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Hi from quiet retiring type

Posted by Polly1961 Oct 22, 2016

Hi, just wanted to say hello createspace world from telford Shropshire uk.

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In the next few weeks I will be publishing my third work of fiction, "Heiding Fortunes, Feinding Truths", A Tale of Two Richards. The novel is dedicated to "Independent Authors Everywhere". This dedication was chosen because I believe the story touches the very soul that motivates many of us to take the time to do what we do.      


The work merges two accounts. The first, a Dickensian view of the world of wealth, poverty, inheritance and deception, featuring the life story of Richard Heiding. Its companion tale highlights Richard Feinding in a modern day treatise on the value of honesty, candid expression and truthful communication. The narratives are linked by the evolution of the clandestine enterprise which both men eventually serve.  The message for today; the proliferation of unbiased views that encourage people to think for themselves can elevate society to reach its full potential and make for a better world.      


The following is an excerpt in which Richard Feinding defends the value of his life's work: ..."Then of course, as with any message, unless you are just howling into the wind, someone must hear it. Perhaps it is the respect offered the newly deceased that cracks the door to that listening. That tiny window when people discharge their skepticism, allowing a transient passage for ideas to flow unencumbered, free from the harassing gauntlet of opinionated garble that can drown out honest communications. Call it a beachhead. Call it a base camp. It amounts to a miniscule fissure in an intractable boulder of granite. A fracture where a single seed is dropped by a passing winged courier. That seed will grow. Over time the roots will transform the boulder. Look around you James. You are a witness to all the benefit that this practice has brought to the world. Please don't ask me to qualify the value of the result further, by requiring me to find better words to define it."        


A few days before publishing, I will share the jacket cover blurb with you. I am hoping to get comments from any and all interest parties.  

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Osdejo EL ENLACE un previa de Vista La de mi libro Fluir con la vida: Https://

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I am a new author as of 2015. I was born in BountifuUtahuah and raised in Boardman Oregon. I finish my last year of High School in Chehalis WA. I know live in Olympia, WA. I use self-publish publishers to published my first children phonic adventure for ages 0-adult. ABC, 123, Color Animal KId. My second published book genre us adventure western fantasy sci-fi for ages 8-adult. Boys Adventures Through the Wild West; Ghost Town Adventures. I am in working progress of getting my third book published genre is children adventure fantasy for ages 0 to an adult. The Little Boys Beach Adventures; Little Boys Treasure Hunt Adventures. I am a student going on my 3rd year at a university. I am majoring in screenwriting BA.


When i write stories I feel like I'm walking with the characters in the books. I am always looking for new opportunities to find a writers job in freelancing or ghost writers. I am also looking for a writers grant to help me with the funds of my books to promote them for the audience to recognize my books. My goal is to have my books transformed into film.




Author Irene Holmes

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My story is quite different

Posted by Enigmus Oct 10, 2016

Dear All,

My story is different in so many aspects that I am left without any axis to build upon the next step.

I have written a fantasy saga. That is normal, though fantasy sagas like Lord of The Ring is not that common. But they are there.

It is also in English. Which is ... well you know ... quite common.

The first thing that makes it different is that I am not a professional writer, I am an engineer. Which makes me totally out of place within the sophisticated curves of your world, the world of literature and publication.

The second thing is that I am Egyptian, which makes writting in english, since my first language is arabic, quite an odd choice. Yet it is done and I think that is not common yet had had its toll in making things even more difficult (specially in marketing - surely my main market is not in Egypt)

The third thing and the most important is the flavor of the fantasy itself. It is a parallel world full of magic, fantastic creatures and mysteries though I have tried to avoid any cliche. It took me five years to come up with a unique world setting full of surprises and genuine ideas not found in any similar fictional world.

Yet that is not the essence of the story.

My story is quite philosophical with deep insights and hidden messages. It is quite dramatic and in some points, melancholic.

This mix of the genre and the philosophical / humane aspect along with my back ground which is reflected in many ways within the story line makes it quite difficult to market.

Fantasy fans are not neccesssarily attracted to deep dramatic and philosophical stories. Drama fans will surely not look for their next book in the fantasy section. And surely people looking for some strong philosophical messages will not see beyond the obvious mythical look of the book's cover.

Even agents and publishing houses will be confused when they review my book. Also due to the target audience issue.

Sometimes I ask myself: What have I done? What have I created?

Now, the question is: Is there any real market for such a blend?

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Hello my name is Eugene Helfrick and I recently self published my novel, Fighting The Western Sky. I've had this book kicking around for a few years after I made it for a thesis project in college and I decided to self-publish it just to get it out to the world. It is always a fun and rewarding process to see something you made go out to the world, even in a limited fashion like self-publishing.


