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From time to time Createspace features a blog post that focuses on word choice. Whenever the opportunity to choose between maybe or perhaps arises, you can always find me squarely in the perhaps camp. If you were to ask me why, perhaps I could provide a conceivable motivation for my preference. Perhaps putting my thoughts on paper may be useful in helping to define my reasoning.     


Conceivably perhaps may possibly display more versatility than maybe. It is reasonable perhaps that words like perchance, a huge favorite of mine, which is possible to capture in the rather broad synonym net cast by perhaps, may feasibly create a believable edge and tip the scales in perhaps' favor. It is certainly imaginable perhaps that a reasonably fair chance exists that this may be the case.    


When it comes to the list of synonyms perchance maybe can be credited with, only one does not generally also accrue to perhaps. The word is mayhap. Perhaps some of you have heard of mayhap? Maybe it is conceivably plausible that someone perhaps would use the word mayhap in their manuscript? I for one have not found the need for mayhap, but mayhap I can find a good use for mayhap in my blog?      


Perhaps has more of a Dickensian ring to it than does the word maybe. Since I am a big fan of Dickens, having referenced him in my two books, and actually patterned his style in Heiding Fortunes, Feinding Truths, conceivably this may be the reason for my favorable impression of perhaps. Perhaps you can tell, there is little question that I prefer to use perhaps whenever the opportunity arises.    


Perhaps it might be to everyone's benefit if I were not left alone in the mall with nothing interesting to keep my mind occupied. Mayhap next time I will remember to keep my phone charged. Perhaps you agree?   

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Just want to say Hello

Posted by nimmie60 Aug 16, 2016



I am a new member.  I just want to say hello to everyone and appreciate Createspace for their excellent service.  I am waiting for my first book to be published.  It is in review now.  I can hardly wait to thank them for their professionalism and their clear instructions.  Using Createspace was much easier than I thought,  I love everything about Createspace so far.  This is my first blog.  If everything goes well, I will be writimg again.

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Your assistance is requested in doing some groundwork so that my next book is fully marketable upon completion. I expect, "Heiding Fortunes, Feinding Truths" to be ready by the end of November. If I keep writing blogs instead of focusing on the manuscript however, it may take longer. 


Part of my plan is to include a money back guarantee. Yes, I know this is risky. But if I don't stand behind my work, who will. In order to get the pulse of the buying public, I have created a four question survey and request you provide your candid responses via comments to this blog. The target market for the novel is actually independent authors. What you think really matters. When was the last time you heard that? 


Question One: If my book came with a money back guarantee, would you be more inclined to purchase it?

Question Two: If you were dissatisfied, would you look to cash in on the guarantee, or would you take responsibility for your purchase decision?

Question Three: If you sought a refund, but were not given one, would it reduce your desire to purchase another one of my products?   

Question Four: If you became disgusted with a tedious, mind-numbing return process, would you consider legal or other retaliatory action? 


Your responses should help me work out the bugs. Unfortunately, we have yet to develop a means to reimburse someone for wasted time. Perhaps experiencing small doses of regret through repetitive reading of my blog may better prepare you for the eventual, more grandiose disappointment that might occur later.  


In any event, I truly appreciate the time you have spent evaluating this request for input and look forward to your feedback.  


You can find more attempts at humor by accessing my website:

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I´ve just had my two books "The Inheritance of Mr. Rupert A. Bridlington" and "The War Scrolls" join your Amazon family and slowly getting to grips with the labyrinth of what it is to publish on Amazon kindle. So if anyone would like to say Hi and give me a Nod to their books, I would love to read your work.

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Hello Everyone!

I love Create Space!

I've published almost all of my books here.

My book #6 was: "Heidi the Lamb and Her Adventures;"( with comprehension questions in the back.) and my 7th book is a children's, illustrated

mystery book, entitled: "Buster Bunny Does a Dare: He Goes Over Niagara Falls and Disappears!"

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If the shoe fits.....

Posted by howaboutpinhead Aug 11, 2016

As sixth grade students at our upstate New York parochial school, my classmates and I were taught by a lay teacher. Let's call him Mr. A. for now. The single, middle aged man was basically harmless, but had more than his fair share of quirks. One of his more celebrated oddities was his use of phrases that made little sense to young elementary school students. 


