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New to the site

Posted by drewlewis345 Nov 15, 2017

Hello my name is Andrew and I just got through publishing my 1st Childern's book. I'm trying to come up a clever to advries it.

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Hello everyone!

Posted by Abhancock Nov 14, 2017

My name is Abhancock.  I just published a book entitled, "The Best is Yet to Come."  It's a story about my trials as a sucessful social worker, chef, and resaurant owner.  In 2014, I was diagnosed with kidney failure.  Then later that year I was diagnosed with liver failure as well.  This is my story about my time in dialysis, liver transplant, and the brain injury that I recieved as a result of the liver transplant.  It is a rare disease called Osmotic Demyelination Syndrome.  Otherwise known as ODS.  Try saying that 3 time in a row quickly!  It resulted in me being in a coma for 3 weeks and when I woke up, I could not speak, eat, breathe, or walk on my own.  There were only 4 people with this diagnosis from the University of Indiana hospital that year.


I was the first and the worst.  Most peope do not recover, but with years of rehabilitation and hard work, I am now driving, working, and have written a book.  I appreciate any feedback and suggestions, as this is the first time I have been published.  Thanks,  Amanda Hancock.

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E.l. steinberg

Posted by E.L.2151 Nov 9, 2017

I'm brand new to createspace. I've just posted a new book called life in a small town 2. My pseudomyn's E.L. steinberg. I've been writing for nearly ten years now. I've written books that do sell good story ideas.

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Literary love

Posted by Prancy Oct 16, 2017

Poetry enthusiast since childhood unbeknown to classmates.

Also discovered my instinctual knack for writing jingles.

Explored even the domain of the music industry by also desiring to submit a religious song for the community.

My original childhood desire was in the medical industry as the academic world had found out.

I did not plan to apply it directly immediately for compensation of standard of living for myself and the family.

I spontaneously entered the financial industry to assist in the managerial operations for executives to compensate my abstract desire to learn a broad number of fields which I believed would train me through experience to teach and guide others in many domains of their choosing.

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How To Access A Gmail Account In OS X Mail


Create New Gmail Account

Before we begin, please enter your email address below. First entering then this link should write your username to be such (nombredeusuario@) then you must write your password respecting uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers in case if any. Only then would press the button that says Login” ready now can check if you have any correspondence or if someone want to talk online. With the Gmail account you also get access to the other services that the company Google for you.

email sign up



Gmail was built what was as to be innovative and also to not be outlook. Tuesday which allows sharing of status updates, images, and videos by having a new Gmail tab called Google Buzz. For the same anticipate, Google helps you obtain an perception and evaluate it as the background theme. Gmail is web-based, which means you can get your mails everywhere you look, as long as theres internet access available. The vast majority of Google's services happen to be heavily disrupted in China since June, but until last week Gmail users could still access emails downloaded via protocols like Imap, SMTP and Pop3 that allow people communicate using Gmail on apps just like the Apple i - Phone's Mail and Microsoft Outlook. The step is taken by company to aid those users who definitely are the heavy user of Gmail and don. Google says the intrusion has become detected and obviated. An easy solution is you open your Gmail draft, delete the variable and kind it again.

email login



Sadly, I was unable to find the ways I previously used, to protect my account. It seems that Google has removed those links and actions, to, duh, stop us from preventing them from stealing our information. Further, it seems that now, without my permission (quelle surprise) that account is now a Google Plus account. And, of course, it is linked to all my contacts from my unrelated and separate account.



Hello there! Dear reader, we have come to the end of the article, unfortunately. We sincerely hope that all your queries and questions have been resolved. If you still have any doubt please free to contact us, we will be at your aid. The information present to you is written after research and suggests some of the best ways to tackle this bit of a situation. Have a great day!



If you have been using gmail, you must have realized that how much secured system you have come across for your sensitive data. With regards to your information security, Google takes special measurement to strengthen up the security of your account. Here we are discussing the complete guide how you can take steps in this regard. So let's hop-in to gmail.

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Posted by BooksRUs Oct 5, 2017

What to do when your best friend has done the unthinkable turning your whole world into chaos? Leaving you to take the heat of his actions which makes you question everything you believed in.


Come be part of a time when the Angels fell from the very presence of God Himself, into a world of despair. This is the story of the ones who were undecided.


Also in Book 3 of the series: The Chilling Spine Series, SCI-FIED! Is a short story based on this book Matrix. To understand the characters in this story, it is advised to read the Matrix story in there first.




Katryn Ali:

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Posted by NOWTESTAMENT Oct 5, 2017

        This book is Jesus & the Holy Spirits 7 year communication

with me to introduce Gods language. I've never written a book so

this has been a real adventure. Jesus says this begins the "Now

Testament". Talking with God the Father and all the heavenly host

is now available. One of the problems I foresee; is overcoming the

religious dogma prevelent in todays world. 

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Hello, I'm New Here

Posted by IfMiceCanFly Sep 29, 2017

I'm Mariko and I'm the author of The Flying Mouse.  I also spend too much time on social media and I hate living in Humboldt County.

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"Scarcity Bites" Intro

Posted by howaboutpinhead Sep 27, 2017

Would appreciate your input regarding my novelette. The following text includes the back cover blurb and my sales pitch. Thanks in advance for your feedback.


