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What is the purpose of life, I hear myself say,


The constant ups and downs we face everyday,


Some so lucky to be burden free,


Smiling from the inside, dancing through life happily


Others not so lucky, facing hurdles along the way,


Constantly waiting, for their brighter day,


Who is it that decides our fate? And decides who will thrive?


Who is it that decides who will struggle to survive?


Some of us make it, some of us don't,


Some of us will have the strength to fight, but some of us won't,


The divide seems to be so unfair,


When some are given no option  with the burdens they must bare,


Some say "life's what you make it", but is that really true?


When things you have no control over, are thrust upon you,


Are these burdens just a test? To see how well we cope,


Designed to make us stronger, and show us we have hope,


So many different beliefs that help us make it through the day,


Many choosing religion, and to a god they pray,


Some lives so cruel, other lives so kind,


Dictating how much impact this has, on our heart and mind,


So what really is the purpose of life? It's hard to understand,


Is it all mapped out for us? Or totally unplanned?

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Hello Everyone,


I noted in the description that published works are welcome for review, prompting me to seek feedback on my self published adventure  "When Sam Set Sail." Your time is valued and appreciated in my hope to determine the appeal, if any, of an engaging story that is designed to be illustrated by the reader. The preview link has the story in its entirety, and can be found here.


For a look at the book with the drawing pages please go here....


Please let me know if I should do something else and thank you very much for your time!

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Movie in a book.

Posted by Tenny Jan 4, 2018

A group of ruthless terrorists took the president's daughter hostage in a high school in Washington, DC. What Neil Bull, the U.S President, and also a former Marine sniper, did next is unthinkable.

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Test blog

Posted by Digital-Prime Dec 20, 2017

Kids although hard to please, can be a lot easier to shop for than girls. When looking around for gift items for kids, it is essential to discover things that will hold their rate of interest. At the same time, it is a smart idea to find items that will certainly aid with their developmental abilities as they become young men. The advantage is, there are numerous items out there that will certainly serve both objectives. Below are some excellent gift ideas for children that make sure to be a success and also will additionally aid to develop those necessary basic abilities.

If you are the moms and dad of a young child, foundation is a gift item that will definitely captivate. These toys show hand-eye synchronization as well as aid a young boy establishes those essential electric motor skills. These playthings likewise aid a kid get utilized to different colors, and also provide continuous mental stimulation for them that will help create their learning process in the years to come. Foundations are terrific beginning tool to help construct a young boy's basic learning skills. You could likewise take this gift to the next level by obtaining interlocking blocks which will interest your child much more and also hold their interest.

One thing you can be particular of for certain is that boys enjoy their automobiles. Young boys like little cars to boss around and also big automobiles to ride around in. These terrific gizmos have equipments as well as guiding wheels which almost seem like the actual thing! A car is terrific gift if you wish to keep your child delighted for long periods of time. Likewise, one of the fantastic aspects of autos is that even after you've bought one for your young kid, they will certainly always enjoy having one more. When it concerns vehicles, your son will enjoy the range.

Books are additionally a terrific gift thing to give a young boy. As they're starting out, there is a lot for them to find out. With those big bright picture books, young boys are offered a possibility to find out words and to acquaint themselves with the pictures that relate to those words. A lot of those publications for young ones likewise include fantastic noises which make sure to hold that child's interest. By providing publications as playthings from early, boys will certainly be able discover how to develop reading abilities more quickly, which will only profit them for when they're ready to visit school. Another great thing to offer to children to ensure that they learn more and become more inquisitive about the world would be something special and fascinating such as a mini museum. With gifts like these, you can be sure that your children will be very pleased.

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The Children's Hour

Posted by Scianna Dec 8, 2017

This is four short stories.


The first story is about a meek and timid little mouse but with a very important plan for Mankind...


The second story is about a frog that wore clothes, if you can believe it!


The third story is about a Shepherd who just loved his sheep and all he  wanted was to get them safely home, but he would have to sacrifice all  to do so...


Last story is about an Egyptian Princess who had everything, that is but  true love.. And when she found it she would stop at nothing to keep it  too...


Check the home page here >>>>>>

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Anything but Brave

Posted by Elleseriousx Nov 21, 2017
A not-so-brave, coming-of-age first person account of a young girl and her road into crystal meth addiction.
This is the war that happened within her, followed by an epilogue of her fight for sobriety and her road to becoming brave

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Please take a look at this wonderful children's book by Jennifer Gold. Illustrated by Jessica Gadra, it's a wonderful story of friendship and self-esteem. Using the metaphor of a proud leaf at the top of an old tree, youngsters from 4 to 8 years come to understand that life is a cooperative affair.


The Amazon "Look Inside" feature gives you a good sampling of Jennifer's story and Jessica's beautiful illustrations.


Let me know what you think.






Buffalo Arts Publishing

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Please review,any and all feedback would be greatly appreiciated thnx in advance

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Book publishing date 

Posted by Em17 Nov 5, 2017

Thanks for previewing my book. I Will be finishing my book this month. I will be publishing it next month.

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