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Hello from newcomer

Posted by TeaTea Mar 31, 2012

Hi everybody! I am so new to writing. I just started writing poetry three weeks ago, and cant stop. I was always painting, and could not rhyme at all until now. Some things are for kids, some is serious. I started writing kids stories too, and something else, that is more like bits a pieces of a movie script. I just need to see if I just went crazy, or there is something there that makes sense. As I said, I can't really help it, but if someone can tell me I went nuts, maybe I will stop. I have a background in literature but never thouht of myself as a writer. Can someone help me out? I live in Florida now and was wondering if anyone knows of some writers clubs I can join. Thank you all!


As far as the preview of my children's poems, the links are:

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Hello my name is RJ Goldwire and I finally finish writing my book after 15 years of compiling my thought and committing them to paper.  The concept of the book is to share my experience,knowledge and information. some concept written are to enlighten , motivate cause action,change or hope... some concept are insight to living life daily, to see know and understand problems,answer and consequences. Other concepts are aim at one or many. some concept are about change,responsibility,drugs drug usage, life living and how to live. to touch you and your mind,your daily activity. most concept are written for the betterment of self,,family household and community.This book was written to serve as reference to or for many things. This book was written from a composition of book knowledge and wisdom. i hope it can bring the reader knowledge motivation, change and wisdom.  To order  a copy of my book my email address is ******  i have a web site that is being set up to take paypal payments and orders. i can be reached at ****** for phone orders  My books are $15.00 thank you




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Posted by elan Mar 29, 2012

Hi folks,

I am a newbie. You know what, it feels wonderful getting ready to publish my first ever ebook. I v written and written and shelved them all. So there is a time for everything and the time is now. I will be submitting it today, so today is a wonderful day and I am glad to share it with you all. wait to read a wonderful read "In Pursuit of self"!!!

Best wishes

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I just completed my 2nd children's book and trying to navigate around createspace. I just uploaded  a few pages on the preview. I hope you have a chance to look at it and feel free to tell me anything.

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hello every one, I'm new here. Soon I'm going to have a preview of my book, for those interested in reading Castilian/Spanish 

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An Introduction

Posted by missjonez Mar 17, 2012

   I am D. Wright also known as Gemini Jonez.  I have been an elementary school teacher for the last 10 years. Writing poetry and short stories are hobbies that I developed in elementary school myself. One of my dreams has always been to be an author of a few books -- mainly poetry. While in Undergrad, I traveled to many poetry clubs and began to "slam" my poetry. I absolutely loved it! I won a few poetry contests on line as well. My mother always told me that if  I could find a career in which I enjoyed doing what I did so much that it did not feel like work, I would be happy for the rest of my life. Well,I have become completely determined to do that.

  With technology and time management, it should be just a tad bit easier to publish. However, I am aware that no dreams come without challenges. The beauty of that is, those challenges are possible to overcome. Being resourceful, researching and debating can be time consuming and exhausting yet once dreams are manifested in reality, it all becomes worth it! I am grateful for a supportive family and an ambitious heart as I embark on doing what I have always wanted to do.

  Many of the blogs and previews I have read on here inspire me. I have over 200 poems in my personal archive. I look forward to sharing, entertaining and inspiring others with my stories, laced with intellect, spirit and wisdom. Cheers to all of you. We are not in competition with one another, we are a community of artists, helping one another to make our visions tangible.

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I don't know how this community exactly works, but I'd like to meet some other authors and get feedback on my preview.


For starters, my name is Julia, and I'm thirteen. The novel I'm publishing right now is my first, and I wrote it for NaNoWriMo. I wrote my novel, Night & Day, in verse. However, I like to call it "prosetry" because it's written like prose but in a poetic format. I'm going to put it on Amazon, but I'd like a bit of feedback first. I just put up a "preview" and the link is


I'd really like to:

-Understand how this community works

-Get feedback on my preview

-Get some questions answered.


I have a ton of questions, and the one I'm focusing on right now is on Expanded Distribution. I read the little page on it, and what it can do, but I don't really understand. It would be open for more people to buy my novel, but they wouldn't actually do that until asked by a costumer? Will that mean that CreateSpace would promote my book more so buyers would find it more easily? Or is it just that people COULD buy it if they heard about it? I'm confused...


Thanks a ton!!!

