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Good to meet you here. Myself author of Hiring Handbook,  The aim of the book is to bridge and convert the theoritical experience into practical experience. It explains the needed basic skills to start your hiring career and helps you to be a successful recruiter.



Vijay Anand.

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Human rights books

Posted by BarclayFenton Dec 31, 2010

I'm interested in how many books that are published with createspace are about human rights.

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Hi, Createspace Community!


My name is Cody Weinmann. I am a newcomer to self publishing and a freelance composer, songwriter, poet, lyricist and author of the new book "America vs. America." This book that is currently out on Amazon captures the beauty of patriotism and pleasures of being an American, while the reality of our sinking economy, political unrest blankets our horizon with everlasting uncertainty that looms in this new decade of so-called change.Immigration,and war are discussed candidly here--preferably as an ode to bring peace and end the fighting overseas. Add to this the cry and need for people to be self-sufficient at creating and delivering value. We live in a society these days that increasingly demands us to use our creative talents, skills, abilities, and knowledge. Shall we all start doing this, may we experience a new era of personal fulfillment and economic prosperity. It is time for us to take responsibility for our own situations because government is not going to provide for us forever. Providing for ourselves (via self employment) will prove an end to unemployment and jobs we hate and maybe America will get back to its beautiful, graceful self where we can finally be at peace. It is my hope that this book will bring great joy and courage to press on with highly productive fulfilling lives.


The link to my book is below. Let me know what you think.


To find out more about "America vs. America" or other works in progress, go to




Wishing the Best in the New Year,


Cody Weinmann

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Auto-Publication Tribulation

Posted by redfrog9 Dec 28, 2010

How do you manage the marketing of your work once it's been published?  More specifically, how the **** do you get by with two young kids, their school and activities, a house which never stops throwing issues at you and now three feet of snow outside?  Ack.  I've also got a backyard hockey rink that's currently filled with with snow.  Do I start fixing that or scour the net for one more group which may hold an interest in my comic novel?

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J.P. Cunningham

Posted by jpc21 Dec 23, 2010

"SOMERSET, a novel by J.P. Cunningham is now available in trade paperback at (ISBN 1453839518)

and in Kindle version) as of December 24th.

Can be bought at




New Novel Explores the adventure of a quest for purpose.


SOMERSET  by J.P. Cunningham tells the story of an extraordinary family.


  Set initially in northeastern Arkansas, it builds upon the loss of a husband and father to suicide and the effect this has on his wife Emily and daughter Amanda.  Judge Emily Somerset has raised a family, practiced law, and has served for years as a judge.  Her daughter Amanda,  living in the shadow of her mother’s accomplishments, pursued law school, survived divorce, and established herself in a professional career on Capitol Hill.  Amanda’s older brother, Bogan, has completely lost touch with the family.  After leaving his wife and children , he is rumored to have run off to South America-- to Peru during a civil war stirred up by a revolutionary group called Sendero Luminoso.


Stunned by her husband’s suicide, Emily begins to re-examine her life and decides that she must retire, must find her son,  and must recruit her daughter to join her.  Together, striving to find Bogan, both mother and daughter begin to understand more about themselves.  Bogan becomes entangled within a more treacherous situation than he expected, meanwhile discovering the chance to do something important with his life: something he would not have had the opportunity  to do anywhere else.


“Somerset” is a story about a quest: a search for a particular person but then also a search for  purpose.  It involves a quest for redemption: with different characters struggling in their own ways  to correct what each sees as a life of misplaced priorities.


For more information  contact the author at    “Somerset”, in trade paperback,  is available for sale online at,  and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide; and is available in electronic format for Kindle users and through other channels for e-book readers.


About the Author

J.P. Cunningham, originally from a small town in Northeastern Arkansas, where his father’s family had lived since 1873, is fluent in Spanish and worked for years in the field of international sales, traveling widely throughout Latin America.  Prior to that, he worked as an aide for the United States Congress specializing in foreign affairs.  Currently, he lives in Georgia where he works writing fiction.  See the author’s website at  Follow the author at


Buy it at:

or at


# # #

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hey Everyone,


my name is Brian Stephensl. I'm an Actor/Filmmaker and have just  launched a project about abducted children from all over the world. I'll  be honest.. I'm a guy who loves action films, horror,  sci-fi..thrilelrs..etc..etc.. but this topic has really got my attention  this year and I decided to find an actor and used my own kids as the  little people in a film that I directed. It was really an experiment to  see what i could do with this.. No budget.. improvised.. my kids were 2  and 6 months at the time.. so not trained actors.. but they did a  wonderful job..


