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Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
Phoenix001 Please review my photography-poetry book 208 2 8 hours ago by Rosie1960
JStarr88 Feedback on the start of a novel please 369 8 4 days ago by Maaku
Hopy Relaciones Humanas 120 1 5 days ago by Hopy
MikeFreeman My first attempt at a Title 578 12 6 days ago by Kidsontrump
Kidsontrump Anyone Want to Swap Previews or Feedback? 234 3 1 week ago by Kidsontrump
Noink Have anyone every read that powerful book titled, Silhouette of passion, By Author Roland Bell? 223 2 1 week ago by Phoenix61
soready Feedback for a new writer PLEASE! 158 1 1 week ago by walton
Kidsontrump New Non-Fiction Book About Funny Brother In Law Stories-Chapter Title Feedback Wanted 276 3 2 weeks ago by Kidsontrump
WealthCreator How is my New Book? Any feedback? 489 5 2 weeks ago by Kidsontrump
Kjunqt New title to be released need reviews (children's book) 917 8 2 weeks ago by Kidsontrump
mwonder Romance Novel "His Lawful *****" 318 3 3 weeks ago by Lorem_Ipsum
PatrickC Has anyone seen my first sci-fi novel. Would anyone care to review it? 800 12 3 weeks ago by PatrickC
SGCampbell Proudly Sharing 1st Novel: Spire of Tyanny 423 5 1 month ago by Maaku
PatrickC Facebook question 284 2 1 month ago by PatrickC
PatrickC Just published my first sci-fi novel. Would love some feedback. 336 2 1 month ago by Maaku
Acia How can I find an affordable editor for my Novel? or do I just edit it myself? 2,020 11 1 month ago by awin
Gino0429 My horror novel has been available for 5 days- no sales should i panic 420 3 1 month ago by walton
Nixato FEEDBACK PLEASE? 177 0 1 month ago by Nixato
hanzelwrites New book released and is needing reviews 244 1 1 month ago by Maaku
hdm003 A New Crime Fiction Novel - The Murderer Marched... 150 0 1 month ago by hdm003
RisingWolf1 First novel, free preview available for viewing 1,037 20 1 month ago by Lorem_Ipsum
GRAVEDIGGER1 Should I hire an editor and republish my book? 911 12 1 month ago by Phoenix61
ninablanca Stuck - Need help 877 8 1 month ago by auntie-jan
Pookajo Memoir too linear 316 5 1 month ago by Maaku
Prof_Jon Timeline Question 949 8 1 month ago by RisingWolf1
Dollyhouse How to fix Book cover; and what is the best format to upload it. 309 2 1 month ago by RisingWolf1
hanzelwrites Written Constellations - Please Review 469 6 2 months ago by Maaku
Margjoiedevie New travel/personal growth book preview 617 2 2 months ago by Margjoiedevie
kiad39 Cassandra Project - Book Series 547 6 2 months ago by Phoenix61
Elleseriousx Anything but Brave 349 1 2 months ago by Elleseriousx