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Posted by GREENEYEDWIZ59 Apr 28, 2016

Hello, I'm not sure how this works but here goes.


I started my author journey many years ago with the publication of my first novel, Andy and the Jam Jar  Genie. My second novel, Laughing Dragons was near completion when I was diagnosed with a stage four blastula brain tumor. Needless to say I had to put my writing aside and concentrate on my health. When I recovered I finished what I started and more. I have never used this part of Ceate space and wonder if it is worth the time. I have five titles on Amazon and am wondering if this would help with exposure and sales. I am looking forward to communicating with other authors who share my passion for fantasy writing for children. Although the book I am working on at this point isn't only for kids. Parents will find it meaningful and heart warming. Am I doing this right? Hahahah



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Ahmed Atef Alshapiny

Posted by Ahmed-Alshapiny Apr 28, 2016

About the Author


° Name: Ahmed Atef Al-shapiny


• Nationality: Egyptian


° Love writing poetry and fishing. Thank you to all who visit my page and I hope you like my works.


•I would really appreciate it if you contacted me at my e-mail " " and wrote to me your opinions about my work.


°Don't hesitate in writing to me about any new ideas that i could work on, everyone 's opinion matters to  me.

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Posted by Marilenesant Apr 27, 2016
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Poetry Lovers Unite

Posted by Machete Apr 24, 2016

hello people....where are the poetry lovers around here???


Are you able to find some time to interact with fellow poets or like minds???


Let's Blog

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Greetings all,


This is my first time using CreateSpace. It has been a good experience thus far. I am writing a book, not a novel, attempting to help youth and young adults who are put down and told they are unacceptable to God. I have used real life stories from my work in the past. I have blurred the identities of these persons by changing names and not being specific about time, location, or the situation. I feel confident that these narratives will help me to present an understanding that will help youth to feel better about themselves. I am also confident that the stories are not recognizable by someone who might happen to read the book; they would not associate the particular story with the person they know. My question is more about the individual whose story I have used. If a person whose story I have used would realize that this was them in the story, and after the identity/name change, and location, time, and situation changes, would there still be a problem for me in having used this story?


Not only do I not want to protect myself from a backlash, but I would like to be sure to protect the privacy of the persons whose stories I am using in part. I want to respect them as well. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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I am towan why has no one heard of you sotch? Well because stepping out the chambers of **** Cant be heard only read absorbing the words what they mean through nostrils right and left sotch is life breathe it in inhale never exhale it out of your beings no matter what the circumstances are you've got to know sotch is only here for one person and one person only that is YOU the people of the city a county a township the city limits a state a country you might say so breathe sotch into your bodies bad analogy but the intent is fresh and new within my heart pure and inviting

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The Joy of Editing

Posted by RozD Apr 7, 2016

I'm Roslyn and I've been writing and editing for years, primarily for other people's magnum opuses, lol, but today, I dropped my first Book, A Seies of Failed Suicidal Careers, Book 1, Jeanna Rose and it feels long overdue. It's not Pulitzer worthy, but every message, eloquent and passionate, deserves an audience. I had no idea I was such a persnickety artist until the editing process commenced! Yikes! There are subtle, important nuances to writing that I am only beginning to grasp, but what a privilege indeed! Let me exhort the weary self-publisher to carry on, to publish as many works as you can to lose the self-consciousness which hindders the beauty of the creative process! Your message matters so GET TO IT!


As for me, its back to the computer to finish Book 2.




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Wayne Bryant

Posted by Wayneb Apr 5, 2016

I was raised in Jacksonville, Florida. I attended Terry Parker High School. I started writing poetry when I was 12 years old. I spent a lot of time in the 1980?s traveling across North America as a hobo. I saw a side of America most of the world never sees. You probably wouldn?t call me a real hobo because worked in almost every town I spent a little time in.  Many homeless people I met while traveling were veterans from the Vietnam War. Some of these vagabonds were once high ranking Army officers. I met lieutenants, captains and even a major. These men could not adjust to a normal life after the atrocities they witnessed during the war. I wanted to write about the stories I heard while traveling with them. You don't have to see angels to feel their presence. I have often felt the presence of angels near when I was in danger. Read "The Pilgrimage? by Wayne Bryant and you will see what I mean. Can an animal be an angel? You might be surprised at what I found out.

