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FREE BOOK!! Starts today. OFFER ENDS 8/18/2017.


Get your free copy of "Lost: Children of the River" (The Raving Press, 2016).

Want the paperback version?

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Please consider leaving us a review on Amazon if you can. (No obligations. A review is not required for the FREE offer or discount.)


This promo is in support of our book fair on behalf of the Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights. For more info go to our website at


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Here it is, Book 4 of the Chilling Spine series, divided into 2 books actually...


Story One: 

Find  out just what happened to Levi John Talon (Spine) and how he became the  most feared demon of ****. The book will keep you glued to your seat!


Story Two:

Back to the present, after SCI-FIED! HOM 3,

Meet  Annabri, a youth who has just been kicked out of the orphanage to fend  for herself, and then a special minister she meets. He is more than  meets the eye. Packed with twists and turns, and a surprise ending.



Book 2: HOUSE OF MAZES 2 - The House Of Death


Book 4: HOUSE OF MAZES 4 - Chronicles Of The Deceased


Also  in this series the same Angelic characters can be found in another  series of mine called: The Angels Of The Lord Chronicles, which is a 6  book set. On sale now where published.





For all books available:

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Hey guys! Check it out, but please ABSOLUTLEY NO EDITING HAS TAKEN PLACE!!!


I am only about 20% through the book, but I hate to waste my time on something people wont enjoy. I love my story so far, but I want others to as well. I have a thousand stories in my head, so if nobody loves this one, I will write another!



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Here is the preview for my new book.  I welcome any reviewers!

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Posted by Scianna Jul 30, 2017

This is the story of a little girl who lives with very mean foster parents. They lock her in the closet. So she runs away and lives at the Smithsonian Museum. She prays for an Angel to be sent to help her get a new family. But what she gets actually is two. But one of them is very lost and does not remember who he is.








This is the second book in the Three Book Set, a series I have created for you. If you like Star Wars, Star Trek type stuff, this is way out there too. It is space-ship hopping, planets and their monsters, weird dimensions, all rolled up into one. If that is your thing then read on:


In Story One you will meet a young woman eager to serve Captain Cameron on board his Aries star-ship, but an unexpected chain of events begins that sends her on the journey of her life.


In Story Two you will find her trapped in an alternate universe where nothing is as it seems.


In Story Three you will find a planet where the crew of the Aries gets stuck on a planet with a very hostile environment. You won't believe what happens next.


In Story Four Captain Cameron and his crew end up answering a distress call but it's all fake. A way to lure them to the planet's surface where they wake up with no memories of who they are.


And the last story is about an android named Dejaunt and his evil twin brother, Z'leel. Both made by the same mad scientist, Doctor Yanning Sohfos.


Something happens to Z'leel after Dejaunt is hot on his trail that begins a metamorphosis, both of them will never be the same again, as one of them faces mortality as a human!


Oh, and an undecided Angel is the key that unlocks all of this.

Katryn Ali Homepage:

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Posted by jaramogi77 Jul 29, 2017

Rate my preview. I welcome all sincere comments.

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Rebels (a novel)

Posted by jaramogi77 Jul 15, 2017

In the novel, REBELS, set in Kenya’s 1970s and 1980s, a widowed bride (Betty Kinda), flees from the custody of her parents, leaving her in-laws, who must give her a replacement husband before they burry her late fiancé (Mika Olongo), in an untenable situation. Reaching Kisumu City, Betty meets one Nurse Rose, an annealed widow, who empathizes with her, ‘adopts’ her, and enrolls her in a day secondary school (she is pregnant). Suddenly, tempers flare across the Nyogunde Valley, pitting Betty’s in-laws (the Ombos of Korondo Ridge) and her parents (the Kindas of Rabuor Ridge) as elders debate how the Ombos would burry and mourn their son when his widow/bride is in school tens of miles away.


Betty eventually accepts one Luka Okiya—the replacement husband her in-laws ‘post’ to her. Okiya, the Luo jater (levirate), turns out to be a perfect match with Betty; after all, he is the man whose overtures she ignored in favor of the late Olongo.