So in short.. I want to do something a little more intense and higher  quality.. Take a look at my link and if you could.. just spread the  word please..


thank you so much

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Marketing thoughts

Posted by retafsa Dec 20, 2010

Writing was the easy part. I found that book signings are really disheartening unless they are coupled with an event. Create your events by holding seminars or how to write a novel, short story, how to get your book published through Createspace etc. However O would strongly suggest that if you do that and you are doing a seminar at a coffee shop or the library or the local bar, require the host to post signs announcing the event. They will gain from hosting they should participate in the advertising. Without the advertising you will be as lonesome as you would on as book signing.

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Can't Get Started

Posted by fooble Dec 17, 2010

Hello to all.  I've uploaded my zip file, as instructed, but the songs don't show up.  In fact, I've uploaded it three times, to no avail.  I've gone through the cover art steps, too, completing all, but even that does not appear.  Is it really this hard, or am I missing something obvious?  Any help would be great.  Thanks.

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At the start of my shift at the hotel on Friday evening, I found myself gazing out of the hotel lounge window at the beautiful front doors that lined the street opposite. Those houses sold for a fortune- not that you ever saw any of them for sale. Not only was I was daydreaming about Dad’s memories but I was also fantasizing about the future, my future, in fact. I saw myself landing a plum job in a city school, and as I gazed out at the street I pictured myself walking up Great Western Road, after a day’s teaching, briefcase in hand. I’d put my key in the lock of the front door of my wonderful, granite-built, parquet-floored flat. Phil brought me to my senses. “Hey there, Ella. Wakey, wakey! You’ve got a whole troop coming in from the restaurant.” It was a particularly busy Friday evening. As well as the usual cohort of tourists, there were the well-to-do locals who could afford the restaurant’s prices each night, and a group of oil workers. Phil said that they’d been in since Monday and were due to leave in the morning. I could see that they certainly knew how to enjoy themselves. They came through to the bar from the dining room in high spirits, and breathed life into the place almost immediately.

            They asked if they could watch an ice-hockey game on the big screen, and since there was no conflict with a football fixture, I gave them the remote-control handset. (Operating it was beyond me anyway. Phil usually did that, and at that moment he was in reception ordering taxis for other guests.)

            One of the Americans stood out from the rest, and as Nan would have said, my heart ‘fair skipped a beat’ when I first laid eyes on him. I dropped an empty pint-glass, such was the effect of his good looks, and as the shards tinkled everywhere the men all cheered and clapped. The rest of their order, given to me by a colossus of a man, was made up thank goodness, of bottles of Budweiser and Rolling Rock, so disaster on the glasses front was averted.

            The man who’d had such an impact on me was as tall as Cary Grant, but better-looking. I decided he was more of a Gary Cooper because he was clad from head to foot in denim and had an easy, relaxed manner about him. One of the others helped me carry the trays of drinks over to their table. They kept me busy- money seemed to be no object as they ordered round after round of drinks. When at last it was Gary Cooper’s turn to come to the bar, I almost lost the power of speech. “Same again, please, Ella,” he said, reading my name badge. For once I was glad to be wearing the bloody thing. “Except I’ll have a rum n’Coke this time. And of course, whatever you’ll have. I’m Daniel, by the way,” he added, with a smile that lit up his face. His eyes were air-blue and they sparkled. Seconds seemed to pass before I managed to reply.

            “Thanks, I’ll try a rum and coke, thank you Daniel.” I felt myself blush a little and was glad to turn round to face the optics. When he helped me carry the drinks over, I caught the scent of his aftershave. It was gorgeous, naturally. Later as I was polishing glasses I cast the odd glance in his direction. Each look convinced me still further that he was, without doubt, the most attractive man I had ever seen, unutterably handsome. Tanned and lean, I reckoned he could have easily played the part of Steinbeck’s Slim, the prince of the ranch, a man who ‘moved with a majesty only achieved by royalty and master craftsmen’, and whose word was taken on any subject. As I glanced again he caught my eye and smiled. 

