millions of dollars being bet on every  match, the threat of corrupters seeking to influence the game has not  gone away.

The           last knockout tournament in Bangladesh raised a staggering amount for           thePakistan cricket board;its not the matter of losing a match but there were various heart rending cries of the nation;the only happiness was swept away by jingling of coins as an eternal melody to eleven skippers. 

Professionalism           is dealing with the conditions that one face and, no matter what,           going out and giving  all. There are one or two players in the           team who don't understand that completely yet. The           dying breed of openers in  cricket is a cause of concern and it           is time we take it seriously. I know it is not easy, but then we have           the resources to tap and groom the right men. The board and the           selectors have a challenge in hand.
              When it was made public ; despite it being the result of a  comprehensive and wide-spanning inquiry, the report received some  criticism for being too vague in its findings, implying involvement of  players in the team by imposing fines but not confirming it beyond  reasonable doubt.


"Cricket has a proud tradition as a by-word for fair play. To keep that  reputation the International Cricket Council must start to implement  reforms that will strengthen transparency in cricket and address the  many corruption risks that threaten the game"
– Deryck Murray, former cricketer and chair of Trinidad & Tobago Transparency Institute .

It is an important issue ;a positive role may be fairly played by in the lives of people;corruption in sports not only ruins the board but also squashed the cabage to dispersed the virtue of fair play and integrity.

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Hello to all Fantasy-Adventure novel readers! I would like to share my anime-themed novel, The Explorers to everyone around the world! The Explorers is now on sale on Createspace with its new front cover designed by me!

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Book 1:

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"When the world's fate is at stake... a new breed of warriors will come..."


A group of legendary warriors called Explorers are King Jethro's guardians, servants, and protectors of human world and the entire universe. But only fourteen chosen men are entrusted by the king of gods to become the possessors of his long-lost elements to save the world from tribulation, disorder, and chaos.


  • Series: The Explorers
  • Paperback: 300 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2 edition (March 24, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1494466392
  • ISBN-13: 978-1494466398
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 5.2 x 0.7 inches


The Explorers is also now available in Kindle Edition. Get yours now on Amazon for only $5.99! You can now buy a copy of this ebook to any Amazon Stores:,,uk,,,,,,,,,,,


If your device is running Android or iOS, you need to download and install the Kindle application on App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android). Then search The Explorers Book 1.


The Explorers Wiki on is currently looking for editors/contributors! The contributors should already have read the novel to add The Explorers related pages and contents. You can make your contribution without creating a account:


Grab your copy now! Don't forget to help support The Explorers by liking and sharing the page to your wall and let your friends know about the release.

The Explorers page:

Thank you and God bless!

- Kirsten Nimwey (The Explorers author)



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My Story!

Posted by jlthompson5 Apr 14, 2014

I want to go about this a little differently. You all know my story, you’ve read my rants a few times now and know that I always try to tie my life into my book. This time I want to give you some of my book. I know, I’ve been asking you to go look at my preview but hey, I don’t click every link either and I don’t expect you too either. So without further Aude here is chapter 1 of The Vilincia Coven, The Watcher.


Welcome to Taylor Prep


Chapter 1





          The third generation of coven children now ruled the school. The normal of school called the group of kids the brat-lings. They could get away with anything and break every rule without punishment. That group of kids put fear into all the students that attended the old brick school. They were always together and only mingled with the general population when catering a huge, rowdy party.


            Cole was the grandson of Adam Taylor and his father, David, was the current principal. Cole was tall and built with mussels, blonde hair, and brown eyes. He played all the sports he could to feel like he fit in. Cole was drilled with his grandfather’s ways from the moment he was born, completely unaware of who he really was in the world. Like his father, Cole spent most of his life at the school. To avoid his father the coven kids normally came to Cole to have their issues resolved. He was the oldest of this generation of the coven at just 16.


            Benson was the third generation of the Vons. He was tall and handsome with long black hair and green eyes that pulled you in with one look. He was 16 also and adored his motorcycle. He always wore his black leather jacket and jeans. For looking so mean he was truly a sweet guy. When he had something to say he made sure he was heard. Benson was a true mama’s boy and had unlimited access to her huge bank account. He was also Cole’s best friend. They did everything together since they were kids and had been roommates since they started at Taylor Prep.


            Felicia, also 16, was from the Marchello family. She was slender and kept her hair long and straight. Her hair was the prettiest shade of brown and her eyes glowed a brilliant hazel color. She was the reason they were called the brat-lings, she was rude and mean and spoiled to the core by her parents. Her parents were teachers at the school and still allowed her to act the way she did. Her parents claimed it was a phase she would be over soon. She found peace in keeping everyone out. Mean was the only way she knew to push people away. She only really had one true friend, Haley Raven. Felicia was foreseen as Cole’s future queen but seemed to not be interested in talking to him yet. For now she didn’t like being told who to love.


            Then the Strover twins, only 15, hung out in the crowd. Jessica and Jackson where polar opposites for twins. Jessica preferred to be called Jess, she kept her hair short and dyed black but her blue eyes popped out from all the darkness as light. She was gothic and loved it. She had pretty lips that she kept painted black. She was proud of who she was and rebelled just to fight about something. She was smarter than her twin brother and took pride in beating him for top grades every year, keeping her perfect record and her never changing 4.0. She was known for fighting with boys though and was constantly in trouble.


            Jackson, on the other hand, was a genius and proud although always second to Jess. He kept his hair’s natural blonde color, cut short and his blue eyes glowed. He was tall and a known hottie in the school. He was into science and seemed to be more down to earth then his twin sister. He was calm and tried to avoid conflict. Jess was always pulling him into her trouble. The twins’ powers fed off of each other. If they were separated they wouldn’t even have powers to defend themselves.


            The 15 year old Zoe belonged to the Handson’s. She was sweet and loved to help people. She kept her hair blonde, long, and cutely cut around her face. Her eyes were a beautiful shade of grey. She was thin but feisty when she needed to be. Zoe was a cheerleader and helped her fellow class men with anything from homework help to making friends. Zoe knew everyone and loved it. Her heart was kind and it reflected in everything Zoe did. She was also the local D.J.Z for all the parties. Zoe rocked her turntables constantly, loving music to the fullest.


            Evan was 15 and he was the grandchild to the Monroe’s. He kept his hair in his eyes but just barely. It was naturally black and product held it in just the right way. Evan was a little shorter than everyone else and punched anyone who pointed it out. He was a rocker to the core. He had a metal band that played all the parties and were growing in popularity outside their happy little town. Evan played guitar and could sing like an angel. His voice was hypnotic and would pull you in with every word. He wasn’t a big fan of Cole and avoided hanging out with him at all costs. Evan thought Cole was just sailing through this school because of his name and only got involved when Benson made him.


            Last, but not least, is little Haley Raven at just 14. She was the great granddaughter of the Raven household. Her hair was shoulder length and dark in color. Haley had soft blue eyes and a sweet smile. She was shy and didn’t talk a lot. She always had her nose in a book. She only talked to one person ever, her best friend Felicia. They even lived together which was amazing. Haley stayed where she could hear what was going on but never really took part in the chaos. Cole was sure she was holding back for a big bang one day.






            The new school year was upon them, all the new kids filed into the dorms and the old brick office buildings. The main administration building still had the original hand rails, old cracked wood that was sure to leave a splinter, from when the building was first put up. The ages of the students were from middle school up. All of the students there for whatever “gifted” or “talented” reason their parents gave Cole’s dad. It was one of the best schools around.


             Cole was unpacking his clothes for the school year after his summer vacation. Cole had spent the summer taking care of his mom. She divorced his father years ago and became ill. She never seemed to get better and was now in bed and barely alive. Cole worked two jobs all summer long to help her catch up on her bills and pay for her medicine. Cole couldn’t help but worry about her.


            It wasn’t long before Cole was shook from his thought by the door flying open. Benson was standing in the doorway with a huge smile for his friend, who he hadn’t seen in a long two months. He had let his longer black hair down from its normal ponytail. Benson’s big black boots stomped across the floor as he approached his friend.


            “Have you seen all the new and beautiful little things running around here? This is going to be a great year.” Benson proclaimed.


            “Sure is,” Cole laughed, “How was your vacation?”


            “Great, kind of, my mom made me spend time my cousins out in Cali though.” Benson said sighing.


