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Posted by Jamseekers Dec 28, 2011

"World of Symbols" blog is hosting author interviews, with book image and link, and a short excerpt if you like. Email Michelle at, with interview in the subject line. I will send you some questions. You can answer which ever ones you like, and send other info if it is relevant and not covered in the questions.  Our website is Here is the blog link if you want to visit us first: We look forward to a mutually beneficial arrangement. - Michelle


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It is a great news, bacause everybody could listen now The World of Unicellular from Oleg Seriy & MaRiCaBo in audio-format. You could do it even in the car, etc.


Simple go here


What this book is about????


It is the next book of an author of apocalyptic books. It may be said  that this book is an adapted version of “Book of Rescue from the  Doomsday 2012-2013” for the World of Unicellular. Moreover, it is a  span-new book. Are you still waiting for Armageddon? Doomsday has  already come… You needn’t waiting for it neither in 2012, nor in some  other year. People should be deleted.


Critique: It is about the connection of Anunaki and the Earth for the  first time. By the way, by this fact “The World of Unicellular” reminds  very much of scandalous books of Zecharia Sitchin, such as “The 12th  Planet” (1978), “When Time Began” (1993), “Jorneys to the Mythical Past”  (2008) in which the origin of our planet and mankind as result of  attack Anunaki from a planet of Nibiru reveals. Sales of these books  were enormous and they have caused huge interest in the people. Zecharia  Sitchin, the expert on history and culture of the Near East, ancient  languages and Sumer writing, on the basis of system researches of Sumer,  Assyrian, Babylon and Hebrew texts has come to the conclusions shaking  bases both a modern science, and religions concerning a mankind origin.  Oleg Seriy not only became on protection of the theory of Sitchin, but  also has developed it in a new radical way, having added his own vision  of the world creation. A task of Seriy, as he puts it to himself is  “that we have think of and change our life”, hence, the author is not  able to manage it without the sermon turned to grass-roots.


There are so many talks about a doomsday and attack of aliens, but  everybody thinks that aliens will capture people from space. There is no  one thinking that it can be in another way. The author was the first  expressing the ideas about those aliens are got into people!!! Also he  was the first who has developed this idea.

Oleg Seriy hasn’t laid aside the problems of economic and political  character also. George Orwell in his “1984”, John Perkins in  “Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man” tried to reach the judiciousness of  people. But it was only the iceberg top. Oleg Seriy’s work is more  deeply developed, rather than Perkins managed to do it. Oleg Seriy’  deeper and radical thoughts admire with the completeness and innovation.  This book is really stunning from the point of view of sense and the  maintenance.

The idea, that people are morons, is very courageous statement. Even  Zion wise men that have described “Akumas” (people-slaves) in their  reports, have not dare to do it. The idea about the deepest global  problem of a society (mankind moronity) is a basis for thinking about  meaning of the life. And it is necessary so few to reach the idyll, so  desired by a society. The only thing needs is to resolve this problem  (to get rid of mankind moronity). But are people capable to understand  it? This question is bringing up through the whole book of the author.




The author has mentioned ideas, which only great writers, as H.G. Wells  in his “War of the Worlds”, or Ursula K. Le Guin in her “Rocannon’s  World” have dared to mention. The Same ideas have been filmed in such  films as “2012” directed by Roland Emmerich and “Mars attacks!” directed  by Tim Burton, who has collected 2 awards and 13 nominations. It is  just surprisingly how well Oleg Seriy has managed to display all  problems exciting mankind in his book. Authors and directors even  earlier have tried to state urgent problems in their works, but Oleg  Seriy managed to collect all facts in one book and to state them from a  position of the modern world, to introduce the opinion of theory of a  mankind origin from deeper point of view.