As the year progressed, we all became more familiar with his tag lines. One of his favorite sayings was, "If the shoe fits, wear it." If someone did poorly on a quiz, because in A 's opinion he or she didn't prepare properly, the student would expect to be treated to, "If the shoe fits, wear it." 


One afternoon, late in the school year, by chance someone's sneaker was left stranded in the aisle of the classroom. Of course, Mr. A's keen eye spotted the out-of-place footwear. He asked the class, "Who lost their shoe?" No sooner was the inquiry made than I responded, "If the shoe fits, wear it". The comment sent the class into an uproar. 


I knew this was the equivalent of poking the tiger, but couldn't help myself. It was too perfect a set up. Once Mr. A. regained his composure, I was sent down to the principal's office. Upon my timid arrival, Sister Elaine asked me to take a seat in a chair across from her, while she remained seated behind her rather menacing desk. I was asked to explain what happened. Once I relayed the story she couldn't help but to start laughing. She gave me something to drink. We had a nice chat. Then after a ten-minute visit, she instructed me to return to class and to look as though I had been disciplined.  She said if asked, I was to tell Mr. A that she yelled at me. 


Women of the cloth have played an important role in my comedic upbringing. My habit wearing second grade teacher was the first non-related adult ever to be on the receiving end of one of my jokes. It is a funny story that I will also share with you some day. Perhaps my relaxed acquaintance with the Nuns provided the familiarity to have some fun with them in "The Other Side of the Kneeler". Describing my elementary school as "Our Lady of the Bad Haircut", would never have occurred to me without their influence. It also provided the humorous and poignant underpinning for Dr. David Paine's living and post-mortem relationship with Sister Anita. 


As for Mr. A., he lasted one more year. His stern façade, once cracked, left him vulnerable. It wasn't long before he was eaten alive the next school year by a much more emboldened group of uniform clad pupils. If the shoe fits wear it indeed.

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I'm New, Just Saying Hi

Posted by Luv1 Aug 9, 2016

Hello All,


I'm a new author looking to connect with other authors across the US, and eventually across the globe.  I live in Virginia with my beautiful son and handsome boyfriend.  My first project is a children's book, it will touch on uncomfortable conversations that parents don't typically have with young children.  If anyone would like to know more about me or my journey just let me know!


Hope to connect soon,


Peace & Love


-Luvenia Jones (Hankins)

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Dear all,


I have just joined Createspace as I want to self-publish my first children's book, which is targeted at ages 7 - 11, and is currently 56 pages with colour illustrations.


I am trying to work out if I need to split it into two as the print costs may otherwise make the overall list price too prohibitive.


However, I cannot for the life of me find the page on Createspace with the print-on-demand costs!


Can anyone help please?  I would be enormously grateful!


Many thanks indeed!  Carolyn

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I recently revised my book and was published on Friday. I am extremely excited. While I was looking at the different links I found this forum under community.

I hope to get a lot of information, tips and hints for my next publication.  It is nice being here with other Indie authors.  I can't wait to get to know some of you and share experiences with the publishing process. I am sure there are things I can be told that will ultimately make the process smoother.

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A Radiant Smile

Posted by howaboutpinhead Aug 4, 2016

My life experiences have included events that most people would consider to be out of the ordinary. Some have been downright incredible. Frequent enough are the occurrences, that I am comfortable making them a theme and sharing them through this blog without fear of running out of content. The blog won't focus exclusively on these tales, but when appropriate you will be treated to one of these little nuggets.


In my late thirties I moved to a developing Asian country to take on a senior role in a cellular start-up. That was over twenty years ago. Having revisited the country many times, this is far less likely to happen today. One morning I woke with a toothache. There were many dentists in-country. In fact, there was a dental practice at a medical facility frequented by the expat community. It was purported to operate at an international standard of care. I made an appointment that morning. 


Having previously been to the clinic for digestive ailments there was no concern with the admissions process. Soon I found myself in the dentist's chair. Similar to what can be expected in most parts of the world, the doctor was intent on expanding the focus of her examination beyond the troubling tooth. The extension beyond the area of concern was an annoyance, but I played along. I did stop her however once it appeared that the scraping and probing was likely to create more problems than it was solving. To me this kind of behavior falls under the heading, "drumming up business". I wasn't looking to create a long term relationship, I wanted to get in, out and done, with as little intervention as possible.  