Thanks to Nurse Rose, Betty catches the metaphorical wind and flies with it, with Okiya in tow. The cultural rebels, who even ‘tie the knot’ in an unprecedented (at least on Korondo Ridge) sneak church wedding, graduate from college—Betty with a degree in law and Okiya with a degree in government—with their three sons and a daughter cheering them on! While the Okiyas sweat it out among Kenya’s urban diaspora, raising children as they climb the academic ladder and eventually become senior government officers, back home, on Korondo Ridge, several verbal wars rage on over their children’s heritage and land. Will their levirate union survive the constant tension from among their rural kin on Korondo Ridge?

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Please rate and comment on my preview to REBELS (a novel).

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Please Review My Writing

Posted by AngelaContent Jul 10, 2017

Hello! I am a sixteen year old girl and my name is Angela Content. I am  currently attending her last year of high school. I've written books in the past, have them published and bought by other. I am, however not exactly proud of it and feel I could do so much better. I've released those other books when I was at least thirteen to fourteen years old.

I am now making a come back with my new book called 'It Girl'

I am pretty frightened that I might get bad reviews if I release it and so I'd love to know what you all think first. Please give me your feedback and be completely honest with me because I would love to succeed with my dreams.

enjoy !



Within the mind of a young girl struggling to find her place in the world is a vast and empty place. She’s alone, scared and wishing to have someone that’s there to save her from herself.

Whoever that girl is, she needs to stay as far away from me as possible. I don't need any type of depression juices lingering by my side. Doesn't anyone know that having sad people by your side all the time just sets the other person up for failure? I'm trying to succeed, so please, I advise you to bring your tears someplace else. Right now, I may seem like a total ***** but that's only because I am. I bring people down, I hurt their feelings and I attack their self esteem. I don't do it on purpose; some people just seem to have extremely bad fashion sense. Since nobody else is going to put them in their place then I guess it's up to me.

I popped on my cherry lip gloss and fluffed my gorgeous brown curls. Another day, another humiliation for those terrible kids at Valley High. I honestly just had to do a total 360 in the mirror before I left the house and I have to say, I look stunning. My honey brown skin shined and my natural brown hair moved lovingly with each head move I'd make. My eyes were a darker version of grey, it was highly unusual but that's what also brought people's attention. I was beautiful and nobody matched up to that.

My Christian Louboutin high heels clicked proudly with each step I took. The heels I wore were coated with real black diamonds, the finest of black diamonds and cost a staggering three thousand dollars. The kind of money that a lot of people just don't have. I don't linger around the poor; I have to keep myself upright in order to continue being who I was meant to be and that was, fabulous. Before I even stepped foot inside the school, I was surrounded by my minions.

“Minion #1, coffee. The usual, two sugars, straight black.”

“Minion #2, where's my homework? There's a pop quiz in calculus today so I expect the answers in my locker beforehand.”

They both nodded and immediately left to follow my demands. Minion number one’s name is actually Charlotte Omegya. She’s a short blonde with intense blue eyes and an okay fashion sense. Her father runs BelAir hotel and owns about five different hotels along with it. Therefore, her bank account is extremely large which makes her the perfect choice to become my minion.

Minion number two is Tetra Leyu. She's a slightly tall geeky Asian that carries luscious curves and amazing red long hair. She kind of reminds me of the little mermaid. Her dad actually owns Valley High. She can outshine me if she wants to, but of course, that would never actually happen. She knows her reputation is on the line.  

As I continued walking, I was greeted with many compliments from my fans.

“You look amazing, Ebony!”

“Thanks, I know. You don't though.” I replied, blowing a kiss.

“What kind of dress are you wearing, Ebony?”

“Something you can't afford”

I had everything any girl could possibly dream of having. Money, clothes, an extremely lovely body shape and of course, Maxwell Jones. I smiled as he approached me. 6’9, sparkling white teeth with deep brown eyes, messy black hair and a lovely set of abs. They’d all kill for a guy like him, and I had him. Dating him actually managed to push my reputation and my power in this school fairly high. The prettiest rich girl needs the hottest rich guy to match that, otherwise, you’re nothing but a snobby pretty girl that just happens to have money.

