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I am an artist from Chicago.


I created the characters Robot and Puppy a few years ago and finally have turned it into something.


Robot and Puppy: The Coloring Book #1.


Robot and Puppy go on adventures in each illustration. Some are fun and cute. Others can be more intense.


Check it out. Thank you



Amaon Link
Other Free Coloring Pages


Thanks Again!!

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Posted by WorldMallBooks Jul 20, 2018

This is Book 6 of The Angels Of The Lord Chronicles


This is the story of AAyaelees Amistis Star.

Think of this like a science-fiction soap opera.

A spin-off to the wonderful hit series - THE ADVENTURES OF AMISTIS STAR, already in the production of being published. Even though they may take a while to get published and put out there. This book gives you a bit of insight to her adventurous life. Her many travels as she goes from dimension to dimension, planet to extravagant planet.


This is the last book of The Angels Of The Lord Chronicles. The books in order are:








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Anything but Brave

Posted by Elleseriousx Nov 21, 2017
A not-so-brave, coming-of-age first person account of a young girl and her road into crystal meth addiction.
This is the war that happened within her, followed by an epilogue of her fight for sobriety and her road to becoming brave

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Please review,any and all feedback would be greatly appreiciated thnx in advance

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I am a slam poet with a passion for the art of writing. I put together a collection of a few of my poems from the age of 7 to 18 giving accounts of what  I experienced growing up in America and I would love to hear some reviews from you. I have a sample available on the link I provided below. I would please read a few poems and give me your honest feedback. It will be greatly apperciated and likewise send me your works and I will do the same. Thank you for your time.

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Get my book "The Martian Ones: Tales of Human Folly" completely FREE today September 4, 2017. Offer ends tonight at midnight. I'd like honest feedback. This is my first book of short fiction. I've had good feedback on other works but this work no one has read because I had not made it available until now. I would like to see where I can improve. Thanks

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I am not an author by profession, but I did my best to express into words the life that was meant to be lived, that I may share it with others. I hope you like it, and I pray you find the simpleandeasylife.



Life Should Be Simple and Easy: If You're Doing It Hard, You're Doing It Wrong



Conrad Aquino MD and Bryson Miller


You can purchase it at


Read my interview at


Thank you for your support!

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Best new poetry books of 2016

Posted by the-poet Nov 12, 2016

One of the best new poetry books of 2016 is now out and avail. on Amazon/Kindle. This book of poems by author and poet E Lloyd Kelly is call; Waters of Silver Springs and is a collection of poems and some stories about them. Today we are going to feature one of those poems the title track no less, whish is a slight variation on the book title. The poem is entitled; Sweet waters of Silver Spring. Along with the lyrics of this piece, we also will be giving you a chance to hear The-poet reading the poem in his own voice and as an extra, here is a youtube video of the poem;

Now here is the lyrics to the poem; one of the year's best new poem for you:


Waters of Silver Spring

Sweet waters of Silver Spring


Oh what soft soothing pleasure you bring,


To my eyes, my ears, my thirsty lips,


My tongue so long to taste your flowing delight.



While skin touches your smooth cascade,


Beneath the soft shadows of night.


Your slender arms hugs the neck of Athlone way over on the left,


Whilst George Town's high hills, caresses your breast.



Yet your cool clear water bubbles and constantly, your water flows


Where do you come from they asked, and where do you hasten to go?


No one has ever answered


Nobody seems to know



Young ladies fair washes their hair


Bending beneath your crystal flow


Shadowed curtain around them drawn


Be it at nightfall, or at early dawn



Chattering women washing their load


On rocks smooth surface by the side of the road


Valiant young men awaits their turn


Sits on the culvert's edge as they discover and as they learn



Just one short leg away from hip to toe


You burst up from the ground and hurries to go


By lush green trees while bending low


They salutes and bows, in reverence show



Sumptuous, refreshing, sugary sweet


Waters of my unassuming Silver Spring


You winds your way over rocks and river Moss all live long day


Until you pour out of your glad waters


Into the anxious jaws of Rio Sambre.


