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Pages in Your Book

Posted by jpb3 Jan 16, 2018

Hey everyone,


I just wanted to post something quick about how you publish you pages. I just published my book "Goal Setting: Your Weekly Workbook" and I had to make sure certain pages were on the left side of the open book while others were on the right side. The pages I'm talking about are for people to actually fill out themselves.


I wrote the book on a Word Document. Word does not have the same "view" as Createspace when it comes to where your pages are on the physical book. Be sure to use Createspace's view as your final revision rather than Word (if you're using Word). Createspace shows you exactly how the book will look while Word simply moves their pages shown on the "Side to Side" portion from the right page to the left.


I made the mistake in thinking the pages were being flipped in the "Side to Side" mode rather than just transitioned from right to left. This was a beginner mistake, but thank goodness I got to see it when I ordered my proof!


Good luck to you all! Especially the beginners like me learning a lot as we go.



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I'm open to any advises, thanks

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I put a lot of creativity and passion into this. Check it out and let me know what you think. “My World in Words” by Joseph Albrecht is available on, Barnes and Noble and the CreateSpace E Store! I enjoyed this project and hope you do also. Thanks.


Joseph Albrecht, NDTR

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Hi Create Space Authors and Publishers,



          It's so fascinating meeting and greetign with you all. 


I'm happy to say that my book " Stranger: A Stroy To Tell" will be out in next couple of days if not sooner!


Don't forget to check it out!! ^^^^^^^ add me on social for updates about my upcoming books


in: kiraeslick

sc: itsmebish2019

FB: kiraeslick



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Proof Evident Book Review

Posted by wanitadirago Oct 7, 2017
Proof  Evident is a newly released crime fiction novel by lawyer and  controversial psychologist, John Dicke. The story line is based around a  criminal case for Judge Avery Jackson who coldly murdered Sheriff  Hardacre during his speech to 150 city officials. The problem is, Mr.  Jackson has no memory of the event at all… Self Confidence Transformation Review
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Running header issues

Posted by Harri Aug 2, 2017

Do we have any tool to check missing running header, page breaks, unwanted space after commas, missing author name, occurance of two dots. italics bold.while comparing PDF vs Ms word

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Learning a new Language

Posted by BRWhite Jul 27, 2017

Some people take a class in Spanish, French, Italian and German and forget everything they ever learned! Why is this that these people do not ever successfully learn a language? One reason is successful language learning must go beyond the classroom and secondly they need to develop or find a learning system that works for them. One way to successfully learn a new language is to learn how others have done it and follow their examples. I have succeeded in learning new languages fluently and my method that really works is available for you to purchase and learn from in my book "Seven Steps to a new Tongue which is available at CreateSpace in Paperback and Amazon in every other format such as audio and ebook and on request at barnes and noble etc. I hope that you will succeed in learning a new language and if you read or listen to my book and follow all seven steps you will. Now this will not happen over night but, it will happen!

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My Disability will not stop me!

Posted by BRWhite Jul 20, 2017

If you are disabled and are tired of people looking down on you and stereotyping you! I've been there and that's why I wrote my book. My disability will not stop me is an encouraging story about dealing with my own disability available now in audio, ebook, and Paperback on This story my readers say is encouraging and will make you feel as part of the story. I wrote this book to encourage the disabled but it will encourage any one who takes the time to read it!

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Chiaroscuro;Shades Of Light Darkness.A Work That Will Relate With Every Human Being.

Chiaroscuro;Shades Of Light And Darkness will relate with anybody who is fascinated or troubled  by the clear and obscure about,or of  the human nature,the human condition or experience in any way;which is to say the work communicates to every human being;the human soul.

But it relates more immediately to  those  that are stimulated,gratified or nourished  inwardly by penetrating poetic works of the kind of Wordsworth,Blake,Yeats,Longfellow,Frost...

If such incisive and profound works get under your skin and grab your soul,bringing feelings of wellbeing like assurance and composure to soul,by leading you into or breaking light on the obscure about the human condition and experience that only a mind that is seasoned in the heat and fire and cold of life and experience under the sun,can bring to the light of your understanding or hone or jolt your mind with the poetic beam to awaken you to percieve or grasp truths and realities that have for a long been in the dark,or that established thinking has long held you in the dark about....

If you possess a curious spirit that is restless from endlessly wrestling with the established truth handed down  that has been continually gnawing at your soul.And you have a heart or have built up the heart in life to lay hold of truths and realities that are unpalatable or unsettling,then ''Chiaroscuro;Shades Of Light And Darkness'' is a work you must have.

