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Posted by CEfromBPT Mar 22, 2017

Since nobody reads my blogs any way; I guess I can ask myself this question. How many more books would I write if I didn't have to work full time? If anyone who was Blessed with the opportunity to stop working and write full time just so happens to read this post; I would love to hear your story.

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It was cheaper to drive.

Posted by clebzz Mar 18, 2017

the couple said it was cheaper to drive to your town for the book than to buy it directly from the company.

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Hi, My name is John R Moore, and I just published my first book to, The Guardians of Embrellon, I would love to have you review my book and write a review. I'm new to this but have always wanted to write.

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New book title

Posted by moonbeam7 Mar 5, 2017

I am the author of the upcoming book Vision Zero. I'm not sure if this is the catchiest title and would love feedback. Please comment if you would pick up this book based on the current title. Thanks! Looking forward to your feedback!

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In 2012, I self-published my 1st book thru createspace; a fictional Street Novel spanning 40 years called, YELLOW MILL RIVER; Despite it being the one I decided to publish first; the rough draft for my second book, SILENT CRY was written many years before and was one of many stories I had taking up space in either my house that I shared with my Wife and children or in my Mother's house before she passed. By the time I finally took that step to self-publish, I had already made up my mind that YMR was going to be the first one. Being so new at the publishing game; there were fears that this  may be a "One Shot Deal" when it came to releasing one of the many unpublished books that i have written. Knowing what i know now; YMR would have been a three part series. This was due to the length of the book. However; when I pick up classic Novels from famous authors; the amount of pages never seems to take away from it being a Classic. Of all the novels I wrote; this one is probably the first one that I  truly organuzed when it came to preparing outlines and side notes to make sure the flow was not disrupted my repeating myself or bringing back characters who had died already. Upon reading this novel, readers will see that this is your classic street novel about the rise and fall of a criminal empire. I tried to present this novel in a way that my readers can get a visual of each and every event going on in this book. My dream come true would be for ANY Movie Writer, Director or Producer to pick up one of my novels and READ IT. 

     Now that I've finished self promoting, Let me tell you the reason why I wrote YELLOW MILL RIVER.

     I grew up in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Until I was 13 years old, I lived in a Project on the City's North End called, BEARDSLEY TERRACE AKA THE TERRACE. Once my family moved to Bridgeport's East Side and another school district, My siblings and I landed in WARREN HARDING HIGH SCHOOL and close to another project that I woud tenporarily live in as an adult ccalled, FATHER PANIK VILLAGE. While most people saw the cover of YMR and thought it was a book about the "Village;" many of them were shocked when they read it and found out that it was a story about a lot more than just FPV, despite many of the book's events happening in that project.

     The only reason why YMR's Mo Lomax was from FPV was because in my first major novel that I later reeased in 2015 but actually wrote first; SILENT CRY'S Jesse Westbrook haled form the Terrace. While i had the idea planted in my head; what REALLY "Jumpstarted" me into starting the project immediately was when I went to a play in Downtown Bridgeport that made me say, "**** No!" and started this gritty-gutty novel about the rise & fall of a Crime family.

  No disrespect to anyone involved and I'm sure the Lady had good intentions. However; the 1997 musical play about FATHER PANIK VILLAGE was an insult to everybe who ever lived there. I figured that despite my gangster depiction; there are also a lot of family issues in this book. This made me feel good when I released YMR. Even with the "Gangser stuff" I fet as if I represented FPV in a Good and truthfu way.  That was in 1998.

     If you REALLY want to see what family life was loke growing up in Bridgeport, Connecticut and to see the fabric of what made its citizens what it was yesterday and remains today; read my upcoming Novel, THE FAMILY THAT PARTIED TOO HARD!!!!    

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need feedback

Posted by moonbeam7 Feb 8, 2017

I'm working on some new ideas for my next book. I've done several different genres and am looking for feedback to find out what type of book you're interested in reading. Please let me know. Would appreciate any and all ideas. Thanks!

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New book release

Posted by moonbeam7 Feb 8, 2017

Hi everyone! I just released two new books on Amazon. The first one, Unraveled, is a science fiction novel with a mix of romance and suspense. The second one, Reflections, is a collection of poetry. Check them out and post some feedback! I'd love to hear what you think!


Thanks!   Happy reading!

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Newly published

Posted by Muses Feb 7, 2017

Using create space, I've recently published  a non fiction work " Muses To Sustain The Thughtful Life: Yes available on Amazon including Kindle. Interested in sharing marketing ideas. Will soon publish a fiction book " Black Hole Rising"

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Post SuperBowl Project.