            Towards the end of my shift I was circulating, collecting glasses and cleaning out ashtrays- a lovely job- from the tables. I deposited the empties on the bar and approached the Americans’ table. Only Daniel and one other remained, the others having reached their limit and gone to their rooms. Daniel broke into a smile. “Hey there Ella, you don’t have to do that. Lemme help,” he said, charmingly.

            “Oh, I’m afraid I do have to do it, or the boss will have my guts for garters. Thank you anyway.”

            “Don’t you just love that voice?” Daniel asked his friend, and then he pretended to faint. This comic display completely won me over. I couldn’t believe my luck- he was bowled over by my ‘Englishness’. It was quite a novelty.

            Emboldened by their friendliness and their evident sense of fun, and perhaps also by the rum and coke, I asked “Which part of the United States are you from?”

            “Actually, we’re Canadian,” came the reply.

            “Oh bugger” I blurted. “I mean sorry.” I was convinced that I’d blown my attempt at a chat-up but despite my faux-pas they burst out laughing.

            “Say something else,” the other one said, “it’s sooo cute.” They were quite tickled by whatever I said. They found the words ‘awfully’ and ‘frightfully’ highly amusing- though I did explain that hardly anybody actually spoke that way.

            Phil soon came through to the bar to take over. He always worked right through the night. Daniel’s friend hauled himself up and took himself off to bed, leaving just the two of us at the table. We talked away happily and exchanged telephone numbers. He said he’d like to see me whenever he was next in the city, though he couldn’t say when that would be. The number he gave me was for his company’s office in town. I gave him ours but explained that Grandy didn’t like the ‘phone ringing too late at night.

            As I drove home that night I giggled every now and then. “Now that was a good shift,” I said aloud.

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Hi! Just released my book ...

Posted by Love2Read Dec 16, 2010

I'm happy to say that my book is now on Amazon as of December 2nd. I'm excited, nervous, anxious, so many things. Anyone want to talk about the trials and tribulations of self-publishing your first book?

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My publishing company "Brass Hinge Publishing" got a great jump start.   We released our first book on December 7, 2010.  Driftwood A Collection of Works by Violet Overmyer is in the preview gallery.  We will be looking for children's books in the coming months.  We are currently not accepting queries or manuscripts.  Our website wiill be updated to allow queries, so please check there  to know when to do so.  We believe there are many good authors out there who just need the chance to prove themselves.  Obviously we can't take on all authors but we certainly will have a legitimate company to publish quality when we find it.  Keep writing and possibly Brass Hinge will be attached to  the door of opportunity that opens for you.



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I'm new to all this blogging so please forgive any errors. I'm old but I still learn. To know what and who I am visit If you want to red any of my books they are listed and available through Amazon under titles, Cold War Warrior; The Master Cheat; Cold War Defector and The Medal. My newest is Operation Switch and is about the first long term undercover police sting taking place in the US. It happened here in Las Vegas and netted over 100 thieves, prostitutes, burglars and murderers.

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Photo Books

Posted by Jack270 Dec 14, 2010

I currently have a book, called NOW, published by Create Space, which I am perfectly happy with. It is a with text only.

I am interested in having a book of some of my photographs published. But I am curious about the quality about the paper that would be used for such a book, since photos are generally printed on paper quite different than one with text only.

Does anyone have any thoughts about how this would work, and if so how I could find a sample to look at?



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Posted by Red101st Dec 9, 2010

Well I am new to all this get together. I tend to do things myself but I am stuck. I am writing two books at the same time, my mind just jumps back and forth and it helps me but I want to stick to one book, I really like how it is going and I already have 8 chapters done. Any advice?

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Infected by Me

Posted by kollosal Dec 8, 2010

i am a fifteen year old boy race african american ijust started writing a book and it was called the Oasis Saga changed to Ovadis saga and its true name is Infected. its pretty cool if i should say so myself

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to let you know I'm here... Just found this site... thought I'd say hello... I work... I write.... I enjoy life...

That's me.

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new kid on the block.