The effort of a collection of fifteen long poems delivered in simple language,commonplace imagery and techniques,and a style that is down-to-Earth,explores traits and characteristic principles and patterns of reason and logic and behaviour in Nature and the human psychology to get to the real motivation force  and dynamics behind  the human experience,condition and Nature;the Genius.

The work brings the Genius of creation,working in the darkness of the light of our sensory perception and experience and the slice of the universe it communicates to us,in the light of day.

The work however is more cerebral and visceral than the traditional or popular definition of spirituality.And it does dash to pieces very popular,deep-rooted and deep-ingrained images and icons about Divinity,evil and  the human nature and the human condition and experience.It breaks the well-aquainted Mould;the light on the face,and sheds daylight on the darkness beneath the light,which is the pristine and intrinsic Mould;the iconoclastic effort bringing the obcsure about Divinity,the human condition,evil into the clear.

''Chiaroscuro;Shades Of Light And Darkness proceeds on the firm conviction that the clear illuminates the obscure;the known or experience,builds up enough intelligence to shed light on the obscure in the human experience or the unknown can be perceived from the known;the most powerful truth I ever received from Paul,in my earliest days of devoting hours of  my life everyday,to enjoying reading and studying the bible.

It had  abruptly come alive from the limp pages of the Book,and leaping out from the darkness in which it had been resting for ages,the great truth broke its radiance on my mind.And I have since seen reality and experience with a light that adds a new dimension to the human effort,condition and experience.And the illumination from that keen observation by that  brilliant  mind,Paul,gave me an eye and a vision  that  built up into a luminary with a third  dimension with which I look at the accounts in that curious,profoundly intriguing and pithy book,called the Bible.

''Chiaroscuro''takes off and runs with the theme that because the Genius of creation is made and  worked and moved from the good and evil principles,being a Genius of good,and a Genius of evil, Daemon and a Demon,a Genius formed from a split Psychology of Light and and Darknes:Gog and Magog,bringing into being the terrible divided Tongue of Fire,that declaims or declares good and evil,right and wrong,light and darkness at once,conceiving,designing and shaping a universe life and experience after this vein,life,the human psyche and the distinctive self-awareness and the experience will always be set and regulated  by the pair of dissonant tones of good and evil;light and darkness or day and night.The ''dove''and the ''raven''will  always set the tone for the universe and the experience.And the Raven coming out of the Ar(ch)k of the Genius affirms that all evil works originate from the Genius of creation.And so does the Dove coming out the same Ar(ch)k of the Genius,affirms that all good works in the universe and the human experience and psychology springs from the Genius.

So the experience will always be made of moments and hours and times and seasons of light and darkness,day and night,winters and summers,heat and cold,rain and dry,lean and plenty,These patterns will never cease as long as the Earth,humanity endures.Heaven's accord with this arrangement for the experience is faithful and eternal.

Though in the ''Night'' this accord fails,as Divinity does not discriminate between good and evil,right or wrong in the ''Night.''And all of us will agree that this bears out with our experience as humans beings and the still unfolding larger experience of humanity on Earth.

But the Genius leaves resources and  a room great enough in Nature and human psychology in which humanity may endeavour to achieve a tolerable balance,Augustan's balance,in which the evil in the social experience and in Nature may  be worked down to tolerable levels,however not  totally alienated from the good to undo the formula,germ from which the universe,life,the psyche and experience is sown.

In this work of poetry  skilfully and beautifully delivered by a seasoned heart,mind and hand that is driven by faith in fellow-feeling in human relations,readers will have great insight into  challenging historic human experience making the news  today and historical events of almost 8000 years of  human  cultivation and achievement with our greatest asset,the human intellect or genius,'the fire of Prometheus' the fruit of the 'Tree' in Eden.Readers will find a lot of vatic work in ''Chiaroscuro;Shades Of Light And Darkness'' that will blow them away.And they will have insights into minds like Cain,Lamech,Nimrod,Caligula,Hitler,Stalin,Napoleon,and Christ and Paul which set a distinction between two human psychologies:the psyche of light,the day,liberty;the tender human psyche,and the psyche of the beast,the night,the iron psyche of humanity.And this puts a lot of  human history and experience and current historic  turn of events in perspective,including  the historical 9/11;which is one main subject matters and themes in the poem ''I Look At The True Colour Of Heaven'' which I wrote around October,2016,And add a new historic events today that is curious.