Posted by CEfromBPT Feb 6, 2017

For anyone who has ever read any of my Novels; you can probably tell that I am a huge Sports Fan. In my 1st book, YELLOW MILL RIVER; not only does the main character and his sons and grandsons engage in playing team sports; his youngest son goes on to play in the NBA. This subject ia not too far from my own life. Obviously; I did not make it to the NBA, NFL or Major League Baseball. However; my family was blessed to have my older brother, the late Anthony "Tony" Elliott  play in the NFL for seven years with the New Orleans Saints from 1982 to 1988. I was also a witness to a few of my schoolmates; among from both my middle school (Read) and high school before and after I attended who made their way to the ranks of professional sports, They were Wes Matthews (the father, not the son who now plays for the NBA), John Bagley and Charles Smith who all played in the NBA. Besides my brother; another friend of mine named, Ted Walton played for both the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers and the USFL's Chicago Blitz and Brmingham Stallions, However; perhaps the greatest athlete to ever play at Warren Harding High School in Bridgepport, Connecticut made it to the NFL in 1990. His name was Mike Jones and not only was he an outstanding NFL tight end; I am positiverly sure that he could have played ML Baseball. In high school, Mike Jones was throwing a 90 miles per hour fastball. The reason why I mentioned Read Middle School was because i attended that school with not only my brother but former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Kurt Kepshire who was another outstanding athlete.

     What does this have to do with my next Book? Quite a bit if you read it; In THE FAMILY THAT PARTIED TOO HARD; The family who's story is being told is an athletically gifted family; just like so many others I grew uip with. To find out if any of them end up playing professional sports; the answer is revealed in the story. With this year's Super Bowl now history (CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS); it is time to get my newest Novel out for the world to read. There is yet a target date but it is coming:

                                      THE FAMILY THATPARTIED TOO HARD  by Carl Elliott

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My name is Arlene

Posted by ArlenaC Jan 31, 2017

I am just getting started self-publishing children's picture books.  Welcome, the wisdom of others.

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merchant navy on wheels

Posted by deckboypeggy Jan 31, 2017

Good afternoon my name is victor stowe a.k.a.[deckboy peggy] i am 72 years old 73 in april this year, this is the first time i have ever posted on to any site concerning writing my ENGLISH IS POOR AND MY SPEELING IS NOT GOOD however i have up to now written 210.000 words that is on sticks. to be honest i do not know what iam doing ie using the correct computer lanuage,


Icomment on a web site for Trucknet uk i did start to put uop my story on the site and the comments were good ,however the site would not let me cut and paste on to it you had to type direct into the forum so i stopped and continued my writing .


Originally i started writing about my Lorry[truck driving history for my self] within the UK then on the European transport that i did


i started driving in1965 untill 1980,in the uk then from about 1982 untill 2002 wirthin europe.  Ithen thought i would write from when i first remember from when i was around 9 years old until i was 16 then i went into the merchant navyas a deck hand ,then drifeted around for  a short time and ended up driving .


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It's been a while since i reached out to the community by way of a Blog. However; I've been in the Lab for the better part of 2016 and the begining of this year; finally completing and editing what will be my 3rd Self-Published Novel with createspace. Unlike my past works, (YELLOW MILL RIVER and SILENT CRY: The Dirty Version) my new masterpiece is NOT a Gangster Novel. .

     The name of the upcoming book is THE FAMILY THAT PARTIED TOO HARD. This is a fictional story of a regular African-American family from my hometown of Bridgeport, Connecticut that goes through trials and tribulations like any other huge family while also taking time out to have a GOOD TIME. Just like my other works, this Novel is very entertaining and there is always a lot going on to keep my readers on the edge of their seats. I consider this book to be the first one i wrote as an Adult. That's actually speaking about writing it while I'm in my 50's. My first two Novels were written in the 1980's and late 1990's.

     Once i released my 1st two Novels, i held back on releasing the 3rd book that i completed years ago and is ready to be released. A part of me wanted to go in a different direction and it was between this one or a children's book. That was how the idea came up for THE FAMILY THAT PARTIED TO HARD). Making myself clear; this is still an adult novel with profanity, drugs and sexual content. However; the only graphic murders are during the the Vietnam War. This novel is the closest one i have written that is similar to the environment i grew up in. However; the family in this novel is nothing like mine (Thank GOD).  . 

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Various skin care reviews have already been informing us for many years that sleep and eating habits play critical functions in having healthy skin. Notwithstanding this memory, the endorsement is seriously considered by several individuals significantly mainly because demanding lifestyles are led by many of US. Pantothen The purpose is, because these make a splash on what the outer skin would look like, we should be receiving healthful food and obtaining enough rest.

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Gangster ways

Posted by gangster Jan 23, 2017

this is a true story about a country boy that got in over his head in the organised crime by producing 32% of the drug CRYSTAL METH biz in the usa.

fear, violance  great power and rebelion and glamour, and the hreat bracking 17 year prision sentance.





WWW.Gangster Ways



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Posted by zeldalover Jan 23, 2017

hi. i'm jamie, and i'm new here. anyone got any advice?

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