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Posted by Jermanicus Mar 4, 2012

    I learn this in school back when teahers had said on teaching us the Constitution and the governmwnt; that to order to change the federal government. Is that you have to go to the local government. like the City councelers , then mayir. After the mayor then the State Reps and senate then the Govenor. then the National level Senate and House.  that of...  To those whom are a legal citizens of America. On "YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE"is the representing the Declaration of Independance, (It declaration of your Independance so that means that you are not a slave but a means to the end) in other words... You are someone. "Your Social Security  is the representafjkn of  the  Constitution, (It is the government regulate the Taxes that either you are disable getting a disabiltiy check (If it is lagitament disability) or if upon those who are retired from working that you've been paying in before became avalable unto you when retiring). The voter Idenfication card that you caring around, is represents the Bill of Rights, (It is your right to voice out and vote.) Don't you think so?       1. Shall all of the braches of the government should  have a salary cap of no more than $75,000.00 USD in a year. As for the Congress, Senators, and the Judges; when upon retirement it would be having no more than $65,000a year. The President would pay out his or her retirement of $75,000; $20,000 of it, is for his or her own security. The money that would be saved from salary cut. would got to pay off the debt. in so doing the 2nd and 3rd would be implicated in vote. If I am not mistaken that of #1 Doesn't it say it in the Constitution that the government salary has to be equally and the same as to that of the U.S. Military personal who goes out and fight in a "let alone" a multi wars? If so go see that some of salary of the Senators and others whom of other parts of government and anyone who holds any level judges set are getting $100,000.00 or more. Well I am in support of term limits of 2 terms for House and Senate. The President has term limits. Don't you think that it is really possible that these people whom been there for how long, and some did what? Like those whom have  served as long as Ted Kennedy, or others who were elected into office more than twice. Wouldn't they themselves become more corupted when they do more than 2 terms, or be more corruptive to others when they by being elected into office more than 3 or more times? Even if they have their childish game by scaring the elderly and the children; or even use the "It's all about the children..." when they can't get their way?Do I really need to go on.     How is that an non-union taxpayer have to pay for their own health care & retirement plus the health care and retirements of the union teachers? Over in Wisconsin union workers don't understand that their fellow Americans don't agree to pay any more of their health and retirements, also the union workers don't understanding their not fighting government... Don't the know that they are fighting against the taxpayers? Like a close freind whom  said that of "Apparently not. The are portraying their struggle as one against a totalitarian regime...except that 'regime' is patiently waiting for them to openly vote on a bill that WILL pass. That's why the Democratic legislatures fled the State because according to their own constitution the Governor can force them to go to work. So in essence the Democrats of Wisconsin are refusing to go to work while demanding the tax-payers keep paying them."   This also do include the other typse of union that is within the United States of America. I've used the Union workers over in Wisconsin as an example of all Union.       2. Shall all of the social security that all "legal citizens who does not hold a political office and or judge's seat" as well as with the military personal would be like the civilians of whom does not have a political office or judges seat. their social security  will merge with their 4O1k, while the judges and the political leaders on all of the levels there of will not be allowed to have that right. (Of course the Political leaders and the Judges wouldn't get a retirement if they were elected into those seats. Some states the citizens who elect some some judges to the Judges seat. They have to representing us into the world . They can throw us into war or keep us in peace.) This automatically kick in when it gets set up and running. The states can and will have the right to bring down the state level.the State and Federal can enforce it. The Federal guideline of 20 - 25%.Thus will make the people more secured in their retirement when they are being in more control of their own retirement and their social security.Yeah really think it can work? Yeah really now if the people can do this on their own? Of course the money that the Political figures and the Judges pays in on the Social security will go to the general fun of the Social Security. In the mean time that the "All  types of the UNION WORKERS" would start having to pay more into their 4O1k's and Social Security instead of relying on the "GOVERNMENT" nor the "TAX PAYERS" to pay for their Retirment or Social Security. So the answer is **** yeah the people can manage their own retirement.         Now if the people who says what know about the plan for the Social Security merges with  the 4O1k's is for also for the "Illegal Aliens" Or some people woyld call it... Or something {Undocumented workers)? Ah.... (Uhhhh.... OKAY I'll have another does of Vitamin stupid *** moment"  How about that if the Illegal Aliens are found working here in America. the money will not merge with their 4O1k's because"They are still illegal so they can't get it... It's only for the "PEOPLE WHO ARE A LEGAL CITIZENS..." Can anyone get anyone else to get you to really understand that it is what the people had said? It"s never been about racism... The history plainly see that the "PROGRESSIVES AND OTHERS" whom are trying to throw mess load of COW POOP to decive you lonng enough so they can wreck the economy bad enough to distroy this Republic from the inside out so they can blame the free market and the rich. That means also if the companies that hired the (Undocumented workers) to be working along side the people who are legal. will be fined twice the amount of what ever the amount that was in the account for the (Un-documented worker) had paid in, and the people who are legal citizens will get the same amount more into their Social Security/4o1k'' hiring the illegal aliens. Now if they do cut a deal that the social security they pay in will go to the "General fund" side of the social security. If they want  that of the Social Security and a 4O1k for them, they need to become "A Legal Citizen" Once they get legal citizens and still woring for the same company can't get the mney that they already had paid in (If they agree to pay in for the general fund side. cause they would already got one set up, providing that in the respective state in which they are working in. "State Regulated." As for the Federal, the Federal government can only "police the states" when the state is doing wrong, and back the states when the states needs to be promoted be the federal government. Of course that this wouldn't happen because the people don't want any loop holes.       