“Ebony, baby, I’ve missed you.” He says leaning in for a kiss. He smelled like cheap perfume and hot sex. No doubt he’s been cheating for a while now, but I try not to let it bother me. As long as nobody finds out of his unfaithfulness then I’d be fine. The last thing I’d need, on top of a loser jock, is a huge embarrassment.

I dodged his kiss.

“Maxwell, sweetie, lip gloss.” I replied rudely.

I could feel his frustration bouncing off his body and it pleases me to know that I’ve frustrated him that much.

“So, how’s your day going so far?” He asks

“Better than ever since you’ve arrived …. Sweetie.”

I faked a smile knowing that people were watching us with excitement.

We are basically like king and queen in this school, who wouldn’t want to be us?


Another fan of mine shouts from across the hall.

I let out a sweet giggle and clung to my fake lover as if he was the best boyfriend ever.

Maxwell hooks his arms around my waist and lands a kiss on my cheek.

“Tonight baby?” He asks quietly.

Oh, right. Tonight.

Unfortunately for me, I promised Maxwell a long and sweaty night at his hotel. I was really and truly not interested but it would indeed be top news to know that I’ve lost my poison apple to one of the hottest guy in Valley High. Although…

Then again he has been cheating on me... So did he really expect for me to just let that go? He’s in for something he won't expect.

I turned and flipped my brown curls as I looked at him seductively.

“Are you sure about that?” I asked, biting my lower lip.

His eyes widened, clearly not expecting that sort of reaction but I could tell he was extremely happy about it. He couldn’t keep it in his pants to save his life.

“Yeah… Sure, **** yeah” He replied.

I landed a kiss on his cheek and sashayed off, leaving him in the halls alone.

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   "Folded Dreams, a follow-up novel to my venture into the world of self-publishing, managed to get to about 45% edit-worthy completion. I wasn't completely satisfied with my work at that point, but I was proud to have at least made it that far! And then, as often happens of course, I hit an annoying bout of writer's block - so I pouted for a few days, then decided I'd really show my Muse how childish an old fossil can get, and "cut off my nose just to spite my own face" - - Translation:  I  did what I believe a serious writer should never do for more than a few days at a time - I took a stupid vacation from writing. A couple of weeks should do it, I thought to myself. Just two weeks.


That was about the end of November or first of December, 2016.


   As fate would have it (or "Never Disrespect Your Muse"), on the 8th of December I had a pretty serious stroke. Not a "major stroke", mind (the kind that leaves one totally blind and unable to control one's bodily functions), but bad enough to have to start from scratch to re-develop the ability to walk and use the whole right side of my body, cough and spit toothpaste into a sink and the dexterity I needed to dress and to even simply keyboard.

   Writer's block just became very real and much more complicated than ever, indeed."

(Pearl Kirkby, aka:  The Old Fossil)


This started out as a forum post (because I know I can't possibly be the only writer to suffer this ) but it became far too long. So I have used it as a post on my OldFossilWrites author blog on WordPress (oldfossilwrites .wordpress. com). It's sort of an explanation of why, for the last 7 months, I've been absent on the CS forums and haven't followed up with the CS contributors whom I follow.

   I actually wanted to thank all of you CS contributors for taking such an inordinate amount of time to answer questions, seem indefatigueable in clarifying the same issues over and over and over again and, sometimes, show more than a little tough love to we who aspire to become published, successful authors.

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Poet-Es by EJ Bates

Posted by EsmeB Jun 21, 2017



On a lighter note, as I have to sit in this heat, I have made attempts to spruce up my poetry anthology a tad. Please like, like, like and share, share, share with any interested groups or helpful individuals fellow facebookers? Thank-you for musicians, adverts, schools, healing... Over 20 poems, photographs and colouring-in opportunities. Plus the odd activity. For circulation to performers, artists, advertising industry etc.

Intended as a showcase to gain paid work.



Berkshire Barks by Esme Bates

Social sites across Royal Berks ‘bark’ about dogs’ toileting in public areas!  I went on the BBC Berkshire, Paul Ross Show, and was asked to read out a fun poem, so I chose this one. Lupo is Prince Williuam’s dog.  Here is a photo of my dog, Ellie.

