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Dmitry Trots is a budding author! Support his endeavor by reviewing his preview (link):


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Dmitry's Adoption Journey!

Posted by DmyWrites Jan 19, 2016

Dmitry Trots is a budding author. Please support his endeavor by purchasing an ebook or paperback on Amazon!



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Hey You!

Posted by WorldMallBooks Jan 19, 2016

I will keep my appointment with you. Will you be ready to meet me? I am Death, and I will not be late...



This is the story about an ordinary man named Joe Flannigan. He wasn't  rich or famous even. Just an average Joe type of man. And he was taught  by his parents, and their parents, that he was alive for a reason, that  he had a voice in this world.

Joe had a wife and a daughter. He had a  real good paying job. He had every thing but, his life still seemed so  empty. What was it? He just never could settle for second best. He  always had to have the best, be the best at everything.



Want to read it?



Here is where to read a physical book:

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Posted by Mavhite Jan 19, 2016

Snake Undet My Pillow is a really story which relate exactly to most of our communities. Usually after the desth of a breadwinner and leader of the family, the remaining members go through a kot of challenges. This is more live in African rural hoiseholds who depend mostky on men as the head of the famiy


This book tries painfully to paint a clear picture of the brother and sister who went through **** as they fought for the right to head the Masombuka village and its people. At the epicenter of the problem was uncle Gwebu who failed to play his role.


Luckily before his death Chief Masombuka had scribled in his poorly written journal the love he had for his village. When Amos saw that journal and went through it he decided to quit the race.

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The fifth volumn in the series, Book of Christian Short Stories is available now. Below is an example from book                               


                                                                                            Bless that Woman  


Sit down Monique before you embarrass us all.  I can't she said, the preacher isn't doing it right.  The preacher looked up and asked if there was anything wrong in the third row.  At the same time Monique said yes and Donna said no.  They looked at each other and then looked at the preacher.  Then may we go on he asked? Donna swatted Monique with her fan and told her to quiet down.  Monique couldn't help but fidget around.  The preacher started talking trying to avoid eye contact with the third row occupants.  He couldn't help but see Monique squirming in her seat out of the corner of his eye.  Finally he looked at her and asked if she had anything to say.  Donna gave her a stern look but she just had to say what was on her mind.


As a matter of fact preacher I do have something to say.  She stood up but Donna pulled on her dress to get her to sit down again.  Nothing could stop Monique when she was given the floor. As a matter of fact Mr. Preacher I don't think the things that some of these kind folk need to hear just isn't hearing it.  Oh I'm not saying it is your fault but some of these folks in here are dead as a door knob.  They need some old fashion revival to wake them up.  I mean the old fashion revival my momma took me to as a kid.  Where the spirit came in and took over and we didn't care who saw or thought what because we were too busy praising the Lord in song and dance.  That is what this church needs Mr. Preacher.  Can you deliver?  Well Miss Monique we do have a schedule to follow and none of that is in there.  Now can we get on with our service? Monique rolled her eyes and as she went to sit back down she said, don't you ever say I didn't warn you.  She sat down and Donna swatted her again with her fan.  Monique closed her eyes and clasped her hands and started humming hymns to herself.  Donna would elbow her from time to time and Monique would elbow her back. The preacher couldn't help to see the commotion they were stirring.


Even the congregation was clearing their throats an awful lot.  Now sisters if you cannot control yourselves I will have to ask you to leave he said.  Now no one talks to Monique like that.  Why he might as well as told her to get out and stay out.  She got up and started clapping her hands and singing out loud.  If someone hadn't known her one would think she just done got possessed.  Monique loved her church and she didn't want it to backslide because of a preacher that just wanted to adhere to a schedule that left God out.  She went from row to row singing for people to get up and clap their hands and sing to the Lord.  She told them to get up and let the circulation of the gracious Lord's blood move from their toes upward to their nose.  Let your light shine she would holler and praise the Lord.  The preacher tried to take back his congregation but many were following Monique and singing loud and proud.  The Holy Spirit was once again in the church and the people were getting filled with it.  One lady took over the organ and another one got a tambourine.  They were praising the Lord so loud strangers walked in to see what was going on. The preacher in the meantime went to sit down by Donna.  What happened he asked?  Why did she take over my congregation?


Well, Donna said, she did kind of liven it up a little.  She smiled and said she is just letting her little light shine.  Well can you tell her to tone it down a tad bit he said?  Donna said I will try my best.  The preacher got up and found a chair in the corner and just sat there.  Monique now had the whole congregation going plus several of the people that came in from the street. She happened to look over and see the preacher with a long sad face so she went over to him.  Sorry I took over your congregation she said.  But we have been needing this for a long time.  He looked up and asked her if she got it all out of her system now.  Can I go back to preaching he asked?  Yes I will go back to my seat so you can finish your sermon.  Monique calmed the people down and got them back into their seats and she sat back down with Donna.


