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Brain Waves

Posted by howaboutpinhead Sep 26, 2016

When you have been around for a while, you will have seen more than a few declarations touting wondrous breakthroughs for turbocharging your brain function. Given the pervasive allure of improved mental capacity, these various claims usually resonate with the general public. After all, who wouldn't want to be able to bend a spoon by just looking at it.   


As many of you have come to know, howaboutpinhead is all about supporting the independent author community. In keeping with that recently stated goal, it seemed appropriate to share with you the little trick I use to boost my brain wave activity.   


First find a quiet place, preferably a dark quiet place. Then concentrate on the left or right side of your head. It doesn't matter which side you choose first. Next, think of the matter inside that side of your cranium as a semi-fluid and visualize moving it all to the other side of your head. Then perform the same function in reverse. I find it is most effective to repeat this four or five times. If you are doing it right, you will actually perceive a little spark in your closed eyes. No kidding, this really happens. At least it happens to me.  (Caution: Be sure to alternate left and right.)   


You will find that this exercise really does work, but you need to be careful with what the process might dredge up. Last time I performed the procedure I remembered Dialogue One from my first year Spanish textbook and my seventh grade locker combination.   


This is sadly the last of my eclectic blogs for the time being. The next few will be focused on flogging my upcoming book "Heiding Fortunes, Feinding Truths", which is nearly ready to publish. So I will now revert to "Flogging through Blogging". In contrast to my prior books, this upcoming title will not rely on humor to deliver its message. Good thing I have conditioned you to a profound absence of humor through continued exposure to my previous blogs.   


Of course, my first two books are still available for the scant few of you who have yet to purchase your copy. Be advised, I am considering a cover change for "The Other Side of the Kneeler". Something more funeral home appropriate perhaps. So you might want to act now, as the current version will someday be cherished as a collector's edition. There is no such modification currently planned for "Tempest's Arc". Should that change, you will be notified accordingly.   


BTW, before you put too much stock in my brain enhancer, be advised, yesterday I wasn't able to locate my car keys.

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Hello, my name is Travis and I'm a graphic designer in Austin, Texas and I would like to offer my design services to anyone needing artwork or layout for their porjects.


I have worked with several Fortune 500 companies such as Charles Schwab and Freescale Semiconductor Inc., as well as small to medium local (Austin) businesses like Stubb’s Legendary Kitchen Inc. I would like very much for an opportunity to partner with an autor to help give life to the words on the page.


My portfolio is located at which showcases work from my corporate clients.



I look forward to hearing from you.



Travis W Senior

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Posted by iluv2write Sep 21, 2016



I am a new author. I published my first two books this year. One in June called, the Detectives' Daughter, a fictional crime story; and my second a true short story about my adventure to photograph all seven NC Coastal lighthouses which includes 113 full 8x10 color pages. It's called Capturing Lighthouses and Life's lessons.  I am a full time law enforcement officer of thirteen years and a part-time photographer.



I am trying to get my sales up and need some advice. I thought I'd start here.

Any suggestions?




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I am working on a book that will reprint one the Sunday comics strips that my grandfather illustrated. My big hurdle is how to set up a landscape-oriented book. It will be 11" wide and 8.5" tall, plus bleeds.


I'd inquired on a CS "help" page but the directions they gave me didn't work (more likely I failed to understand how to follow them).


I really appreciate any help anyone can give me, Thanks!

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Well, finally completed and published my new version of my 'Afro-American/Carib reimagined Peter Pan' fantasy/adventure YA Novel. (eyeful and mouthful enuf?). I had an earlier ebook version up online for awhile but disappointed in the draft, my info and format to the point of being haunted to get it right-enough (I can spell) to re-pub. I look forward to comments and critiques...on cheap purchase from Amazon.

Thanks All,

J.E. Byrd

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I am an upcoming African writer- African Fiction. I am a Nigerian and you must know, I am Ibo by tribe. In every African Child lies a huge space filled with African poetry. The question one would ask is: "How come African youths don't write for the world to see?".

Let me quickly say this: Africa has some numbers of creative writers- Late Chinua Achebe, Flora Nwapa, Cyprien Ekwensi, Wole Soyinka, Ngui Wationg, Chimamanda Adichie etc. We have more whom their stories, like a stone hurled into the ocean that makes the ocean floor its abode, are hidden inside them. Unfavourable environment, disencouragements, porverty and other negative conditions as experienced by an average African child would naturally relegate him/her to that "mute" background.

Africans got stories to tell. Rich in Nature, history and culture, an average African youth who may know how to pen down stories or who may not have seen the walls of a classroom, has STORIES to tell.

Support African writers, give them enabling ground, encourage them with more book awards and prizes. Even within our African soil, tribalism and ethnocentrism also deal big blows to upcoming writers- i am a bitter witness.

I urge you out there, rise up. Tell that story.



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Hi. I am Mary and I have written two kids books. They are called Two Kids Stories and Mooniverse Productions Presents. I hope you get a chance to look at them and tell me what you think. Thanks.



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New author

Posted by Naomil718 Sep 13, 2016

Hello my name is Naomi Santos. I am a new writer and I am working on my first book and can not wait to publish it. I also want to blog so if you want to follow my blog and let me know what you like to read in blogs so my blog won't be boring please feel free to give some advise.