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hi im new, im stardom, please help me, after a year i still cant open my account here ? i got no-one to help me at all ?  when i try to write in my  phone number for a call back, it not accept, only seem to accept american, but not uk nos, WHY ?  then theres this tax  qiuestion? i dont work , i dont know how to fill in ?  but even tho i attempt it again, its just  stuck, and wont send ?  and about a year ago there was about 2 more questions i dont understand?, like only American words ?  and im from uk ? HELP < has anyone else struggled to open up such a complex account.  im just going round in crazy circles, WHY IS THIS SITE SO RIDICOULOUSLY COMPLEX, to the point of, i m so sad, i dont think i will ever open this account, and i really need 2, its my only route, for possible success.

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Posted by MalCo Mar 30, 2016

M.Stow author London UK GBr. Discursive novel about a standard family, then of a banker and Clerk on a train, the morning that the stock markets are closed. How everything is made transported delivered and consumed, stops. For how long? With seriousness and wit, the Banker and Clerk come to conclusions by the end of the day, that either may have envisaged. Thrilling, mysterious, and unpredictable, as the predictability, and profitability of the worlds stock markets is registered in the money exchanges, shares and proportions inflated out of all proportion, by credit. Then, the Credit-Crunch, and the day the banks could not pay back. or pay-out; and supplies would soon, due to every day fresh foodstuffs, be dwindling, and iof the International powers that be, cannot come out with a satisfactory, and democratis, solutions to settle old scores, and not develop new ones. Read, and be alarmed at how close it was, the day the markets finally collapsed...Rogue-Citizen. 2016.   

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I am not new to CreateSpace. My work is strictly Religious, inspirational and encouraging. My first work, entitled I Cried unto the Lord In My Wilderness: The Lord Heard my Cry was published in 2011.  Since then I have had three other titles to be published: recently Past, Present, Future.


CreateSpace has been the vehicle used, by me, to see my work come to life.  It, to me is a gift from the Most High.

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Posted by Ribban Mar 29, 2016

You could say Ribban  Bookmark is one of life`s misfits.
I was born in Manchester, UK in the late 1950`s to Irish immigrants. Very early on in life I realised that my ladder to success was missing some rungs  - in fact most of them.

My quest for life`s greener pastures, hampered by colour-blindness.....or did they pass me by unnoticed?

Nevertheless, after 56 years of circling the literary worlds perimeter fence, like a dog  looking for somewhere to urinate, I stopped one night in August 2014.  "A Minger`s Tale-Beginnings" were the result of that nights urination.
This is my story, I hope you like it.

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Ribban Bookmark is one of lifes misfits.

Born in Northern England during the late 1950s, he soon realised his ladder to success in life was missing some rungs -in fact most of them.


His search for lifes greener pastures hampered by his colour blindness he became a nomad in Mr Ishiharas world of colour.


After 56 years of circling the literary worlds perimeter fence like a dog looking for a good spot to urinate.

He stopped one night in August 2014 and a Mingers Tale-Beginnings was the result of that nights urination.


My name is Ribban Bookmark and this is my story.

Unfortunately it is only available as paperback on Amazon at present, the kindle though will be available at the end of March 2016.


Thank you.



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Greetings fellow authors!

Posted by SirSteven Mar 26, 2016

I am pleased to announce the publication of my first novel, and will share with you that it only took me four years to complete!  It falls into the category of historical fiction.  I invite each of you to review the first chapter of "The Celtic Knot" and offer your honest reactions.  Thanks.

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