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Anything but Brave

Posted by Elleseriousx Nov 21, 2017
A not-so-brave, coming-of-age first person account of a young girl and her road into crystal meth addiction.
This is the war that happened within her, followed by an epilogue of her fight for sobriety and her road to becoming brave

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I am a slam poet with a passion for the art of writing. I put together a collection of a few of my poems from the age of 7 to 18 giving accounts of what  I experienced growing up in America and I would love to hear some reviews from you. I have a sample available on the link I provided below. I would please read a few poems and give me your honest feedback. It will be greatly apperciated and likewise send me your works and I will do the same. Thank you for your time.

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Please take the time to view the link and leave a review

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What do you think?

Posted by A.S.Happiness Mar 4, 2017
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Hello everyone, here is the preview Chapter to my book The Red Frontier. It will be released soon, and I am already working on Book 2.


The Red Frontier is a new Science Fiction Fantasy series by Joseph Cruz. Traditional genres collide in a sprawling epic loaded with deep lore and a whole new universe of expanding potential. In the future, humans have populated Mars, but after a sudden mysterious event on Earth, the people on Mars are stranded on their own. When new cultures arise and factions clash, and the planet becomes both a dangerous and exciting frontier of possibilities. Raymond Redmin, a terminally ill doctor from our own time, mysteriously awakens from cryostasis on Mars, hundreds of years in the future. His arrival sparks a planet-wide conflict. Cowboys, mutant spiders, zen androids, savage cannibals riding giant rats, super-soldier armies, a charming robotic fox companion, and chivalrous knights piloting gargantuan mechanical battle suits are just a few of the genre-blurring characters awaiting Raymond on his epic journey. Welcome to the new world. This is the Red Frontier.



Coming 2017



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8  Test Theory? A Global Industry " TEST THEORY " By Tabatha DemetriaCain,Malik ?Volunteering is a test theory and a global industry!" ? Defining volunteer- A person that actually takes on a task, responsibility or project on his or her own accord without needing to be assigned ordered, or told to do so, Often of volunteers is not paid for the work at a company charitable events with or without pay and may even request or by making the initiative to do so, For example, a group can volunteer to research an issue as a response to a request. ? Global industry-a classification system for domestic and international.This book is filled with pictures and graphs and certificates Tabatha, earned through the years.And also included are pictures of our daughter whom she volunteered with throughout Jasmines' pre-k & toddler years. As well as her teen years, Jasmine was educated in the local school system in Tabathas' local community. What an excellent experience. Thanks to all teachers for allowing Tabatha to volunteer and allowed her to come and set at their beautiful schools in South Carolina and Accra and Kumasi Ghana Africa along with meeting mighty Professional Doctors Directors at the Autism From A Parent Perspective Conference in Accra Ghana at the Bester Western International Airport meeting MadamDr Marilyn Marbell-Wilson, MB,ChB.MWACP,MGCP DEVELOPMENTAL PEDIATRICIAN& MADAM SERWAH QUAYNOR FOUNDER OF AUTISM CARE AND TRAINING SCHOOL IN Kokomlemle,Accra and Madam Mrs. Tabatha Demetria Cain, Malik of Emmanuel Cain Innovations LLc &Dorcas Inc Foundation we also went to deliver the University of Ghana and Schools special editions of the Autism Childrens book "Where Does Autism Come From Wonder The Turtle Family?"By Tabatha D.Cain,Danielle Cruz Torres, Antoinette Parnell Balfour, This book tells the story of a youngster's quest to get to the root of Autism.The story is told through the viewpoint of the character Jack Turtle assisted by his sister Jill,who are both diagnosed with Autism.The purpose of the story is to capture and hold the interest of children with Autism & ADHD and other disabilities, while helping them to understand the precious jewels that they are. Keep the faith and hope alive. To their Children hospital wing in the University of Ghana for mothers and children with disabilities and special needs (Autism) etc, at the University of Ghana in Accra Africa . Habakkuk 2:3,4 3"For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay. 4"Behold, as for the proud one, His soul is not right within him; But the righteous will live by his faith.? Discussion: Volunteering is a greatest joy and job, there is no income in it but the love and charity to impact all nations and change lives is the reward of volunteering. She repeats it, the greatest job by itself, it takes heart and courage and a lot of love and passion for all types of people and cultures in this life.Test theory is a inspirational book with test theories proven. Certificates and pictures of hard work and labor of love and pictures in Africa of Tabatha and the children are enclosed as well... In Africa inspiring and impacting many with pure love especially with the children and their teachers and headmistress in Tema Ghana, Africa. Jasmine, inspired and encourage it all she told Tabatha her mother to go around the world and help children like her that has Autism and Outlet Dysfunction Constipation & special needs and Tabatha, prayed and did what Thy Lord thy God of heaven & our daughter Jasmine, requested of her.. Thanks my dearest children Jasmine and Chilton and my husband Nana Okyere Malik and my small family and large family in Africa Papa Ahmed and Madam Janet... friends and Ministry family for making this test theory a reality through the inspirational innovation book.Lord Jehovah-Jireh thank you Amen God Bless !