            Cole smiled at his friend. He would have given anything to go to the beaches of California instead of worrying about his sick mother. Benson always seemed to have good luck. He even seemed to get all the girls first.  Cole finished unpacking his clothes; he looked around at the dorm room they had shared for years. The posters and pictures that covered the walls were reminders of all the time they spent at that school understanding who they are. They couldn’t even see the original color of the wall through all the pictures and papers and stickers all over his side of the wall and Benson’s side looked just like Cole’s covered with memories.


            “What do you say we rock the dorms tonight at a welcome back party?” Benson asked.


            “Ben you’re going to upset my dad already?” Cole asked.


            “No but the twins will. They already started planning the party.” Benson said with a wicked smile.


            “I don’t know man, there always seems to be some drama lingering around the parties we have.” Cole confessed.


            “True, but all the new girls around here, all dressed up is something you can’t miss out on.” Benson said.


            “Fine I’ll go. Now let’s go get our books.” Cole said smiling a little.


            “Alright, it’s always better when you’re in too.” Benson said.


            As Cole opened the door and walked into the hall, he collided with a new student. A blonde girl with pink streaks in her hair. She was slender but filled out and looked to be Cole’s age. Her eyes were a soft shade of purple and looked up at Cole with apologies.


            “I’m so sorry. I wasn’t watching where I was going.” She said bending down to get her books. Her hair fell in her face just a little as she reached for her things.


            “Totally ok, we were all new once.” Cole said with a smile at her.


            He bent down and helped her pick up her books. He handed her the books she had dropped and couldn’t help but smile at her. She was captivating to Cole and he felt the connection to her. It was like he knew her but he had never seen her before.


            “Thanks” she said with a smile.


            With that she was gone in a swift turn. She was shy and that took Cole’s breath away more. Benson took one look at his friend and knew he was hooked on this new girl already.


            “Finally a girlfriend for you. I was starting to worry about you man.” Benson said patting Cole’s back.


            “Oh please I didn’t even get her name.” Cole said.


            “It’s not like you have to try hard to find her again.” Benson pointed out.


            “Oh shut up Ben.” Cole laughed.


            The two boys went on their way to collect their books for classes the next day. The same old hallways in the dorm painted yellow bored Cole’s walk to the main hall. The fresh air and the smell of fall on its way made the old blackened bricks of the main hall light up. All the voices echoed all over the huge lobby. In line for their books Cole heard a familiar whining voice that he couldn’t ignore. Felicia huffed by throwing a tantrum about not getting into the chemistry class her father taught. She was no good at chemistry and knew her dad would help her out. That’s why Cole’s dad refused to let her in her dad’s class.


            “Welcome home Felicia.” Benson yelled teasing her.


            “Bite me Ben.” She huffed.


            “Oh really?” he teased more.


            She flipped him the bird as she walked on down the hall. Her pink heels clicked on the marble floor and her hair floated behind her as she stormed off. Benson laughed loudly as they waited in line for their books and class schedules. Cole looked around at all the new faces and kids having fun. If only they knew who he really was, they would tremble in fear of him.


            “Cole Taylor, Welcome back to school.”  Benson’s mom smiled. Her brown hair was cut short and curled, around her round face. It made him feel like he was home. She was like his second mom. She was good friends with his mom and helped out gladly with him when he needed some motherly TLC.


            “Hello ma’am.” Cole replied.


            “How was your vacation?” she asked digging out his class schedule.


            “Great, I caught up on my sleep.” He joked.


            “Good one, slide on down to Jess and she’ll get your books honey.” She said.


            “Thank you ma’am.” He said smiling and waving goodbye.


            He walked down the line to find Jess standing behind a table almost waiting on him. She smiled at Cole; she always had a little thing for him but never admitted to it. He picked up on it by the way she treated him. Her short black hair was styled down. Her thick black makeup only made her eyes bluer. 


            “Welcome back Cole.” She said reaching for his list.


            “Funny never took you for a volunteer type.” He smiled at her.


            “I’m making up for a big mistake I made on break.” She huffed.


            “Was it worth it?” Cole asked.


            “Completely.” She smiled.


            “You’re doing great then.” He said taking his books from her. He had quite a few books piled up in his arms as he stepped out of the way to wait for Benson.


            “Wow, did you see Jess helping?” Ben laughed.


            “Hey be nicer to her, she might bite you back.” Cole teased him.


            “I know, it creeps me out.” He said squirming a little.


            The boys took off walking back towards the dorms. Along the way Benson had to stop and at least smile at all the girls that gawked at the both of them. Cole never really took himself for the handsome type with his messy blonde hair, but he felt the eyes on him and the urges racing through the minds of the young ladies staring at him.


            Cole was drawn to the stage being set up for the night’s party in the court yard. He knew D.J.Z would be making her appearance as always. The opening act though was always Evan’s band, Kill Zone. Cole always loved the sight of an awesome party coming together.


            Not watching where he was going, Cole toppled over a bench were Evan and the pretty girl from earlier sat.  All three of them hit the ground and Evan wailed, completely upset about Cole’s stupidity.


            “What the **** man?” Evan screamed.


            “Sorry man I wasn’t thinking right.” Cole said getting to his feet.


            “Get yourself together man.” Evan snapped shoving some of his books at him.


            “Sorry we had to collide again.” Cole said to the new girl.


            “Totally alright, but next time I want diner first.” She said handing him the last of his books.


            “Deal.” Cole said waving as he walked away.


            He had made himself look dumb and wanted to hide from embarrassment. Of course that wasn’t going to happen because Benson wasn’t far away.


            “Dude you have got to teach me how to pick up chicks like that, Evan was pissed and it’s funny from that small kid.” Benson teased.


            “Not cool man.” Cole replied.


            “Sorry man, you need to calm down though. It is way too early in the school year to stress so much.” Benson said.


             Cole unlocked the door and pushed his way in with all the books in his arms. Suddenly he didn’t want all the books and extra work. He had over done himself already and it was going to be a long semester. He dropped all his books on his bed and looked over his schedule; Chemistry, math, English, specials 368, specials 057, and specials 623. Listed as specials to not reveal the true nature of the classes, and Cole had the three hardest special classes.


            After packing his backpack for classes the next day he was brought to life by the sound of the party starting. He moved to the window and peered out. There was a huge cluster of teenaged kids ready to have a good time and relax.


            “Come on, let’s make our appearance.” Benson said.


            Cole nodded and followed his friends lead. Soon Benson went into girl chasing mode and left Cole to find a lady. Cole found a tree to lean against and watched as Zoe hyped up the crowd.


            “Hello Taylor Prep! How are my people?” She said inviting the roar that overwhelmed her for a moment, “Welcome back to a fresh year at Prep. I am your school and party D.J.Z. and before we get our dance on, let’s jam with Vilincia’s very own KILL ZONE!” she announced happily.


            The crowd roared. Even Cole put up a little love for Zoe. Evan’s band busted out the music before there was time to think about it. Teenagers all over the court yard were dancing and drinking all the boozes they could handle. Cole enjoyed sipping on his beer and watching the others go crazy for the party. Felicia even found her way to a little fun instead of her normal ********.


            Cole spotted the girl from earlier in the front row dancing and singing along to Evan’s songs. Her hair was curled and bouncing with her every move. Cole noticed a small birth mark on her ankle; he could see every perfection she had. She danced gracefully to the heavy metal music in the background. He saw that Zoe had approached her and seemed to know the girl well.   


            He was pulled from his gaze on the new girl by a familiar gentle tug. Jess pulled him into the mix of kids to dance with her. Jess smiled at him and he played along. He had a great time dancing with Jess until the band was done with their set.


            “Thanks I needed that.” Jess said waving at Cole.


            “Later.” Cole replied.


            “Now let’s kick it.” Zoe announced as she started pumping out the dance beats.


            Cole turned to walk back to his lonesome tree. However his tree wasn’t so lonesome anymore. A pair of kids were making out. As he walked away again he collided with the new girl. This time was different, this time she was crying.


            “I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Cole insisted.


            “It’s not you.” She said getting to her feet.


            “Is there something I can help with?” Cole asked innocently.


            “No, but thank you.” She said pushing past him to get out of sight.


            Cole sighed and walked on. Jackson was standing near the bar surrounded by girls. He smiled and waved to Cole. Cole raise his bottle and smiled back. Turning again he decided to head back to his dorm. He needed some rest, he had a long day coming at him. He unlocked the door and kicked off his shoes. He sat down and leaned back in his bed. Before he knew it he was out cold. He didn’t hear Benson come home or pass out drunk. He rested in his own peace.


            It was the loud pounding of the alarm clock that brought Cole back to life. Benson moaned as he rolled over.