I'm just trying to get feedback on the novel right now, so it's a buck on Kindle and I am also offering it free on my website if anyone wants to give it a look to see what you think. I really struggled with writing a good synopsis, so I felt like it might be easier to just offer the book for free so people can give it a try before they buy it.





Fighting The Western Sky is an adventure novel with elements of comedy and mystery. The main story is about Margo, a 36 year old royal messenger who after nearly 20 years as a messenger to the King, is starting to grow tired with the bureaucracy, redundancies and over complications that come with working for a bloated Kingdom. Furthering these frustrations are deaths occurring around Margo's home city, causing rule changes that force him to take on a bodyguard in order to leave the city and deliver his messages. The primary interactions come between Margo and his young and inexperienced bodyguard, Blaine, while they deliver the King's messages throughout the land.



One thing I tried to do was play with the narrator/ reader relationship. In my novel, the narrator will sometimes talk over the story, adding in his own thoughts, feelings and other comments to the story while he is telling it. He isn't always a reliable narrator, though, having his own issues that he deals with during the course of the story.


Thank you and I hope to hear some feedback along the way from other writers. Even if my novel isn't perfect, I still hope people find my first attempt a worthy venture.


Click here to access my website for more information.

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Posted by kawosky Oct 8, 2016

I am Felix Kawawa author of the new book called " DEAD ON ARRIVAL"... please watchout for it....




It was a critical period in Nigeria history, 1967 and the coming few years. Kelvin and Helen were both young tender, insanely in love with each other at the start of a nagging relationship which lasted but for a while. Though they came from different backgrounds that threatened to tear them apart, as Helen’s parents were never in support of their well-nurtured daughter to look in the door, where the struggle to keep the wolf from the door, was a daily and constant struggle. But Kelvin would draw inspiration from his grandmother, a guiding angel. Her advice and encouragement would resonate in rhythms and hymns, plugging to his ears like earpieces from radio player. Her travail through the Mediterranean via Sahara desert was depleted, sluttish, and weird. Her European bound trips proved a futile attempt at trying to keep up with the Joneses, which was clearly the in-thing at the time, in Benin City. They came with nothing but dreams and empty promises. His blazing saddles of reckless moves, aghast with his quest to serve her sizzling revenge, got his fingers burnt, so Kelvin relentlessly pursued an uneven and awkward trail of snapshots, as the elusive evidence deciding their fate can only mean a grim end.

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The name of my book is " The Happy Mechanic Tools, Storage, Tips, & More " by John Moyer. I was practically born with a wrench in my hand. When I was young, I started working on my bikes. I later turned to working on my own cars and would also  work  on appliances. I loved tools and fixing things. If you like tools, you'll enjoy this book. There are a lot of surprises in this book that you have to see to believe. For any kind of mechanic to a self motivator. Even if your a general handy man. This book is just for you. God bless everyone. I don't do as much as I use to. I've had Parkinson's disease for the past 7 years. I apprecciate you all. Have a great day. John Moyer author

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Heading for Home

Posted by howaboutpinhead Oct 6, 2016

This past weekend I took a break from proofreading and attended homecoming weekend at my under-graduate university. This marked the second time in as many years, after a thirty plus year gap in previous attendance at such events.    


Before going, I gave myself an objective. My goal was to make it through the entire day without using the word, remember. The intent underlying the target was that each day should be about creating new memories and not just dwelling on the past.    


Any realistic assessment of my performance would indicate that I clearly failed in meeting my target. In fact, the objective was missed by a long shot. What I realized is that you can remember the past while still creating new memories to build on. There were people I hadn't seen since graduation, now I would have an updated bookmark from which to gauge the intersection of our life's journeys. Not a faded recollection that was losing its definition with the passage of time.    


Dickens wrote in David Copperfield, "It's in vain to recall the past, unless it works some influence upon the present." It is a sentiment that is a major theme in my soon to be available novel, Heiding Fortunes, Feinding Truths. These words never rang truer for me than when they weighed on my present thoughts during the solo ninety-nine-mile drive home.    


You can go home again, but I realize it can only be a brief stop on the longer journey we are all taking together.  If you haven't recently returned to a place that was important to you at some time in your life, you might find it is worth the trip. Who knows, it might even give you an idea for your next book.

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That only a handful, in all recorded history, have truly mastered the knack of succeeding at mankind's obsession with war, has been an on-going fascination for me.   Also the 'how' of the successful achievements of those very few, when the great majority who attempt generalship in the cauldron of war fail dismally.   The result of this fascination is a the just published " The Few Who Can Do".   Despite a lovely design and production job by the Create Space Team, I have been an agonised compendium of doubts ever since it hit the streets.   Well, since reaching the heights of the on-line avenues of Amazon, at least.   Probably my unworthy emotional turmoil is inknown to the collective genius of this Community.  But could it be?

