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Posted by 4feetmary Feb 7, 2016
I'm Mary just a little older writer who have been writing for a long time. I want to make this field my home but I'm a little skow at catching the ball. Help me guide me show me and walk beside front of me is to fast I'm still at the baters line.
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Hello, I'm Sunflowergate

Posted by Sunflowergate Jan 26, 2016

Hi everyone,    I have previously self-published one, and 'officially'  published  two novels,--- but I am new to CreateSpace.  I write novels and novellas, screenplays,  etc,  long short stories, flash fiction, poetry, and have specialized niche articles on Yahoo!    I also wrte an eclectic blog/portfolio  at  and the orignal site     Please feel free to visit, read, enjoy, and comment on any of the posts or pages.

I have numerous works in progress  at any time  and tend to write only when inspired.  This community looks impressive!  Thank you.

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Help! I need it about my proof.

Posted by Me-da-1 Jan 26, 2016

I have received my proof for my book. It has the red profreader's marks in it. This is my first venture with, so please excuse my ignorance. Will the proof marks be in my final book? Is there something else I need to do? What is my next step? "Help! I need somebody's input."

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Hello, I'm Me-da-1.

Posted by Me-da-1 Jan 25, 2016

Hello, Amazon publishing community. I am the author of 5 self-published books. Number will be on I am glad to be here and am anxious to move forward. My newest book is Roxanne's Man's Main Malfunction. Glad to have introduced myself to you all. I expect this to be a wonderful experience for me. Peace and love always.

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In Search of Mana

Posted by sandrus42 Jan 23, 2016

I have been working on this book for three years.....I'm FINALLY finished!

It was a labor of love, to fulfill the promise I made to my Aunty to write about Hawaii, and Hawaiian culture. I only hope that I achieved her wishes.

She passed away on March, 17, 2007, and I have her picture beside my computer, to remind me to "keep on going!"


I must say that I am not sure what I will do with myself, now that the book is completed. I wonder if I am going to have writer's PTSD?


Any suggestions on how to handle this possibility?



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Hello everyone, I just pulished my second book on Creatspace.  Please take a look at and if you would like please order.  The books are under author Albert Trajkovski.


Thank you.

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I am finally published

Posted by ChickenKeeper Jan 15, 2016

Hi folks,


I'm relatively new at the publishing side of writing but you might say, I'm a bit of an old hand at the writing side of things.  My first poem was probably written when I was about 10 yrs old, just a 2 verse thing about how once we have said something to someone we can't take it back.  After many such verses I progressed onto short stories.  I enjoyed reading Fantasy and so most of the things that I have written have that kind of theme running through them.  For example, 'The Space Beyond Time' was one of them, I have now included it in an anthology of five of such stories.  To keep the Grandchildren amused I started writing short stories about them and their adventures which I want to make into a series, though I have had to increase the length of the first one to make it fit the minimum 24 pages in order to publish it through Createspace.  It has been suggested that I offer a freebie or two, but again, they might prove a bit short.  The poem would have to be lengthened using illustrations.  I decided to have a go at a full length story, though having read several things I think it's more of a Novella type story.  I actually wrote the story a number of years ago but it never reached the publisher as it got lost in the post.  In a way, this did me a favour as when I finally decided to do something with the title, I ended up re-writing the story and I think it is now 100 times better than the original.  It is the first of a trilogy, I suppose that it could be called 'The Island Trilogy', though I hadn't really thought about a name for it.  The first is called 'The Island of No Return', (woudn't mind some feedback from the preview given by Amazon), the 2nd, which I have made a start on, is called 'The Island Hoppers' and the third will be 'A Safe Haven' (unless I decide that the title doesn't fit).  I love poetry and monologues.  Last year I decided to have a go at doing a monologue, however, when I finished it, well, it just didn't seem finished, and so I started a 2nd one to follow on from the 1st, then came numbers 3, 4, 5 & 6.  Together they make up 'The Adventures of Mary Belle'.  I enjoy writing and hopefully, eventually, people will enjoy reading what I write. I think the main challenge that I find is putting myself out there - promotion.  Partly because I don't really know how and also because in my mind, most things are either better or more up-to-date.  Maybe also because my stories are aimed more at younger people and are not aimed at the adult market.  I don't think that I have put anything I shouldn't have - only ever written one blog before.