            “Come on, it’s the first day. You can’t play hooky yet.” Cole said to Benson.


            “Oh man, where did you go last night it was awesome.” Benson said.


            “Looks like it.” Cole teased.


            Cole changed his clothes into his uniform and slid on his sneakers. He never wore his tie and barely wore his blazer and no one seemed to notice. Benson finally rolled out of bed and started to get ready for class. When the first bell rang in the hallway both boys darted out the door and to the café for breakfast before class.


            After grabbing some milk, an apple, and shoving granola bars into his pockets for later, he then rushed out of the cafe and ran for his first class barely making it before the bell rang.


            “Thank you for gracing us with your presence Mr. Taylor. Take your seat please.” The teacher said irritated.


            “Yes sir,” he said.


            Announcements started for the day. Mrs. Von took pride in her morning welcoming all school year long. Everything from birthdays to new happenings in the school were announced every morning before class. He took a bite of his apple and looked around. A lot of new kids he didn’t know. Word of the schools amazing programs spread quickly and normal fought to have their kids enrolled. Thankfully he did recognize one face, Jess smiled at him from across the room. She made a few faces at him while announcements where on and they both laughed.


            He wasn’t alone and that made him feel a little better. When chemistry finally started Cole felt a nap coming on. He was bored out of his mind. He wasn’t dumb by any means, he was actually too smart for this class. His father always tutored him at home. There was never rest for him with his father. It was why he preferred the company of his mom. She never pushed him into something. She wanted him to find his own way. Cole’s father was pushing his father’s ways on Cole. Pushing him to be a leader. Forcing him into the spot light.


            “Mr. Taylor?...... Are you there?” the teachers voice boomed into his head.


            “What?” Cole snapped.


            He realized what was going on and sunk into his seat. His face was turning red and he heard the giggles of the kids around him.


            “Wake up Mr. Taylor. I’m sure your father doesn’t want to bother with you being trouble today.” The old man said.


            “Sorry sir.” Cole said shyly.


            The teacher turned and walked away. He went on his lecture about what they would be covering and what the homework for the night was. A break was on its way when the bell finally rang releasing him from his agony.


            Cole rushed out the door faster than he had made it in and headed for the next class. He made his way into the room and took notice to the girl he kept bumping into. He took the seat next to her and smiled in her direction. She looked towards him shyly, smiling too. Cole wasn’t really into his math class but he pretended to make sure not to get in trouble.


            Cole stood to say hi to her as class ended but was interrupted.


            “Cole!” Benson yelled


            She looked up as his name was beckoned from the hallway. He smiled awkwardly and walked out of the room. His face was red and he looked peeved. He pushed by Benson and turned the corner. Benson followed him happily, unaware he had embarrassed his friend.


            “Hey you disappeared pretty quickly after getting food. What’s the rush?” Benson asked.


            “I just have a lot to do already Ben.” Cole said.


            “Man, calm down it’s not as big as you think it is.” Benson said.


            “It is, my dad has a lot on my shoulders. Remember I have to carry on this legacy.” Cole said.


            “Dude, your dad’s not giving this up. Your dad’s going to live forever.” Benson said.


            “Not forever, but longer then I will if I don’t keep up with class. See you for lunch man.” Cole said.


            “Later.” Benson said turning the other way to get to class.


            Cole was always the more serious one. He took pride in being responsible. He had to step up, he was the only child in his family. There was a lot of pressure on him to uphold his grandpa’s prophecy of him. It was a lot for a teenager to take in but somehow Cole managed without sweating a thing. It was who the Taylor’s were, fearless and collected.


            With all the basic classes out of the way it was time for lunch and a little relaxing before kicking back into high gear. Benson was waiting for him with a fresh pizza outside in the late summer sun. Benson always knew when a pizza was called for and this was a great day for pizza. Normally they couldn’t get outside food delivered, but Benson always got around that rule. The boys devoured the pizza, Benson became annoyed though when Cole had started his homework without finishing his classes for the day.


            “Man what is wrong with you sometimes?” Benson asked with a serious look.


            “What do you mean?” Cole asked back.


            “You’re doing homework before your day is done. You are the only kid I know who likes homework.” Benson said.


            “Hey one of us has to be smart.” Cole teased Benson.


            “Good point, if you weren’t so smart we would be in a lot more trouble than we already are.” Benson said looking up and getting out of his seat.


            Cole turned to see what Benson was looking at and saw his father approaching. The boys tried to get away but his dad was too fast.


            “Where are you boys going?” his dad asked


            “Anywhere but here.” Benson said.


            “Hey no more outside food. Next time I’ll talk to your mother.” Mr. Taylor said.


            “Yes sir, see you later Cole.” Benson said bailing.


            “Cole I hear your already late to class and sleeping in class too.” his father said.


            “Dad I wasn’t sleeping in class.” Cole started.


            “Enough, make sure it doesn’t happen again.” His father said with anger.


            “Yes sir.” Cole said as he walked away from his father.


            It wasn’t easy being the son of the principal. His dad made it hard on him to keep him strong. While Cole did respect that about his dad he also wished that their relationship would have been better and a little less strained. Cole made his way to his first coven class and saw Benson already had a spot for him. He waved and invited his friend over. The room was dark with no windows to keep the secrets of the classes.


            “So how’s your dad doing?” Benson asked.


            “He’s the same old man.” Cole replied.


            “Good afternoon students and welcome to advanced pagan rituals.” Mrs. Handson said.


            She jumped into her beginning of a new year speech. The short round woman had curly black hair and gray eyes. Benson rested his head on his hand like he was board, but Mrs. Handson wasn’t going to let him slack so soon.


            “Mr. Von. I see you’re so intrigued with my lecture why don’t you come write down tonight’s assignment for me, NOW!” She said letting powers flare up in her eyes.


            Benson sighed and walked up to the front of the room. Cole couldn’t help but laugh at his friends’ misfortune. He watched as Benson scribbled on the white board. His hand writing was barely legible to anyone.  Cole wrote down the assignment and jumped right into the book. He thought if he could look at it he might be able to perform the ritual correctly. He knew by the end of this class he would have to be able to show his skill. Cole was expected to be the best at this because of who his grandfather was. There were now 10 kids in his class, there only used to be 3 kids in his classes. There was a new wave of witches shipping their kids off to be as successful as the Vilincia coven. Their coven was known for the violence in the past, and while stories still lurked around the town, among the witch community this school was huge.  Cole was a very popular kid amongst covens all over the world.


            When his day was finally over he huffed back to his dorm and met up with Benson again. Benson already had his uniform off and his street clothes on by the time Cole walked into the room.


            “You look rough man.” Benson said.


            “Just another year with a lot on my plate man.” Cole huffed.


            “Well Friday we have another party going on and that will relax you. Now let’s go raid the café.” Benson said.


            “Hold on let me change.” Cole said.


            “Oh come on princess, you look fine.” Benson said.


            “You’re not the only one who gets to look normal around here.” Cole said.


            “I’m just the only one making it look good. Hurry up I’ll wait out here.” Benson said shutting the door behind him.


            Cole changed as fast as he could and joined his friend for a snack before time for homework. He laughed and talked with Benson about his new lady friends. Cole just teased his friend for being such a player. He had never been good at talking to girls. Cole didn’t have time with all the history lessons his father had for him.


            Benson and Cole met up with Felicia and Haley hanging out together. Haley didn’t talk a lot and Felicia liked that in her friends. Haley could handle her tantrums and ***** fests. Felicia was the only person that Haley could talk too.  Being a part of the Raven family made her very soft spoken. Haley was reading a book when Cole and Benson sat down with the girls.


            “How was your first day Felicia?” Benson asked.


            “Oh get over yourself Ben, I don’t want you anymore.” Felicia said.


            “If I wanted you I’d have you.” Benson replied.


            “Ok, you keep telling yourself that.” She snorted.


            He smiled at her deviously. She turned to Cole who was unusually quiet.


            “How was your day?” she asked him.


            “I’m ok, how are you?” he replied.


            “I’m fine but that’s not what I asked Cole. You sure you’re ok?” she asked.


            “Sorry I got a lot of homework to do.” He said sighing.


            “Well thinking about it is only going to make you more scattered then you already are. Maybe you should go do it.” she replied with annoyance.