By;  E Lloyd Kelly (The-poet) I thank you.


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedbacks on this

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Posted by Natasja Oct 5, 2016

Does anyone else write anthologies or collections? I've recently published one, "The Lost Collection" and am working on another consisting mostly of short-stories inspired by online writing prompts. I hope to release "The Temporarily-Misplaced Collection" by the end of the year.

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Predeterminism series is the first Science Prediction fictional books written. What is Science Prediction? Science Prediction is fictionalized literature of past or present universal events and theorized future events, however, explained with scientific theories and known scientific elements. In other words, a fictional story of any universal characteristics explained only through scientific facts or theories.

To simplify the meaning, a writer can create a story such as Harry Potter except, the author must explain how the spell works through science. So Harry cannot magically wave his wand and poof.

Instead, 'The circus fair's escaped helium causes friction mid swing through metallic particles in air as Harry's goat milk spell fills the vase. "Accio Milk!" Harry shouted.'

The story stays fictional, and the science is clearly an example. The purpose is to bring the division between nonfiction and fiction readers the what is known as, Science Prediction.

What is Science Prediction?

We are fortunate to live in a world of vast imaginations. Here in this world lives an infinite source of creative power. We can substantially envision our own destinies to manifest a creative work of artistry within vibrational, spiritual and emotional thoughts. We naturally are truly creative people, singers, poets, musicians, artists and so on. When such artists empower the compilation of great ideas over time, we come to piece together our stories which we are here on earth to demonstratively conclude and experience through one other. In today's world, these written tales can be composed of standard categories we can find in every modern bookstore.

Readers and authors alike fall into different classes or genres of literature based on categories and classification of the book. We tend to fall into these groups religiously. Until now, an authors writing dream come true in an original uncategorized philosophical style of composition which is rightfully entitled as, 'Science Prediction.

What is Science Prediction? The answer to this question is opening and uncomplicated. Science Prediction is composing literature based on the past, and present generational events that predict a future outcome determined through theorized scientific elements. When producing Science Prediction literature, the author attempts to capture their storylines by infusing them into our past and present reality, while utilizing scientific theory to implement the author's plot to create a future relative state of conscious life.

Science Prediction is correspondingly formulated by documenting past and present historical events within throughout the storylines to maintain the reader's conscious reality. By doing so, this allows the reader to develop the correlation between the events until the author's future scientific outcome transpires beyond the plot. This also keeps the reader from equating Science Prediction as fiction or other forms of known written literature genres.

The most important aspects of Science Prediction are a philosophical theory, theodicy, and mindfulness. The philosophical theory of Eternalism is the scientific basis of Science Prediction. Eternalism is the view that time resembles space and thus past, and future events are in some sense coexistent. With this explanation, the author must explain each of its laws Science governs to make a real storyline and theory. When an artist creates Science Prediction literature, he or she commits to a theorized summary of the life and universal existence based on scientific principalities towards developing plots of unforeseen future events.

In essence, Science Prediction is a breakthrough gateway to an author's ability to create a work of theoretical artistry literature, maintaining the reader's level of conscious reality beyond fairytale or folklore, inclusive with an elaborate and purposeful scientific foretelling. In other words, Science Prediction has more intellectual offerings than Science Fiction, Science non-fiction, fiction, time travel and alternative history, etc., or any other spiritual new age literature, that only allows the audience a modern and post-modern fictitious dictation.

We will be searching for several writers to draft a short story of 2,000- 2,500 words in the Science Prediction introduction book. If you would like to be considered in having your short story in the book, please contact me. We can have a in depth look into the new literature explanation and feature you as a writer in the first book. Send us your information and interest and we will contact you

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Making a Book Trailer

Posted by LouiseHathaway Jul 30, 2016

When it comes to the indie publishing world, things have never been so exciting and daunting for us writers.  These days, it's not enough to write a book, come up with a description, and go on social media to market it.  Now, many writers are making book trailers.  Luckily, I have a tech savvy husband who knows how to make anything work out whenever it comes to the computer.