Book Cover:

Brian Evans is born with a special gift. The priceless endowment comes for free. Soon he enters a world dominated by scarcity. The future politician is introduced to the unyielding economic forces of supply and demand. The inexorable powers, facilitated by a scarcity shaped world, are center stage in this humorous economics oriented parable. Brian learns the painful lesson that scarcity is everywhere. The influence of scarceness cannot be circumvented, at least not in the long run. Then again, everyone knows what economists and non-economists alike say about the long run.


The Pitch:

Finally, an exciting alternative to downloading that ninety-minute snoozer of a movie prior to your next business or family journey. Now, you can delight in reading two hours of tongue-in-cheek economic irony. (Three plus hours, if you’re a deliberate reader.) And seriously, who among us doesn’t rejoice in economic irony. Downloading the twenty-one bite-size morsels of "Scarcity Bites" onto your electronic device will entertain you, while at the same time, stimulate your slumbering intellectual genius. Additionally, if you choose to buy the thin soft cover version in advance of your trip, it will add nary an ounce to the weight of your already stuffed travel bag. I don’t use the term nary lightly. When I say nary, I mean nary.


Many of you enjoy being a member of a book club, but don’t have the time to read the “agreed to” five-hundred-page tome that your recently retired friends are suggesting for next month’s gathering. So just like last month, you will have to fake it in order to participate at the next meeting, which you really only go to for the wine. Once again, it’s "Scarcity Bites" to the rescue. The novelette is short, sweet and provides the same satisfaction as polishing off an entire pint of premium ice cream in a single sitting. Mmmm, that kind of satisfaction without all the calories? Those kind of opportunities don’t come along every day. Suggest the hard hitting tale for an upcoming reading selection. It punches well-above its weight, which to remind you, will add nary an ounce to your over-stuffed backpack.

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Luanshya musings

Posted by Luanshya Sep 26, 2017


My name is Allan, I have written a book about Africa. It is a piece of narrative fiction which I have called Luanshya musings. It is a metaphysical inquiry as to why I was placed where I was - a small boy searching for his truth in an expansive continent full of wiles.

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I first wrote my memoir, 'No One Comes Close', twenty years ago, in A4 notebooks in longhand. I gave it a different title back then - 'In Your Wildest Dreams.' Not knowing what to do with it, I put it away in a drawer until ten years later when I attended a creative writing course. This opened up new doors for me. I transcribed the memoir onto WORD and began playing around with the format and the title. I joined a writers group where members who intended to get their work published,critiqued other members' work. I found this invaluable.  Another ten years passed during which I worked on the manuscript until I was happy with the content. Then I approached various literary agents asking if they would take me on. All the answers were the same: No, unless you are a celebrity or have been in the public eye, you are considered a 'bad risk'. Of course, I could have used a vanity publisher where they do all the work for you. But they charge astronomical fees. So my best option was CreateSpace. I had been plucking up the courage to open an account and go through the publishing process until  August 2017 when I finally bit the bullet. I was surprised by the amount of help there was for people like me - a complete novice at self-publishing. On September 12th  2017 I finally released my memoir out to the world.' No One Comes Close' is now available on and kindle.

'When a pebble of hope, in the form of a fortieth birthday card, lands on the other side of the world, it causes far-reaching circles of consequence.'

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Posted by Laughing_Buddha Sep 13, 2017

I am a new author/poet on this site.  I have written two poetry books being published on CreateSpace and Amazon Books.

I am a retired/disabled Vietnam vet and have only been writing for about a year.  Some of my poetry has been accepted for publication on both print and online journals.


First book is No Zen Vietnam Poetry and Maybe Charles Bukowski.


The second book is Poetry From a Faulty Spigot.

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I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to create space for all their great help in publishing my books. After 50 in 5 years,I am taking a break. Of course, the books will always be there and I have to thank readers, whose great imaginations add so much to the stories. Where would authors be without the amazing readers whose imaginations take books to a new level. The great feedback, whether in person or in reviews, is what keeps writings struggling to put those words to paper. I am amazed by each person who reads one of my stories and thankful to all for the great support in the last five years. My health is bad,with a degenerating spine and arthritis, I have decided my writing long hand is over. So, maybe some day I will try using anohter dragon for the books. The last one I had got a little crazy and I slayed the thing. Mostly this post is a thank you to create space, readers and supporters. You made my dreams come true. A feat I never thought possible when I began. If you are a writer, good luck! If you are a reader, bless you and thanks. P.S. Winn

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My name is Taliba and I am new to publishing on Createspace. I decided to posted the description of my book, LIFELINE as my introduction to the community. 

"On a cold winter January day, in 1995, suddenly a powerful force of misty white, cloudy-looking substance swiftly swirled around Taliba like a whirlwind and lifted her upward, higher and higher into the sky until she found herself standing inside of God Himself. He was more real than anything she ever known. For the first time in her life she felt totally loved, whole and free with unspeakable joy, and like she was finally at home where she belongs; it was the most powerful experience she ever had in her life.  It was as if God reached down and pulled the blinders from her eyes and extracted the hardness from her heart. But as powerful as that experience was it did not stop Taliba from committing the one sin she said she would never commit; and when Taliba postponed, delayed listening to God's tender warnings she plunged deeper into sin, and as a result, suffered mental torment and terrifying consequences. Nevertheless, because of the deep Love of a Mighty and Compassionate God––He threw out the Lifeline and drew her in from sin and danger back to peaceful shores."


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