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This is my story's story. A year ago I finished writing my play, "The Devil's Dancer: A Satire of Nothing". I had resolved to relax for awhile after I finished writing my "dramatique" piece. Last season I had begun to submit my piece to publishing companies. Now, publishing companies for dramatic pieces are not exactly the same as literature companies by reason that some are exclusively in the business to print theater scripts for theater plays. But, there are literature companies that will consider drama pieces for publication through their processes. My piece, is very long. Very, very long. If it wasn't for its interesting topics and colorful ( literally ) charms, I couldn't realisticly expect to get a publishers attention. The same pitch goes for watching the actual show, because again it's a play. Nobody's going to sit through a 5 hour show ( I'm serious ) if it was something less than a modern odyssey.

   I'm just discussing my unique troubles with publishing a play before discovering createspace's convenience. Drama publishing is just as slow, if not slower, than literature publishing. It has a smaller audience, less open door companies, and though plays are shorter to read, it doesn't cut down the waiting time of months to seasons to years. I knew my big fat play was ready to hit the stage. I've been studying theater for years, I have enough natural confidence and good honest writing to judge my own piece as stage worthy.

   I was in Denny's moping about the excrutiatingly long process of just submitting my play. My thought process went to comparing the length of time it would take just to reach readers if only I had physical copies to give away. Oh, is there a company that will print an order of scripts for you? I googled it, and at first the articles of "print your own book" lead me to I was so excited, and it was really the first time I felt that entrepreneur spirit. The rest of the month I used all my free time to meticulously self edit my book for simple errors. I was excited to get started printing and get started with spreading my book.

  When I explored createspace, as a competitor to Lulu, I was very attracted by their association with Amazon. I still think that's hands down the best part about createspace. My goals here shifted from book printing, to book publishing. The process is over. I don't need a publishing company because I know my play will sink or swim on its own merits. I'm pretty glad for this new modern service. Publishing companies do have their dignity, choosing what they produce. We've all heard of the horror stories of what books get published through this service, relying on the last straws of free speech. I feel like I've been an ideal customer, a young indie artist who's confident and good to go with his piece. Amazon has a place for me on their website, and the made-to-order production makes for a zero risk start up.

  One more thing I'd like to flatter, my interior and exterior service was 4.5 star work. The price is worth it for the professionalism, but I will state some cons I had in my experience. With the exterior, my play is completely blank and minimalistic. See "The Devil's Dancer" on Amazon, the image inserter is not functioning on any device. I payed them basically for a font change from Helvetica to Avenir, and to make sure the book meets their dimensions. With how busy I was, I willingly forked it over. I had to buy the custom service, so even though I had a simple cover, I had to pay for the designer's full timeslot. A better DIY cover maker would have been suffice, but they have it so clunky and unattractive on purpose. They want you buying a nicer cover. Unless your making a cookbook for your grandma, you're not using their cover creator.

   Their interior service for me was a different story. I was expecting a lot of "sorry, we can't touch that" technicality policy. I got it a little bit for the hard returns. I had to tell them over the phone to please ignore the hard returns and just get started. After that, I was very surprised. I have a special intro for my play, the script has an experience that also describes the character's costumes and basic personalities. Again, I thought there would be trouble. And I wouldn't blame them, plays have slightly different structures that wouldn't fit in to their typical work. There are twice as many scenes compared to an average of chapters, at least in mine. Then it's split in four parts, not including the intro. Everything was spaced beautifully. Just perfect, and the font too. Scenes, starts, exits, section spaces, and they nailed my quote page at the end! My big fat play was organized, and in a beautiful font. There was just one problem with this service. Images. Images are their golden goose for marking up. They'll define the juggling of images as difficult. I can't imagine why, they were far from professional the first time around. My images where put in boxes with some horrible shadow effect. All of them are simple signs and symbols, such as a bus symbol or male/female bathroom signs. Even my cover image was put in a horrible image box. 70 bucks per image, please.

   I still gave them a good review for everything else done on point. When it's all finished, and your dream is in your hand, you won't even be thinking about how meticulous the process was. I'm happy with my book, we'll be skipping off into the sunset. I've already begun advertising my book to friends, families, and interest groups. I'm going to start networking at Chicago expos and hopefully get my book some momentum. Thanks, createspace-amazon.


In case you don't know, my play is called, "The Devil's Dancer: A Satire of Nothing", available now on!


Au Revoir,

Mr. Bohemian

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Life isn't a option it's to a choice. Humans focus to much on what the next person is doing. Figuring out your purpose is the first step. Putting your passion over a paycheck, will open so many doors in your life. My book "Trials and Tribulations of a Hustler" will lead you in the right direction. It's important that we as people believe in something. Write down your goals and check them off one by one. Things will get greater later !!!






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If you like strong female characters who triumph against the odds, you will like this story. In this suspenseful and romantic murder mystery, Homicide Detective Yvonne Dauphin risks her life and sanity when she checks herself out of the hospital after a bipolar meltdown, determined to prove to her boss and coworkers that’s she still up to the job of capturing a serial killer who has been terrorizing New Orleans. To further complicate matters, she’s hoping to reunite with her ex-husband at the same time she’s fighting a blossoming attraction to a young detective. Which man will she choose?