We came up with this "music video" for our murder mystery "Fighting Demons: A New Orleans Mystery."  I wrote the text and we both chose the pictures to show them on.  I wanted the music to be slightly mysterious and more, important, it needed to be by a New Orleans musician.  There are so many classics from which to choose.  Ultimately, we picked Sidney Bechet's rendition of Summertime because not only is it fantastic, but it also corresponds with the mood of our story.



I've been looking at other book trailers and found one intriguing video that had each letter appear on the screen one-by-one, as if someone was typing them.   I thought that it looked slightly "film noire": perfect for a mystery by Raymond Chandler, for instance.



So, without further ado, here is our music video/ book trailer for "Fighting Demons: A New Orleans Mystery."



Our book is available for $ 2.99 at Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble,

Google Play, Smashwords and Kobo



Also available in Paperback at

Amazon and Createspace

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Our world together has never been, and never will be at peace. In the short time I have walked this earth, i’ve learned a couple of things about the people surrounding me. How some may learn differently, see things differently, look at things differently. Though, one of the most important things I have learned about the people around me is that no matter your actions, nor words, never, will everyone be happy. Some people may disagree, some may agree. It’s a simple fact of life.

I’ve had my own experience with this idea when I was much younger. When I was arriving to my 1st year of elementary school I was as naive as any child. I thought for once in my young life, I could have the chance to be a big kid. I thought so fond of the fact that I was given more responsibility, I thought I could do anything. That year of 1st grade I made friends with most of my class. Going into that year, I wasn’t too experienced with people of different religions, or color. My family had always been supportive of everything. Remembering back to those years I could at least remember before, though, I was pretty much protected from the fact that there were bad things that happened in the world all the time. I was never told to expect hate from other people because of what I believed in, or what I looked like, or who i associated with.

During this year I met who I know now as a Muslim follower, my friend Muhammad. My friend at the time, Muhammad, was always so nice to me. I have always felt bad for him because of a disability that had tormented his life, that left him paralyzed from the waist down, leaving him, even as a first grader, in a motorized wheelchair. Being in a wheelchair, he was always left as an outcast to the rest of my class, and no one ever wanted to talk or play with him. Being the open spirit that I am, I decided to pursue a friendship with him. Muhammad’s personality was very outspoken. There isn’t much to say about his personality, except that he was usually grumpy or sad, due to having restrictions over what he could and couldn’t do like the rest of the kids. One day, however, my friendship with Muhammad halted unexpectedly, when he came to school that day with some bad news. Being Muslim, his faith of his family and him that he was taught speaks that Muslim’s can have no relations with Christian followers, and that as a Muslim he was supposed to execute me. Getting this news, Muhammad also informed me that his family did not want us talking anymore after he told them about me, and that he was also supposed to shoot me on stage as I get my diploma when I graduate my senior year of highschool. Getting this news that day, I thought, scarred me for life, though now I use it as a growing point of my understanding of people’s faiths and beliefs that are rightfully given to everyone as humans. This experience had completely opened my eyes to the world around me. Looking back on his perspective now, Muhammad completely obeyed his faith, his parents, and in his, and many other people’s minds, he did a service for his gathered community. In other’s minds, he did a disservice. This concept completely helps me to understand anyone’s point of view through thier eye's. Though I may not believe what was said or what was threatened was right, we both had faith for what we were taught to believe in, and we stuck with it.









