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This is my first post

Posted by BOLLYWOODCRAZE Jun 20, 2018

Hi, this is my first post, can somebody guide me through basics of this forum

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Good Amazon software needed

Posted by RoyVSH May 28, 2018


I am Roy and today I downloaded a piece of software, 'Kindle Create.' As a designer and writer I have never seen such an basic, pathetic piece of rubbish in all my life.

You would have thought, with the resources that Amazon have at hand they could have produced decent software for writers to use to design/layout  their works in a professional way for both Kindle and CreateSpace publishing.

At the moment I am trying to see whether 'iBooks Author' can do the job, as well as for 'iBooks' for 'Kindle' and 'CreateSpace' publishing as well.

It will be fun trying.

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New here, so there

Posted by Jeelbeartoe Apr 29, 2018

Hi, there.  I'm Gil and I'm working on a couple of projects involving some of my essays and short stories.  Any tips are always appreciated.

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Good morning

Posted by Dave56 Apr 24, 2018

I am having a frustrating experience just formatting my childrens's picture book.  Can anyone help?


Dave 56

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Just finished my first book and had some questions so I thought I would look up this blog to see what I could find out.

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Hi, I'm Ella Shawn

Posted by EllaEnchanted Apr 11, 2018

Good evening fellow authors.  This is my first time on one of the CreateSpace communities.  I'm a new romance writer and I'm waiting on my proof copy of my first book.  I would by lying if I said I wasn't a lot nervous and a bit overwhelmed by all of this.  I've been trying to set up my platform, come up with my brand and learn how to become an internet marketing genious all while working on the second book in the series.


I guess you could say I'm an over-achiever, but really aren't all of us who dare to write and share our books with the world?  I am looking forward to connecting with others who share my passion for writing and learning.  I hope to give as good as I get.


I am looking for people to read and write reveiws of my novel on my Goodreads and Amazon page... if I could just figure out how to get my pages set up.  If you're interested in reading and reveiwing for me, please email me or respond to my post.

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hello, im andrea and i new here. i started to write a book the last year called beyond journey, emotional experience.

this book is travel in our beautiful country and if you see, and love to travel, you love it.

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Posted by Jonsnow987 Apr 3, 2018


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Nervous starter

Posted by Chinar Apr 3, 2018

Hey guys, a first timer, super nervous, not sure what I am doing here but excited. Finished writing my first book 3 years ago - now thinking of self publishing it. Each step is a new learning  

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Melody Writes

Posted by bayoumel Mar 28, 2018

I've got quite a few poems edited and most in hardcopy, but all, digitally.  This is my first inkling that there is even a self-publishing service on Amazon or anywhere that makes it possible for those who have not submitted work elsewhere to just get it out there.  I live in Portland, Oregon and I am originally from Los Angeles where I raised my two sons to their passions.  I have wanted to start a WordPress Blog in the past and could not move forward due to ALL of the tech stuff........I have Aspergers, and don't really have the ability to make sense of how to do that end of things.  I can make ALOT of sense to me  :-)    I'm fearful that even in this scenario, I will be taking time and energy to gather some material together and then will not be able to make sense of how to set it up with a "cover" and all the various little things that to me..........are NOT art. 


IS this POSSIBLE to be unskilled at that part of things.....are the prompts given here, enough?  And what happens to material I put in a book here?  Is copyright an issue?  Can I use this material in something larger somewhere else at some point? 



I need to have instructions practically spelled out for me.   But, really, I CAN write  :-)        



Nice to connect,


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I am here you are there

yet all it takes is a shift in the right direction and one would be more aware

of one's cares as the things we like as we take time to understand one another

time maybe passing often at a rapid pace yet the truth is it only leaves those behind who fail to use it

except the observant & wise who find it preciously dear & use it with care

friends can take awhile to establish

trust can be broken just like that

yet a broken spirit takes time to heal

and no amount of words can heal that at all

so make every effort to be true to those you have

and do not betray those who sincerely have your back

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Welcome FreeSoul :)

Posted by FreeSoul1 Mar 14, 2018

Hello everyone,

My name is FreeSoul, I'm French and I'm here to seek information and share mines. I am not an author yet but I wrote a self-help book and will soon be publishing it. I feel like there is absoutely no-one here writing about self-help, but am I wrong ?
Anyways, I'm more than happy to surf on this platform and grow my skills.


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Need help with a problem

Posted by Mrjohn77 Mar 13, 2018

Hi my name  is john O'Brien .i have a lady friend from the rooms helping me out on my memoir.she seems to think I can put her  as my cowriter on my book for helping me out with it.i told her it's my story I can't put her name down as a cowriter.i told her that's not possible  because it's my story  not hers.she is just learning and looks like she knows  what she is trying to figure out what is the best way to handle this because she wants no money and I offer her asking what would you do in this be well appreciated if you can give me your thoughts  thank you all

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Hello - I am new here

Posted by djgw Mar 11, 2018

I have noodled on my book for a few years.  I have decided to get it out to see if there is any interest.  I (like everyone here) think it's pretty good.  But, I find I am a better writer than I am a publisher.  I am new to this....any tips or advise would be greatly appreciated.

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