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I just created a preview for my first children's book, "Don't You Love Me?", and I'd love feedback from the group. The link is .

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0   This is a link to my work. I am asking for feedback. Please share what you think with me.

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Have you wondered what goes through the mind of a patient in isolation for nine months? What keeps them going?

June is a 10 year old girl who goes on vacation with her brother and grandmother to Europe and has the time of her life. Six months after their return from vacation, a mysterious "THING" referred to as "Noma" attacks one of the travelers spiraling them out of control. June tells her story of being in a crazy and scary environment revealing unexpected powers that help in coping with loneliness. June finds unusual friends during the darkest days. Lady Bird, the dog, ole folks, Alex and G-Mom play a pivotal role during the journey through a tunnel of darkness.


I am interested in marketing techniques that have worked well in advertising books to parents and teachers of middle school children. My objective is to elevate awareness about the benefits of pet therapy and strong family relationships for children who have special needs or life threatening diseases.


Comments and suggestions



I AM...


June the Prune and Lady Bird: Cancer Stinks! Kids and Pets Cracking the Power Code (Volume 2): Gracie Bradford: 9781534707016: AmazonSmile: Books

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2 Sept. 6th i'll be self-publishing my debut novel, "A Leap in the Dark." It's a semi-autobiographical book about a crucial period in my life when i was bouncing from one dead end job to another, contending with annoying customers and co-workers and trying to take my first steps into the literary world. It also chronicles my brief relationship with a mysterious woman, an on again off again relationship that altered the course of my previously by the book life, both on and off the page. The book took about 4 years to live and about 4 weeks to write and it's very dear to me. I'm thrilled to share it with everyone in the createspace community and beyond. I hope you enjoy the book, those who read it. Above is a link to the latest preview for the book. I hope you enjoy it and want to read more.

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Scene from chapter 14

Posted by Pitara Aug 20, 2016

"I was hoping I could hire you to make a few potions for me and maybe work a spell or two?"


"Ok, what do you need? I usually only work with couples, I am a witch, but I am also a psychologist. If I can't help you, I'm sure I can refer you to someone who can." She said helpfully.


"Well, I need something for protection, and something to erase memories." I tried to keep my voice calm and polite like hers.


She started to giggle and when I frowned in confusion she laughed even harder.


"What?" I asked becoming more confused by the second. What had I said that she found so **** funny?


"You are dating a human and you're a vampire, why would you need protection?" She was now laughing so hard she was almost doubled over. "You can't catch anything and you can't get knocked up."


"What?" I asked, before it suddenly hit me what she found so funny. "No, I told you everything there is fine. I need something to protect me from an attack."


"Oh!" She said trying to stop laughing.


I waited for her to pull herself together, becoming a little angry. Why had I thought she could help me? She was little more than a child!


"I'm so sorry! Most people who ask for those potions are asking for a totally different reason." She said a little breathlessly. "Of course I can do those, when do you need them by and what type of attack are we talking about?"


"Type?" I asked, confused again.


"Magical? Physical? Or both?" Justine seemed to have become older all of a sudden and very business like.


"I'm not sure, I would think physical, but maybe you could make one for both just to be safe." If Zurk had powers like the diary had said, I might need both.


"Ok, and what type of memory charm do you need?" She asked.


"What type can you do?" I asked not sure what I should ask for. As old as I was, I had never been to a witch for help before and had no idea what this one could do. When she didn't smile or get an attack of mirth she seemed much older and mature. Maybe she was more powerful than I had thought; now watching her more closely. She seemed to have aged and there were tiny lines at the corners of her mouth and eyes that I could swear had not been there before. How old was she?


She seemed to notice my sudden scrutiny and smiled, "I can see you are starting to see past the glamour now."


Glamour? I wondered what she meant and then she dropped it! Ra! She was much older than I had thought!


"How did you do that? I had no idea that a witch could use glamour as well as the valkyrie's, fairies and elves." I said in shock.