So favourite and popular among readers book of known writers even were  filmed by successful directors: "1984" directed by Michael Radford (on  George Orwell’s novel of the same name), “War of the worlds” directed by  Stephen Spielberg (on Herbert Wells’ novel of the same name), “War of  the worlds of Herbert Wells” by Timothy Hines (as a the filmed version  of the novel of Herbert Wells “War of the worlds”).


Who is this AntiChrist?!? What are signs of a doomsday?!? What measures  will be undertaken by aliens against the fallen mankind?!? In this book  you will find answers to these and many other questions.


Good luck.


You could purchase this book at Amazon from here


Product Description

The Science Fiction, Black humour, Esoterics, Prophecies and Predictions, Philosophy

Setting:  imagination of the author, mentioning the countries of the former  Soviet Union and other European countries, as the USA, Iran, Ecuador,  Panama, Venezuela, Guatemala and others; nowadays.

The history  of mankind is not the one we imagine it. Only unicellular (human beings  with primitive thinking) think that the world was created by such  carpenter as Jesus Christ. But there is a higher caste oh human beings,  who understand the reality. They are multicellular. Only they realize  the problem of the world and real ways out. All people are morons,  because they are unicellular. With their primitive thinking they do not  understand that they are annihilating themselves. They can not  understand it, because they are too stupid. So, unicellular try to find  the guilty one. It is easier for them to create the religion and worship  gods than to find out the truth; than to understand that they are just  marionetted by politicians. It is easier for them to watch TV stupidly  without understanding that it is just a box controlled by world leaders  than to realize that Mass media is just source of world disinformation.  It is easier for them to vaccinate their children without saying  anything than thinking that their children will die because of it. It is  easier to eat everything that is on offer than to look at  non-preservative label and think that potassium sorbate (including is  the ingredients) is the poison and preservative itself. Unicellular have  no dreams, no ideas, no aim. For them the only goal is primitive needs.  Unicellular busy themselves with their problems. And only few of them  manage to think that there is a way out and there is a light at the end  of the tunnel. This way is supposed to have two steps. The first and the  main step is understanding the main problem of Unicellular, which is  moronity of mankind and uselessness of spiritual growing. The second one  is transferring the human being from the caste of unicellular to the  cast of multicellular. The last one is cleverer, more reasonable and  more understandable. Once ages ago Anunaki flew up by the great space  ship-station of Gerkolubus and populated the Earth with their own  creatures. Since then time once in some thousand years Anunaki arrive to  us to inspect the transformation. Those, who are not transformed from  unicellular into multicellular, die with usual death. Those, who managed  to transfer, become gods. And there is only one method to do it –  understanding of the MORONITY OF MANKIND & become Multicellular  beings.


he Current Length of the Work (# of words): 44,000

Market/Demographic  Focus: The target market for The World of Unicellular is adults and  young adults, which have unlimited imagination and anyone interested in  creation of the world and humanity, attacks of aliens and origin of  religions.

The Main Characters: Oleg Seriy and MaRiCaBo

Oleg  Seriy and MaRiCaBo is the one person. But there is an alternating  personality in the imagination of author. The fist side of him is called  MaRiCaBo and considers himself to be a god in the world of  Multicellular. The second side is called Oleg Seriy and considers  himself to be an earthly incarnation of god’s messenger in the world of  Unicellular. The book is the philosophizing about the origin of human  beings, world and the problem of the humanity – mankind moronity.

Critique Section

The Current Title – How catchy is it? How well does it convey the information in the manuscript?

The  World of Unicellular strikes me as a brilliant title. I see in it the  bright expression of main ideas of the authors. The title absorbed all  power of author’s thought. It opens all essence of work. The book  structure at first sight seems to be chaotic enough, confused; the  author deliberately confuses the reader. And exactly the title allows  the reader to concentrate attention to the main plan of the author.






Product Details


  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 155 KB
  • Publisher: PROJECT - EDEN, Ent.; 1 edition (March 7, 2011)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B0056IBONS



Or just read

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Posted by GanstaMarcus Feb 25, 2010
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