3. Shall the Income tax, and sales tax on food will be completly do away with it, and to be never implicated again. Keep the taxes on furnature and clothing with the luxury tax will not go up for any reason. The government will see the revenue of the taxes met. When the government have enough money they can prove to the people that they have enough humility and honor with in them to fixed their coruptive policies that were draining the State and or the National Treasury as well that  of getting the people into debt. While running up a debt in the State and Federal debt.  If they can do of what Mr President Obama did say that of pay as you go. If the people is smart enough that they would be paying on their own debt(s) off threw the abolishment of the Income tax and the sales taxs on food. To order to help the economics. NO TAXES on food. I ought to know cause I use to work at a local grocery stores for a total of 31/2 years. Seen little old ladies buying cat food and or dog food just to be eating it when they got home. homeless person also were going up there just to be  getting bottle of Mouth wash that had alcohol in it. This will provide the people whom has a debt or behind on their morgages, credit card debt, loan(s) of any kind. Now when or if the taxes on food be no more, and the Income tax taken off. Now the people would be able to have more buying power on food and that means that they will be able to be getting out of the housing and other types of crisis will subside. Shall all spending that is going towards studies, grants, and  programs that are paying from teaching prostitutes in from other country to one's own country on how to drinks alcoholic beverage to perticularly set of people on any base will be no more and the money deverted to the state and or the national debt?     Only appealing most of the Obama Care. If you really think that of "Pre-existing conditions" . Only if you have the Health insurances take pre-existing conditions. It will have more profitable for them as well as having more and more people can be more well. Don't the people of the Republic of America let alone if the flipping political figures can figure it out  before it is too freaking late?     When the people get their head out of their ***** and starting thinking with a clear logic that they really don't need to be getting "Hand outs and depend on the government" for anything but what is in the Declaration of Independance, Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the Nation, and as well respecting the States and their state Constitution as a whole; but instead they need to start getting themselves out of debts like that of  loans of any sorts, and as well as their morgages. The crissis would be lifted off one by one and the taxes on the Furnature and Clothing would be able to support of government without a problem. can't any really think of this? Better yet that if they "QUIT OVER SPENDING BY maxing OUT THEIR CREDIT CARDS, As well TAKING OUT LOANS AND NEVER PAYING THEM BACK. WHILE WANTING THE GOVENRMENT TO PAY FOR IT LET ALONE THE REST OF THE CITIZENS IS PAYING FOR IT?" **** I AM GETTINGTIRED OF THE STUPID LITTLE MOMENTS LIKE THIS!!! Don't thin so?  **** why do these things shows up when the government or when the people of this country acting like a bunch of Educated Idiots? When the Ppeople say that they are smart, then why is it that they allowed themselves get into debt and Buracrates gets bad ideas and becomes easily tricked into getting into something that is wrong, then when the were caught in the act. they denie the whole thing. While the Progressive uses smoke and mirrors to fool the masses and use propaganda to cover-up their agenda. While the Liberals throws away the money from the taxes on wasteful spending and making duplications (or more) of agencies that does the same thing. On useless spending like letting the Federal and State government get into debt,cause the people have the right to get everything that they wanted.The Progressives, Burscrats, and the Liberals had manipulated the people to believe in this thing called "LIVING OUTSIDE OF THEIR MEANS" BUT ITS REALLY CALLED "OVERSPENDING..." These people whom I meantioned that of Buracrats, Progressive and the Liberals had in reality manipulated the people threw their freedoms and willingness to achieve everything at all cost. Didn't we as Americans forgetten that of one of the "Greatest General" that ever lived had said something along on the lines of. (Of course he is our 1st (Consitutional President) taking out new loans to pay for the old ones is not good? Or do I have to write alot of words to trule discribe to you all that we as Americans needs to know and do for" Doing the right thing." start going again?     Like when I said to you that on the Social Security with the 4o1k it will get rid of the fraud and the burocracy that crept into the system, The company can't take no money out of that person's account for any reason. and the person who paid in to the social security can't touch it until the age of retirement of 65; if you are a white collar. That of the blue collar. the age of retirement should be 75.     Now when the "PEOPLE" pay off their credit cards & loans of sorts off. the rules and regulations that of credit card. If you make $30,000.00 USD or lower  pluse you have to have $30,000.00 in the bank acount. Well "YOU" can't have a car nor a house payment when your trying to live outside of your means, this is how these companies trick you into being their ***** *** slave, of where they will beable to get your money that you've worked for... If you have a car or and or just a house payment pay it off first before you get a credit card. It is logical. Same with the other types of loans. It will be the same as to the Credit Cards. .