(Please leave feedback! it really helps! thank you

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Flat Lined By: Rod Portelli

Posted by ROD.GP Apr 26, 2016

Read a Breathtaking  real life true story of a jaw dropping  experience of the afterlife. When your time is up on earth you will slip out of your body with all of your senses. After you slip out of your body you will see a mind blowing after life that is real, as you are a spirit and you have a soul and you live in a body. Read Rod's Testimony of his stunning experience with death. What did Rod see, feel, sense, hear, and say? Well reading his experience with a stunning after life his breathtaking hope in God became eye opening.
Fear became Faith, faith led to hope and Victory was the result of Calling out to Jesus in the next realm. The next realm is the spirit realm. We live on when we leave our natural earthly physical body. Jesus Conquered death for us so we can live in Him when we die. Give our life to Jesus now to be confident when we do slip out of our body that we will spend all of Eternity in Heaven.

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knowing the writer

Posted by odanamar Mar 16, 2016

Hello to all, today speak of my book, the sons of the sun, a story filled with everything a person wants to find when you read. Fiction, dystopia, fantasy, and much more, you will find in this magical story. A voice on the horizon called, and light, which seems to hidden, is challenging in the eyes of those who discover it. Only known to the writer, reading their stories, and we only managed to meet the world, when others show us your world.

Thank you.

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How a Woman Expires

Posted by Yefulkay Feb 18, 2016

How A Woman Expires


(The Spinster)


Age 15: As a Girl, who do you like to marry in future?


Answer: President, Pilot, Minister


Age 20: Young adult Lady, who do you like to marry?


Answer: Bank Manager, Lawyer, Doctor


Age 30: Lady, who do you like to marry?


Answer: A wealthy rich Business man.


Age 35: Woman you are now a growing and very soon your body will get wrinkle, who do you want to marry?


Answer: Man that will take care of me.


Age 40: Woman, life begins at age 40, who do you want to marry?


Answer: Any man that come even if he doesn’t have anything.


At this point, she has passed the flowering stage and expiring slowly.  All her dreams seem to waver, and desperate for anyone who may come.


The Spinster a novel you will you always wish to read and continue reading… inspirational, a wakeup call to the youth, and ……


              That night after the party, everybody had left. Maureen watched Kofi arranged the house. Then she called him from her bedroom. When Kofi entered, she asked him to massage her as she lay on the bed in her favourite attraction – through blue blouse. Kofi felt embarrassed when he entered. He took the body ointment she’d put on the table and applied it gently on her soft body. He tries to avoid looking at her nakedness so he cast away his eyes in a different direction as he massages her. Before he could realize, she’d pulled him on top of her and forced him to sleep with her………. It seems Kofi’s dream to become the man of the house is working……he now sleeps with his madam and drives her car around. His biggest wish was to drive the white salon car she bought for her father ……… But his dream faded when Serwaa showed up from the village. Serwaa was his sweetheart in the village…….. What happened …?




Title: The Spinster






Page Count: 134


Binding Type: US Trade Paper


Trim Size: 6" x 9"


Language: English


Color: Black and White


Related Categories: Fiction / Literary




About The Author


Sheimawu Seidu Adams was born at Obuasi in the Ashanti Region, Ghana. She Obtained B.A Development Communications from the University for Development Studies (UDS- Ghana). She has passion for writing novels, short stories. She is also a playwright




Forwarded by


Maxwell Kobina Acquah (PhD) has a pen name YEFULKAY. His full name is Maxwell Kobina Acquah Yeful. He is anointed Bible teacher and author who write absorbing inspirational books.


Maxwell is well educated and trained to address major "critical issues affecting every aspect of human, social, and spiritual development" with thorough analysis. He is very talented and gifted in his presentations and in the writings. He has written couple of social, motivational and inspirational books. He is a teacher, counsellor, a consultant, motivational speaker and a mentor. He is available on many social networks.


His favourite Bible quotes are:


Matthew 6:33; John 14:6; Jeremiah 30:2; Proverbs 2:6


Email:  or




He said this about the primary author; Sheimawu Seidu Adams has a passion for writing poems, novels, and inspirational and motivational books.


As a graduate in communications, she writes in simple language for the understanding of all levels of ages.


Her works are exceptional and absorbable.


I strongly recommend her to anyone who needs a humble, respectful and God fearing person to work with.

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