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Hello everyone,


                 Im so blessed and happy to be back to writing. I was published on Create Space in 2013 Poetic dairy by Rhonda Jones. Things had just taken off when suddenly I was diagnoised  with stomach and esophical cancer and was unable to do any promoting due to the chemo and radation. I underwent surgery had half my stomach and esphogus removed. Thankfully I was blessed and have been cancer free for a year and I'm ready to return to writing. I would like to promote my Poetic Dairy here and give notice that  I'm currently working on a children's book that I'm fixing to have ready. I would like to give thanks to all who have stood by me and helped me over come my sickness and get back to the things I love my writing, art, and acting.

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I write for children ages four through eight. Although I have been published for a couple of years, I am very unsure about how to market my books. I thought making a website, joining twitter, and facebook was just about all I needed to do. I did all that, but found that I was at a loss at how to use them. Being a sixties child doesn't help either with trying to figure out the ropes. Because of this, I'm quite sure I messed up several times. I should pay someone to help me, but the cost has turned me into a pioneer. I was wondering if anyone would mind throwing out some pointers. It would be greatly appreciated!


At the moment I am having difficulty trying to get my blog on my website working, but I've come to the conclusion that someone at is going to have to try to explain to me how to do it. I only hope that they have the patience of a saint because they are going to need it. If anyone would like to share some tips I am all ears!


my website is if you would like to see what I am talking about with my blog on page six, just try to write something, it doesn't work at all. Thank you so much if you read this and even respond.






Evelyn Sondag

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My blogname is Docjones. I am a really old guy and have published about a dozen non-fiction books. For about 30 years I was in the small-time publishing business, writing and publishing newsletters, magazines, and books. I am a retired veterinarian, so many of my books relate to horse topics and memoirs. I have a PhD, so I think I have a license to phylosophize, and I enjoy doing that in my spare moments. My greatest interest is memoirs, and I just finished helping a friend, somewhat of a mentor of mine, to write the first volume of his memoirs. It was a great experience for both of us. I have been using Createspace for the past four or five years, but have not been involved in the Creatspace community experience. I am not sure how this community works, but I hope to begin participating in the Createspace Blog.

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Introducing Doggerland

Posted by for-all-love Dec 26, 2015

I'm somewhat excited to report that I have self-published the little work I've been developing. Links below.


The paper copy:


The Kindle version (free if you have KindleUnlimited):


I don't know where I get my ideas. I would appreciate any feedback/reviews (for those of you who purchase either version).

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I'm new to this. I added my book, and seeing sales are slow.


thought of doing a giveaway, but unsure how to use it to help my sales.


poetry is for the love of the arts. Not everyone has that.  They like novels more.


not just any novel either, they have to grab your readers. The page turning that nobody wants to put down.


thought you, experienced writers could help.

maybe even buy my book and see where I'm off at.






p.s- book is titled Fallen Times by James Towe

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I've been using CreateSpace for a long time, but I'm just now getting around to introducing myself. I hope to be able to answer some user questions, and to learn something new myself.


My books include:


  • Love In An Iron Bowl

  • OHM: A Novel of Resistance

  • The Bright Red Book of Happiness

  • My Amazing Baby Celebration


Feel free to ping me here with questions.


Philip Deal


Philip Deal Books

Amazon Author Central Page

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I just published my Urban Fiction Novel , "AS COLD AS ISIS" a few days ago and I am extremely proud of myself. Over The years I have dealt with a lot of self doubt and fear of failure due to lack of confidence in myself. I have decided that I am going to try my best to get my stories out there come what may!! It is a very good read and I hope that you all will enjoy It as much as I did when I wrote it.




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Very sad to find today that it appears my novel, at least one of them, is being sold by companies that have hacked and illegally obtained the file to print and sell my book without paying royalty to either me or my publisher. I would not think that could happen at such a small level, but obviously Createspace has been hacked and their novels have been stolen and offered to sale without myself or them being in the loop. I will see what Createspace does about this

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