Justine smiled and said, "Some witches can only brew potions, and some can do both. I can do both and my glamour is just a spell. Not that hard really." She said dismissively.


I continued to stare and she said, "I am a hundred and one. Most of us live to around two hundred, as I am sure you know. We learn more as we go and can become quite good at what we do."


"I guess so." I stated, not sure what else to say to this.


"So, back to memory charms. I can do a short-term spell or a long-term spell, depending on when you want them to remember or permanent if you want them to never remember. However, those are not always permanent. They can hire a witch to break the spell or sometimes something can happen to break the spell. There is no guarantee on those, other than I promise not to undo a spell that I am paid to do. You have my word on that." Justine said in a very business like tone and was now sounding much closer to her real age.


"What types of things can break the spell?" I asked wondering now if there was even a point in using one.


"Different things, but I'll give you a few examples. I once did a spell for a man, I had no idea what he was going to use it for or I would never have helped him. He said that his child had died and his wife was so distraught that she had tried to kill herself; He wanted to take the pain away. I told him that even seeing a photo of the child could break the spell, trauma is very hard to forget and can leak out in many ways if not dealt with. He said he just wanted his wife back and that he wanted her safe. I agreed to help him and made a permanent potion for him to give her." She said sounding very upset. The Justine I had met in the parking lot was gone and a weary old woman was now sitting in front of me.


"Did it work?" I asked quietly.


"Yes and no." She sighed and stood up. She walked to the window and stood facing it, but it was plain that she was not seeing the backyard as I was. She was seeing something that seemed to age her by years in just moments.


"I found out later that he kidnapped a woman and tortured her, raped her too. Before he let her go, he gave her the potion. When the IPA found her she had no idea that she had been missing for two months or that anything had happened. She just walked into work that day as if no time had passed at all. She had been on her way to work when he grabbed her, you see."




"The IPA officers assigned to the case were a witch and a human. The witch could feel the spell on her and tried to break it, but was unable to. She was quite young and not very experienced yet. So they worked the case the old fashioned way and never made any progress."


"What happened?" I asked, knowing there was more to the story by her tone.


Justine never turned to look at me, but continued talking anyway. "She was at dinner with some friends about a year later when a man hit on one of her friends. The trauma he did to her was so great that just seeing him broke the spell and the memories flooded back. As, I understand it she completely freaked out and her friends called the IPA. He was arrested and sent to prison. When I heard about it on the news, I knew what had happened, that he had lied to me; I went to the IPA and reported what I knew. She sued me and won."


"I'm so sorry. That must have been awful." I could not imagine the guilt she must suffer.


"It was, but I learned my lesson. I am now much more careful who I work for." She turned and smiled sadly.


"Can you tell if a spell has been used on someone? To erase a memory?" I asked. I wondered if she could bring back my memories of what had really happened to me.


"Yes, why?" She asked.


"I was wondering if one has been used on me?"


"You?" She asked, looking completely surprised. "Vampires are very different, memory spells do not work on vampires. I can make a spell for any human and almost any fae, but not a vampire. I have never heard of any witch who can."


Well, then how could I have no memory of anything happening to me? Was it possible that the women Evan spoke of in his diary were not us? Maybe my nightmares were just from the fear I was feeling, reading that stupid diary and nothing had ever happened to me.


"Ain? Why would you think that a spell was used on you?" She asked.


"I'm not sure, but I have been having strange dreams lately and some things have happened to make me wonder if there are gaps in my memory that I'm unaware of."


"Well, I can try to use a charm to see what is missing, but again, vampires are different, I have no idea if it will even work. But, I thought you wanted a charm to erase a memory, not recover one." She was now watching me curiously as if I had changed before her eyes.


"Maybe both, I'm not sure yet. What else can break the spell? You said there were several things."


