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Much love,


Making this short and sweet because what's good, decent, or excellent doesn't have to be said or categorized from any others, when its there. It's up to you to consider and make your own judgement within yourself upon discovery.


My name is Jermar Jerome Smith. Have been at this writing world for only a few. I'm releasing the third installment to my latest '3X' anthology series. But I first want to give all those who missed out on the last to at least preview a snippet from that version first. The story consists of three completely different tales within one, thats sure to leave all those considerable to digesting after giving it chance, a bit impressed undoubtedly. Hopefully I can gain a bit more viewers for the new. Below will house a preview of the second. While also a trailer of the third on YouTube, which is in the process to being released next week.




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Posted by Scianna Jan 24, 2018



Angeleeka – A 13 year old who lives in an orphanage near Academy Hospital in a small town up in the mountains called Amblen Falls

Amistis Star - A nurse at Academy Hospital

Moiya Moegly - A nurse at Academy Hospital

Michael - The Arch Angel

Gabriel - An Arch Angel second to Michael

Grant Castel - An Arch Angel

Raphael - Another high Arch Angel that serves the Trinity

Eflack - A criminal

Nold - Another criminal, brother of Eflack

Cory - A female cobra snake

Suzy - Another female cobra snake, Cory's sister

Daniel - A male cobra snake, brother to Cory and Suzy

Jack Frost - The little, tiny elfin man who frosts in the winter

Ardimus Wind - Jack Frost's adopted brother who can control the wind and make blizzards

Akos Macgyver - A doctor at Academy Hospital

Duncan Fraser - A doctor at Academy Hospital

Brandan Fielder - An anesthetist at Academy Hospital

Zartharyos - Villain who has to live inside a suit of armour. Amistis Star's father

Staggisus - A reign deer who has wings

Ahha - A little alien from the planet Quorlec 7

Petra - Another little alien from Quorlec 7, Ahha's brother


This is the story of a girl who lives at an orphanage and the two sisters who she befriends. They are unusual to say the least and you'll just have to pull your own conclusions based on the cast of characters because I'm not going to spoil it for you.


This is Book 4 of The Angels Of The Lord Chronicles







For this book go here to purchase >>>>>



for the rest of this series go to homepage at:

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The Children's Hour

Posted by Scianna Dec 8, 2017

This is four short stories.


The first story is about a meek and timid little mouse but with a very important plan for Mankind...


The second story is about a frog that wore clothes, if you can believe it!


The third story is about a Shepherd who just loved his sheep and all he  wanted was to get them safely home, but he would have to sacrifice all  to do so...


Last story is about an Egyptian Princess who had everything, that is but  true love.. And when she found it she would stop at nothing to keep it  too...


Check the home page here >>>>>>

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Please review,any and all feedback would be greatly appreiciated thnx in advance

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Hi.  I'm new here and just discovered the Createspace Community Forums.

It is a illustrated children book about a couple adventurous mice who want

to be junior aviators so they end up building a glider.

It's available on Createspace as well as Amazon.    

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Get my book "The Martian Ones: Tales of Human Folly" completely FREE today September 4, 2017. Offer ends tonight at midnight. I'd like honest feedback. This is my first book of short fiction. I've had good feedback on other works but this work no one has read because I had not made it available until now. I would like to see where I can improve. Thanks

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Good evening, every body ! At my home, it is 21h45, Paris Hour.





How are you today ? The school for soon ? Oh, it's bad, no ?



Good, if you search a anticipation novel or a postapocalyptic story like Hunger Games, the Maze Runner, or Divergents, my book is for you :



It is exaclty the same universe.

And don't forget to look for "Luke Alssama", the following volume of the saga.



And for a book of the same serie :



Have a good night and Hight five !






Bonsoir à tous ! Comment ça va ? L'école bientôt ? C'est moyen, ça, hein ?



Bon. Si tu chercher un roman d'anticipation ou une histoire post-apocalyptique, comme HG, le LAbyrinthe ou Divergente, mon livre est pour toi :



N'oublie pas de jeter un oeil au tome suivant, Luke Alssama :



Et à un volume de la même franchise :



Bon voyage à vous et tope la !




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Hey guys! Check it out, but please ABSOLUTLEY NO EDITING HAS TAKEN PLACE!!!


I am only about 20% through the book, but I hate to waste my time on something people wont enjoy. I love my story so far, but I want others to as well. I have a thousand stories in my head, so if nobody loves this one, I will write another!



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Posted by jaramogi77 Jul 29, 2017

Rate my preview. I welcome all sincere comments.

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Rebels (a novel)

Posted by jaramogi77 Jul 15, 2017

In the novel, REBELS, set in Kenya’s 1970s and 1980s, a widowed bride (Betty Kinda), flees from the custody of her parents, leaving her in-laws, who must give her a replacement husband before they burry her late fiancé (Mika Olongo), in an untenable situation. Reaching Kisumu City, Betty meets one Nurse Rose, an annealed widow, who empathizes with her, ‘adopts’ her, and enrolls her in a day secondary school (she is pregnant). Suddenly, tempers flare across the Nyogunde Valley, pitting Betty’s in-laws (the Ombos of Korondo Ridge) and her parents (the Kindas of Rabuor Ridge) as elders debate how the Ombos would burry and mourn their son when his widow/bride is in school tens of miles away.


Betty eventually accepts one Luka Okiya—the replacement husband her in-laws ‘post’ to her. Okiya, the Luo jater (levirate), turns out to be a perfect match with Betty; after all, he is the man whose overtures she ignored in favor of the late Olongo.


Thanks to Nurse Rose, Betty catches the metaphorical wind and flies with it, with Okiya in tow. The cultural rebels, who even ‘tie the knot’ in an unprecedented (at least on Korondo Ridge) sneak church wedding, graduate from college—Betty with a degree in law and Okiya with a degree in government—with their three sons and a daughter cheering them on! While the Okiyas sweat it out among Kenya’s urban diaspora, raising children as they climb the academic ladder and eventually become senior government officers, back home, on Korondo Ridge, several verbal wars rage on over their children’s heritage and land. Will their levirate union survive the constant tension from among their rural kin on Korondo Ridge?

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Please rate and comment on my preview to REBELS (a novel).

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New book is out!

Posted by EddieBJr87 Mar 31, 2017

My biggest book yet, THE POACHER, is now available for sale on createspace and Amazon. If you like action/thrillers with many diverse characters and plots that pile on and on, you will enjoy this book.

In this book, a young man defends himself from a poacher at his work. Friends of the poacher try to get revenge, causing more events to unfold.

There are a few more shorter stories in this book, as well: SHIPLEY ROAD, RECOMMENDED, THE GOLD TOOTH, ED'S IN TROUBLE.


                                                                                 - Ed Baumbarger, Jr.

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Big Girls don't cry

Posted by ZephaniahK Mar 29, 2017
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'Tantric Voodoo' is an exploration of the turmoil and struggle of the lead character's life as it develops from an exceptional person to being identified as the Ant-Christ. It is how he experiences his gift of Mystic Alchemism as a Chicano in a very insane world. A world where, on the one hand, people live in the luxury of wealth, and on the other, where people struggle to stay alive with no food, no shelter, no clean water. It is based on the main characters experience within the Chicano community and its counter culture. And the experience of being in the "normal" community. All this, while he tries to evolve from the damned, to the blessed. He goes from Jesus, himself, to Rattlehawk.

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