The doctor complied and ceased in her exam but indicated that proper diagnosis required that she take a full mouth x-ray. I figured, how troublesome could this be, and although not concurring that it was necessary, I reluctantly agreed to the treatment. Soon I found myself in a separate room with a large piece of equipment, manufactured by a well-known international company. The technician appeared knowledgeable. She instructed me where to sit, to place my head in a particular position and described how the machine would work. She then left the room.


The hardware made some noise and began moving. It functioned by making an arc around my jaw, taking a photo as it made its ear to ear journey three inches from my face. About a third of the way through the voyage it stopped. It paused directly in front of the aching tooth. Not knowing how this equipment worked, I assumed it was functioning properly. It was only after five seconds of waiting that I luckily realized that the machine was malfunctioning. I quickly rose from the chair and left the room advising the technician of the breakdown. She agreed that equipment was not operating according to specification. Without saying it, she implied it was good to have left the room. She retrieved the partially generated film and asked me to return to the dentist's chair.  


While sitting in the chair the doctor returned examining the partially taken x-ray. She said that it wasn't very useful. Then to my surprise she suggested that I undergo the x-ray again. She was apparently not concerned that I had already been over-exposed to radiation. She seemed surprised that I would question her judgement when I said, "I probably shouldn't subject myself to another x-ray today or for at least another twelve months." Needless to say I decided to leave the facility.


While in my car heading back to my office, I was truly concerned that irreparable damage may have been done to my jawbone. It was then that I realized that my tooth didn't hurt any more. In fact, it didn't hurt again for almost ten years. Ten years later I had a cap put on as a precaution against the breaking of an over-sized filling. So far there have been no outward signs of negative radiation effects from the encounter, although a natural or unnatural reshaping of my jaw has closed a noticeable gap between my two front teeth. Maybe the facility stumbled upon some new treatment regime. In apparent recognition of the unorthodox and potentially damaging experimental treatment, no bill was ever rendered.   


So now that you have invested two minutes of your life you might ask, what is the point? Most of us have had an annoying toothache. We will do just about anything to make it go away. We try taking aspirin, applying heat and rubbing whiskey on it. None of these interventions usually bring relief. Now perhaps there is another option. If you have a real old wrist watch with an illuminated dial you might consider strapping it to your face. You could also head down to the local mall or government building and stand in the metal detector for a couple minutes. If you work in the security field this is much easier to accomplish as other patrons will likely get upset with an unauthorized lingering in the building entrance. If, however, you tell them you are there because of a nagging toothache, you may find they may be kind enough to give you a well-deserved pass.               


My next blog entry will deal with the shedding of my Luddite skin. See you in a few days.

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Author of Many Hats

Posted by IMPRESSALL Aug 3, 2016





It wasn't too long ago that I began painting and writing again after many years which had passed inbetween.  As a young girl in high school, I enjoyed painting and writing among other things, like joining the Drama class.  I loved my art class and wish it would have lasted for five periods a day, but unfortunately it didn't.  I enjoyed writing in my English/Literature  class and to the surprise of my teacher I became the lead writer for our school paper, The Wise Owl.  Painting came easy to me, but unfortunately, I never pursued it further after high school.  After graduating from high school and going on to a business school, I worked for a while as an administrative assistant, married and then raised a family.  It is only after my children were raised and they had left the nest that I began to follow my dreams.  That is,my dream of continuing my art and being able to write once again.


I began to write articles for our local town paper, then sent in articles to  Not being satisfied with just doing that, I decided to take the bull by the horns and write a book.  My first book, Only 60+ You Go Girl!, is a book encouraging women to follow their dreams and to never be discouraged or disillusioned, even if they are at a certain stage or age in their life.  That life is too short to sit back and just watch the waves come in on the shore without fufilling life long dreams.


Over the last five years, I have written nine books to encourage women and one book to encourage children. Covers for all of my books are paintings I have designed.


You can find my books on

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la Brandz In Revolt

Posted by LaBrandz Aug 2, 2016

There are pots of Gold at the bottom of rainbows in South Africa,but something even more exciting has been found in La Brandz Ka Madiba, a multi-talented actor, dancer, musician, model, fashion designer and entrepreneur.

From the time he was born it was quiet apparent that this new creature is a the light of the family…he possess qualities and powers that no one in the family or community has ever seen in real life, all members of the Madiba clan got in close with their magnifying glasses to see the creation of God or what was causing the commotion among the doctors and the nurses about the hazel eyed new-born. He does after all shares the same clan-name “Madiba” as Tata Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela Ka Madiba, the man of peace, honor, wisdom and love who is celebrated all over the world after being in jail for 27 years for the struggle of freedom, who came out ready to declare peace and forgiveness.