Still watching me closely, she said. "Oh, well there was a woman once who wanted to forget her ex-boyfriend had ever been a part of her life, she used it on herself and of course he came by her house a few days later and the spell broke when she answered the door." She smiled and I laughed a little.


"I have heard of some spells being broken after a head injury, or smelling a loved ones perfume and once a man remembered his dead wife when he drove past the church they were married in. Some memories are tied to places and some are tied to people or smells, if the memory is strong, or traumatic and the trigger is an important part of the memory it can happen. There's no real way to guarantee that the spell is permanent because so many things can trigger it coming back."


"What if I just want someone to forget that he told me something that he was told not to? Or I want him to forget about sex with me? No trauma, I have no intention of hurting him in anyway, I just don't want him to remember the event." I sounded like a crazy person!


"There are easier and cheaper ways to have a one night stand than using a memory charm, and you could just ask him." Justine said.


"This is not someone I want to have sex with." I stated as if I wasn't lying to myself as well as her. "And I don't want to take the chance that he tells anyone that he told me something."


At this she raised her eyebrows and just stared at me for a few moments. When I didn't say anything, she asked, "Then why would you have sex with him?"


I didn't answer as I tried to think of what to say.


"Oh, you have been ordered to?" She asked.


I must have looked surprised, because she smiled again and said, "You are not the first vampire I have met you know. I have never met one ordered to bed someone, but I do know that you guys have no choice if ordered to do something by your leaders. You have very steep punishments if you do not follow orders."


Yes we did and my punishment would be never ending.


"Alright, I will try to help you. Who is the spell for?" She asked.


Surprised, I told her he was a were. She seemed concerned at this; maybe she knew what that would mean; but said she would call me when the potions were ready.

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Back cover of book 1

Posted by Pitara Aug 16, 2016

Throughout history there have always been legends told of vampires and fae by humans. Some are true, some are fairy tales, but as always, the truth lies somewhere in between. I never believed any of these stories until I became a part of them myself. I found there was a whole new world to which humans were completely unaware. Once I knew the truth, I wish I hadn't.



Ain is a modern day vampire living in a time where disease has wiped out two thirds of the human population. The fae have come out of hiding, and vampires now had secrets they must keep from humans in an effort to preserve peace.


Through her story, Ain is drawn into a complex web of lies and deceit. She must decide if she can keep all secrets, even those she feels are wrong, knowing that she will have to forfeit her life if she doesn't. Her struggle to save her race is heightened by others who want the truth to come out and risk unraveling her life completely.

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Hi dear!


I wrote some new books for u!

Find me on Amazon with my authorname : Simon Stiegler

Please review the books - or my direct author site, if u click to my name very much fun! Sure it burns...



Simon Stiegler

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Making a Book Trailer

Posted by LouiseHathaway Jul 30, 2016

When it comes to the indie publishing world, things have never been so exciting and daunting for us writers.  These days, it's not enough to write a book, come up with a description, and go on social media to market it.  Now, many writers are making book trailers.  Luckily, I have a tech savvy husband who knows how to make anything work out whenever it comes to the computer.



We came up with this "music video" for our murder mystery "Fighting Demons: A New Orleans Mystery."  I wrote the text and we both chose the pictures to show them on.  I wanted the music to be slightly mysterious and more, important, it needed to be by a New Orleans musician.  There are so many classics from which to choose.  Ultimately, we picked Sidney Bechet's rendition of Summertime because not only is it fantastic, but it also corresponds with the mood of our story.



I've been looking at other book trailers and found one intriguing video that had each letter appear on the screen one-by-one, as if someone was typing them.   I thought that it looked slightly "film noire": perfect for a mystery by Raymond Chandler, for instance.



So, without further ado, here is our music video/ book trailer for "Fighting Demons: A New Orleans Mystery."