If you ‘speak like the Queen’ it is funnier!



We all go to the toilet, this is true,

“Wee” in Berkshire is fed up of stepping in dog pooh!

The Duchess should decree,

(On the topic of dog pooh and wee)

“Remember that your dog's "meaty" poohs,

-are most definitely not desirable on one's shoes.

If he, in public, pooper,

Be sure to use your jolly, old scooper!”



Do you have any pets?  What do you love/hate about having pets?  Can you make up a funny poem? I would love to see your poem.

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Posted by EsmeB May 26, 2017

Please share with interested groups for me? I am a poet- Poet-Ess if you like! I would love you to help me to get my work published in various papers, magazines and specialist journals. It would be great to sell more books.

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      OLD GLORY.


                            SECOND SONG OF EXPERIENCE.




A thing of Light delivered from the Womb of the Night,


And all Light is delivered from the Womb of the Night;


For the Morning is conceived in the Night,


And brought forth from the Womb of the Night,


And evening comes before the morning in all experiences,


Old Glory,evening precedes the morning in the experience of Day.


The characteristic trait of beauty is Light,


And Light defines the traits of beauty,


And it is with Light that one can tell the beautiful,


But what is reality,


Or what is beauty without depth?


What is beauty if it has no depth?


The depth is to give definition to reality;


The depth brings the peculiar features that mark the identity,


The depth identifies a beautiful thing,


And makes the beautiful identity,


The depth is to give definition to beauty;


And depth comes with the darkness;


The working of the light with darkness to raise beauty out of a work,


The working with light and darkness to give beauty the peculiar features that identify it:


What gives the beautiful thing its definition;


The Hands of the Master disposing the light brilliantly with the darkness,working out the beautiful image;


The working of the Virtuoso's Hands,


The blending of the strokes masterfully to get the shades of light and darkness that bring the depth of beauty;


The depth that adds the third dimension to beauty;


That gives beauty the striking relief;


And You are a beauty!


Old Glory,You are Beautiful;***********




And the relief of Your beauty comes from the stars of Your blue background,


The stars from  the Blue,


The stars from the Seas,the salt water;


The identities with deep taste for salt,reason;


The stars of the Deep that give depth to Your beauty.


And You are in earnestness a beautiful piece,


You are by all accounts a thing of Light,


A captivating Image raised from  the shades of light and darkness;


A thing with traits of light and darkness;


There is darkness in the beauty of light,


There is darkness in the light of beauty,


There is darkness in the glory that marks out beauty,


There is a dark side to the light of beauty,


All the same Beauty arises from the grit in Light to dispel darkness,


The streak in Light to lay bare,reveal,reflect to taste or intellect of soul brilliance in substance or spirit of idea,form,ways,movement,


The peculiarity of Light to transmit or communicate by Its Waves the brightness of the grain of  the image of a thing made,or W(w)hat makes the thing,awakens the sense and brings the experience of beauty,


And as the currents of the Sun,Light,makes the Dayspring and stirs It to work the Morning,


The fountains of the Morning agitating,swelling,with Its powerful  waves,till the Morning breaks out,


Gushing with Its radiant flood,sweeping the heavy currents of the Night away,


And there!


And a brilliant new Day!


So worked the Light and Sun of Your Spirit in Your hour and season,


Defining a time on Earth,


The Morning and Glory of Your hours,


The hour of the Star-Spangled Banner;


The  time of Day,


The time of Liberty on Earth,


The time of the joyous exultation of the Daughter of the Morning;


And the sweet sound of Your voice breaking out with the enthralling melody of Your song,


The Star-Spangled Banner,issuing with the brisk currents of the dawn of Your Day,


The anthem of the glorious Daughter of the Morning blared and  was heard,


Picking up Its chorus over the land,and lands,


The impetus mounting to take the world;


The anthem of the dawn of Your hour stimulates soul with glorious feelings,


And animates a thunder in soul for spirit,


Forming a psyche of that tenor for any humanity that heard the song,


And the beauty arose from the Light It radiated,


The  beauty of the Star-Spangled Banner stemming from the wonder of Its Light;


A Her beauty arises from Light;


And beauty arises from Light;


As far as we can see,


Old Glory,Your beauty arises from Light;


The beauty we know arises from Light.


