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Posted by Whistlepig Jul 17, 2017

Hi Everyone!

I'm knew and would like to say hello and to let you know if your browsing around and come across an author named Riley Michaels, it's me.


I'm also a wood burning artist and we do festivals all over the US.


I live in the country and we love it... so if you run across my books, read them and let me know what you think.


Thanks for adding me,

Read on Everyone!!!

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I have been using CreateSpace since I first thought about creating a book in 2012.  What a wonderful opportunity they provide.  Not only do they offer us guidance about creating a cover, they offer us the opportunity to print and make a reasonable quality book at a very, very, minimal cost.  Then they connect us to the mammoth sales opportunities offered by and offer us a community to discuss with.  What could be better?  A publisher liked one of my ideas (Have You Seen My Daddy's 18 Wheeler?) but only wanted to offer me a self-publishing contract.  It made me feel vindicated, but I had to tell him "Thanks, but No Thanks ".

But, to describe me, I retired from full-time civil engineering in April, 2014.  I designed highways and by-ways, as well as other infrastructure improvements, I inspected their construction, I raised two wonderful daughters, and was an active Rotarian for more than 20 years.  Now my wife and I travel, I take lots of photographs, I constantly read and am beginning to cook, I provide some part-time civil engineering to a very select group of clients, and I write, write, write.  I love it .


Now I an spending time taking pictures of 18 Wheelers, contacting the owners to gain their approval, arranging them into a series of children's travel books, and trying to market them.  I titled them "Have You Seen My Daddy's 18 Wheeler?" (one book with 176 pictures and a story about what Daddy experiences) and "Have You Seen My 18 Wheeler?" (12 books with 19 pictures and area for recording information about the sighting).


I also make presentations to high school and college students who are considering civil engineering as their field of study - it is amazing how many of them really have no concrete idea about what we, as civil engineers, do for infrastructure construction.  I titled two different books "Russell Builds a Bridge" and "Russell Widens a Road".  And then, after my younger brother passed away, I created a biographical history about our mother for her grandchildren.  I titled it "What Did He Tell Her?" because the married life she lead as the wife of a share-cropping Iowa farmer did not fit with the New York City childhood she had before that marriage.  I thought it was a pretty unique story.


So, if you would preview, make comments about, and/or offer condolences about the books and my ideas, I would appreciate it.  If you want my input about your projects, please let me know what you are working on and how to find it and I will return the favor.


Civil Engineer

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buy from CREATESPACE. and sell to tourists visiting  town from Monday through Friday..

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Hello Everyone . . .

Posted by MusicLover Jul 11, 2017

This is my first message to this community. I am very happy to be here and make friends with writers who have this passion to write and spread messages that will help humanity. I have a history of professional musical performance, mostly classical and Church work, orchestras, chamber music, etc. It was fun while it lasted but now I am older and interests have expanded. I have this urge to write about things that really count in life, like faith in God, etc. I would love to hear from folks who have these things in common and make friends.

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Posted by LarryLucky Jul 3, 2017

I'm a first-time author here after having my book edited, what comes next?

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I'm trying to find a way to publish two short books. The pdfs for these books are on my computer desktop. Is there a way for me to drag the pdfs onto a platform here in create space and have an editor look at the books?



Henry Etta.


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Posted by Rayous-hu Jun 15, 2017

Hey im a new comer to the scene! all i  want to know are different stategies to market your book, and how to create an online presence through different outlets? just so that i can draw more attention to my book?

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unknown but interesting

Posted by resi May 28, 2017

hi there,

I help put together a colouring journal as collborative effort.


This is new for me but interesting as I like doing different things. I look forward to getting exposed to all the artisitic talent here at CS!!

Remember me when you become famous!

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he Whole World's Gone Mad!

by Liberty Justice

Author View

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Yes, the whole world's gone mad!
Such sorrowful chain of events, so very sad.
Snipers ambushing, firing AK weapons of assault.
Tensions, rage and frustrations; who's at fault?

The whole world's gone mad!

Families crying, still mourning, so much grief.
Dallas, Baton Rouge police killings; we are sick in disbelief.
Retaliation, devastation in reaction to black mens'
Recently, in Baton Rouge, and Minnesota--
angry feelings.

It seems the whole world's gone mad!

Revenge killings; young men declaring war on police.
So much horror; when will racial battles cease?
People tired, all fired up watching news releases.
Marches, protests for justice, advocating peace.