            Without a word he got up and went back to his room. Benson stayed behind to tease Felicia a little more. Cole did what Felicia said and jumped into his homework instead of thinking about it. He wasn’t going to stop worrying about his homework until it was done.  He rushed through all his normal class work. It was his other homework that worried him. He was taking Healing Magic, Advanced rituals and rites, and Over Taking the Human Mind. He loved getting into someone else’s head and just listening to the thoughts of people around him. People always seemed worried about all the petty things in life.


            As he sat at his desk thinking about it, his mind connected with someone he had never heard before. He listened as the girl thought about a break up. Cole could hear this girl crying. He listened more as she wondered what she had done wrong to make that boy dump her. Then he heard Evan’s name and had an idea of what happened to that new girl the night before.


            With the door flying open he was jolted back into his own head and spun to see Benson standing in the doorway shaking his head.


            “You are a sad kid, you know that?” Benson said.


            “Sorry Ben, I’m just no fun anymore.” Cole said.


            “You’re dam right you’re no fun. We need to fix that about you.” Benson said.


            “How do you plan to do that?” Cole asked.


            “A lot of parties and a lot of girls.” Benson said.


            “Oh please you know that’s not my thing.” Cole said.


            “Dude you are 16. You should be living it up. You have the rest of your life to learn that history of the coven crap your dad is shoving down you. So let’s go get our party on.” Benson said.


            “I don’t know Ben. I was almost late today.” Cole argued.


            “Alright, have it your way.” Benson said.


            He got up and walked out. Cole jumped up reluctantly and followed his friend. The two boys made it to a few private parties in the girl’s dorms. Cole took part in the drinking and danced with a few girls. The later it got the more intense his powers became. He suddenly felt more seductive and found himself face to face with a blonde from Kentucky.  He couldn’t stand her voice but she was nice to look at and didn’t care at all about talking. In a dark corner to themselves, Benson tugged on Cole’s jacket. That’s when Cole realized he was levitating. The girl and himself dropped to the ground. She squealed a little.


            “I’m sorry.” He said and he took off.


            When alone in the darkness of the night Cole took off flying through the air. He missed flying, it was banned from the school grounds but he didn’t care. He needed the release of pressure on his soul. The cool night air in his face helped to calm his nerves and as he landed next to the dorm doors he looked around to make sure that no one was around to see him.


            Cole made it to his room and fell asleep before Benson even made it home. It was exhausting already and the school year had just started. After a few apologies from Benson about the night before, he had the same day over and over. He refused the parties and sat in his room alone studying the ritual he was going to perform at midterms. It was a blessing of good health in life. The rite was so simple it was complicated. Cole had too much attachment to the rite, he always thought of his mom while practicing. It made him lose his focus and think about his mothers’ health. Cole knew it was only a matter of time before she left this world and lived unstrained and happy in the afterlife. 


            When the Friday night party was upon them it couldn’t be ignored anymore. Benson practically drug him out the door and to the rec room where the action was. When Benson went chasing a lady Cole made his way to greet Zoe, who wasn’t busy for once. She was running the music but normally she had a crowd. He walked up and hugged her from behind and she sank right into his arms knowing who it was.


            “Hello dear friend. How is my Cole?” She smiled to him, her makeup colorful and her hair done beautifully with her headphones over top.


            “I’m feeling better, how are you Z?” he asked.


            “Fabulous as always babe. Where’s B-Man?” She asked.


            “Chasing tail.” Cole laughed.


            “Awe and you chose to hang out with me instead? How sweet!” Zoe smiled.


            “Yeah, I’m not big on these crowds.” Cole replied.


            “They don’t bite any harder than Felicia.” Zoe teased him.


            They danced behind the turntable setup while she busted out the dub step. The drinks kept coming to the both of them from the bar just in time to replace the empty cup. Zoe was a good friend to Cole. She always listened to him and never pushed at him like Benson did. Zoe was his sane friend and his rational voice. She always smiled no matter how bad the situation. Cole’s eyes lit up when he saw her coming. He was a little uncomfortable, in a good way, when the new girl showed up at the booth with the two of them.


            “OMG! Cole have you me my new BFF Whitney yet?” Zoe asked.


            “Not officially, hi I’m Cole.” He said extending his hand.


            “I know who you are, nice to meet you officially Cole.” She smiled but didn’t shake his hand.


            She turned back to Zoe and spoke again, “Look Zoe thanks for bringing me out here but I’m not feeling it, so I’m going to head back to the dorms and get some rest.” She said.


            “Oh Whit, don’t go yet, and please don’t cry over Evan. Tell her he’s just a pain in the *** Cole.” Zoe nodded.


            “It’s true. He is a prick a lot of the times.” Cole smiled at her.


            “Still Zoe, I can’t do it tonight.” She said.


            “You can’t walk home alone and I can’t leave.” Zoe said.


            “I’ll be fine Zoe really I can defend myself.” Whitney said.


            “I’ll walk you back to your room.” Cole volunteered.


            “You don’t have to miss this for me.” Whitney said hesitating.


            “No please, he can come back but I don’t want you walking alone.” Zoe insisted.


            “Ok fine, but only for you this one time Zoe.” Whitney said.


            Cole smiled and let her lead the way. He watched as her straightened hair fell just right around her shoulders and her head band placed just right. He walked beside her quietly for a while but she couldn’t resist the urge to talk.


            “So, the great Cole Taylor huh?” she said shyly.


            “Yeah not really all that great though, I just have a lot to live up too.” he said.


            “Wow pretty deep for a preppy jock.” She teased him.


            “Yeah, not all I’m rumored to be, I know.” He said.


            “That’s almost amazing.” She said.


            “Almost?” he questioned playfully.


            “Yeah, I knew there was a very small chance you wouldn’t be a total jerk.” She replied smiling.


            “Oh really, just a small chance? How did you hear about me anyways?” he asked.


            “I did a report on your family back in Texas for school.” She smiled.


            “Oh I see, hunting down the past are you?” he asked.


            “No, I’m actually here for the dance program.” She smiled.


            “Oh, no good dance schools in Texas?” he asked.


            “Not what I need.” She said.


            “Well it’s nice to have you here.” He said shyly.


            “Thank you.” She replied as he opened the door for her to the dorms where she stayed.


            He walked her right to her door and wished her a good night. He turned and made his way back to the party. When he returned he was caught off guard by Benson saying he was going back to the room for a while with a lady on his arm.


Cole sighed and nodded as he walked away from Benson, who looked stoked that he had the room to himself and that pretty lady. Cole made his way back to Zoe’s booth.


            “I see Benson kicked you out.” She said.


            “You were eavesdropping?” Cole asked.


            “A little, you know you can crash on my floor my roommate is staying at her boyfriend’s dorm tonight.” Zoe offered.


            “Thanks Z, I will take you up on that offer.” Cole said.


            “One thing, you have to hang with me all night and help me back to my room after the party.” Zoe said.


            “Deal.” Cole said.


            He spent the rest of his night dancing with Zoe in the D.J. booth. He talked to the other brat-lings as they all stopped by to say hi to Zoe, but when the party was finally over he helped pack up all her things and carry them back to her room. The girl’s dorms were twice as big as the boy’s dorms. They had to add two additional buildings to accommodate all the incoming girls. Cole followed Zoe who seemed to be on cloud nine in the cool night air. She skipped around in her knee high boots and super mini skirt with a Kill Zone shirt.


            They finally made it to the room Zoe was assigned. She opened the door and let him in. She pulled out some extra blankets and handed them to Cole before she disappeared in her bathroom to change. Cole slipped his shoes off and tried to find a comfortable spot on the floor. Zoe returned and smiled at him. She flipped off the light and the moon lit up the room. She cuddled up under her orange blankets and looked down to him.


            “Sweet dreams Cole.” She smiled then rolled back over to sleep herself.


            He smiled for a moment and drifted away too. In his dreams he found himself looking in on Whitney. She slept soundly in her teal and pink bedding. Her lips parted slightly as she breathed. Her hair covered her face and she tossed and turned. Her dream shook her body, she jolted awake and her body fell to the bed. She had levitated. She wasn’t at all who he thought she was. Maybe she didn’t know how to control it, she did seem pretty upset about it and she sat in her bed crying.


            “Who’s there?” Whitney whispered looking around.


            He gasped and sat up. Never had he been detected looking at someone. He took a few deep breaths and laid back down against the hard floor and tried not to dream. He didn’t remember anything after that but the sound of Zoe’s roommate coming home. He sat up and looked at the girl. He looked at Zoe who was passed out.


            “Zoe?” the girl cried loudly.


            Zoe jumped up and looked around. The girl had armed herself with her baseball bat and was ready to strike if Zoe said so.


