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I am Daniella1, and the author of the above title. I have always loved writing. I started writing my book when I was 27 years old after a horrible first encounter with my biological father. I have wanted to tell my story for years. It has been my dream to share my story with the hope of helping others that have had unstable childhoods, and have suffered for reasons beyond their control. After my divorce, I picked up where I left off many years ago and finally finished the book.  It has been a challenge, but I have learned many things. It has been a rewarding experience. I look forward to corresponding and sharing information with other authors.

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I've been in publishing 37 years.  Wrote or packaged 19 books which have sold 5 million copies.  Have 2 books currently on Kindle, one of which is doing well and the other I'm working on.  Consider myself a near expert in understanding Amazon categories.


Am just finishing writing a jokebook for CreateSpace, and have NO IDEA what to do to get it formatted and to get a cover.  Would like to hire someone, hopefully someone wonderful and not too expensive!  If you have anyone to recommend, I'd certainly be grateful.

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Hello, how is everyone today?

Posted by Topaz1751 Feb 14, 2018

There really insn't much to tell about myself.  I have been here for nearly two years but mostly, I read posts. To all the new people. Welcome.

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New to the forum

Posted by Chis Feb 14, 2018

Hi all,


I've been publishing on CreateSpace for the past six years, both my own books and those of clients.


As a small (tiny) independent, I'm acutely aware of the costs that some companies charge to publish books for the self-published.


I offer a select, competitively-priced, full spectrum service for those wishing to be self-published.


Visit for further information.


I would be delighted to discuss your project with you.





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Posted by Afrodite95 Jan 30, 2018

Hello my name is Sade and Im writing an anthology of poems


I have never published before and I don't currently have a following, however my writing on websites has been highly sought after and recognised as good by forum members


Do you have any tipson marketing poetry>


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brazilfroggy books

Posted by froggyman Jan 29, 2018

I am a writer of children books.  I have always been involved with drawing, painting, and illustrations.  I alos was raised in southern Louisiana where I became very familiar with the many characters that appear in my Froggy books.  After much trial and error, along with the encouragement from a few friends and acquaintances I was able to create my first book, entitled "Froggy:  The Beginning."  It is a story about a little frog who was rescued and raised by a kind stranger after a violent flood swept her away from her mom and siblings.  The setting is in an imaginary location in the Manchac, Louisiana area which I named the "Kooterville Swamp."  Her story continues in the books that follow.  Suitable for young children and adults who like to read to their children.  Large print with color illustrations.

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Hello all! My name is Leah and I am currently a college student. I am here for a very specific reason. It has been my dream to publish a memoir; I am a severely bipolar teen attending a top 15 university. I feel my story would be an inspiration to others because I have an almost storybook life story.


Does anyone know any resources for help writing a memoir? I spoke to a successful author and he said that I should start a journal but past that, is there anything else I should do?

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Knowledge of God

Posted by Isaiah613 Jan 19, 2018

As My Journey in Knowing God has progressed over the years, I am finding out more and more information that is not only relateable but necessary in bringing others into the revelation that Jesus Christ is the only way to our Heavenly Father, Jehovah. In the beginning He created us, both male and female to not just populate the earth, but to become His children and live in His Kingdom using His principles to increase the blessings on our lives. First, you must be born again to begin your own Journey in Knowing God. I take my walk with the Lord very seriously and I believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. His voice in the earth is to be heard as He communicates with us to enjoy our fellowship with Him and develop our relationship with Him to know who He is. The names of Jehovah are many, but there is only one Godhead. Each name was given to Him by the Israelites in the Old Testament who were the chosen of His Kingdom and went through the wilderness to come into the promised land. Through this 40 year journey which originally should have only taken 11 days, however the children of Israel were disobedient many times and the promises were delayed, but never denied. I know for myself, we learn through disobedience, not on purpose but to find out who God is and what is expected of us as the people of God, representing His Kingdom for others to know Him also. It is important to understand that when you become a child of God, there are ways to please the Father and ways to find yourself that whatever you have done can be turned into a blessing instead of a curse as we repent and ask our Heavenly Father for forgiveness which will mature us. We are to be the salt of the earth meaning we are to be the ones He has chosen to make known that there is a God in heaven and He created us to glorify through our worship and our praise to our Creator. He is Holy and we are the holy people of God to become a holy nation. It is time for the church to wake up out of the sleep we have been in and become the chosen of the Most High to help prepare others as we ourselves are prepared for our soon coming King, Jesus Christ.