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Predeterminism series is the first Science Prediction fictional books written. What is Science Prediction? Science Prediction is fictionalized literature of past or present universal events and theorized future events, however, explained with scientific theories and known scientific elements. In other words, a fictional story of any universal characteristics explained only through scientific facts or theories.

To simplify the meaning, a writer can create a story such as Harry Potter except, the author must explain how the spell works through science. So Harry cannot magically wave his wand and poof.

Instead, 'The circus fair's escaped helium causes friction mid swing through metallic particles in air as Harry's goat milk spell fills the vase. "Accio Milk!" Harry shouted.'

The story stays fictional, and the science is clearly an example. The purpose is to bring the division between nonfiction and fiction readers the what is known as, Science Prediction.

What is Science Prediction?

We are fortunate to live in a world of vast imaginations. Here in this world lives an infinite source of creative power. We can substantially envision our own destinies to manifest a creative work of artistry within vibrational, spiritual and emotional thoughts. We naturally are truly creative people, singers, poets, musicians, artists and so on. When such artists empower the compilation of great ideas over time, we come to piece together our stories which we are here on earth to demonstratively conclude and experience through one other. In today's world, these written tales can be composed of standard categories we can find in every modern bookstore.

Readers and authors alike fall into different classes or genres of literature based on categories and classification of the book. We tend to fall into these groups religiously. Until now, an authors writing dream come true in an original uncategorized philosophical style of composition which is rightfully entitled as, 'Science Prediction.

What is Science Prediction? The answer to this question is opening and uncomplicated. Science Prediction is composing literature based on the past, and present generational events that predict a future outcome determined through theorized scientific elements. When producing Science Prediction literature, the author attempts to capture their storylines by infusing them into our past and present reality, while utilizing scientific theory to implement the author's plot to create a future relative state of conscious life.

Science Prediction is correspondingly formulated by documenting past and present historical events within throughout the storylines to maintain the reader's conscious reality. By doing so, this allows the reader to develop the correlation between the events until the author's future scientific outcome transpires beyond the plot. This also keeps the reader from equating Science Prediction as fiction or other forms of known written literature genres.

The most important aspects of Science Prediction are a philosophical theory, theodicy, and mindfulness. The philosophical theory of Eternalism is the scientific basis of Science Prediction. Eternalism is the view that time resembles space and thus past, and future events are in some sense coexistent. With this explanation, the author must explain each of its laws Science governs to make a real storyline and theory. When an artist creates Science Prediction literature, he or she commits to a theorized summary of the life and universal existence based on scientific principalities towards developing plots of unforeseen future events.

In essence, Science Prediction is a breakthrough gateway to an author's ability to create a work of theoretical artistry literature, maintaining the reader's level of conscious reality beyond fairytale or folklore, inclusive with an elaborate and purposeful scientific foretelling. In other words, Science Prediction has more intellectual offerings than Science Fiction, Science non-fiction, fiction, time travel and alternative history, etc., or any other spiritual new age literature, that only allows the audience a modern and post-modern fictitious dictation.

We will be searching for several writers to draft a short story of 2,000- 2,500 words in the Science Prediction introduction book. If you would like to be considered in having your short story in the book, please contact me. We can have a in depth look into the new literature explanation and feature you as a writer in the first book. Send us your information and interest and we will contact you

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Through The Eyes Of (Writing)    - Cameron Elgin -


(Prolouge) /(Disclaimer)


Many people treat life sometimes as a burden to themselves. They ask questions like, “Why am i here?” or “What is my purpose?” The burden of life itself in my mind or your own at times is like the lingering sense that you’re being watched. You can’t quite get rid of it, and it’s hard not to think about it either.

As a young teenager, my life hasn’t been much of a significance to anyone. I have my family, and my friends to observe beside me, people I just look up to even. Though, when it comes down to the truth, I must accept the fact that I can’t achieve much based on my current circumstances, and that goes for many people. Many people with a truly remarkable look on something or opinion of aren’t always given a chance to say what they want to say.

I wrote this book Through The Eyes Of as an example of everyone’s opinions in certain matters based on my own understanding and observation throughout my life. These perspectives may take on touchy topics in some people’s lives, political events, and even world understanding. I mean no disrespect to anyone. Throughout my life i’ve learned very much about people’s perspectives, whether they mean good or bad to you, I am here for you, the reader, to help shed some light to everyone, no matter what you believe in, who you are, what you do, or how you think. Please Enjoy.







(Please leave suggestions and/or if you like the idea of this! I'm very excited to start writing but I need feedback if anyone would actually read this! Thank you!)

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The portion makes the poison...

   After the discovery of the God Gene is announced, a firestorm of media frenzy erupts.  Marcus, Hemi, and Sim team up with a former Russian FSB agent to thwart a plan that will kill billions. They face the worst fiend ever, but time is running out, and they must beat him to the alchemists documents, Sim's inheritance. Alchemists of the Grebov Circle dabbled in immortality, alchemist 13 the greatest existential scientist ever known, left his notes on the Alchemy of Life. The three must get to the notes in time, to save humanity and the world.