            “NO! He’s my friend.” She said calmly.


            The girl sighed and leaned back against the door.


            “I thought he was an intruder. It didn’t look like Cole until you said something.” The girl replied.


            “Totally ok Viv.” Zoe said.


            “Hi, I’m Vivian.” She said to Cole.


            “Hi, I’d introduce myself but you know who I am.” He said awkwardly.


            “Cole you can use my bed and get some more sleep.” Zoe offered.


            “Thanks Zoe, but I’ll take my chances back at my dorm.” He said shyly.


            “Ok sorry Cole, text you later ok?” she asked.


            “Yeah, later.” He said after slipping into his shoes and heading to the door.


            His afternoon walk to his bed was warm for the changing in the seasons.  The campus was littered with kids doing their homework. Some kids actually did care and it was refreshing to know he wasn’t alone. As he opened the door to his room he was reminded why he felt at home here, Benson was still passed out tangled up with the blonde from the night before. Cole shielded his eyes and quietly made his way under his blankets and drifted back to sleep.


            Cole woke up to Benson shaking him. He rolled over and looked around to see what was going on. Benson stepped back and laughed at him.


            “Dude, not cool.” Cole said.


            “You have been out for hours. We got to start getting dressed, there’s another party at soccer fields.” Benson said.


            “I don’t know man. I can’t take sleeping on Zoe’s floor again her roommate tried to kill me.” Cole said.


            “Ok I won’t kick you out tonight, now come party with me.” Benson said.


            “Ok fine.” Cole said smiling.


            He rolled out of bed and took off to the locker rooms for a much needed shower. He put on his favorite pair of dark wash, boot cut jeans and a button down red and black shirt.  When he returned to the room Benson was hanging out with Jackson. The other two boys were dressed up as well for attracting the new girls.


            “Hey Cole man, how’s it shaking’?” Jackson asked.


            “Not at all man. How’s the genius front working for you?” Cole teased.


            “It’s a great angle this year man, chicks are into smart dudes this year.” Jackson teased back.


            “Hey he will figure out girls in his own time.” Benson said playfully defending his friend.


            “Hey I know girls man, I just don’t like the drama.” He said.


            “It’s worth all the whining I promise.” Benson said.


            The boys laughed and finished getting ready for the party. Cole pulled his favorite black hoody over his head. Then it was off to the party. They followed the line of teenagers to the soccer field to dance around. As soon as the blonde girl from the night before found Benson, he was gone chasing tail again.


            “And then there were two.” Jackson said.


            “It happens a lot with him.” Cole laughed.


            He wondered around being Jackson’s wing man. When Jackson finally had a date for the rest of the night Cole was on his own. He left the party and went back to Whitney’s room. He had to know what she was after what he saw the night before. He got nervous and hesitated as he got closer to her room. He never once turned back though. It was like his body was taking him to her no matter what. He knocked on the door softly to make sure no one else would be bothered. He wasn’t expecting her to be home so when she opened the door he was surprised.


            “Hi, how are feeling?” he asked her shyly.


            “Better, what are you doing here Cole?” she asked curiously.


            “Look I was bored at the party and I thought that if you were home maybe I wouldn’t be so bored if I wasn’t alone.” He said.


            “So you came by to keep me company because the party was lame?” she asked.


            “I’m sorry it’s dumb. I’ll leave.” He said turning.


            “You don’t have to leave.” She said.


            He turned back and smiled as she let him into her dorm room. She was dressed cutely in some skinny jeans and an oversized t-shirt. Out of habit he kicked off his shoes as to not track any dirt into her room.


            “You really are a well groomed young man.” She said.


            She moved to her bed and sat down. She pulled out her desk chair and offered the chair to him.


            “Yeah my dad’s kind of a neat freak.” Cole said.


            “So what compelled you to ditch a party full of girls for one you barely know?” she asked.


            “I’m not sure, maybe it’s your need to avoid me that keeps me hanging on.” He said.


            She laughed at him and offered, “Would you like a drink? I don’t have beer but I do have a stash of soda and candy.” She offered.


            “It sounds a lot better than that lame party.” He said with a smile.


            She handed him a soda and she spread some skittles out on her desk. He picked up a purple candy and popped it in his mouth.


            “So what compels a girl like you to stay home from a lame party on a Saturday night?” he asked.


            “I’m not a party type, it used to get me in a lot of trouble.” She said shyly.


            “Ok so why are you here then?” he asked.


            “I’m here to dance.” She replied.


            “I know that, but why are you really here?” he asked.


            “Just trying to find myself like the rest of us.” She said.


            “What would you like to do with your life?” he asked sensing she didn’t get his question.


            “I want to open a dance studio and teach kids how to dance.” She said shying away. Her bangs covered a little bit of her face and her pink and blonde ponytail fell down her back.


            “That’s an amazing goal.” He said truly interested.


            “What does the son of the principal want to be when he grows up?” she asked back.


            “I don’t really have a choice.” He said smiling.


            “You always have a choice.” She said.


            “If I don’t follow in my dad’s footsteps this place will die.” He told her.


            She picked up on the passion in his voice about it. She smiled and pressed on with caution.


            “So why did you really come here Cole?” she asked.


            “I just wanted to talk to someone who isn’t chasing girls around campus. I want to know someone real and you seemed to have it together.” He said.


            “I am far from together but thanks for the compliment.” She said.


            “So what’s your story since you already know mine?” he asked.


            “I finally found a family then they sent me away. They found this school and said it was perfect for me. At least I’m not bunked up in a foster home anymore, which was the worst part of being abandoned.” She said.


            “Wow, that’s got to suck.” He said.


            “It can only get better from here right?” she asked.


            “Right.” He agreed.


            He looked at her and found he had to look up to her. Then it sunk in, she was levitating. She panicked when she realized what was happening and looked at him then hit the bed with a thump. She looked at him again embarrassed. To her shock he didn’t seem fazed.


            “Are you sure that’s all to you?” he asked her with his eyes turning bright white.


            He was letting his powers show and it made her powers come out too. Whitney’s eyes turned white with her powers flaring through.


            “Does my dad know you’re a witch?” he asked her.


            “I don’t even know what’s wrong with me how the **** can you do that too?” she asked.


            “It’s my power. You know what I mean you did a report on my family.” He said leaning in to her.


            “It can’t be true. Those were just old stories passed down from fables.” She said.


            He reached for her arm and pulled out her right hand. The birth mark was just like his, it was the symbol that represented their coven. How was it possible she was from his coven and he didn’t know her? Now he was shocked, but she was losing it. She jumped up and pulled him out of his chair. She opened the door and shoved him out.


            “Thanks but I don’t think I can see you again.” She said crying as she slammed the door shut.


            He stood there for a moment to make sure that what he witnessed was real. He turned and made his way back to his room. When he got there and made his way in he was chased right back out by the unwanted vision of his friend’s girl. He turned and walked away and just wondered around. There was a couch in the mess hall and he found it open. Cole wasn’t desperate enough to go to his dad’s suite and crash in the spare room. He lay down and closed his eyes but realized it was going to be a long night. Kids were constantly stopping at the vending machines next to his head.


            “Cole?” he heard.


            He sat up and looked to find Jackson, walking around in his pajama pants and no shirt letting his washboard abs out for a late night snack.


            “Hey.” He said.


            “Why are you sleeping in here?” he asked.


            “Benson’s girlfriend.” He said.


            “Hey want to crash at my place?” Jackson asked.


            “Yeah, that would be awesome.” Cole said following him back to his room.


            After arriving Jackson handed him some blankets and a pillow. His roommate was gone for the night so Cole used the empty bed and crashed hard. He sleep until 2 pm before waking up on his own. Jackson was still passed out, so Cole packed up his mess and headed back to his room. Benson was saying goodbye to his girlfriend when Cole got back. He pushed by Benson on his way in his room.


            “Oh come on you can’t be that mad.” Benson said.


            “Dude you kicked me out of my bed twice this weekend for a girl. If you ever do that again I will snap.” Cole said feeling his anger show in his eyes.


            “Ok man I get you. You need to relax Cole.” Benson said.


            “Ben I went to talk to the new girl last night.” Cole said.


            “Finally man.” Benson teased.


            “No, not that. Ben she has the mark, our mark, she’s one of us and she doesn’t know it.” Cole said.


            “What?” Benson asked.


            “Whitney is one of us.” Cole said.


            “That’s awesome. How did you find out?” Benson asked.