Our book is available for $ 2.99 at Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble,

Google Play, Smashwords and Kobo



Also available in Paperback at

Amazon and Createspace

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Our world together has never been, and never will be at peace. In the short time I have walked this earth, i’ve learned a couple of things about the people surrounding me. How some may learn differently, see things differently, look at things differently. Though, one of the most important things I have learned about the people around me is that no matter your actions, nor words, never, will everyone be happy. Some people may disagree, some may agree. It’s a simple fact of life.

I’ve had my own experience with this idea when I was much younger. When I was arriving to my 1st year of elementary school I was as naive as any child. I thought for once in my young life, I could have the chance to be a big kid. I thought so fond of the fact that I was given more responsibility, I thought I could do anything. That year of 1st grade I made friends with most of my class. Going into that year, I wasn’t too experienced with people of different religions, or color. My family had always been supportive of everything. Remembering back to those years I could at least remember before, though, I was pretty much protected from the fact that there were bad things that happened in the world all the time. I was never told to expect hate from other people because of what I believed in, or what I looked like, or who i associated with.

During this year I met who I know now as a Muslim follower, my friend Muhammad. My friend at the time, Muhammad, was always so nice to me. I have always felt bad for him because of a disability that had tormented his life, that left him paralyzed from the waist down, leaving him, even as a first grader, in a motorized wheelchair. Being in a wheelchair, he was always left as an outcast to the rest of my class, and no one ever wanted to talk or play with him. Being the open spirit that I am, I decided to pursue a friendship with him. Muhammad’s personality was very outspoken. There isn’t much to say about his personality, except that he was usually grumpy or sad, due to having restrictions over what he could and couldn’t do like the rest of the kids. One day, however, my friendship with Muhammad halted unexpectedly, when he came to school that day with some bad news. Being Muslim, his faith of his family and him that he was taught speaks that Muslim’s can have no relations with Christian followers, and that as a Muslim he was supposed to execute me. Getting this news, Muhammad also informed me that his family did not want us talking anymore after he told them about me, and that he was also supposed to shoot me on stage as I get my diploma when I graduate my senior year of highschool. Getting this news that day, I thought, scarred me for life, though now I use it as a growing point of my understanding of people’s faiths and beliefs that are rightfully given to everyone as humans. This experience had completely opened my eyes to the world around me. Looking back on his perspective now, Muhammad completely obeyed his faith, his parents, and in his, and many other people’s minds, he did a service for his gathered community. In other’s minds, he did a disservice. This concept completely helps me to understand anyone’s point of view through thier eye's. Though I may not believe what was said or what was threatened was right, we both had faith for what we were taught to believe in, and we stuck with it.









(Please leave feedback! it really helps! thank you

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Through The Eyes Of (Writing)    - Cameron Elgin -


(Prolouge) /(Disclaimer)


Many people treat life sometimes as a burden to themselves. They ask questions like, “Why am i here?” or “What is my purpose?” The burden of life itself in my mind or your own at times is like the lingering sense that you’re being watched. You can’t quite get rid of it, and it’s hard not to think about it either.

As a young teenager, my life hasn’t been much of a significance to anyone. I have my family, and my friends to observe beside me, people I just look up to even. Though, when it comes down to the truth, I must accept the fact that I can’t achieve much based on my current circumstances, and that goes for many people. Many people with a truly remarkable look on something or opinion of aren’t always given a chance to say what they want to say.

I wrote this book Through The Eyes Of as an example of everyone’s opinions in certain matters based on my own understanding and observation throughout my life. These perspectives may take on touchy topics in some people’s lives, political events, and even world understanding. I mean no disrespect to anyone. Throughout my life i’ve learned very much about people’s perspectives, whether they mean good or bad to you, I am here for you, the reader, to help shed some light to everyone, no matter what you believe in, who you are, what you do, or how you think. Please Enjoy.







(Please leave suggestions and/or if you like the idea of this! I'm very excited to start writing but I need feedback if anyone would actually read this! Thank you!)

