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keerthi23 Which is easier to write, fiction or nonfiction book? 57 1 1 day ago by Lorem_Ipsum
KayKay16 Do I need formatting if my illustrator has been using createspace template? 77 1 3 days ago by Seisa
KayKay16 Which type of file do I submit for the illustrations? 69 1 3 days ago by Seisa
mick1234 How do I get reviews? 82 0 6 days ago by mick1234
Rezz Editors and Formatters 225 1 2 weeks ago by Seisa
hpcare HP Printer Offline windows 10 109 0 3 weeks ago by hpcare
Alienist Is the transfer from Createspace to Kindle Direct so far a Disaster? 538 3 1 month ago by Clare
emilyvsmith Creating a DVD in new Amazon MOD 101 0 1 month ago by emilyvsmith
Avaa Technical Education 201 1 1 month ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Mrs.Hubert2013 what's going on with createspace 405 4 1 month ago by Publish3r
Linz83 Tabs, Bookmarks? Is this possible? 95 1 1 month ago by Seisa
Dave56 Editor 502 1 5 months ago by Acheknia
DarkAria Anyone know about using Quotes from Other Sources in Your Work? 81 0 1 month ago by DarkAria
vjthewriter HOW TO PUBLISH A FILM SCRIPT. 80 0 1 month ago by vjthewriter
KarenC Versioning issue 316 2 1 month ago by Seisa
keerthi23 Non fiction vs Fiction Books 188 1 1 month ago by Lorem_Ipsum
gcmmkn Is My Title Too Longgg? 174 1 1 month ago by Lighthouse24
KayKay16 Illustration Size for Childrens Book 138 2 1 month ago by Seisa
Alycat742 Interior design and formattting 193 0 1 month ago by Alycat742
jamesbond007 how many pages to upload on lined notebook 276 1 2 months ago by Seisa
Komodo Does white or cream paper cost the same? 242 2 1 month ago by Komodo
sinta.rani do I need permission to put a real people name and story on my non-fiction book? 148 0 2 months ago by sinta.rani
D_Ledger Copyright Infringement & Permissions for Nonfiction Writers 438 4 2 months ago by Auzora25
Ntsoaki I am a non US publisher, I would like to know if it is possible to use TIN from my own country. 146 0 2 months ago by Ntsoaki
MonicaPleasants There are only two things certain in life: death and taxes 151 0 2 months ago by MonicaPleasants
flashhorgo1 I Drove a Crooked Mile 1,286 23 2 months ago by flashhorgo1
vpmeksh Can I start publishing with 200 EUR in my wallet? 278 2 2 months ago by Phoenix61
hesho can i publish my book on other platforms ? 277 2 3 months ago by hesho
BDP01 Colouring book paper 356 1 3 months ago by walton
DrCC Calendar Book 319 0 3 months ago by DrCC