            “I saw her levitate then I saw the mark then she kicked me out. My dad doesn’t know about it.” Cole said.


            “So what do we do?” Benson asked.


            “We need to know who she is. There’s something coming and it’s not pretty.” He said.


            “You’re telling me you think she’s bringing something here?” Benson asked.


            “Yeah, but she doesn’t know it Ben. She has no idea what she’s capable of doing yet.” Cole said.


            “Dude you need to tell your dad. He is way better equip to handle this then we are.” Benson said.


            “I can’t yet. You can’t say anything either.” Cole insisted.


            “Cole that is getting a little deeper than the elders will allow. And they scare me more than my mom.” Benson said.


            “Ben, I’m serious! You can’t say anything yet.” Cole said.


            “Fine but it won’t be long before they know if you know already.” Benson said.


            “I know, I just need to figure out who she is with us.” Cole said.


            “Do you really think she could be one of them?” Benson asked.


            “Yeah I do. Maybe they’ve changed. She said she was abandoned.” Cole said.


            They were taught as kids not to trust the Brines and that they had died out with Johnathan. Now there was a chance that he could really get to know one of them. He could prove they weren’t all like Thomas. He pulled out his history book and started digging into the past. There was no confirmation of Johnathan’s death, so it was totally possible that she was put up for adoption in an attempt to save her life and was told all her life what she could do was wrong.  He felt sorry for her all of the sudden and decided to try to help her find who she was. He took his book and wrapped it in a shirt of his. Then he jetted out of the room to give it to her to read.


            Ignoring Benson he bailed out of the room. Jogging to the other side of the campus was easy for him it was knocking on the door that he was having trouble with. She had covered her door in little pink stars. He was dripping wet from the rain pouring out of the sky and he was afraid of getting her stars drenched. Finally he found his courage. He knocked on the door and waited for her to open the door. Whitney only cracked the door open and looked at him standing there soaked to the bone.


            “Cole what are you doing?” she asked.


            “Here this might make you feel better.” He said.


            He handed her the shirt covered book and smiled. He turned and nervously walked away. He ignored the cold rain and walked back to his dorm slowly. The cold was refreshing since he was so on edge. He finally made it back to an empty room. He passed the note from Benson and grabbed some clothes for a nice hot shower. He made it back to his room and found a little pink envelope on his door with is name on it.


            He took the little note inside looking around to see who else had seen. He made it in the room and ripped open the letter. The note inside was from Whitney. She thanked him for the book, she knew that it was a lot for him to let her barrow his coven history book. He sighed, at least he had helped her a little bit. He wasn’t done digging though, he needed more.

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Get these great books by Author Eric F. Williams today at super low prices!!


Smiles and Cries


Thoughts From The Author


Evidence of Ambition


The Power of Poetry


Purchase these books at the following link:

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Here is book 2 from my Science-Fiction Book Set.




Here is an introduction to this book:


This is actually 5 short stories that all run into each other more like a novel with chapters. 


If  you like Star Wars, and Star Trek type stuff, this out there type  space-ship hopping, planets and their monsters, weird dimensions all  rolled up into one. If that is your thing then read on:


In  Story One you will meet a young woman eager to serve Captain Cameron on  board his Aries star-ship, but an unexpected chain of events begins that  sends her on the journey of her life.


In Story Two and you will find her trapped in an alternate universe where nothing is as it seems. 


In  Story Three is about a planet where the crew of the Aries get stuck on a  planet with a very hostile environment. You won't believe what happens  next.


In Story Four Captain Cameron and his crew end up  answering a distress call but it's all fake. A way to lure them to the  planet's surface where they wake up with no memories of who they are. 


And  the last story is about an android named Dejaunt and his evil twin  brother, Z'leel. Both made by the same mad scientist, Doctor Yanning  Sohfos. 


Something happens to Z'leel after Dejaunt is hot on  his trail that begins a metamorphosis and both of them will never be the  same as one of them faces immortality as a human!


Oh, and an undecided Angel is the key that unlocks all of this.




The character Zartharyos in this story can also be found in another book of Ali's called: PIRATE'S TREASURE, available now too.


Here are the links as follows: Link one you can purchase a physical copy at:


For the kindle version go here to link 2 to my profile page:


Have the best day!

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New Book on Createspace

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This is the true story of two tiny babies who survived the HOLOCAUST of Auschwitz and Canada.

The child from MONTREAL suffered for four years under Dr. Josef Mengele who left Auschwitz and was

used for experiments by this horrible "ANGEL OF DEATH!" This is a must read and please share with everyone now.

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Hi, everyone, Twisted Tales of the Macabre is now out on Amazon in both physical and Kindle editions. So, if you haven't checked it out yet, you can read the preview here: If you enjoyed the preview, you can buy it with the link below and help a writer out!


Moving on from Twisted Tales, I do have ideas for other things but will wait awhile until I can get a good starting base with you guys. So please, check it out and give me your thoughts on it and what other projects you guys would like to see me work on next!

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Hi all. Well here it is! Book 2 of my Short Story Collections. Book 1 was COME TO THE GARDEN. In Book 1 a short story called PILLOW TALK is where my new story ARCHAMEEDIES continues off from.




In the short story PILLOW TALK: A child is given a box of very unusual stuffed toys. They were made from a living material and all the stuffed lovies that were made from this same material were each aware of itself. Annie fell in love with the overstuffed big head pillow and she named him Big Yumy. An Angel also is the key to opening up the door leading the child to true happiness. Book 2 ARCHAMEEDIES is a continuation of Annie and her angel. Great for any angel-loving child.


I will share with you the first chapter...






AESHAM: Who is the Arch Angel Archameedies


TIFFANY DUBANE: 6 year old best friend of Annie's


HEIDI LANDSTOM: A High Queen in the Kingdom of God


ANNIE STOCKWOOD: A child of the Most High God


ALEON: An Angel of the Elite Team of Archameedies


ALEESIAN: A female Angel of the Elite Team






The Bad Guys





That stupidly foolish angel that fell away from Grace






His stupid band of dumb-dumb followers who also left Paradise to live in a sewer instead




CHAPTER 1. The Assignment





Archameedies was the Angel assigned to Annie Stockwood that time when she had some very unusual stuffed pets in a box her mother had found for her about to be thrown into a sanitation truck.


Satan had stolen these unusual pets in the future, from a Duke’s daughter named Heidi. A very well known and highly respected man who served the King of Kings during the time of the 1000 years peaceful reign.


These stuffed toys were no ordinary stuffed animals. They were a living material in which a big pillow was made from. It was aware of itself.


A peacock, as well as some other animals that Satan stole away with into the past.


Aesham, who is also to be known as Archameedies, was sent into the past to retrieve the toys of the little Princess. She was small. Only 3 at the time.


The King Jesus Himself had given these to her as pets. He had the pillow and the other animals made out of a living material. That means the material was living, and each thing made from this special material was aware of itself. The Lord afterward, after the Angel brought back the stuffed things of Heidi’s, was allowed to bring Annie with him to visit Heidi because of all the trouble she had gone through, the Lord then gave Annie a very precious and special gift in return.


Another pillow had been made with what was left of that living material and given to Annie to take back into the past with her. It wasn’t near the size of Heidi’s big Yumy, that’s what Annie had named it, Yumy.


But the Lord told her that her pillow would grow to become a full sized, standard pillow in about a year...





It was funny because one day, while her mother came to make Annie’s bed, as she did every day, she noticed the pillow seemed to get bigger and bigger. No way had Annie told her mother or father, or bigger brother about the pillow, or her adventures with the Angel, or Hedi of the future for that matter.


But she did tell them about Jesus Christ. Her brother had come home for a break. He was in the military. They all went to church together. He too, had found the Lord. So now they were all saved.





Today Annie’s mother had something very important to tell her. “Annie, you are going to have a sister,”  her mother said. Annie was ecstatic! She’d always wanted one and so now she thanked the Lord for the gift He had given to her family.


She patted on her mother’s belly as the child grew and grew inside.


Alex her big brother, came and went to tickling on Annie then. Sometimes she just hated that!


Alex was 19. Annie was going to turn 8 this April. Her birthday was on April 1st of all times. Her brother used to tease her and tell her that she was their mother's biggest April Fool's joke. But Annie paid him no mind. She knew deep inside that her brother loved her.


Annie’s mother gave birth to a baby girl named Lorinee that summer in June...





One time Lorinee was crawling around and saw Annie’s pillow that she had left in the TV room. Annie had been sick with a cold and didn’t go to school that day.