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The Reality Show of the Twilight Zone


This newest book is a political battle against against sweet lies from Donald Trump.


Insults for special occasion against a person who detrimental to our nation!


Please read, buy, share and comment!

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The portion makes the poison...

   After the discovery of the God Gene is announced, a firestorm of media frenzy erupts.  Marcus, Hemi, and Sim team up with a former Russian FSB agent to thwart a plan that will kill billions. They face the worst fiend ever, but time is running out, and they must beat him to the alchemists documents, Sim's inheritance. Alchemists of the Grebov Circle dabbled in immortality, alchemist 13 the greatest existential scientist ever known, left his notes on the Alchemy of Life. The three must get to the notes in time, to save humanity and the world.

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I am self distributing this documentary that I produced called

"The Great Detroit, It was-It is-It will be"

I believe that the film is very good.

Some say its the finest documentary ever made about Detroit


And, as many might say Detroit gets a bad rap in the media

Either its our crime statistics or decline in population or the blight that came as a result of various problems.

Well I decided to look at Detroit from a different angle.


I interviewed 55 people to cover the entire story, starting with how and why Detroit was founded with talk about the history of Motown, Techno and so much more.


I figure that especially now with news that Detroit is on a comeback

There's a lot of people who are fascinated with Detroit, people who just love Detroit, people who know stuff about Detroit but love to see it on film, people who are history bluffs and just want to learn more about this city.

This should add up to thousands of dvds or digital downloads sold


Resulting in making money for my 3 years of production and the concerted efforts over many hours.


At least that's my prayer

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Ángeles en Medio de Nosotros


Para el 1984  aproximadamente entre las 10:30 am me ocurrió algo que me dejó marcado  para toda la vida, un anciano de 80 años aproximadamente se me acercó  camino al colmado en llanos del sur en Cotto Laurel, en Ponce. Me  pregunta: ¿Están vendiendo alguna casa cerca? Yo le contesté que no, que  la mayoría eran casas de cemento y el buscaba una casa de madera. Luego  cambio a 180 grados para comenzar a decirme cosas que yo; a nadie le  había comentado, entre ellas menciono mi gusto por el cine, la radio, la  televisión que iba estudiar comunicaciones, que aunque parecería que no  voy a lograr ciertas cosas como producir cine que edifica, que no me  diera por vencido que aunque parezca imposible ciertamente lo lograrás,  me comentó. Permanecí en una pieza, sorprendido, y le pregunté: ¿Me  conoces?; y él me lanzó una sonrisa especial, honesta, como si supiera  cosas muy profundas, poseía un parecido sorprendente a mi padre  biológico pero mucho mayor que él, era algo raro pero presentía que era  un ángel diciéndome algo que con el tiempo se cumpliría.


Luego  le pregunté a mi vecina dueña de un colmado, si lo veía, si era real,  ella no entendía mi pregunta, pues en ese momento esta persona no sabía  nada del mundo espiritual. Yo había leído la Biblia con mucho  detenimiento y sabía que estos seres creados por Dios suelen tomar forma  humana para hablarles a los hombres.


Consiguelo  en 3 formatos audiolibro desde este enlace puedes escuchar un pedazo,  papel( versión fisica) y digital para celulares, tablets y computadoras

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It's got 35 full-bleed original photo-paintings.


Take a look.


In the opening pages of How to Meditate For Real Shelly warns readers to "be prepared to experience disruptions to life as they now know it;" disruptions like "illogical inner peace, sudden acquisition of true riches, and friends looking at them funny." Shelly's quirky humor sets a relaxed tone but she quickly gets to her "politically incorrect" point and pulls no punches. Her point is actually two-fold: First, meditation that calls for emptying the mind is dangerous, and second, meditation on the words of the God of Christian Scripture is what Shelly calls "Real Meditation." Parts II and III consists of Bible passages accompanied by Shelly's original artwork and pages for journal-style reader responses.


CS is not letting me post an image right now.

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