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I am an artist from Chicago.


I created the characters Robot and Puppy a few years ago and finally have turned it into something.


Robot and Puppy: The Coloring Book #1.


Robot and Puppy go on adventures in each illustration. Some are fun and cute. Others can be more intense.


Check it out. Thank you



Amaon Link
Other Free Coloring Pages


Thanks Again!!

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Illustration Services

Posted by Digitell Aug 5, 2018

My name is Christina Cartwright from DigitellDesign and I am a children's book illustrator and a book cover artist.

I have been creating illustrations for book covers, stories, posters and various other projects since 2003.

I can draw either colorful realistic or cartoon style images for your book project.

For samples of my work, please visit my online portfolio at :

Please contact me by replying to this listing, or using my contact page on my website if interested!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Posted by WorldMallBooks Jul 20, 2018

This is Book 6 of The Angels Of The Lord Chronicles


This is the story of AAyaelees Amistis Star.

Think of this like a science-fiction soap opera.

A spin-off to the wonderful hit series - THE ADVENTURES OF AMISTIS STAR, already in the production of being published. Even though they may take a while to get published and put out there. This book gives you a bit of insight to her adventurous life. Her many travels as she goes from dimension to dimension, planet to extravagant planet.


This is the last book of The Angels Of The Lord Chronicles. The books in order are:








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Getting to write a review piece in Harvard business magazine review will be a great way to improve my skills, I can't wait to submit my work this week👐

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My 4-volume series on patron saints: The Blessed Virgin Mary, Countries and Nations, Occupations and Vocations, and Special Needs and Conditions. Over 600 pages combined. Available in Ebook, paperback (CreateSpace), and audiobook formats. Peace!

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My 12-volume work on demonology. Granted the Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat by the former Bishop of the Diocese of Helena, Montana, the Most Reverend Elden F. Curtiss. Over 1,200 pages combined. All available in Ebook, paperback (CreateSpace), and audiobook formats. Peace!

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Greetings! Here is my book on the Roman Rite of Exorcism. Six 5-star reviews. Available in Ebook, paperback (CreateSpace), and audiobook formats. Peace!  Amazon Book Description:  The Roman Rite of Exorcism (Rituale Romanum). An updated, scholarly treatment of the Rite of Exorcism from a Catholic perspective. Extensive background on the history of the Rite, current rules and procedures, and traditional prayers of exorcism. Written by Michael Freze, S.F.O., Catholic scholar and world recognized expert on demonology.  Michael Freze, S.F.O., author of a 12-book series on demonology, provides an important work in the field of demonology and the study of possession and exorcism. Destined to become a classic among the Catholic books of our era.

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Anything but Brave

Posted by Elleseriousx Nov 21, 2017
A not-so-brave, coming-of-age first person account of a young girl and her road into crystal meth addiction.
This is the war that happened within her, followed by an epilogue of her fight for sobriety and her road to becoming brave

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Big Girls don't cry

Posted by ZephaniahK Mar 29, 2017
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8  Test Theory? A Global Industry " TEST THEORY " By Tabatha DemetriaCain,Malik ?Volunteering is a test theory and a global industry!" ? Defining volunteer- A person that actually takes on a task, responsibility or project on his or her own accord without needing to be assigned ordered, or told to do so, Often of volunteers is not paid for the work at a company charitable events with or without pay and may even request or by making the initiative to do so, For example, a group can volunteer to research an issue as a response to a request. ? Global industry-a classification system for domestic and international.This book is filled with pictures and graphs and certificates Tabatha, earned through the years.And also included are pictures of our daughter whom she volunteered with throughout Jasmines' pre-k & toddler years. As well as her teen years, Jasmine was educated in the local school system in Tabathas' local community. What an excellent experience. Thanks to all teachers for allowing Tabatha to volunteer and allowed her to come and set at their beautiful schools in South Carolina and Accra and Kumasi Ghana Africa along with meeting mighty Professional Doctors Directors at the Autism From A Parent Perspective Conference in Accra Ghana at the Bester Western International Airport meeting MadamDr Marilyn Marbell-Wilson, MB,ChB.MWACP,MGCP DEVELOPMENTAL PEDIATRICIAN& MADAM SERWAH QUAYNOR FOUNDER OF AUTISM CARE AND TRAINING SCHOOL IN Kokomlemle,Accra and Madam Mrs. Tabatha Demetria Cain, Malik of Emmanuel Cain Innovations LLc &Dorcas Inc Foundation we also went to deliver the University of Ghana and Schools special editions of the Autism Childrens book "Where Does Autism Come From Wonder The Turtle Family?"By Tabatha D.Cain,Danielle Cruz Torres, Antoinette Parnell Balfour, This book tells the story of a youngster's quest to get to the root of Autism.The story is told through the viewpoint of the character Jack Turtle assisted by his sister Jill,who are both diagnosed with Autism.The purpose of the story is to capture and hold the interest of children with Autism & ADHD and other disabilities, while helping them to understand the precious jewels that they are. Keep the faith and hope alive. To their Children hospital wing in the University of Ghana for mothers and children with disabilities and special needs (Autism) etc, at the University of Ghana in Accra Africa . Habakkuk 2:3,4 3"For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay. 4"Behold, as for the proud one, His soul is not right within him; But the righteous will live by his faith.? Discussion: Volunteering is a greatest joy and job, there is no income in it but the love and charity to impact all nations and change lives is the reward of volunteering. She repeats it, the greatest job by itself, it takes heart and courage and a lot of love and passion for all types of people and cultures in this life.Test theory is a inspirational book with test theories proven. Certificates and pictures of hard work and labor of love and pictures in Africa of Tabatha and the children are enclosed as well... In Africa inspiring and impacting many with pure love especially with the children and their teachers and headmistress in Tema Ghana, Africa. Jasmine, inspired and encourage it all she told Tabatha her mother to go around the world and help children like her that has Autism and Outlet Dysfunction Constipation & special needs and Tabatha, prayed and did what Thy Lord thy God of heaven & our daughter Jasmine, requested of her.. Thanks my dearest children Jasmine and Chilton and my husband Nana Okyere Malik and my small family and large family in Africa Papa Ahmed and Madam Janet... friends and Ministry family for making this test theory a reality through the inspirational innovation book.Lord Jehovah-Jireh thank you Amen God Bless !