My addiction to the achievements of the greats of the past began in childhood, and the fascination with the 'how' probably stems from my having been commissioned into the Royal Marines on leaving school.   Having decided on the approach, the first hurdle was who to go for.   In the end I did one American and one Greek; two Arabs and two Romans.   The timescale: Third Century BCE to the middle of the 19th Century CE.

In writing of his fellow countryman, James Graham - the 'Great Marquis' (of Montrose) John Buchan observed: "Human nature cannot do without its human inspirations ... and all of us, however modest our station, are called upon to act as leaders ... and it useful at such crises to have in our memory the examples of men who faced similar problems ... on a grander scale and for more momentous issues".   'My' six were all winners with 'momentous issues', par excellence, during the lifetimes.   Will their unique, brilliant and thrilling achievements prove winners at interesting 21st Century readers, I endlessly worry?

Eos-Amica (M W Banks)

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   Je me présente. Je m'appelle Sébastien Delissen. Je suis docteur en littérature et civilisation françaises. Je suis l'auteur d'une thèse publiée sur Amazon en version numérique et version papier sur "La souffrance dans l'oeuvre de George Sand". Je suis français et m'intéresse à la littérature du début du dix-neuvième siècle: George Sand, Balzac, Flora Tristan et Théophile Gautier.


           Des oeuvres bien connues du grand public comme la petite Fadette, La Mare au Diable ou François le champi sont traitées dans ma thèse mais aussi des oeuvres majeures moins accessibles comme Lélia ou Spiridion où la souffrance spirituelle est évoquée.

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Brain Waves

Posted by howaboutpinhead Sep 26, 2016

When you have been around for a while, you will have seen more than a few declarations touting wondrous breakthroughs for turbocharging your brain function. Given the pervasive allure of improved mental capacity, these various claims usually resonate with the general public. After all, who wouldn't want to be able to bend a spoon by just looking at it.   


As many of you have come to know, howaboutpinhead is all about supporting the independent author community. In keeping with that recently stated goal, it seemed appropriate to share with you the little trick I use to boost my brain wave activity.   


First find a quiet place, preferably a dark quiet place. Then concentrate on the left or right side of your head. It doesn't matter which side you choose first. Next, think of the matter inside that side of your cranium as a semi-fluid and visualize moving it all to the other side of your head. Then perform the same function in reverse. I find it is most effective to repeat this four or five times. If you are doing it right, you will actually perceive a little spark in your closed eyes. No kidding, this really happens. At least it happens to me.  (Caution: Be sure to alternate left and right.)   


You will find that this exercise really does work, but you need to be careful with what the process might dredge up. Last time I performed the procedure I remembered Dialogue One from my first year Spanish textbook and my seventh grade locker combination.   


This is sadly the last of my eclectic blogs for the time being. The next few will be focused on flogging my upcoming book "Heiding Fortunes, Feinding Truths", which is nearly ready to publish. So I will now revert to "Flogging through Blogging". In contrast to my prior books, this upcoming title will not rely on humor to deliver its message. Good thing I have conditioned you to a profound absence of humor through continued exposure to my previous blogs.   


Of course, my first two books are still available for the scant few of you who have yet to purchase your copy. Be advised, I am considering a cover change for "The Other Side of the Kneeler". Something more funeral home appropriate perhaps. So you might want to act now, as the current version will someday be cherished as a collector's edition. There is no such modification currently planned for "Tempest's Arc". Should that change, you will be notified accordingly.   


BTW, before you put too much stock in my brain enhancer, be advised, yesterday I wasn't able to locate my car keys.

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Hello, my name is Travis and I'm a graphic designer in Austin, Texas and I would like to offer my design services to anyone needing artwork or layout for their porjects.


I have worked with several Fortune 500 companies such as Charles Schwab and Freescale Semiconductor Inc., as well as small to medium local (Austin) businesses like Stubb’s Legendary Kitchen Inc. I would like very much for an opportunity to partner with an autor to help give life to the words on the page.


My portfolio is located at which showcases work from my corporate clients.



I look forward to hearing from you.



Travis W Senior

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Posted by iluv2write Sep 21, 2016



I am a new author. I published my first two books this year. One in June called, the Detectives' Daughter, a fictional crime story; and my second a true short story about my adventure to photograph all seven NC Coastal lighthouses which includes 113 full 8x10 color pages. It's called Capturing Lighthouses and Life's lessons.  I am a full time law enforcement officer of thirteen years and a part-time photographer.



I am trying to get my sales up and need some advice. I thought I'd start here.

Any suggestions?




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I am working on a book that will reprint one the Sunday comics strips that my grandfather illustrated. My big hurdle is how to set up a landscape-oriented book. It will be 11" wide and 8.5" tall, plus bleeds.


I'd inquired on a CS "help" page but the directions they gave me didn't work (more likely I failed to understand how to follow them).


I really appreciate any help anyone can give me, Thanks!

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