He howls at His people with an East Wind,

He raises up a chaotic storm,

He sieves the Land  with a Dust devil of the scale of terrible hurricanes,

Bearing the choice seed to their destinations,

Carrying across the land the seed that will raise the generations that deliver the finishing stroke to the golden image;

And a trump is dropped to Liberty,

A trump card,flying up the corridors of the crown of Liberty,

Liberty,who in the cold light of day removes the light on her face,becoming Hellen,to take them in,

A ghostly trump goes out,sounding the alarm,

The first of many such trumps to come;

Wolf,Wolf, Wolf,he cries,

A trump in the free course of the Hudson,

A block of bile,

A log of cinchona into the sweet and clean waters,

And the salt of the sea that gives the children the good sense and taste of the spirit of Liberty,

A throng of hands of fine Earth,scramble to clear the heap of thrash,

The trumpery,muddling up the the salt of the sea and sweat clean waters of the Hudson

And putting the  district,the street and palace in a bad light;

The illumination of the times upset the fine Earth in their projections,

The distinctive green,the sappy green,the distinctive people watered by the dew of the Sky,

Saw the trumpcard given,

And their shoots and branches and leafage and roots and  fruits swing,wave and dance to the sound of the trump,

Bearing the sound and the trump and the camp from which the call went abroad,to the office in the head of Liberty;

The golden Image of humanity touches Heaven at the point of its pinnacle,

The golden image of humanity violently offends Heaven,*************

This particular poem ''I Look At The True Colour Of Heaven'' is a poem wriiten with great spiritual depth of mind that has walked through the length and breadth and height and depth of light and weighed the dimension of Light in good faith.The poem puts 9/11 in a light  that many minds competed and  have struggled come to grips with to share with Americans and the world.The  darkness of the light of Nature and the sensory perception and experience  covers the Genius of creation working behind it.The brightness of the framework of reason the sensory perception and experience makes for us confines in darkness to Heaven.

Two other poems in the work of ''Chiaroscuro;Shades Of Light And Darkness'' ''Blut Und Eisen'' and '' The Serpent Rose'' takes the reader into minds like Cain,Lamech,Caligula,Hitler,Stalin and their psyche,''the psyche of the beast'',''the night' or'' iron'' his put in proper contest and much more...

And ''On The Scales Of Rock''  one gets into the sum and substance and spirit of Christ as the poem sets him  side by side with the Deity and draws a sharp contrasts between ''Earth''  ans ''Rock''  ''the dove of the tender human soul'' and a ''Consuming Fire''in a way that will knock out any mind formed or shaped by the familiar understanding of the relationship between Christ and the Deity that has come down to us.And this poem gives a terrifying revelation of the resurrected Christ that is set to shake the foundations of Christianity.

Every one of the fifteen poems in ''Chiaroscuro;Shades Of Light Aand Darkness'' : ''Old Glory;Second Song Of Experience'' through ''The Seed'', ''Deep'''' The Day'',''The Pasture''  ''Evil In The Light Of Day''Ragna Rok''  ''Blut Und Eisen'' and ''The Serpent Rose'' ''The Light Of Heaven''and ''The Two Birds That Flew Out Of Pandora's Box''  '' Old Glory'' to'' Goodness'' is electric and hot in tempo,rhythm,language,style,subject,themes and richly colored and vivid in metaphors,masterfully prepared  and executed,and they will leave a deep impression on readers' minds.

''Chiaroscuro'' is my first work of poetry out,having been an unpublished poet for twenty five years.

And readers intrigued or stirred by the pull of such poetic works will feel its  powerful currents and gravity no sooner have they set eyes to read and their mind begins to process the poems and the lines  begin  stimulate as they interact with their psyche.Readers can get it at all Amazon or Createspace or Kindle stores.

         Find me Or at

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Hello, Everyone!

Did you want to test your story with a "live" audience?

Highland Park Elementary School  is a Talented and Gifted (TAG) school, and it consists of grade levels pre-kindergarten  through sixth grade.  Despite its TAG school status, its scores on the County's Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) are not where they should be.  We are in the middle of a Read-a-thon to encourage students to read for the fun of it while they learn about critical thinking when reading.


For May 22, 2017, I am looking for authors of Children's and Young Adult books to help me motivate my students, at Highland Park Elementary School, during our Read-A-Thon by hearing your great stories.  You can get a lot of feedback from this pro bono experience.


You can make the difference if you donate 30 minutes of your time.  Fifteen minutes would be for you to  read an excerpt of your story to my students through GoTo Meeting.  The last 15 minutes would allow students to ask you questions about your story.  If you provide pictures, I can put a poster up and advertise your reading before you tell your story on the May 22.  You can advertise your book at this event and other books you may have authored, as well.  We can discuss and plan out what you want to do.  You will be sharing the day with other authors and information professionals.


You can see how much we have accomplished in three weeks through our read-a-thon at  


If you would like to volunteer 30 minutes for a talk and answer session with my students on May 22, 2017, please fill in the form at


Thank you for any consideration.

Dr. Lorette Weldon

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