The preacher got up and cleared his throat.  He looked over at Monique and then the congregation.  He started to preach his sermon for the day. As the preacher preached, his congregation was starting to fall asleep.  Monique started squirming in her seat again.  Donna swatted her with her fan and told her, don't you dare.  You have done enough for one Sunday morning.  You are not going to interrupt the preacher again.  Monique couldn't hold it back anymore.  She sprang out of her seat and started clapping her hands and singing as loud as she could to the old time hymns.  Everybody woke up and got on their feet and followed her.  The preacher threw his hands up in the air and sat down.  He knew he wouldn't win. The people liked it when Monique took over.  They felt more energetic and closer to God.  They became alive with the spirit.  Even Donna started singing and clapping her hands to the rhythm.  When it was time to close the meeting everyone praised Monique and thanked her for bringing not only life but God back into the church.  She was the last one out and when the preacher asked if he would see her next Sunday, she said, hallelujah, God willing I wouldn't miss it for the world. >

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Posted by TRIPPLEXON Jan 7, 2016

Through the Batch "B" of time
Lay the quiet breath of nature
Way to age the class of Crime
Is the inhuman 'tense of torture


Through the Batch "B" of life
King among the dead
Sorrow Peninsula of the eye
Queen beholder of tears


Through the Batch "B" of Love
An unending chapter
Story foretold among the god's
Is a midway disaster


Through the Batch "B" of order
Exist the forceful force
Therein the seat of power
Lay their evil source


Through the Batch "B" of wealth
Denial of human right
To move freely with their health
Are mostly done at night


Through the Batch "B" of fame
The way of popularity
Playing chess of death game
None are of sincerity


In all the Batch "B" of days
Mostly hour's full of grace
All should amend their ways
A seconds delay might add "dis" to "grace".

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Posted by TRIPPLEXON Jan 7, 2016

The day you sleep to dream
The day the world decide to test
The peace you’ve keep
Walking on that lonely path
Be conscious of the awaiting cat


Some smiles are meant to fade
In those smiles’ give way for your thinking to prevail
Not all smiles are to be embrace
But never to be rejected openly


Keep not in mind that;
which walk not with time
Follow your heart desire
But never fail to inspire


Life is not much a good fun
Even a zany yob could testify
So, let not thou be deceive in that demon
That never last like a watering mouth lemon


Be observable to the beat around
Never hit your steps in dim of dance
These beats are part of your breathing
Not all are given in rise to your continuous breathing


Kill the mind against you with sweetness
Lest the bitter part may point black at you
Cuddle with the development of time
Beware of the crime its commit


Mind the heart against you
Take not easy with those cherishing you
For this Angelic grace pipers
Are the hazardous dark face titans

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Posted by TRIPPLEXON Jan 7, 2016

Leave to me a moment of gladness
This pain shouldn’t be;
That which to remember you with
A moment of heart beat
A time you breathe and pause for eternity


Come close to me a little more
This not yet the time to pause the fun
Why leave your shadow behind
When I can’t take hold of it with this helpless hand

This back of yours left me;
With nothing but of your shadow


Dry this river of tears from my eyes
Lend to me the grace of a needle hole smile
Bring to me the front view of you
Just a second of your smile even if few
And I shall live with it in your absence


Who have decided not to sleep?
When our love was the story of the gods
Who have decided to take away my happiness?
Is this my fault or the breath of darkness?


Can you still hear me?
Where they, the world laid you
Can you still feel this;
Needle piercing my eyes?


They took you away from me
As they throw away
The key of your life from me


Who have decided not to sleep?
When at short notice took you away from me
Who have decided taking my happiness?

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Have sat and questioned what the world feared most
But found out is what I referred to as a good host
I heard Death! Death! Death!
And wonder what my friend has done to vex them so?


Have dined with what they called Him
And found out its fear is found in Hymn
Sing fear not, death I love you
Then its scars will show in plain light and face you
And you shall have pity of how ugly He is
As He looks with jealousy of how beauty cloth you and hiss


He is just a man that has no home
And I ask what difference of Him and thieves that kills at home?
Or did also thieves give notice to come visit?
And if given notice before arrival;
Did He! not give notice with swollen head, large pot stomach?
If so, is He tribal like you?


Fear not dearth, they say death
When the man shall make you leave earth
What you should fear is if He! meet you at that place after death call ****
And if not, then you have truly overcome, by giving Him the biggest death
Not death on earth but the highest death of death in ****.