Don't you feel like the whole world's gone mad?

In France party goers were mowed down by terrorist who was driving a van.
Driving over; shooting innocent people; ambushes and violence--
can't understand.
Terrorists gladly claim responsibility; rejoicing in their ability.
Using suicide bombers and violence becomes a sad reality.

Didn't I tell you the whole world's gone mad?

Turkey came under seige; militants tried to overthrow.
But, government and the citizens wouldn't let go.
People dying, families crying; violent outbursts everywhere.
Seems whole world in chaotic frenzy; craziness out there.

The whole world's gone mad!

Now, home-grown terrorists in America's own backyard.
Gay bar in Orlando, man held hostages; killer hit them hard.
I keep wondering what's next; I feel something in the air.
We'd better be watchful and vigilant, because people's nerves
are all on edge.
We don't know what anyone's planning next; it's like waiting
for someone to jump off a ledge.

The whole world's gone mad!
Commentary--Hope the world doesn't take us with it!


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First thank you for the suggestion to creat an Author's page,


Secondly, wanted to quickly note how greatly I've appreciated posts as well as replies which have occurred from Community.


Unlike the highly talented, truly outstanding Author's present here, I am only a story teller.


Someone looking back on nearly a six decade journey enjoying what time I have left.


Finally took your advice posting a half dozen previews to various titiles.


In FULL DISCLOURE, all my e-books are offerred for Free quarterly.


Createspace and KDP made one of my last dreams come true.


As a cancer survivor, I'm just trying to share what I learned.


Peace be with you.


Semper FI


Richard Mathews

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Posted by angieo May 6, 2017

II need to get the word out about this great book without money anyone out there have any suggestions?

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Well that was fun..

Posted by ezduzit Apr 30, 2017

As a kindle author of three thrillers thought it was about time to try my first paperback copy of my latest 'The Ryan Saga'.You get to be familiar with any job you are in, but after 3 or 4 days of wrestling my Scrivenor kindle setup to paperback, designing covers etc I take my hat off to publishers, an apparently easy job that below the surface is incredibly complicated with lots of nuances.

I possibly have finally achieved a satisfactory result, but whether it is the best print size, the best format, the best layout, the best fonts, the best cover that I could achieve is problematical - I think I still have a lot to learn.

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Good Morning

Posted by msplayful Apr 30, 2017

My first time on this board. Looks like a good place to be. I haven't published a book on Createspace, but plan to. I am here to get guidance and suggestions - anything to make my book look better, be better . . . I'm a poet and a writer. Quit groaning . . . for those who don't just LOVE poetry. My poems are more like mini short stories. They rhyme and a few have been published in magazines. . . I've had a few nonfiction articles publshed .. . won an honorable mention award for a short story. My first book may be a very short book of poems that I've written. I know poetry books don't sell all that well, but "nothing ventured, nothing gained" is my philosophy. I'm so GLAD I found this place!

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I have published three books and made them available on Kindle as ebooks. I have not taken the Amazon Ad program since it is not offered through the CreateSpace program but separately with Amazon for a fee. I would like to start a discussion here to understand how the Amazon Ad works and whether anyone can comment on its value.

The latest book published this month is shown as an example.

The Changing Giants: The U.S. and China by Dr. Ifay F. Chang April 1, 2017

ISBN 0977159450 ISBN-13 9780977159451

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The bitter truth is there's a lot you is capable of doing to stop balding: you can search some medicines or hair transplantation. "Wonder-working" remedies as massage, creams, vitamins in large doses are not of a tremendous use."Shall I compare thee to a summers event?" This is really want William Shakespeare's most famous sonnets, officially titled "Sonnet 18." Utilizes standard Shakespearean structure with iambic pentameter. It compares a lover to a summer's day, and proceeds on to say that the lover is far fairer, and tend to surpass time, through line.The background of white bridal wear should for you to the Victoria era. vitanoria review was the first woman who wears white wedding gowns which would then to be able to considered a flamboyant white gown to be with her wedding ceremony in 1840. Vitanoria This gorgeous wedding gown did not start traditions immediately; however, many women think this as an expression of class and style and then they start to put white bridal wear in wedding and reception to copy vitanoria overview. After that, it spawns the interest and use of white designer wedding dresses as marketers today.

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