I have a beautiful line of Christian greeting cards, called, Magnificent Cards by Rebecca/Facebook. Please view them and purchase them for they are anointed of God to bless, encourage and enrich your lives by giving or receiving a card from my distinct line. You can find me also at The Rose Garden Prayer & Bible Study for Women on Facebook. Blessings!

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My dear readers


I hope you can enjoy to study my different kind of business psychological books to increase your knowledge please.

Happy new year to study my books


business psychology author

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Intro to KDP-Create Space - I hope this complies with guidelines.




My wife Penny, and I live in Little River South Carolina with our two dogs.




I have dual UK USA citizenship and spend a great deal of time explaining why the UK National Health Service ('socialist medicine') is not scary stuff but actually a really good idea.




I began life as a physicist buy quickly converted to electronics - because it was more fun.  I began writing whilst I was an engineer with Marconi because people seemed to be able to understand what I wrote and (despite my dyslexia) I was co-opted to co-write many bids (to develop defense equipment) and operational instructions. Bids worked out at about one foot (thickness of paper) per $100M - some proposals were more than four feet thick and ran into many volumes!




Between 1970 and 1990 I worked pretty much at the cutting edge of technology and had designed some really cool stuff.




By late 1992 Digital Corporation (the incredible shrinking company) closed its UK divisions and I because a "Consultant" - or in other words an unemployable engineer, so I formed GK Consultant Limited and took the domain www.GKCLcom.




By the end of 1994 I had visited about 20 companies and explain the SAME issues to them (they all suffered the same lack of knowledge) At the end of that year I compiled all my notes, presentation notes and was astounded by its similarity to a book. I gave it a working title of "The Practical Guide to Electrical Product Safety" – really catchy ‼‼!



I was fortunate (later the converse also became true) to find a publisher of a related magazine and struck a deal at a café on the M25 (the orbital road that goes round London). The agreement was I would write the book – he would Proof Read (to me a really important part),  I would provide "camera-ready" copy, including a Table of Contents and an Index. We would deduct printing and shipping costs and split gross profit 50-50.



He would promote the book (as a joint venture and for no charge) using 'unused' space within his magazine. This quickly changed from single page adverts to really impressive two-page spreads, as soon as the money started to flow in.




Unfortunately he was using a Macintosh and did not the necessary software to read all the files I sent him – the result was more than half the book went out 'unproofed'. But this went largely unnoticed and soon we were each making between £4,000 and £6,000 each month and we had sold into 15 countries. Unfortunately things began to 'go south' after a couple of years when he began sitting on my money - after many letters and email I eventually took him to court for about 20k , which ended the relationship.



About that time I was commissioned by Butterworth (Newnes Publication - Elsevier) to write a "How To" book covering the newly introduced Low Voltage Directive. As it happened, Digital had assigned me to the their Subject Mater Expert on that topic – and, I suddenly had a book become available. One door Closes and another Opens!




With only a couple of weeks work I have reworked "The Practical Guide to Electrical Product Safety" to become "The Practical Guide to the Low Voltage Directive".




One tip to others - I joined the UK Society of Authors and got them to review the Elsevier contract – which was tweaked so that I maintained some of the rights and got a whopping 13½ % Royalty with a £1,500 advance.This is good for 'professional' technical writers.


One lesson I learnt was - you need a **** of a lot of book sales to make a living – since 1998 I have made less money from Elsevier than I made in the two year previously selling with the 50-50 profit split.




I'm now trying to transition from travelling to clients sites to provide engineering consultancy to proving a remote service, and building a range of eBooks (on Kindle/Amazon), and Print on demand books and Training DVD's (using Create Space).. Comments and help much appreciated.



One very kind member of the Community offer EXTREMELY valuable advice: "stick to Amazon/Kindle for eBooks and to use CreateSpace for print".  I cannot remember who wrote this but thank you – after wasting many weeks trying to convert a eBook to print using KDP. After I saw your posting I opened an account on CreateSpace it took less than a day to reformate the cover and upload the PDF File. THANK YOU.



Create Space is excellent for print – KDP is excellent for eBooks.




ONE REALLY IMPORTANT THING I discovered when uploading to CreateSpace – save your document as a PDF/A-1a:2005 compliant file – unless I did this my manuscript consistently failed to upload.







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Hi, How you All doing?