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A new book coming soon

Posted by Abi-pn-arkk Mar 4, 2012

new book.jpg

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Hello everybody!

Posted by rinademoir Mar 3, 2012





I am new to this forum and actually I was searching for something else but I found this site and it looks quite interesting to me. I am looking forward to participate actively into this forum and hope that everyone will enjoy my stay here.








chair table hire | event hire

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Hello, Thank You & Goodbye.

Posted by Ercolano Mar 3, 2012

S P Mount is originally from Scotland, but with an erstwhile career in worldwide tourism, has lived in many countries and currently resides in Canada.


Having studied the art of writing in Vancouver, British Columbia since 2004, he has to date written seven books since his highly popular epic 'Prickly Scots' - which, even though his debut novel and he'd "do some things differently today", remains a personal favourite.  He is now a freelance writer for a publishing company in San Francisco as well as a travel blogger for an international hotel group based in Italy.


'A born storyteller' with a quiet introspective that "pours its heart out" onto the page, S P Mount wrote three books before the age of ten-yrs-old (not listed here) and is said to possess inimitable style; consistently delivering finely nuanced characters and descriptions with an audacious, largely humorous authenticity perhaps 'reminiscent of Joyce and Salinger, but edgier'. Indeed, it is his mission to create uncompromising stories in both creative fiction and non fiction from a unique Scottish lens, often crossing genres, e.g. mixing paranormal and sci-fi with everyday lives and events that "has the reader believing that they might just be true."


Good friends, pets, photography and complete honesty are among the most important things in S P Mount's life, and when he is not writing seriously he can be found writing 'nonsensically' to relax, as well as offering what he can, by way of giving back, to new promising writers (that he himself comes across "no requests please") starting out on their own journey. Steph205.jpg




Prickly Scots Pt I

Prickly Scots Pt II

Prickly Scots Pts I & II collective edition

Warped MIrrors - a paranormal comedy

Wanna go for a Walk? - true short stories mainly based in Italy

Little Nut Jobs - an anthology of the kind of nonsensical writing mentioned above (ONLY FOR THE INSANE)

Oddity - Short Stories Currently unavailable

Hello, Thank You & Goodbye (Upcoming release date)


Social Media:


Personal website



Articles, short stories/photo narratives

Twitter - @SP_Mount


"I hope you enjoy the stories I offer; they're intended to transport you from the real world into those where I myself am better received." - S P Mount


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My name is Courtney, I write all the time. My lifelong dream is to get published, and my idol is just recently J.K. Rowling. I am a daughter, in a family with six kids and my favorite place to be is the gym at school. I surf the web trying to find sites where I can get published or at least post my stories, and found Createspace, after many other tries. I hope this works out.

One of my many flaws is not having enough belief in my writing. I read other peoples and only think about how much better thiers seems. I have so many started stories on my computer, along with about six completely finished ones. At first I just kept trying to get my mother to read them, she never did. Now I don't let anyone read them. I want critisizm, and I want to get better. I'm thinking, here's my chance, and I'm going to go for it.

So if you have time, check out my preview, I just started this story, and I'm hoping it can take off. If you have any suggestions, critisizm or anything, feel free to speak up. Thank you!

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