It is the Light that arouses the experience acquired;


It is the Light that conveys the notion and awakens the taste for good in soul;


It is the Light that conditions with that taste,


Instilling and enduing with the intimate intuition and instruction of the knowledge of the beautiful,


Building up the intelligence and mind with experience after experience;


And we can call the beautiful,


And we can tell the beautiful;


And we can name beauty,


Because of the inborn,indwelling insight,


An eye,and a light within,given and acquired,telling us of what is beautiful,


And the light of the beautiful around communicating with the intuitive light;


The interaction of the two enabling us to relate with beauty in the experience;


And You are beautiful,


Old Glory,I know You are beautiful,


I  understand from my depths You are a thing of Light,


Yes,You are a thing of light,


You are a brilliant Standard in deed;


The beauty of Standards on Earth,


The Standard of the Glory of the Morning,


The Morning on Earth;


When the evening that preceded the day was passing,


Old Glory,


Glorious Daughter of the Morining,


When the evening that precedes the day was passing,


The morning of the human experience,


The morning,


The times,


Your time,


Was conceived in the Womb of the Night,


And the waters of the womb in which You were conceived breaking,


An outpouring of blood in McHenry,Donnelson,Saratoga?


For Your deliverance from the Womb of the Night;*************












The white clouds pass from the face of the Sky,


The sun goes down behind thick clouds of darkness.


The assuring and composing blue disappears,


And the Heaven unravels:


A Sky of dark,glowering and fulminating tone and temper comes to the surface.


I see the Night;


I see the Darkness beneath the Light;


A  Heaven of dark,glowering and fulminating tone and temper,


Cracking with lightning,thunder,fire and blackness.


Is this a storm I see,


Or I look  at the true colour of Heaven?


The true Form and Image:




A horror of blackness;


The solar temperatures that the white clouds and  serene azure veils.


I look at the native Image and Likeness of Heaven:


The Terror at which the human spirit in its tender tenor  and  image of Clay,shrinks,


Withdrawing from the volatile Presence and Atmosphere.


But the Flaming Sword is pitched on the Earth from the outset,


A Dynamism of belligerence,hostility and bitter malignance;


And humans burn with the spirit and dynamism in waves and cycles,




Unconscious hostility between and among humans;


Bringing sacrifices of the tender spirit and image of Clay,


The spirit and image of Liberty,to the Mountain that burns with lightning thunder,fire,smoke and blackness;




A man's psyche and mind burns with the dynamism,


A dynamite,exploding in erratic waves and cycles.


He is settled among his kin;


They are closely knit together,for bond of kin and security,


For bond and security,they nestle side by side,their tents sitting close by one another.


They dwell in close proximity,they dwell for bond and security.


His psyche and his hands burn with virulence and vitriol against Earth that sets high value on the golden rule,


He burns the constitution of the spirit of the golden rules on Earth.


He breaks the image and the radiant  blood  and vitality of the human spirit and the  children It conceived,as sacrifices,at the Foot of Sinai.


He erases the abomination of the golden image from the face of the Earth at the hour of the night.


The Sickle,Secari,mark of the revolutuion of the  Sun,


The Eye in the Sky,


The Grim Reaper;


The Eagle that scours the Earth back and forth,from the Sky,picking out the prey,


The pale Horse,


The Shadow of Death that depredates the Earth.


The Sickle,the cycle,the circle,century,the revolution,millennium,


Eruptions of fire,molten lava,smoke,blackness,*******


My mind and body ablaze,my spirit  fully actuated;


A light and a luminary to penetrate the darkness beyond the Morning,


To  lay bare issues buried deep in the Night,is setting up,


And the  solitariness in  which an intellect seasoned in the bitter herb has learnt to get the best results from its habitual,quite meditations,


Gives a special quality to the GABA around the ears,mingling it  wonderfully with the oxygen and inspiration  the trees breathe out.