Lorinee grabbed hold of the pillow’s ruffled end. Annie’s mother had just let her buy a new pillowcase for what she thought was a new pillow Annie had bought. “YUumMy,”  Yuumy said as he felt a hand grab hold. Annie had named him that. Not Yumy, but Yuumy. Pronounced YOU-ME. Lorinee began to drag Yuumy across the floor.





When Annie got home from school her pillow was not on her bed. She had forgotten to sleep with him last night. She’d left him in the TV room. “Oh no!”  she said and then went in search of him.


She found him. Her baby sister had dragged him outside and across some mud. Annie was furious! She smacked her sister hard on the hand after she would not let go of Yuumy’s tail end.


Lorinee began to cry. Her mother hightailed it outside to see what the problem was. Lorinee was just a crying.


What did you do Annie?” she accused now.


She took my pillow without my permission!”  Annie yelled loud.


Tone that voice down,”  her mother warned.


But look what she did to my pillow!” Annie hollered. Her mother thought she heard a yummmy sound. She just thought Annie made those sounds from time to time.


She thought Annie strangely fixated on that pillow for some reason. It was about time she got rid of it. Annie didn’t make friends too good at school.


Her mother grabbed the pillow. Yuumy of course protested. “Stop it Annie,”  her mother warned.


I’ll be good,” Annie said and tried to reach for her pillow then but her mother wasn’t giving it.


This old thing is going to the Goodwill, for someone in need,”  her mother then said.


No!” Annie began to plead. But her mother had made up her mind. Off she went and locked it in the trunk of her car. Annie cried big tears as her mother drove away.





That next day Annie snuck and took the bus to the Goodwill store during lunch break at school. But no matter how many pillows she searched through, she could not find Yuumy.


A girl had found her pillow at the Goodwill earlier. Her name was Tiffany Dubane.


Yummy, yummy,”  Yuumy yummied.


What an unusual pillow,” 6 year old Tiffany then exclaimed.


Mommy I want this pillow,”  she said. Her mother came over from looking at children’s blouses. Her mother noticed what a pretty pillow it was with the ruffled pillowcase. “Looks new Tiffy, doesn’t it,” she spoke a turning Yuumy over in her hands. She squeezed too hard. Yuumy protested.


What was that?” she squawked then. Tiffany knew, but said nothing and shrugged about it.


Seems to be in good shape. The pillowcase has some mud on it but we can clean that,” her mother said then turned up the ruffled end to look at the inside pillow. She was a feeling on Yuumy’s rear end. He hadn’t liked that.


What is that noise?” her mother said. Tiffany cracked up.


Are you making those noises, Tiffany?” her mother then asked. Tiffany giggled. “He’s a real pet Mommy,” she spoke.


Oh he is, is he,” she replied, then handed the pillow to her daughter.


Ok, you can have him, and this blouse. What do you think Tiff? Do you like it?” she asked holding it up to her daughter’s chest. It was a pink summer shirt with ruffled layers.


It was so pretty. Tiffany’s eyes lit up. “Oh yes Mommy!” she exclaimed. So her mother went to pay...





Archameedies, I have another assignment for you,” spoke the Son to the Arch Angel that stood before Him bowed. Jesus came down from His throne, and the Angel walked by His side.


I am assigning you now to Annie Stockwell. Remember her?” the Lord asked.


Oh yes. I remember her my Lord,” the Angel spoke.


Aesham, she will be going through a very rough time and will need your assistance. Go. You are to become her main protector,” the Lord said.


Aesham put on the special dark navy, almost black in color, armored suit that the Lord had constructed for him, to protect him from demonic attack.


Inside it he would be invincible. The only time he would not be, is if he had to use the suit to take the implosion from a nuclear bomb.


Archameedies was his name when he wore the suit of armor. It was air-tight inside so Aesham had to have oxygen tanks to give him oxygen or he would suffocate, and he could be injured on this side of Heaven, and fall into Stasis even.


If he did he would regenerate, but with each regeneration came an even higher percentage of deterioration for him.


Some Angels could regenerate too many times and remain asleep not to recover until the end came and the New Heavens and Earth were created.


The suit could absorb all the explosion but severely injure the Angel inside from the impact. It was the only vulnerability Archemeedies faced inside the suit. Nothing else could ever harm him as long as he was in it.


So far, in Heidi’s time he had to disarm a bomb only once. It hadn’t gone off.





Annie thought she heard deep breathing that night. She had cried herself to sleep. She missed her pillow so much! She had failed the Lord in taking care of him. What had become of her beloved pet?





Annie was born in 1977. It was 1985 now. There was going to be a Science-Fiction matinee. All day Sci-Fi movies would be shown in the theatre, but because of Annie’s punishment in hurting her little sister, she could not go with big brother to see them. She had wanted to so badly.


Mainly because she saw a preview of a movie called Dark Cyborg. It was about some kind of awful robotic looking cyborg warrior fighting crimes in the galaxy it was from.


The awesome looking Dark Cyborg was mostly a robotic dude who had all this reconstructive surgery and most of his body was replaced with cyborg technology.


He had to live in an iron lung and so it reminded Annie of the Angel she met that one time. That took her into the past to retrieve the enchanted pets, and to the time of Jesus even.


Archameedies had been badly injured and Jesus had helped him to heal. He received this most awesome suit of armor afterward. He looked just exactly like Dark Cyborg in the movie!


He even breathed like he did. She wondered now how was that possible? But it was Archameedies close enough anyway.


Archameedies?” Annie called out still hearing the deep breathing. She saw a dark figure standing off in a corner. “Yes little one. It is I. So you remember me,” he spoke. Deep, just like Dark Cyborg.


Yes, oh Archameedies!” she said jumping out of bed. He bent down to her and they embraced.


I lost him Archee,” she then said.


Lost who Annie?” he questioned.


The pillow that the Lord gave me to take care of,” she said. He took her hand. They went downstairs so she could get a drink of water. So that she could speak with him better.


Tell me what happened,” he asked.


It's my baby sister’s fault! I wish she’d never been born!” Annie blew.


Now Annie, that isn’t right. Every baby is a gift from God. She is your sister. Your sibling,” Archameedies told her.


I hate her!” Annie said too loud. Her mother stirred then sat up thinking she heard Annie's voice. Of course she could not hear or see the Angel.


No you do not. She is your little sister and she is innocent in God’s eyes. You must ask the Lord Jesus to forgive you for what you’ve just said,” Archameedies made clear.


No! I won’t!” Annie boomed.


Annie!” her mother’s voice then barked making her jump.


What are you doing down here?” she demanded.


I was thirsty and got a glass of water,” Annie told her now.


Who were you talking to?” her mother asked.


No one, Mommy,” Annie said. She then went back up the stairs to her bedroom.


Archameedies was unhappy with Annie. He didn’t like her attitude about her little sister. Annie had to share her bedroom now with her.


Archameedies looked and the baby was standing up in her crib just a smiling and jibbering. He knew she could see him.


Hello little one,” he boomed. She giggled away. Annie only rolled up her eyes.


Archameedies couldn’t resist so he went and picked up the little precious bundle of joy. Annie could of cared less. “You and your sister will have many adventures together,” Archameedies said.


Annie felt like no one understood.


Let me do some searching Annie, to see if I can locate your yumy,” he said and placed the baby back into her crib.


Archameedies found where her pillow had went.





That next night he appeared to Annie again. “Your pillow is safe. The little girl is named Tiffany Dubane. She lives just down the block from where you are here. It seems her mother has bought your pillow for her at the Goodwill. She is a nice little girl, and I must warn you Annie,” Archameedies began saying as they walked outside in the back yard. She was careful not to make too much noise so her parents would not hear.


Her brother awoke though hearing Annie a talking to herself outside in the yard. He peeked out the window down at her. She was just a talking away to someone he could not see.


Archameedies continued, “The pillow belongs to Tiffany now.”


No! It is my pillow!” Annie spat.


No it is not!” Archameedies blared not liking her tone towards him. “You lost your gift because you were not nice to your little sister. Annie, there are consequences to sin. Do you know what sin is?” the dark armored, angelic knight asked her now.


Yeah I know,” she honked.


My advise is you go make friends with Tiffany, that way you can at least see the yumy from time to time. Maybe perhaps you can tell her about him and how you lost him. Maybe you could buy him back,” Archameedies advised.


That made sense. “Oh yes Angel, I will do that!” she barked.


Annie get in here,” her brother now spoke, hushed voiced coming out from the patio doors.


