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Hello everyone,


I am Sara, another newbie in the writer's community.


My first book, my baby, is almost ready. I am still struglling with the cover and how to set up my website (any advice about what to do after byuing the domain name to set up the website is very much welcome and desperatly needed by the way.)

My book is fiction but everyone has a friend who is addicted to their phone (the friend could be you) so I did not have to invent much. I just added a little bif of romance to keep the characters interesting, but it is a satire about how addicted we all are to phones, texting, Blackberry messenger, Whatsapp, Facebook and I am sure there is more apps I do not know about it. I am guilty 150% of everything I criticize, but I am getting better

How long do you think you can live without your phone?



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hello everyone,


I am Sara. I thought finishing my very first book, especially finding a good ending would be the hardest part, but oh well, I was very wrong. The end came so easily ( might not be a good ending, but I like it) however the cover is driving me crazy. I thought my concept was simple enough and even though the graphic designer I am working with is very patient, this process is a nightmare.


I am not exagerrating. I am literaly loosing sleep over this. I had an initial cover, which consists of a phone and was very happy with it ... until my best friend and I had another idea. I canvased an entire mall, searching for an answer. I did not care which one people picked, I just wanted one of the covers to stand out so I could make a decision. The result was 50/50.

Then I thought about another concept and canvased again. Surprise: still 50/50!

Now when I had finally made up about my mind, I get a professional opinion saying that my initial cover is the best choice!

Back to square 1


I am still struggling with the cover. Anyone going through the same dilemna? Any advice to get me out of this never-ending headache?


I am really hoping to publish my book by the end of the month!!!


Thanks everyone

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Greetings to all fellow CreateSpace citizens. I'm the author of 'Painful Secrets' (my memoir) which I used to give away after presentations on bullying at schools nationwide. I have taken some time off from that and now focus on my 13 yr-old daughter (who is the youngest person in America ever to be awarded the 'Medal of Valor') - she will be undergiong brain surgery soon. Recently an indy publisher offered to publish the book - when I said no thanks, he said I should at least put it on CreateSpace so others could enjoy and benefit from it.


I'm living proof of several things; 1) that anyone can overcome obstacles in their lives regardless of how bad things seem. 2) it's possible to be a motivational speaker even if you're not exactly crazy about public speaking (gotta let the passion flow through you and the magic will happen!) 3) everyone has a story inside of them, but not everyone can tell it or write a book about it.


Thanks for reading this! Hope to see you all in the bookstores soon :-)


Tim Hutchinson

stop the bullying PERIOD net

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Greetings fellow writers.

Posted by rubik101 Feb 17, 2012


My name is Robin, I'm new here. I'm waiting for my proof copy to arrive and then hopefully I can begin selling a book or two. My book is aimed at the adult/erotic market. Does anyone else have much experience with this genre? Any comments would be welcome.

Good luck to all of us!

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My Second Book Coming Soon!

Posted by Eenvincible Feb 12, 2012

After publishing my first memoir, it took a while before I thought about committing to writing more books. I was just fixed to non-fiction and thinking of fiction was a little tricky. I have been inspired by someone on Createspace, I just feel like I can actually write and publish great work. I am really happy about what is going on on Amazon and I think am fired up to write more and share more with my readers.

If you have not ready a preview or an excerpt on Amazon, please do it here:

You can also read a preview on Createspace here:


If you have a preview you would like me to read and review, please post it below this blog post.


Thank you and stay informed..

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hello world

Posted by Mr.Ray Feb 12, 2012

I have been writting since i can remember. Short stories mostily. Some longer than others. My job is not a difficult one so i have lots of free mental time to think and process plot and character. My question to all of you is how do you cross over from being a just a dabbler to paid professional

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Just getting aquainted to this

Posted by Ezel Feb 12, 2012

   Hello Everyone. Please be patient with me, this is a new site for what I'm interested in "Fantasy" writing. I sure would like to meet ppl that are working on short stories all the way up to the heavyweight novel of this Gen're. I'm @ the moment pulling my old manuscript out to address the inconsistencies in it, which means a lot of rewrites. So If anyone that wants to chat with a conan Hyborian age fan let me know. E mail is ****** Thanks 4 your time





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Gnome 77

Posted by Gnome77 Feb 9, 2012

Who is 'Charles Gus David Faught'...?


Want to find out?


Just go to Create Space or to Amazon and ask for " My Grandfather's Notebook in His Own Handwriting."  I assure you it is quite legible.


If you like what you see, buy it and find out about an extraordinary man who lived in Arizona in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Buy it.


I Thank you for your time and curiosity.

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Hello Community

Posted by Alles Feb 4, 2012

Hello, I'm a new writer here, fiction mostly, may need IT advice from time to time. I'm glad to be a part of this community now. Author  Alles Vorloren;

Books Antilles, Sensually Gone. Antilles currently on

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My entry in the contest, POINTS OF VIEW, has just been added. Now to wait and see what happens...! Meanwhile... how about a look at my website...?

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