The serotonin bringing good feelings and equilibrium to the mood,


The acetylcholine imparting the of lightning speed and smoothening the transmission,


The dopamine controlling the voltage,driving  the motivation of an intellectual soul,selecting the finest pattern of reason,exercising the senses and the muscle of the spirit in confidence in the following the paths of reason;


A powerful anchor  is weighed into  the soul,


And a tumultuous tide of irradiation is composed and made pacific;


And the setting of eclectric blue is perfected,


Electric blue currents,the stream of salt water,in which the soul and the experience; life,cultured in bitter herbs is set,


An evening of the currents of the light of an intellect seasoned in that native atmosphere of the Earth is attained,


And now the human condition can be placed in vigorous current of irradiation that is made pacific,and turned about to yield some real  substance and meaning,


And the human spirit thirsty and emaciated for answers,given some answers of substance to digest and increase its fat for a stronger and keener light  to  shedon the human condition,


Answers to give a faithful  dimension to the  chaotic portrait,the jigsaw,


The dimension that  Chaos took out  to make the bewildering  portrait and jigsaw It presents,****************


He howls at His people with an East Wind,


He raises up a chaotic storm,


He sieves the Land  with a Dust devil of the scale of terrible hurricanes,


Bearing the choice seed to their destinations,


Carrying across the land the seed that will raise the generations that deliver the finishing stroke to the golden image;


And a trump is dropped to Liberty,


A trump card,flying up the corridors of the crown of Liberty,


Liberty,who in the cold light of day removes the light on her face,becoming Hellen,to take them in,


A ghostly trump goes out,sounding the alarm,


The first of many such trumps to come;


Wolf,Wolf, Wolf,he cries,


A trump in the free course of the Hudson,


A block of bile,


A log of cinchona into the sweet and clean waters,


And the salt of the sea that gives the children the good sense and taste of the spirit of Liberty,


A throng of hands of fine Earth,scramble to clear the heap of thrash,


The trumpery,muddling up the the salt of the sea and sweat clean waters of the Hudson


And putting the  district,the street and palace in a bad light;


The illumination of the times upset the fine Earth in their projections,


The distinctive green,the sappy green,the distinctive people watered by the dew of the Sky,


Saw the trumpcard given,


And their shoots and branches and leafage and roots and  fruits swing,wave and dance to the sound of the trump,


Bearing the sound and the trump and the camp from which the call went abroad,to the office in the head of Liberty;


The golden Image of humanity touches Heaven at the point of its pinnacle,


The golden image of humanity violently offends Heaven,*************


In her darkest hour,


Liberty watches over the waters and the cities from above,from the other side,helpless,


Failing in her piety to save  the children she conceived of her spirit and delivered,from the chaos climaxing,


The children of her spirit,the golden rule,


The psyche of the day,


The psyche of the constitution of the golden rule,watching thunderstruck,


Their psyche formed from the native tenor and spirit of fine Earth,struggling to yield reality to the drama,


The Night unravelling Its  Native colour and tone over the light of their day,


The Night unravelling Its native tone and complexion over the sky of Manhattan,


The Night unravelling Its true colour to America;


And in that moment,the world giving a glimpse of the Darkness underneath the Light,which comes to the surface  every once in while,


The unfailing cycle of Day and Night,


The eternal arrangement of Day and Night of times and experience that never fails,


The only commitment the Night will  keep fathfully,


The only agreement His Highness will respect,


He will permit to bind His Highness,is making the experience with good and evil,light and darkness,


Making the times,the seasons with hours of light and hours of darkness,



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New book is out!

Posted by EddieBJr87 Mar 31, 2017

My biggest book yet, THE POACHER, is now available for sale on createspace and Amazon. If you like action/thrillers with many diverse characters and plots that pile on and on, you will enjoy this book.

In this book, a young man defends himself from a poacher at his work. Friends of the poacher try to get revenge, causing more events to unfold.

There are a few more shorter stories in this book, as well: SHIPLEY ROAD, RECOMMENDED, THE GOLD TOOTH, ED'S IN TROUBLE.


                                                                                 - Ed Baumbarger, Jr.

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