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Posted by lovemom Dec 4, 2016



I just created my account and I wanted to write my first blog here to introduce me and my work. I am still trying to figure out how this site functions.


Looking forward to meet like minded people.

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Hi, I'm familiar with ebooks but find it hard to get my head around the print books things like how many pixels the full page artwork has to be to be 300ppi & bleed etc.


Since it's for children's books with full page artwork (created on a tablet) what would I need to set the resolution on the drawing apps to for a 6"x9" book allowing for bleed? Would I be right in setting the picture to 1875 x 2775 or should it be a bit higher in case the 0.125" bleed gets rounded up to 0.3" later in the process?


I don't really understand much of the process, even when people say use the template.


Thanks LowlaRrrr

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"INTO PINK" Buds, Blooms and Prose is available to preview now

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Hello from Arizona

Posted by TickledPink Nov 23, 2016

Just wanted to introduce myself My name is Karol von Flotow and I am self-publishing ""INTO PINK" Buds, Blooms and Prose" filed under Nature.

It's in review process at the moment. The 8.25 x 6 booklet contains some of my maco images of Desert Southwest botanicals. This is my first attempt to write prose celebrating the color pink. I am hoping to do a sight-impaired version eventually.

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Hi, CreatSpace Friends

Posted by seasonedman Nov 21, 2016



My name is Bob Whitney and live in Fleming Island, FL (for now).  I was fortunate to meet a man 23 years ago that changed my life.  His name was Dean Portinga; he passed away at age 89 January 1, 2016.  He was a spiritual man who attained a Doctorate of Theology along with a Doctorate in Philosophy.


He was the only person I knew for 23 years that I never once heard critisize, complain, or condemn anyone or anything.


Dean discovered early in his career that his life's purpose was to uncover how though and consciousness determained every aspect of our lives.  He discovered that answer after 60 years of research and we are releasing his first book, "A New Understanding of the Ten Commandments" on November 24th.


Thousands of people have taken his courses and heard him speak while on tour with Earl Nightengale (who called him ''the professor") and others of reknown.


My issue is with how to deal with the Author's page.  I only have one other book to publish along with hundreds of articles I discovered while going through his computer and files after his death.  Dean cared little for fame or money and never got around to publishing his material.  How do I make the Author's Page viable when there is no more content coming?


Thanks for your help.



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Brand new here

Posted by bkwriter Nov 19, 2016

Hi, well I'm doen with my NA fantasy novel. Just got done editing it and ready for the next step. I'm also working on a time travel trilogy. This has probaly been answered. I'm going to assume everything has. When you get your proof can you still make changes if you don't like it, like the cover?


Thanks, Nick

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New Review- Romance/Murder

Posted by Summyr Nov 18, 2016


Hi everyone, I'm Summyr. This is my first time on Createspace and I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to peek and critique my book preview: FATE! Thanks and I look forward to the criticism and compliments.

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Wrongful Actions

Posted by Myster-E Nov 17, 2016
This is my first time writing a book. I'm excited. It's kind of short but it is good in my opinion. So if you can spread the word and pass it along. I'd greatly appreciate it and any feedback is welcome. Thanks.
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Hi to those who want to have their Creativity published. I've originally was able to have the Official Count of 59 Books now available on Amazon for Purchase because they were allowed to be published.


Don't be shocked if decides your work is not in their Guidelines as I tried to have 74 Books Published but instead 15 of them were Suppressed.


I guess we seriously don't know the value of the First Amendment Rights and what it stands for when writing a Book or some sort of a Fictitious Article.


I don't blame for their decision on Suppression my Writings but do say I was a bit surprised when most Websight's welcome my style of writing but demand up front Cash before I can get a letter to be printed.


My thought of the day is that if you're given a (Right) to do what you wish to do?


You cannot be Punished and prevented to do that Right.


Seriously people my Books are intended for the Adult Reader and there are several PG and PG-13 which is the Murder Series called: "Murder in Concord" which is written to perfection because the reader gets to figure out if the names of the Characters are real or fake.

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Hi wonderful folks,


I am relatively new to writing, having penned just two nonfiction books. With my first book, "If life is a game, THEN PLAY TO WIN!!!"I quickly realized that it takes way more than enthusiasm to produce a bestseller.


I have just penned my second and I am brimming with jolts of positive energy. It is called "The Fundamental Paradox: The Universe, Science and Religion", it falls into two sub-genres- Science/Philosophy and Religion (Religion and Science). It's available on and other online retailers.


I really need marketing tips from more experienced writers, it would be an honor to hear from those who have successfully walked down this pathway.

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For more, please visit us on the web at;

Readers are saying it is an "excellent read" and a "great book"

Thank you for taking a look,



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'kikicsi' poetry

Posted by kikicsi Nov 1, 2016

sharing the "kikicsi poetry" (in hungarian language) with the community

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Form is... Emptiness Form

Posted by robwyhad Oct 25, 2016



New to the Blog.


New to the world of "authorship."


We have just published a book titled "Form is... Emptiness Form".


It is about one of the most well known Sutras in Buddhism, the Heart Sutra.


You can find a preview of it here:


I've uploaded the file as a .pdf. So you will getting a warning that it has not been checked for malware or something to that effect.


It has no malware in it or around it.


I've posted some questions along with the preview.


We would appreciate it if you could take the time and answer the questions.


(The "We" is the "Zentrum für Zen-Buddhismus" Zürich Switzerland) (site is in DE language)


Thanks for reading.


May your life go well.



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I believe I wrote a well written book but my lack of money and promtion has me stuck in a rut.  I am like many who have a brilliant book but no one knows about it.  It is my life long dream to be a published author but my dream was to sell a lot of books as well.  I am positive and will keep going until I accomplish this goal.

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Intuitive Children Stories

Posted by GREENWOOD Oct 24, 2016


There are many kinds of childrens stories, and we all know how much children love stories!


Some stories come from our mind and thoughts,

other dtories come from our memories.

Some stories come from our heart,

and others - from our intuition.


In this blog, we will see what can each type of story do,

and then focus on intuitive stories, which have very special capacities.


See you soon!

Anna Greenwood,

Childrens Psychologyst and Story Teller.

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