Fighting Demons

by Louise Hathaway


Also Available in Paperback

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A Christmas Carol

Posted by Damiencage Apr 28, 2016



A Christmas Carol is a fine classic and deserves to be retold and I decided to share this wonderful story with you.

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In a rapidly changing world, with the onset of digitization, and the new citizenship, life has achieved a hectic pace, and human competence is challenged.  The needs of support and wellness has also taken a giant leap in its process and is adapted to the fast world syndrome.


Malini Chaudhri, is an author located in India, in a vastly spiritual community, but travelled and worked worldwide, in China and USA, to embrace the many strengths and sciences of the world With licenses and accreditation from diverse important groups as World Health Organization of China, International Society of Laser Acupuncture, ISTE, and HABIA (UK Crown), IAO, ISO, NOS,  she has adapted the needs of the next generation in its wellness call for support.


The manuals developed and taught through this author are technically designed, empowered and verified by reputed world leaders, Quality assurance boards and educational systems that list competency skills and subject specialities. At the same time the adaptation to the digital era and its fast pace as manifested on Kindle where a full spectrum of book mobility may be organized for the keen learner, is managed in its arrangement to track developments of Start Up culture, the modern generation and the integration of classroom specs.


Technical delivery, illustrations, the breakdown of components of knowledge to induce a reactive learning state and enhance awareness , these are the objectives and attainments of te manuals designed by this author.

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This is the link to my story that is under review at the moment.  Let me know what you think.  Thank you.

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[Amazon is quirky, especially the Member Dashboard, tho it be much better than dealing with plucky agents and printers]





Read all about The Melchizedek Bible at the Amazon listing for The Melchizedek Bible, Volumes 1&2.


It is the real da Vinci code of Levitical numerology codes and the associated carefully ordered chapters



Eventually we will get some better introductions allocated and promulgated.  Not yet.   The Earth is still flat.

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Hello, everyone! I just received a copy of my interview on Relevant Radio from the interviewer and producer, Michael O'Neill. All about my new book, "Miracles of the Saints," and the stigmata. It is still scheduled to air on Sunday, April 3rd, 10:00 A.M. Mountain Standard Time. If you have to miss that broadcast this Sunday, here is the pre-recording from yesterday. I come on at the 9:00 minute mark for the next 20 minutes. I hope you enjoy! The largest Catholic radio station in America! They feed tro 40 stations nationally.


Michael Freze, S.F.O.



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Hi Guys,


I'm so happy to share my new book EGG with you.



My book is published in Arabic, English and Spanish... please take a look at this:




Please take a look and I will really appreciate it if you could leave us a review on Amazon.


All the best,


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The Sacred Shroud of Turin compared with those stigmatists who bore the wounds of Christ and who exhibit the stigmata of the Passion and Crucifixion. Evidence from science and medicine. Photos of the Holy Shroud and stigmatics such as Padre Pio, Therese Neumann, Myrna Nazzour, Mary Rose Ferron, Gemma Galgani. Discussions of Anne Catherine Emmerich, Francis of Assisi, Louise Latteau, Berthe Petit, more.



This book shows how the shroud and the stigmata completely agree with each other scientifically and according to the Gospel accounts! Scientific evidence about the burial cloth of our Lord Jesus Christ.



Michael Freze, S.F.O.



My book link:*Version*=1&*entries*=0




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knowing the writer

Posted by odanamar Mar 16, 2016

Hello to all, today speak of my book, the sons of the sun, a story filled with everything a person wants to find when you read. Fiction, dystopia, fantasy, and much more, you will find in this magical story. A voice on the horizon called, and light, which seems to hidden, is challenging in the eyes of those who discover it. Only known to the writer, reading their stories, and we only managed to meet the world, when others show us your world.

Thank you.

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Loving a Married Man

Posted by Deputydoll Mar 15, 2016

My name is K. Thomas and I have written a book called, Loving a Married Man. I am not a professional writer, but I do have a story to tell. My writing style is not traditional, but I meant it to be that way. Traditional styling will only upset the the overall effect of my story. I am breaking new ground by doing it my way. I hope you check it out. It will be available April 1st, 2016 at and

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Hi All,


I hope your weekend is going well


If you like writing reviews and read good stories then please click the link below and let me know what you think. Thank you!

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Hi, everyone! Here's something I thought you might like.This book of mine has just been published: "The Cause of Canonization How Saints Become Saints!: Vatican Guidelines & Procedures (Volume 1)" Here's the book detail blurb: "Latest norms the Catholic church established for investigations related to the Cause of Beatification and Canonization. Updated procedures from Vatican II to 1983 concerning the study of the heroic virtues, the reputation of sanctity, miraculous intercessions, and the writings of these servants of God. Interviews with officials from the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints at the Vatican! This work was reviewed and approved by several authorities at the Holy See." See my profile or post to get the direct link to the book. Monsignor Robert Sarno with the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints guided me with this work and approved it after I made numerous changes. As far as I know, it's the latest major revision for the Vatican norms and procedures.



Michael Freze, S.F.O.


My Amazon book link is here:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

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Hello everyone.... hope your having a good day. If not not, please go check out the new book called "Sleepless Mishaps" . Very creative and suspenseful. It's sure to keep you wanting more. Worth the $10, let's discuss it

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