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Please review my new release. I know it is bound to have some flaws. Any and all critiques or reviews are welcomed.




Craig C

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This is the link to my story that is under review at the moment.  Let me know what you think.  Thank you.

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Hi Guys,


I'm so happy to share my new book EGG with you.



My book is published in Arabic, English and Spanish... please take a look at this:




Please take a look and I will really appreciate it if you could leave us a review on Amazon.


All the best,


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Hi All,


I hope your weekend is going well


If you like writing reviews and read good stories then please click the link below and let me know what you think. Thank you!

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One World President Revealed



Is a book of divine revelation that exposes the information of One World President and letters to the Churches, to Pope with Reverend fathers and John Wesley Methodist Church world leaders, Warning Rapture Alert to the Church Her time of Rapture is up but the Church is not Ready.



President Barack Obama to take three steps back for **** Fire is open before him.


This great book throw light on the understanding the journey of eternity, welcome to heaven and God bless you, as we eat the word of eternal life, in Jesus name, amen. This book will reposition the world for a new face journey.


This introduction pointed out some of the great key discussions in this book, as revealed by the Lord.I decree in the name of Jesus Christ, let the gods that never created heaven and earth perish out of the land of the living and out of your life by fire; in Jesus Christ Precious name, Amen.


United state of America white house remains the seat for the one world president.


Russians remain the position of voice; speaker for the government.The president comes in position from seven lords of the Earth.Seven lords of the earth queued for the president to be scale in among them. Note: not chosen, not elected, and not voted in but scale in.


This exercise is to be done by a system called Scaling weight of heart formula.


Qualifications to assume the throne.


The Beginning of politics and the End of politics. Signs of the end.The Midnight.Beauty Pageant the Jezebel. The Two Eternities and much more information.


The World suffers a lot not because of the Violence of the bad people but because of the silence of good people – Napoleon.


Now I call on all good people to come out from their hideout, let us save our Souls and our People. Speak the truth and let them make their Choice, now is the time to naked every hidden matter for the time is up.Spread this good news.

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How a Woman Expires

Posted by Yefulkay Feb 18, 2016

How A Woman Expires


(The Spinster)


Age 15: As a Girl, who do you like to marry in future?


Answer: President, Pilot, Minister


Age 20: Young adult Lady, who do you like to marry?


Answer: Bank Manager, Lawyer, Doctor


Age 30: Lady, who do you like to marry?


Answer: A wealthy rich Business man.


Age 35: Woman you are now a growing and very soon your body will get wrinkle, who do you want to marry?


Answer: Man that will take care of me.


Age 40: Woman, life begins at age 40, who do you want to marry?


Answer: Any man that come even if he doesn’t have anything.


At this point, she has passed the flowering stage and expiring slowly.  All her dreams seem to waver, and desperate for anyone who may come.


The Spinster a novel you will you always wish to read and continue reading… inspirational, a wakeup call to the youth, and ……


              That night after the party, everybody had left. Maureen watched Kofi arranged the house. Then she called him from her bedroom. When Kofi entered, she asked him to massage her as she lay on the bed in her favourite attraction – through blue blouse. Kofi felt embarrassed when he entered. He took the body ointment she’d put on the table and applied it gently on her soft body. He tries to avoid looking at her nakedness so he cast away his eyes in a different direction as he massages her. Before he could realize, she’d pulled him on top of her and forced him to sleep with her………. It seems Kofi’s dream to become the man of the house is working……he now sleeps with his madam and drives her car around. His biggest wish was to drive the white salon car she bought for her father ……… But his dream faded when Serwaa showed up from the village. Serwaa was his sweetheart in the village…….. What happened …?




Title: The Spinster






Page Count: 134


Binding Type: US Trade Paper


Trim Size: 6" x 9"


Language: English


Color: Black and White


Related Categories: Fiction / Literary




About The Author


Sheimawu Seidu Adams was born at Obuasi in the Ashanti Region, Ghana. She Obtained B.A Development Communications from the University for Development Studies (UDS- Ghana). She has passion for writing novels, short stories. She is also a playwright




Forwarded by


Maxwell Kobina Acquah (PhD) has a pen name YEFULKAY. His full name is Maxwell Kobina Acquah Yeful. He is anointed Bible teacher and author who write absorbing inspirational books.


Maxwell is well educated and trained to address major "critical issues affecting every aspect of human, social, and spiritual development" with thorough analysis. He is very talented and gifted in his presentations and in the writings. He has written couple of social, motivational and inspirational books. He is a teacher, counsellor, a consultant, motivational speaker and a mentor. He is available on many social networks.


His favourite Bible quotes are:


Matthew 6:33; John 14:6; Jeremiah 30:2; Proverbs 2:6


Email:  or




He said this about the primary author; Sheimawu Seidu Adams has a passion for writing poems, novels, and inspirational and motivational books.


As a graduate in communications, she writes in simple language for the understanding of all levels of ages.


Her works are exceptional and absorbable.


I strongly recommend her to anyone who needs a humble, respectful and God fearing person to work with.

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