La Brandz ka Madiba was born as Brandon Baxoleleni Welile Nomasekele Ka Madiba, it was only obvious to have such high expectations of him, not just by the family but to keep the most loved clan-name alive, people had to know there were other Madibas outside the Mandela’s which nobody knew anything about…After all Madiba is one of the international clan-names which changed the lives of so many people, freedom was created through it…perhaps there’s more to be freed.

But fate and destiny wouldn’t allow the Passover to happen so easy, even though you were born into it , higher powers had to choose the right person, one who would be able to thrive through all that life has to throw in the process.

Now La Brandz, didn’t have it easy, not one bit… in fact it got to a point where death, was one to be very welcome. Other than that life has brought in nothing but pain, the fact that La Brandz is still breathing is a miracle on its own, but what can you expect to a boy born with a Neptune birth sign on his right thigh, it is said to be a “sign of protection from the heavens”. Well the power of his last card saved him so far. “Until my last card is down, I cannot die, because that would mean my life had been nothing but a mess” Brandon Ka Madiba.

This is a synopsis of my life from birth to this point, the exotic bright dessert golden eyed with shades of blue boy will keep anyone at the edge of the sit and the fact that I’m color-blind is just a bonus.


My book "La Brandz In Revolt" in 48 hours will be available for hardcopy print on createspace and Amazon kindle Direct Publishing, my agent read this book as said to me "you may have broken a niche here my friend, it's brillient! I laughed, I cried and I learned, but most of all I got inspired"

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My 1st Edition

Posted by Victory3888 Aug 1, 2016

Hello Community,


I hope this blog fines everyone well. I need some tips on promoting my book. This is the 1st edition of Poems of Life by Dr. Deborah A. Bonner, can anyone help?

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Blanca R Bach

Posted by Blanky Jul 21, 2016


Visit my webpage,


I was born in the sunny island of Puerto Rico. In 1977, my brother Hector invited me to come to Wisconsin for my summer vacation. In 1979, I decided to visit Wisconsin. I fell in love with the cool breezes, the snow, the change of the seasons. Since then I have been living in Wisconsin.

I began to write poems, short stories, and crochet at age five. It was in 2014 while I was attending college that I wrote My Kitty is Missing. I dedicated my book to my cousin's dog, Harley, who passed away in 2009. After that, I began to write books for my family and friends.
In the past, I taught in a elementary and middle school. I have a passion to teach children to be positive, do the right things, as well as respect others. I do believe that if God gives us a gift we should use it to teach positive things. I write positive messages in each of my books. If we teach positive, children will grow positive. I hope you enjoy my books!

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            How do I explain that my case is convincing enough! You will find me in CreateSpace/amazon in the capacity of my two e-books which I launched from a local cyber cafe. They are as follows:

            (1) Memoirs of a City/subtitled: Nature's 'trick'

            (2) Mystery at Rajnowagarh/subtitled: And a spiritual dacoit

Second one published in the month of December'15 but you may believe it or not that since then I have not been able to check out what has been going on  till recently; thereby missing not only valuable information from my end but making a huge backlog which is very sad to think about on my part. May I, therefore,  humbly request you to pause for a moment and conjecture what on earth am I doing for the last couple of months?

                                  Since then,in fact, I Have not been able to go a local cafe(but generally I do not like going there because of the environment where concentration is very difficult to attain).....I do feel that I have been stuck-up in a rut,but from a point of no return because nothing in this world makes me so happy and filled me up with 'unbounded joy' whenever I put my pen onto a piece of paper.....the sudden insight or signal that i received from divine will although of late.

                             In fact, I need a full desk-top computer set to fullfill my passion......when everything lost it will give me solace as a soothing balm.

                                               I talked to a local computer dealer and they are ready to give one full set on monthly instalment basis......(to be honest and precise I do not have the means right now to pay at a time). And you would be surprised to learn that i am  hesitating even in that settlement because of the uncertainty of getting my monthly remuneration in a fixed date.......whether10th or15th or 23rd.....and one has to pay EMI on a fixed date.

                                              In view of the above, I have no other option but to seek help from you all.

                                                                      Looking forward to hearing anyone from you.

Yours truly,



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