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Posted by TRIPPLEXON Jan 7, 2016

This journey of crossing over, has long been started
You are in New Year, don't be startled
You are worth living, don't weep anymore
Life shall smile on you, that what makes it more


This journey of crossing over, is always suprising
But why surprise, when you are sure made for it
Living in it isn't so amusing
Cause you are alive to make an impact in it


This journey of crossing over is of a new train
Shall dry times exist? No but a new rain
Even when the train seems to be already filled
You squeeze yourself in and that is what make you heal


Trillion troops into this train
Some with first class, some with economy saver
But have you tried to understand this frame?
It's important, even all class call you a saver


Leave your luggage behind
Package your belongings and look what is time
Have you wonder why you are still alive
Cause you're made to cross, to become better and to save lives

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Posted by TRIPPLEXON Dec 30, 2015

Christmas is what should be celebrated
i agree

Its not easy being alive to witness it
Am happy for you

Is a day you get to hang out with your loved ones
It's good

Its a day animal's cry not to die,
That's true

But could you for a moment think about us?
Could you for a moment clean off this our dust?
You at the power seat, please listen to our plea's
Could you all please come to our aid?

Many of us are at the street
Picking, collecting what we think is free
Many of our loved ones died in your midst
All are now in our memory of pain without ease

What can we cripple do?
What can we blind do?
What is our stance?
What can we mere helpless folks do?

We were not born this way
But came to meet what we believed is fate
Our only hope of survival now are dead in terror strike
Now we hopeless has none to give to the world;
But our little smiles ready to be sacrifice

We served as a security to the night
We watched and scared away the evil ones with our madness
We are of great contributors
Else you won't value what you have
As we serve as a sight to thank your creator

Time shall come when you shall never see us again
Then you shall know what you benefit and gain
As your charity order of worship will be in vain
We are what we are

Please do remember us this celebration eve
We the blind
We the deaf
We the widows
We the orphan's
We that contribute little to life

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Ambassadors Of Globalisation

Posted by Mk10 Dec 22, 2015

MAIN COVER (1).jpg

Ambassadors of Globalisation provides historical analysis of South Africa’s road of popular resistance to foreign domination to date. The book amplifies the assertion that what was widely construed as the entry of the country into true democracy in 1994 was and still remains an illusion. In fact, the Anglo – American Empire merely unleashed another tool of dominance in place of the old. Time had come for the Empire to co – opt some leaders of the liberation movement as partners to the crime of brute exploitation. However, the moment of respite the Empire sought to gain has proven unsustainable. Recent brutal suppression of legitimate demands of the North West Marikana miners attests. This book provides the narrative that contradicts the widely held view that Mr. Nelson Mandela and former exiled African National Congress liberated South Africa. Whilst the collapse of Apartheid was through multifaceted effort internationally and internally, internal people’s effort, seldom proportionately credited, was the center of gravity. Distorting this reality created conditions the Empire exploited to put into power, trusted surrogates of transition – Ambassadors of Globalisation. The resultant respite enabled the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank to entrench their liberalisation drive which gained speed under the Nationalist Party government that privatized essential State assets in 1989. It would be politically naïve or ignorant to contemplate exemption of a country rich in natural resources like South Africa from such machinations. For this reason, the Empire’s propaganda machinery elevated the name of Mandela at the expense of the likes of Biko who were at the center of gravity of struggle. The author concludes by proposing empirically founded solutions of saving South Africa’s incessant slide into catastrophic abyss. The National Development Plan, widely seen as source of salvation is dissected by the author to its ahistorical and delusionary essence. As long as citizens remain victims of toxic propaganda, the author contends, patronage to obsolete alliances and social superstructure elements will only perpetuate senseless bondage.

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Revising My Book

Posted by annija Dec 16, 2015

I took my time and fixed the many grammar mistakes and misspelled words in my story. I also had to do some deep soul searching on why I really wrote this book. I had to think about why I really wanted to become an author. What was my purpose for writing this story and most important of all  what am I doing this for. When I got real with myself, I was able to truthfully answer those questions and feel a lot better about myself. I'm happy to say that now my mind is where it's supposed to be.


This is the revised version of my book titled Shades: Thug Life!

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Accounting Equation

Posted by accountinghour Dec 14, 2015

14. A business has the following items in it.


Mortgage loan  $40,000


Account payable  $15,000


Account receivable $20,000


Machinery $200,000


Land and Building $520,000


Owner’s equity?



What is the value of owner’s equity?



A.    $658,000


B.    $688,000


C.    $685,000


D.    $720,000

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Financial Accounting

Posted by accountinghour Dec 14, 2015

Double Entry Bookkeeping /Accounting Equation MCQs




1.  Which of the following is wrongly classified?




Assets                                                                         Liabilities                                           


Account receivable                                         Loan from bank


Warehouse                                                      Inventory


Mortgage on office building                           Computers


Loan to B. Black                                             Bank overdraft


Machinery                                                      Accounts payable




A. Warehouse, account receivable and loan to B.Black


B. Mortgage of office building, inventory and computers


C. Warehouse, Machinery and Loan to B.Black


D. Loan from bank, account payable and bank overdraft

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