Let me introduce myself to you, I'm a first-time Author, from Manchester England, This is the first ever Blog I've ever done - hope I get it right!  Anyway, I'm a busy Mother of 5 and have written a Series of 'Epic Fantasy Adventure Books' readership age (18+).  I'm shattered, to say the least, have any of you got any suggestions as to possible Marketing avenues I could consider.  I released Part one last month just weeks before Christmas and am looking forward to getting the first money I've earned later this month, after not earning a single penny since 2009. Yes, I'm sure it's been really hard for many of you too, trying to finish up your books and get the visions of your mind out there for all to read. Hope you'll enjoy mine 'AGES OF RAEKWON - Awakenings Arousal the Peoples Story'.  I never anticipated how hard it would be to follow through with the promotion or get people, to take me seriously. The saying              'do not judge a book by its cover', seems to also apply to them looking at me.  So, please tell me how you're finding it all, I'd love to hear your...Stories!




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Good afternoon.


My name is Andy and I just published my first book (Insomniacs, We). It a is a volume of poetry featuring poems written over the course of the last decade. I've been writing seriously since 2005, but didn't really have a focus for my writing until the Recession hit. I am very much interested in learning from the more seasoned writers here how to promote a book. I was so focus on the craft that I never learned the other end of self-publishing.


I hope to hear from some of you soon, as well as check out your work too.



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Hello to all,


I am new published author and I am looking for new readers to check out my new book called Wild Knight Adventures. If you like fantasy/romance/action-adventure then this book is for you. Out on Kindle and Paperback. Check it out at the Createspace store and Just search Wild Knight Adventures. It should be on page 2. I included my email address in the back of the book. When you purchase my book, please feel free to send me an email and let me know what you thought of it.  Book 2 is currently in process.

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I'm new!!!

Posted by ChelbyT Dec 15, 2017

Good morning!!


I just wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Patty, but I use the pen name Chelby Tannon.  I just published my first book "Where In the **** Is Jamestown North Dakota?" in November, and am currently working on the sequel, "Where In the **** Is Roxborough Colorado?"


I am learning very quickly that marketing a book is the hardest part of this adventure, and would like some pointers if anyone has anything more to share.  I have advertised on Instagram, Facebook, I have sponsered ads on Amazon, and put myself out there on and 


I am also learning that no one wants to review your book.  I have begged for reviews from people who have personally contacted me telling me their thoughts about the book.  They all promise, and yet, I only have two.  I get no one thinks about reviewing things that they actually enjoy so I don't harrass anyone but I'm desparate to get more reviews so that not only do I learn from my mistakes, but so that people who click on my book see that more than 2 people read it.






I'm wide open to any feedback.


Thank you all, I am really enjoying my new found life as a legitimate published author.

The sense of accomplishment is overwhelming to me.  I have raised 4 girls, worked full time, and gone back to college but this first book, is on a level all of its own.  I never want to read it ever again, but I will always protect, cherish, and defend it.  It is mine.

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Cork writer says 'Hi'

Posted by Corkwriter Dec 4, 2017

Hello Fellow Dreamers,


Looks like I'm latest newcomer on the docket, so here's more than you need to know about me.


I often tell people I have a mind like a steel trap, but the latches rusted out years ago. Age, good bourbon, good friends, travel, hanging with stars, closing hotel bars, peer pressure, free peanuts on Southwest, perhaps some grey matter leaking out my brainpan--plus many other factors--have earned me a memory that comes and goes like a good metaphor I wish I had to insert here.


I've done some things as an occupation that deserve telling. So I wrote a novel because I figured if one gets the tone right, finds the good fiction beyond the non-fiction, and spells most of the words correctly you've got something very readable. Did I mention it's funny?


Back in the day I had two published books, one poltical & humorous, one media humor and analysis. I don't remember if they will let you pass along the names of your previous books here, or even my own name  But if I'm allowed to--they're well out of print--they'd be True Grits and A Few Marbles Left. And I'd be John Corcoran Jr.


Neither my prior books nor my freelancing paid the rent. So, despite a "face for radio," I became a critic and entertainment reporter on the tube. I was the goofball at the end of the show,--after all the bleeds-it-leads, the ball scores, the weather, and the earnest editorial by a well-meaning GM-- I'd come by to tell you what movie to see or what a star or director thought about his/her new flick.  I interviewed stars. Many a weekend, I jumped the big skybird, flew to a distant city and lived in the lap of luxury for a couple days while lapping up the good hootch. SHow Biz--You gotta love it.


I won't lie. It was a great gig. The novel--called Doing Julia is in the process of getting loaded up as an original Paperback and on Kindle.





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