Annie went back to bed with a new hope in her heart. The Angel had told her where Tiffany lived so she’d go make friends tomorrow.


Annie has some imaginary friend,” her brother Alex told his mom and dad after Annie left for school. She rode her bike there.


Oh,” spoke their dad.


It's to be expected after taking that pillow away. It was an imagination too. She made believed it was a real pet. I’ve been thinking Manny,” Alex’s mother now addressed his father. “Why don’t we get the kids a pet. A kitten would be nice,” she said.


Yeah, that’s fine. Give Annie something real to care for,” Manny replied.


So Annie’s mother decided after school she’d take Annie and Lorinee to the pound.





Hi,” Annie said to Tiffany who was on the front lawn playing with who other than, Yuumy!


Annie ran right from her bike to greet the pillow now. Yuumy recognizing her and ran all on his own to her. Tiffany looked big eyed at them both.


The pillow jumped all up and down on Annie.


I got him at a Goodwill store. He’s enchanted,”  Tiffany said. Annie knew she’d have to play this very careful.


Hi I’m Annie Stockwell. I live just down the street,” she spoke.


I’m Tiffany Dubane. I just moved here a month ago,” the little girl responded as Yuumy jumped into her lap now. He yummied away.


Tiffany and Annie became fast friends.





He acts like he knows you,” Tiffany mentioned one night when Annie was staying over for the night. Annie wondered if she should tell her now.


It's because he does,” she began. Tiffany looked confused so Annie spent hours telling Tiffany about Heidi, the Angel who looked like Dark Cyborg of that new science-fiction flick, and then about the Lord giving the living pillow to her.


I believe in Jesus too. My mom takes me every Sunday. We need a new church home. My mom and dad are divorced now. It's why Mom and I moved here,” Tiffany told her.


Annie was full of joy. They hugged. “You and your mom can come to church with my family on Sundays,” Annie said.


Wow, so you really have an Angel that looks like Dark Cyborg? What do you mean by that exactly?” Tiffany asked her. She knew who Dark Cyborg was because she had gone to see that movie about a week ago.


He is inside a similar sort of armor. Maybe he will let you see him sometime then you’ll see what I mean. He even breaths deep and intimidating like that Dark Cyborg does. He says the suit protects him and he is invincible inside it to fight demons but because it seals airtight, he needs to breath in oxygen or he would suffocate. He said he also infiltrates sections in **** and takes on a secret demonic entity to find their weakness, but he himself can't breathe the poisonous fumes of **** so he is inside that armor disguised as a demon,” Annie began saying then wondered if maybe she had said too much. Might be way more than Tiffany could understand.


Tiffany was speechless. She would very much like to meet this Angel!


Archameedies is his name,” Annie told her.


Wow,” was her reply.





That next day Tiffany told her mother at breakfast about Annie’s family church.


Oh yes, Annie, we’ll go and visit with you,” she said.


The Dubanes loved the church Annie’s family went to.


Meloni, Tiffany’s mom, and Harmony who was Annie’s, became very good friends besides Annie and Tiffany.


Can I have my pillow back Tiffany?” Annie came right out and asked one summer afternoon when she was playing with her best friend out on her front yard.


They had just filled up a blue plastic swimming pool that Tiffany’s mother had bought for them to play in.


Huh?” Tiffany responded.


He was given to me by Jesus Himself. I told you how I lost Yuumy. My mom took him away from me to the Goodwill, all on the account that my stupid baby sister could not keep her hands off him so I slapped her and got into trouble,” Annie said.


But Annie, my mommy bought him and he belongs to me now. You can play with him anytime when you come over here,” Tiffany said.


Annie began getting mad. “But he is originally mine,” she said taking hold of the pillow.


Give him back!” Tiffany blared now grabbing hold. Yuumy protested.


Hey,” said Tiffany’s mom then coming outside.


So Annie stopped, for now.


I think you’d better go home Annie,”  Tiffany told her.


And his name isn’t Yuumy. It's Cuddles,” Tiffany told her firm. Annie had no choice now but to steal back Yuumy.





That night Tiffany told her mommy all Annie had said to her. About the pillow, the Angel and the Lord giving the pillow to her.


Of course Meloni thought Annie had one lou-lou of an imagination.


Oh honey. She’s very imaginative I’ll give her that. Try not to fight. The pillow is yours. You do not have to give it back,” her mom said.


Can you find out at least if her mother did indeed give her pillow away?” Tiffany asked.


We’ll bring the pillow over to Annie’s house tomorrow for coffee cake,”  her mom said.





Oh yes, I recognize it,” said Annie’s mom after they came into the house. Annie grabbed Yuumy and just hugged and hugged on him, but then Tiffany took hold of him back.


Annie lost her property because she was mean to her little sister that day,” Annie’s mom told Meloni.


Annie had such a hate for Lorinee now.


Annie went up to her piggy bank and there stood Archameedies. He was not in his black Dark Cyborg armor. He was dressed in white. She noticed what a beautiful face he had. His blue eyes looking at her, piercing right to her soul. She felt a pang of regret now of wishing her sister was never born. “Oh hi Archameedies,”  she said.


You can call me Aesham, Annie... when I'm outside of my armour,”  he said.


So how is it going with you?” he asked now.


Fine. I’m going to buy back my pillow,” she told him. But he’d been warned by the Lord, that it just wasn’t going to happen.


Annie, Tiffany may not want to sell the pillow back to you,” he said.


She will or I’ll take him back. One way or another,” she spoke. He glared at her.


Tiffany did not want to sell her pillow. Annie got kind of nasty acting towards her now. It resulted in them having to leave. “You are not my friend anymore,” Tiffany told Annie and started to cry.


Shame on you Annie Stockwell!” Meloni said, then spoke to Harmony, “I’ll talk to you later.”


I’m sorry about this,” Harmony apologized feeling so embarrassed by Annie’s behavior.


You, go to your room!” she roared next after they left. So now Annie had no choice but to steal back her pillow.


Go here for the link to ourchase a physical copy: http://


To purchase this and other books I have written in kindle format, go to my profile page now:


Have fun reading!

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                                                                                                  Tuesday April 1st:




                                    "The Past Is Like A Prison... As Long As You Dwell On It, You Are Restricted To It's Confinement"



                                                                                         -Author/Poet Eric F. Williams

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Posted by dizzylizzy Mar 31, 2014


I dare you to take a chance,

grab at life in one small glance,

enjoy the night,enjoy the moon,

reach for the stars for they'll be lost soon..

Live within the nature,

be like a tree beg for a rain drop,

and things that come free..

Indugle like a lion,use your speed,

tear with blades ,chase to breathe

and for freedom,before memory fades..

I hear the earth screaming,

countdown has begun,

I feel my earth spinning,

I wish we had won....

We need more the a band-aid,

for this earth's skinned pride,

we need more than a kleenex,

for the tears that I have cried...

The rain has stopped pouring now,

every effort's being made,

to shine like a rainbow,

before our lives fade.! !

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Posted by dizzylizzy Mar 31, 2014


Pssst, hey, you,,

yes you,

tonight before you lay your fat head down here,

I've got something to say...

For twenty-four years,

I've put up with you drooling,

tossing,turning, groaning,moaning,

and snoring (which reminds me of a bear

snorting bees out her huge wet nostrils )

not to mention those occasional punches

of frustration (relieves your stress, you say?)


I'm really quite tired of it,

now listen up, sleepy head,

tonight, you are gonna treat me with respect..

Fluff me up (gently please)

promise me my torment will cease,

snuggle me up with love,

with that being said,

may you have sweet dreams....

But before you drift off,

could you do me one favour?

Wash your hair !

After all, i don't appreciate your

smelly grease smeared all over me..

I did spend the entire day

with snuggle bear and downy sheets..

Finally like all good pillows should

(and I would ) say ....

good-night ! !

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Posted by dizzylizzy Mar 31, 2014



Dreams are memories

that do not erase..


Dreams are thoughts

that are sealed in a case..


Dreams are vision

that are ment to be..


Dreams are thoughts

of you and me ! !

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Posted by dizzylizzy Mar 31, 2014



A camera couldn't take a picture,

of the softness of our heart..


A camera couldn't reproduse that laughter,

of your's that I love so much..


A picture couldn't make me feel,

the way I did in your arms..


A picture couldn't sweep me away,

the way you did with your charms.


This picture only makes me remember,

how much I wanted you to stay.


This picture only reminds me of ,

that I loved someone so far away !

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