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Posted by Antwanette Sep 11, 2016

My name is Antwanette  and I am an independent writer and right now I just want to know who use this community forum and has it helped.... let me know!!

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Hello Everyone and Thank you!

Posted by JERoessler Sep 10, 2016

Hello Fellow Indie Publishers ~


It has been a pure pleasure reading through the variety of posts and information on how to self-publish through this service. I am happy to say that I successfully published my first book of poetry this month and it is now available on Amazon. I am having a wonderful time learning how to navigate the self-publishing world and many of the contributors here have provided invaluable support. I felt it appropriate to extend my gratitude. ~ thanks all!!!


Here is my author's page with bio - do not hesitate in connecting: http:// . I have several other projects that I am contemplating including more poetry, children's books and a series of essays. What fun! Thanks for the support.



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Funny Phraseology

Posted by howaboutpinhead Sep 8, 2016

While walking through an average sized strip mall, I came upon a man standing in front of a small jewelry store. I had business in another shop future down the line. As I strolled past the gentleman, who was peering through the window into the shop, I took little note of his actions.    


My business took just under an hour. Returning back afterwards, I came upon the same man. He was still standing in front of the same jewelry store, still peering through the same window. Being an inquisitive type, I couldn't help myself and asked the fellow what he was up to.  The gentleman named Bob, was an affable sort. When inquiring into his actions, he was more than willing to share. He indicated, that in an effort to avoid falling into a rut, he tried to have at least one new experience every day. Today he had been drawn to a sign that appeared in the window of the jewelry store. He then pointed to a banner that extended across the top of one of the front windows. The sign read, "Watch Battery Replacement". Bob told me he was waiting for the battery replacement show to begin.    


I am not a fan of the science of sentence structure. In fact, one of my main characters, Tempest Arrck, was able to convince her British educator that the practice of diagraming a sentence amounted to, "pure rubbish". Here is a perfect example however, where the vagaries of our very complex language, if not given the appropriate respect, could end up costing the public at large untold hours languishing in strip malls throughout the land.      


Another howaboutpinhead true story. Howaboutpinhead, "Where the facts go first"!

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Helen Alexander

Posted by Dumpy Sep 5, 2016


I just recently publishe a Sunday School Lessons Book for the Winter Quarter (Dec,Jan,Feb).  The book is consistent with other international sunday sschool lessons.  The title is Sunday School Lessons, by Helen Alexander.  Please take a look! Thank you!

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Hello everyone,


I have never BLOGGED before, but I need advice on how to get my first book out there to the world.

I have it on Amazon (The Detectives' Daughter) and constantly share it on facebook.

I even joined a few book clubs on facebook. (no help there)

I have sold about twenty five copies to friends and family and giving many away.

Everyone that has read it, raves about how great it is for my first book.


I just finished my second book, but I am having the worst time with the interior issues regarding bleed.

This one has tons of 8x10 pictures in it. I even used their cs template then converted to PDF. 

I have read everything about setting margins etc but nothing works. I have changed it so many times I don't even know where the original is anymore. Help!


Do you think they'll accept it if I submit it and that's the only issue?

The first 68 pages with text I have no issues showing.


Any advice on these two subjects?


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Thank you for your support in achieving the goal of one thousand views in my first month of blogging. There is no way I could have pressed the view button that many times myself. Not sure who the one thousandth viewer was, too bad I couldn't offer you a free copy of either "The Other Side of the Kneeler", or "Tempest's Arc". Later this month, I will use the blog to introduce my new work, "Heiding Fortunes, Feinding Truths", A Tale of Two Richards.  Again, thank you for your views. I hope you have enjoyed the blogs.

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From time to time Createspace features a blog post that focuses on word choice. Whenever the opportunity to choose between maybe or perhaps arises, you can always find me squarely in the perhaps camp. If you were to ask me why, perhaps I could provide a conceivable motivation for my preference. Perhaps putting my thoughts on paper may be useful in helping to define my reasoning.     


Conceivably perhaps may possibly display more versatility than maybe. It is reasonable perhaps that words like perchance, a huge favorite of mine, which is possible to capture in the rather broad synonym net cast by perhaps, may feasibly create a believable edge and tip the scales in perhaps' favor. It is certainly imaginable perhaps that a reasonably fair chance exists that this may be the case.    


When it comes to the list of synonyms perchance maybe can be credited with, only one does not generally also accrue to perhaps. The word is mayhap. Perhaps some of you have heard of mayhap? Maybe it is conceivably plausible that someone perhaps would use the word mayhap in their manuscript? I for one have not found the need for mayhap, but mayhap I can find a good use for mayhap in my blog?      


Perhaps has more of a Dickensian ring to it than does the word maybe. Since I am a big fan of Dickens, having referenced him in my two books, and actually patterned his style in Heiding Fortunes, Feinding Truths, conceivably this may be the reason for my favorable impression of perhaps. Perhaps you can tell, there is little question that I prefer to use perhaps whenever the opportunity arises.    


Perhaps it might be to everyone's benefit if I were not left alone in the mall with nothing interesting to keep my mind occupied. Mayhap next time I will remember to keep my phone charged. Perhaps you agree?   

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