Posted by uhaw Dec 6, 2010

I need help in converting my book to "kindle" book format. can somebody teach me how?


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Game Night

Posted by Brucifer75 Dec 6, 2010

If one individual ever let his mind wander while reading an engaging novel, if one ever felt the rush of adrenaline from a virtual high, the endorphin releasing from a third party perspective, then one could say they were imaginative or creative.  Crying actual tears while reading through the fictional lives of characters witnessing their traumatic loss, grieving with the author, rejoicing when celebration calls; these are requisites for one to be engaged by a novel or grand story.  For myself, Reader, that is Game Night.  While your fanaticism towards your particular hobby might be something that envelopes your thoughts, my drug of choice has been, and always will be, Game Night.


For some, they could read those two sacred words and feel like its NFL or Nascar night.  It could conjure thoughts of watching kids on a soccer field.  Game Night means much to many people around the world.


Game Night for this author means a night of gathering around a table, sharing an imaginative tale and interacting with the main characters of the story played by friends and associates.  There are many games in the Role-Playing Game genre, and for me, the opportunity to play has always meant that I worked my schedule around Game Night through my adult life.


While the tales around our table involve sometimes more kill counts for particular characters or how much damage someone performed in an amazing critical hit, there is always a reason for the story.  I personally believe that the majority that look at the game from a player’s perspective compare it to the (pardon the slang, please) guy porn that many of us read while growing up.


The sword and sorcery genre was always more about muscle-bound heroes with their father’s sword or their axe and hewing through their obstacles in the works like Robert Howard’s Conan series of stories or like tales that ignited our young fertile imaginations.  Places where our developing bodies could overcome our awkwardness by facing our foes directly instead of dealing with forces of puberty or inadequate parental guidance or just horrid options in limited 70’s and 80’s television (anyone remember a Very Special Episode of any television show?) and instead we were given stories where heroes rescued the damsel in distress, caused their foes to quake in their boots, and often had magic-using friends who were capable of rendering insurmountable foes and obstacles as mere footnotes in memoirs in their journals that were scribed in their later years.


Game Night is the attempt for those of us to strike back at bad service in restaurants, slow traffic on the way to and from work, and frustrations caused by vocations.  Game Night is our drug of choice, our escape.


Often my friends in their thirties will talk to me about the game during the other six days of the week, causing me to switch gears from a normal tax paying citizen to a modifier and simple-math geek wondering if sacred bonuses can stack with divine bonuses.  These people that participate in Game Night around the globe understand the fun and passion that can come from this.  They comprehend what it is to find a hobby that is shared by other passionate people and to find the opportunity to brag about exploits during those ‘off-times’ while ‘on-duty’ as a normal everyday person is code for the secret society of geeks used world wide.  Game Night happens at tables with pen-and-paper games, on-line with click-fests and graphically intense chatrooms.  Game Night is that moment where you can feel yourself shedding your skin and donning the armor of another personality.


The way I write my stories, my fiction, is chronologically, almost with no preparation.  I fall in love with a character concept or an idea of how I want someone to exist and let them craft their own way through the world.


Shift:  Election Weekend was different for me as the world around the main characters continued to chug along at its own pace, events developing while the main players dealt with issues in front of their faces.  Some might say that the entire book was about ill-prepared individuals reacting poorly instead of properly responding to the events to give themselves a leg up.


By the end of the novel, I did intend for the main characters to slump over and fall asleep, unable to function further.  That did not happen.  Those that know me will recognize the characters immediately, but know that these individuals are automations for my use, they are existing on paper through sheer coincidence and if there is anyone who knows someone in my life that operates ‘like’ a character in the book, please, shush it, will you?


It is my Game Night.  When I’m alone, I’m still thinking about what is going on at the table.  Hopefully, when you’re alone, should you be reading the


things that I’ve described here, you can hear me say thank you for allowing me to share those nights.

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My name is Julia Hanna and I writing a romance novel that is set in Hawaii, but I am not giving out too many details at the moment.  However, what I will tell you write now is I am both a writer and an artist, and you can see more of my art and writing at: and

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Hi There...

Posted by LaMysticalLady Dec 2, 2010

Hi Everyone, I am here and I am ready to rock.   Please take a look at my new book as soon as it appear.  There will be more to come ...

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