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The Children's Hour

Posted by Scianna Dec 8, 2017

This is four short stories.


The first story is about a meek and timid little mouse but with a very important plan for Mankind...


The second story is about a frog that wore clothes, if you can believe it!


The third story is about a Shepherd who just loved his sheep and all he  wanted was to get them safely home, but he would have to sacrifice all  to do so...


Last story is about an Egyptian Princess who had everything, that is but  true love.. And when she found it she would stop at nothing to keep it  too...


Check the home page here >>>>>>

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Anything but Brave

Posted by Elleseriousx Nov 21, 2017
A not-so-brave, coming-of-age first person account of a young girl and her road into crystal meth addiction.
This is the war that happened within her, followed by an epilogue of her fight for sobriety and her road to becoming brave

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Please take a look at this wonderful children's book by Jennifer Gold. Illustrated by Jessica Gadra, it's a wonderful story of friendship and self-esteem. Using the metaphor of a proud leaf at the top of an old tree, youngsters from 4 to 8 years come to understand that life is a cooperative affair.


The Amazon "Look Inside" feature gives you a good sampling of Jennifer's story and Jessica's beautiful illustrations.


Let me know what you think.






Buffalo Arts Publishing

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Please review,any and all feedback would be greatly appreiciated thnx in advance

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Book publishing date 

Posted by Em17 Nov 5, 2017

Thanks for previewing my book. I Will be finishing my book this month. I will be publishing it next month.

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Amazon Book Description:


The Roman Rite of Exorcism (Rituale Romanum). An updated, scholarly treatment of the Rite of Exorcism from a Catholic perspective. Extensive background on the history of the Rite, current rules and procedures, and traditional prayers of exorcism. Written by Michael Freze, S.F.O., Catholic scholar and world recognized expert on demonology.

Michael Freze, S.F.O., author of a 12-book series on demonology, provides an important work in the field of demonology and the study of possession and exorcism. Destined to become a classic among the Catholic books of our era.


6 5-star reviews.

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I am a slam poet with a passion for the art of writing. I put together a collection of a few of my poems from the age of 7 to 18 giving accounts of what  I experienced growing up in America and I would love to hear some reviews from you. I have a sample available on the link I provided below. I would please read a few poems and give me your honest feedback. It will be greatly apperciated and likewise send me your works and I will do the same. Thank you for your time.

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Hi.  I'm new here and just discovered the Createspace Community Forums.

It is a illustrated children book about a couple adventurous mice who want

to be junior aviators so they end up building a glider.

It's available on Createspace as well as Amazon.    

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The result of a leaking faucet causing all manner of poems to spew forth in this volume. Included are light and fanciful subjects as well as dark as death poems with the grim reaper personified. An exploration of the human experience is shared by the author.


This is my second poetry book being published.

The link below will take you to my author page

where videos are posted of oral readings.

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This collection of original poetry had its roots formed back in the late 60's when the author volunteered for service in Vietnam. The thought was to be placed onboard a ship but his orders read differently. Almost 50 years has passed and a personal POV is now expressed in this collection. The aftermath of service also created changes for the author trying to readjust. The exploration of personal expression has shown a closeness to the late Charles Bukowski in both raw honesty and rich narrarive and dialog. Come along for the ride and experience the South East Asian eighteen month journey experienced by the author and now able to share it.

The link below will take you to my author page where there is a video containing oral presentations of a few included p


oems.  With Ken Burn's new Vietnam documentary to be shown soon, this may be a timely offering from the past.  Enjoy

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Get my book "The Martian Ones: Tales of Human Folly" completely FREE today September 4, 2017. Offer ends tonight at midnight. I'd like honest feedback. This is my first book of short fiction. I've had good feedback on other works but this work no one has read because I had not made it available until now. I would like to see where I can improve. Thanks

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The Light Armour book

Posted by bileckme Aug 31, 2017

The urge to write this book came several years ago but thankfully the book was completed.


I hope and pray that you enjoy it!



The Light Armour: A Life Under His Protection


You can purchase it at


Follow us on Twitter:


Thank you for your support!

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I am not an author by profession, but I did my best to express into words the life that was meant to be lived, that I may share it with others. I hope you like it, and I pray you find the simpleandeasylife.



Life Should Be Simple and Easy: If You're Doing It Hard, You're Doing It Wrong



Conrad Aquino MD and Bryson Miller


You can purchase it at


Read my interview at


Thank you for your support!

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Good evening, every body ! At my home, it is 21h45, Paris Hour.





How are you today ? The school for soon ? Oh, it's bad, no ?



Good, if you search a anticipation novel or a postapocalyptic story like Hunger Games, the Maze Runner, or Divergents, my book is for you :



It is exaclty the same universe.

And don't forget to look for "Luke Alssama", the following volume of the saga.



And for a book of the same serie :



Have a good night and Hight five !






Bonsoir à tous ! Comment ça va ? L'école bientôt ? C'est moyen, ça, hein ?



Bon. Si tu chercher un roman d'anticipation ou une histoire post-apocalyptique, comme HG, le LAbyrinthe ou Divergente, mon livre est pour toi :



N'oublie pas de jeter un oeil au tome suivant, Luke Alssama :



Et à un volume de la même franchise :



Bon voyage à vous et tope la !




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