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Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
beetles_bub Reader Etiquette 41 0 15 hours ago by beetles_bub
Klamb17 Working on a fall coloring book, new member 380 15 1 day ago by Klamb17
jaramogi77 Rebels (a novel): Rate and comment on Preview 140 1 3 days ago by beetles_bub
LeighWinters Apocalyptic Type Scenario Book Preview 264 1 6 days ago by Lorem_Ipsum
MovingMountains Re editing published work 268 5 1 week ago by walton
AJFlou Chapter 1 Preview 271 5 1 week ago by AJFlou
RAS1 any help 257 3 1 week ago by beetles_bub
Acia How can I find an affordable editor for my Novel? or do I just edit it myself? 798 10 1 week ago by beetles_bub
akSteve My latest coloring book "Color My Tangles" 167 2 1 week ago by akSteve
joinpositivethoughts Any advice how should i do this? 213 3 2 weeks ago by Phoenix61
MiracleChild How do I sell my book? 275 1 2 weeks ago by Phoenix61
lhilton Older literature as audiobooks? 168 1 2 weeks ago by Lighthouse24
Davyboy The Rise of Merlin. This is unlike any other 'Merlin' story ever told. I'd love to give it more exposure, but how? 112 0 2 weeks ago by Davyboy
NitroUndertaker Predeceased Ascension (book one) sample 185 0 4 weeks ago by NitroUndertaker
Writer2016 Emotionally Challenged by Lakisha Hubbard Williams 205 0 1 month ago by Writer2016
Hadio A  new book: Dahabo, the life of a Somali nomad 216 0 1 month ago by Hadio
McVik New Art Color Book 478 6 1 month ago by McVik
MBear Inside Out: Growing Up Gay 419 5 1 month ago by MBear
Chimmy Looking for honest feedback for my children's book 564 6 1 month ago by Cre8ivePursuits
Dean286 Anno Domini 1,012 9 1 month ago by Maaku
Kavya Can you preview my work ?:) 322 1 1 month ago by Phoenix61
Nussnack Why can't I contact CreateSpace by phone anymore? 509 4 1 month ago by walton
TraumaMama would love feedback please! 367 2 1 month ago by Kokee
pswinn P.S. Winn Books 356 2 1 month ago by pswinn
Dink_123 Would love to get feedback on my preview! 1,014 17 1 month ago by Maaku
CathleenBailey Poetry Preview 380 3 1 month ago by CathleenBailey
HappyDolphin Introducing "Whale of a Tale" Preview!  Thanks for looking! 306 2 1 month ago by HappyDolphin
Mia8 The More Advice, the Better 747 7 1 month ago by lipmag
SugarB Dancing With Shadows 1,050 7 1 month ago by Maxchrist
Dscott75 I was advised to include more of the story 483 10 2 months ago by Dscott75