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5"What Is Respect& Obedience Wonder Jack&Jill Turtle?" by Tabatha Demetria Malik

Learning with Jack and Jill Turtle respect and obedience is key. This childrens book tells the story of Jack &Jill Turtle's quest of learning the importance of respect and obedience in animals, nature and in their turtle lives which are impertative as well as colors and shapes educational learning. And in this book is live pictures of animals in there domains such as a tiger& lions etc.The story is told through the viewpoint of the character Jack Turtle assisted by his sister Jill Turtle,they learn that we must respect everyone and yes even nature and your environment and culture. Together they learn a lot through their family and elders in their community.The purpose of the story is to capture and hold the interest of children learning to respect and apply their obedience always in life. Rules respect and obedience with Jack&Jill Turtle

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"Where Does Bullying Come From Wonder Jack and Jill Turtle?" By: Tabatha Demetria Cain, Malik& illustrations Danielle Cruz Torres Description: Our daughter who was teased & bullied for her differences with Autism and the movement she does this (rocking back in forward in one place in motion).Where Does Bullying Come from?Only because of her tics,outburst! This book is created for every child or children who have been bullied. Jas was bullied because of her differences.This book tells the story of a youngster's quest to get to the root of Bullying.The story is told through the viewpoint of the character Jack Turtle assisted by his sister Jill Turtle,who are determined to find out where does bullying come from exactly? The purpose of the story is to encourage and promote awareness of bullying for children who are needing love and encouragement and inspiring the bullies themselves, while helping them to understand that all children are precious jewels. May this awareness inspire many and promote love for the youth with faith,love and hope!

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The Reality Show of the Twilight Zone


This newest book is a political battle against against sweet lies from Donald Trump.


Insults for special occasion against a person who detrimental to our nation!


Please read, buy, share and comment!

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Ángeles en Medio de Nosotros


Para el 1984  aproximadamente entre las 10:30 am me ocurrió algo que me dejó marcado  para toda la vida, un anciano de 80 años aproximadamente se me acercó  camino al colmado en llanos del sur en Cotto Laurel, en Ponce. Me  pregunta: ¿Están vendiendo alguna casa cerca? Yo le contesté que no, que  la mayoría eran casas de cemento y el buscaba una casa de madera. Luego  cambio a 180 grados para comenzar a decirme cosas que yo; a nadie le  había comentado, entre ellas menciono mi gusto por el cine, la radio, la  televisión que iba estudiar comunicaciones, que aunque parecería que no  voy a lograr ciertas cosas como producir cine que edifica, que no me  diera por vencido que aunque parezca imposible ciertamente lo lograrás,  me comentó. Permanecí en una pieza, sorprendido, y le pregunté: ¿Me  conoces?; y él me lanzó una sonrisa especial, honesta, como si supiera  cosas muy profundas, poseía un parecido sorprendente a mi padre  biológico pero mucho mayor que él, era algo raro pero presentía que era  un ángel diciéndome algo que con el tiempo se cumpliría.


Luego  le pregunté a mi vecina dueña de un colmado, si lo veía, si era real,  ella no entendía mi pregunta, pues en ese momento esta persona no sabía  nada del mundo espiritual. Yo había leído la Biblia con mucho  detenimiento y sabía que estos seres creados por Dios suelen tomar forma  humana para hablarles a los hombres.


Consiguelo  en 3 formatos audiolibro desde este enlace puedes escuchar un pedazo,  papel( versión fisica) y digital para celulares, tablets y computadoras

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